Deaconess Victoria Woghiren
(1940 - 2010)

Deaconess Victoria Woghiren
Nickname: Sweet mummy



Travelling, fellowshiping with her children, worshiping & studying the word of God.
This site is dedicated to Deaconess Mrs Victoria Woghiren, the icon of grace and love. She lives on & on & on...

Deaconess Victoria Woghiren was born in the heart of Great Ugonoba. She was the first child of a renowned politician Pa & Mrs Amenaghawon Osifo, his father was the first councillor of Ugonoba, he was a great leader & politician of his time.

Deaconess V.I Woghiren later came to Benin as a young beautiful teenager to pursue further education. She started a career as a midwife and worked in Specialist Hospital in Benin City.
As the call of a nursing mother became enormous,mum later resigned from the circular job and stayed at home to focus more in bringing us up as growing children.
Sweet mum or mummy the great as we popularly call her, was not comfortable just doing that alone, she is great at multitasking.
Given to this, mummy the great thought of and devised a stream of income as mum is multi-skilled, a virtuous mum. Mum, became a business tycoon, major Distributor of WAPCO CEMENT, wholesale distributor of Rice, a pioneer in AVON beauty distributor, sales of His and Hers fashion, bags, shoes, perfumes, Jewellery, Coral beads, Laces and Hollandaise, name it, mum sold it, a great success as a mother, wife and a business woman.
Mummy brought us all up in the Fear and Admonition of the Lord, in love and unity, always giving her very best, and shares with all. Mum has a unique understanding with all of us, every child is a best friend and a confidante to us all. Mummy is always contented and grateful to God.
Mummy does not need riches or recognition to lead a joyful and fulfilled life. Mummy is simple, pure and gentle, always praying, believing the best for everyone. Mummy never hurts a fly.

In 1982, she became the Matron of DOF Institute of Catering and Hotel Management in Benin City,she was popularly called MAMA MATRON by the Students, where she inspired many successful women in that industry today, including a Nollywood actress Ngozi.

As a child of God, mummy serves relentlessly and fervently in her church and in the capacity of a Deaconess. She feeds the hungry, a cover for the naked and home for the homeless.

Everyone who crosses her path leaves blessed, morally, mentally, emotionally and sometimes financially, mummy shares all she has -- Love, prayers, and always promotes encourages peace and unity.

Mummy is a citadel of love and peace, a citadel of generosity, a beacon of hope and comfort, a Woman of substance and character, one in a million.

Mum, you are not dead, you have only transcended to the next room above because you always have our best interest at heart, you are watching over us all.

We are excited for you mum because you are having great time in the bosom of your Maker.

We miss you, we love you dearly and you live on & on & on!

Speak to you again in prayers, sweet mum.

Endless love,
Your Children

Sweet and Virtuous mum !!!

Mum, you are a celebrity. You are simply the best; you accomplished as a mother & grandma, a role model as a wife; a great minister of God. You live on & on & on, you've only just slipped into the bosom of God, watching over us all your beloved.

Oh Sweet and Virtuous mum Victoria…

“For all the time you stand by us
For all the truth that you make us see
For all the joy you bring to our life
For all the wrong that you make right
For all the love we find in you
We’ll be forever grateful sweet mum
Mum you live on & on & on…
Our sweet mum Victoria lives on forever

A virtuous mum, who can find, a virtuous wife who can find!

Maybe we don’t know that much
But we know this much is true
We are blessed because you care
We are loved because you love
The tender wind that carry us
A light in the dark shining your love into our lives….
You’ve been our inspiration and our World is a
Better place because of you,

We celebrate you oh sweet mum
We hail you, oh virtuous mum
Mum, you live on & on & on…
Our sweet mum Victoria lives on.”

A virtuous mum, who can find, a virtuous wife who can find!

Sweet mum, sweet mum, you live on
An icon of love and grace
An icon of peace and joy
An icon of truth and light
A citadel of generosity and kindness
A citadel of wisdom and understanding
A beacon of hope and strength
A beacon of comfort and solace

We celebrate you oh sweet mum
We hail you, oh virtuous mum
Mum, you live on & on & on…
Our sweet mum Victoria lives on.”

A virtuous mum, who can find! A virtuous wife who can find, A virtuous grandma, who can find!

