Theresa V E Miller
(1952 - 2013)

Theresa V E Miller
Nickname: T

January 10, 1952

Atlanta, United States of America
September 20, 2013

This site is dedicated to Theresa Miller.


As a witness to the testimony of my mother
Calvin R. Bernard
4 October 2013

Theresa Victoria Elizabeth Miller, many had the pleasure of calling her granny, auntie, sister and friend, but we had the honour to simply call her Mom.

We wonder why she is not here with us today. Why she was not healed and restored to return home with that smile on her face. We have no answer but what she taught us; God is in charge and all is well. And with that she has left a great testimony.

A mother beyond reproach – I am a proud mama’s boy and I have been honoured to have her call me her baby. They told me that she spoiled me, so when Aunt Carlene told me recently that I was spoiling her, I said that according to popular opinion I was just returning the favour. As mama’s boy I had the pleasure of being by her side at times my other brothers were not. She was mother and father to her sons. And as if that task was not enough, she mothered children of her siblings at various times. With her own children grown, she turned her attention to her grandchildren and children less fortunate. Mom taught me many things. I was about five when she taught me to interpret remote sensed imagery to distinguish between trees and grasses. She taught me to be self-confident; how to make a marriage work; how to raise children; to be strong for others who could not be strong for themselves; to love and care for others; to value relationships; to forgive and forget. And she taught us all that even in the most difficult of times, God is in charge and all is well.

A committed Catholic with evangelical convictions and faith - Mommy knew God in her life and had a desire to know him more and more. We all accompanied her to church at St John’s RC, but our worship and spiritual activities were not all there. I accompanied her to a Unity Church in Georgetown in the 1980s and she attended the Church of Christ in Atlanta when she visited with my grandmother. Recently she explained to me that she remained in the Catholic Church because it gave her a sense of connection especially to her father, and she was happy to see my niece christened at the Church. She saw the church as evolving and wanted to be a part of and contribute to that evolution. She told me how pleased she was to be involved in the charismatic movement and to see the coming of music and dance in the worship. She also told me of her desire see bible study introduced into the schedule of activities at the church because it is valuable to the formation of the Christian character.

A blessed woman – Scores of people prayed for her healing, but even as that didn’t come she was blessed with the favour of God through to the end, she knew it and was thankful. When she departed on her vacation to the USA she did not think she would die or I am sure she would not have gone. Even while ill she worked on many things to benefit others and God impressed upon her that those things will go on even when she is not there and that she needs time for herself. When her condition worsened, she told her friend Diane George that she was there on a spiritual vacation. She received many gifts and favour whenever she needed things for her care. Uninsured for the cost of medical care in the USA she encountered Dr Aaron Alizadeh during her first of three hospitalisations at one of the best facilities in Atlanta. Dr Alizadeh must have recognized in her the will to live and he did everything he could to have her treated so as to be strong enough to return to her closest family. When he concluded that she may likely die in the USA, he did all he could to make sure that she would be as comfortable as possible during those final moments, and she was. There is a stark contrast between the treatment she received there and that of patients in Guyana. She was never in any serious physical pain. The staff did everything they could to make cure she was resting comfortably; giving her 7 pillows to rest on even. She was in a comfortable room, enjoyed baths in bed and was carefully aided in movement. She enjoyed well prepared and presented meals, and like a queen, had someone at her disposal to feed her when she desired. Many commented about the smile on her face even to the day before she died. She expressed her gratitude to everyone that cared for her.

In that final week she only saw love and human kindness and she died in dignity and at total peace.

A will to live but prepared to die - She was a fighter. Everything she did was out a desire to live. She believed God as healer and she prayed. She acknowledged that God could use the physicians to help her healing and she heeded their advice. Initially devastated by her worsened condition and a diagnosis of advanced cancer after doctors here said she was fine after chemotherapy, she was soon after ready to fight again to be healed. When the doctor informed her that she could receive chemotherapy, even though there were concerns about the impact of the treatment on her system, she responded, “if this can bring healing then I am ready for it”. When asked if she would want to be resuscitated if her heart stopped she said yes.

Faced with the possibility that she could die in the hospital, she was not afraid. The thought of death never worried her mind. When Dr Alizadeh asked where she would want to be at the time when it was felt she was going to die, without being moved by the question she responded to say home. After casting away some worries she had about others, then being in the ICU, she found a level of consciousness she had lost before and greater peace. Informed of the realities of the resuscitation process and outcome, she clearly consented to the signing of the order not to resuscitate.

I would have never thought that mom would die from cancer. She was a survivor after having lived one year post initial diagnosis and surgery. I have learnt through her struggle for life that sometimes the thing we think will kill us, will not, but the thing that will, we have not looked into. This is a lesson for us all as individuals, as a family and as a nation.

A strong woman in faith and mind - Dr Schnell, her Oncology Radiologist was astonished that she could travel to the US on her own given how sick she was. His words to her were “you are one tough lady”; she smiled. When she could, she mustered every bit of strength to move on and off her bed. When she couldn’t physically help, she was prepared to have others do whatever was needed for her care and rehabilitation. At times it pained me more to watch than it did her to live through it. At my wit’s end and faced with the reality of my task there with her, I recalled to her what we had heard her say time and time again – God is in charge and all is well. We made it our parting words from that time on. She had never seen tears come to my eyes because I knew she needed me to be strong with her, for her. In those final three days I had reached the absolute end of my strength. I walked into the ICU burdened by the weight of the task before me. Tears filled my eyes as I discussed details of the do not resuscitate order with her nurse, but I entered her room with the strength of God without tears in my eyes. We spoke and her strength (in her greater consciousness) to approve of the signing of the order and observe it being done gave me greater strength. Soon the gravity of the situation took me again and I bent my head on her bed rail to hide my eyes as I fought back the tears. She nonetheless noticed and with an expression of disapproval asked “why are you crying?” When I was repetitive in saying things I found difficult to say, with disapproval she asked “why are you telling me the same things over and over?” I left her room stronger than I entered.