We just can't stop talking about you mum, because you are one of a kind, too rare to find. But you know what, we find consolation and comfort in the Lord as He finds you worthy to occupy a key position in His Cabinet. He couldn't find anyone as worthy as you mum, and being an obedient, meek and humble child of God, you answer, 'yes Lord, I will come'. We are blessed because you answer to His call, we are blessed because you went to occupy that all strategic and important office for God, your Maker, sweet mum Victoria, we are blessed because you are blessed.

Praise, praise to God Almighty, Him alone we give all the glory, Him alone is worthy, worthy of our praise now and forever more. Amen.

Endless love,

Helyn great

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Guest Book (67 entries)
We miss you every day and you are in our hearts sweet mommy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
You Live on and on and on...
Rest in Perfect Peace ❤️
Iziengbe Obamedo Woghiren
January 8th, 2019
My dear Mommy- is nearly six years ago- When you left The Earth to be with God Almighty.For us it is like yesterday.. You Are in our hearts Every Single Day. WE Love you Dearly you live on And on- in US And with US!!!
Iziengbd Woghiren Obamedo
December 19th, 2015
I stumbled in to this information while trying to check on some old friends I have not been in touch with for some years precisely woghirens (Eddy, Brown, Juliet, Amenze, etc.)
Felix Amenaghawon (Friend to mum' s children)
August 12th, 2013
Mama three years is gone by just like yesterday,you left this Earth, to be with the Lord Almighty in Heaven.
Every day you are in our Heart and Thoughts,you did not die,but transcend to be with the lord cos your good Legacy lives in perfect peace Mummy V.I

Prince Woghiren
January 8th, 2013
Although we never meet our sweet mummy we felt the love she had for us. We have everlasting love for you and know that you are watching over us and you are guiding us every day.
May your soul rest in eternal and perfect peace.

You LIVE On& On & On in our Heart.
Princess Osamagbe (Family)
January 9th, 2011
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"My mother, since the last 9yrs I've missed your worship voice, your smile, your usual fashionable self. The World misses your distinctive character and delightful personality. Truely, you remain outstanding my sweet mom. Thank you for your sacrifice"
Helen Woghiren
January 8th, 2019
"Rest in Perfect Peace Mommy ❤️❤️❤️ We love you and have you always in our hearts. You live on and on and on ..."
Iziengbe Obamedo Woghiren
January 8th, 2019
"Mom I miss you today, I miss your voice, your smile, I miss how much you loved us all your children . I am missing you today. Thank you for your love Continue to rest in perfect peace mum❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏"
Susan Jeanne Obamedo
January 8th, 2019
"My sweet mother,words can't describe how much I miss you. I thank God for giving me the Best Mum! Thank you for all your love and care over the years past. I love and miss you sooo much. Rest on sweet mother."
Amenze Woghiren Imran
January 8th, 2019
January 8th, 2019
"Hey mama, just passing by Memory Lane and wanted to stop by and light you a million candles. Trust you are having fun with the host of Heaven singing and dancing your favorite song 'Uwese Baba O, uwese vb'egbemwen, uwese..' thank u mum 4 your love"
Helyn Woghiren
October 21st, 2018
"Mum, its 8 yrs today, we cried that painful cry of your ascension. You remain the best mum. The virtues imbibed in us, the seeds sown are helping in our day to day walk with man and God. Thank you for your beautiful heart. We love you and miss you"
January 8th, 2018
"8 yrs today my beautiful mum attended to call of heaven. Thank you Lord for blessing us with a beautiful hearted mum. thank you for being a great role model, thank you for the legacy you left behind, thank you for the virtues imbibed in us. Love you"
Helyn Woghiren
January 8th, 2018
"Just thinking of you mama. Seven years of your ascension to the heavenlies just feels like yesterday. You remain an icon of beauty, an embodiment of love and grace. Thanks & continue all you do as a 'great cloud of witness' cheering us on. Love yo"
Helyn Woghiren
January 21st, 2017
"Mum, its five years today you left us to be with the Lord. Sometimes, I try to understand that it is okay, but most times it gets harder to accept that it is okay, and tears become harder to hold and beat back. You were a mum in a million. i love yu"
Helyn Woghiren
January 8th, 2015


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