The night before she died, when I went in to let her know I was leaving for the night and to say goodnight, we ended our conversation with my saying to her “God is in charge” and she responded, “and all is well.”

I know that we can face any challenge the future holds if we remember that one thing mommy taught us and make it our reality – “God is in charge and all is well”.


IN YOUR HONOR by Lisa Bernard (Grand-Daughter)

If I had known the last day I saw you would have been the very final day I got to hug or kiss you, then my grandmother I would have gave you the tightest and warmest hug, the biggest and sloppiest kiss ever (SMILE).

But in spite of all the things I wish I had done , what i will gladly cherish for a lifetime are the times i spent with you will forever remain in my heart. From day one it was you and I facing the world, we did everything together, the late nights you had me up painting your toes, the afternoons you had me taking out grey hair and when I asked "why do you dye your hair? you would say " cause your grandmother ain't old ". Indeed you were not old my grandmother but young as ever .

You were my wing, my backbone, my root, and my everything and God knows how happy I am that you knew all of this, you ensured that I maintain an excellent education because you desire to see my future as bright as it can be. I will make you proud my grandmother, I will work hard and continue to put my best foot forward. But most of all I will graduate from Cyril Potter College of Education in your honour granny!

God was preparing me all along , he kept on showing me that you will be free, strong and smiling, TVEM I KNOW YOU ARE SMILING and watching over me, I will miss the nights I came to you and just hugged and kissed you and you would say " ok grandma love you too , now rub my foot please" and we both laugh, I will miss coming home to tell you about my good and challenging days, mostly will miss cuddling and sleeping next too you .

I will be the best I can be and do right by God , because that is what you always taught me, you're gone but still here with me, in my heart you will forever be. Remarkable, terrific, outstanding, hardworking, loving, caring, helpful too many, mother too all, friend too a thousand and my best friend I will miss you grandma deeply.

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September 20. 2013 God stretched out his arms and told my friend and sister I am in charge and your work on earth is done, take your rest TVEM. It was an exprience for me. We talked, laughed, cooked, shopped and did many other things together except quarrel with each other.
A loyal friend she was and God allowed her to walk up my stairs for a usual fun vacation.....we did nothing but prayed,fasted and relax. I never could understand why she spent her last days in Georgia but it was a pleasure to have her spend her last days on earth with my mother, my sister and I.
She was loved and has surely been missed but she left her words in our heart and on our mind that has become the slogan to many."GOD IS IN CHARGE AND ALL IS WELL"
Eulene Fraser (Sister)
September 20th, 2019
I am here again, thoughts of you are every present and memories ever so often come alive. Forever in my heart and thoughts, missing you loads. RIP Aunty
Alain Scott (nephew)
August 31st, 2016
As long as life remains in my body, you will remain in my heart, and after death comes and takes me, we will be reunited again. Until then, sleep on and happy birthday -01-10-16
Alain Scott (Nephew)
January 10th, 2016
Today I can rejoice in the Lord and even thought it is a day of though memories I know that God was in charge and he still is in charge and all is well.
One year ago my friend and sister went to be with the Lord and she left these word that we all find comfort in " GOD IS IN CHARGE AND ALL IS WELL" her last words and thoughts . She have left a foot print in the sand, as Dr. Aaron Alizadrh said and I quote :" you are one strong woman " Words cannot express how much I miss you no birthday calls, no whats going on, no thyme, no fudge and the list goes on. How ever I am happy that I completed my CNA class that we always talked about. Carlos has his degree, Bonita did well at CXC and Lisa completed CPCE. These were all things you talked about daily so on you anniversary we salute you . Keep wearing that ROYAL CROWN that you n behalf of my family we love and miss you every day. Your work on earth is finished, sleep and take your rest. RIP .
Carlene Bernard (Sister)
September 20th, 2014
Your smile and your laughter is what I envision when my heart remembers the pain of you moving to a higher plain but I am so honored that you graced our lives with your presence.
Thank you Father
Sylvia Bernard (Friend)
May 3rd, 2014
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"To an extraordinary woman, I am reminded that who I am today was because of who you have grounded me to be! You have been my pillar and strength not just when I needed it but everyday and everytime! I am never going to forget you! I love you Grandma"
Lisa Bernard-Johnson
February 8th, 2020
"To an extraordinary woman, I am reminded that who I am today was because of who you have grounded me to be! You have been my pillar and strength not just when I needed it but everyday and everytime! I am never going to forget you! I love you Grandma"
Lisa Bernard-Johnson
February 8th, 2020
"You are missed by all those whose lives you touched. Continue to rest in peace"
Cleveland Bernard
September 20th, 2017
"Your light will forever shine in our hearts. Sleep On Aunty..."
Alain Scott
August 31st, 2016
"Sometimes I would wish that two years ago, to date, I had the power to make today never come. When I accept that fact that I could never have such power I realize that there was much value to be taken from the events of that day and the days that wen"
Calvin Bernard
September 20th, 2015
"RIP my friend today marks one year since you have taken you rest . GOD IS IN CHARGE AND ALL IS WELL."
September 20th, 2014
"Resting safely in the arms of Jesus ( Mother's day 2014)RIP Sis) Gone but never forgotten"
Monica Miller
May 11th, 2014
"Condolence to the Miller family. May her soul rest in peace"
Cleveland Bernard
October 10th, 2013
"RIP Aunt T"
George Scott
October 7th, 2013
Maximillian Miller
October 7th, 2013


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