Suzan Tisdale
(1952 - 2009)

Suzan Tisdale

March 12, 1952

May 4, 2009

This letter is written with all the respect, love and compassion for my Mother on this special day that Mom has crossed over into eternal life and into the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. She has been blanketed by His love and shall be forever in the Lord's embrace for eternity. Today. I have lost my Mother, my best friend, my confidante, my strength and someone I have loved more than my own life. I set her free to be with the Lord who will keep her safe, whole and painfree for all of eternity. She has entered into the gates of heaven to be with her Mother, Father and all of God's little angels for on this earth she has been my Angel and will be now watching over me for the rest of my days in this land called life. If you wonder will I miss her, the answer is forever and ever. I have taken care of my Mom for so long that now the Lord will have to show me a new way because I know nothing but to care for her. Now God will teach me to care for myself and ofcourse through the strenghth that my Mom has instilled in me for so many years. Mom has taught me so many good things in my life and one is to give unto others especially those that are in need and never to pass judgment upon anyone if I have not walked a mile in their shoes. She has taught me to love, care and to be kind for she has been all of these things in her life. You all know that my Mother has been sick all of my life and most of her own. Many times I asked God "why has it always been my Momma to suffer"? She never asked God why or complained hardly ever that I can recall about her having been so sick for so long. She always believed that God has had His reasons for the way her life had been. She always felt blessed in many ways for the simplest things in her life. I tell you these things today through the voice of my Mother for there has not ever been anything that we have not been able to talk about. For this, I have been blessed to have a Mother that has always been there for me and many others throughout my life with her. To say the least , I am a Mom's boy and guess I always will be. I thank the Lord that He gave her to me for as many years that He has. Am I lost without her now? Yes I am but I know she wants me to be happy and take care of all the things that are most important in life and that is buildup my family and people that have always been there for her and me over the years that I may keep her memory alive in their minds for she shall never be forgotten. Now, this is for you Julian, first and foremost, I and Mom thank you for all the food, phone calls, visits, taking her to Dr. visits and loving her not only in the past six months but for having always been there for her since I can remember. Mom, as I have said has been sick almost her entire life but very sick since since 1998 and you have never ceased to have been there all these years. I tell you this because she shared this with me and I know how she has felt for you. To Tilley, I say thank you from me and and Momma and I don't need to say anything other than you have been my backbone for a very long time and you have stood beside me, in front of me, behind me and always defended me and Mom no matter what and have been a witness to everything that Mom has asked me to do for her in the past six months. You of all people know that I followed through with everything Mom asked me to do from the very beginning when the DR's told her that she only had a shot time to live and chances of her surviving surgery were slim. You have spent many nights and days comforting my Mother when she needed you and even when she didn't ask you to be there, you were always there. Thank you and I am forever indebted to you. William and Carol, you too know what a source of strength that you have been for Mom through the hardest times she has had to endure. You have brought her food, cards and flowers, mowed her yard and loved her immeasurably throughout this entire journey that she has had to walk through. For this, she and I both thank you and am forever grateful to you. Patsy Talley, you have been my Mother's best friend since I can remember and the best she could have asked for. I need not say more for you know that she has loved you immensely for everything you have given her and having loved her unconditionally since time began it seems. I want all of the family to know that Mom appreciated you all coming to her side during the toughest times that she has needed you, you have all been there. Again, I give thanks to you all. Mom has loved me always no matter what unconditionally and never ever judged me and I am forever grateful to her for being the best, most wonderful, beautiful hearted person that I was blessed to ever have in my life. Thank you Lord for giving me all the love of a wonderful Mother, for I could not have had better. I spent many, many days alone with my Mother and she told me exactly how I was to do what she wanted to make her happy when she left this world. I can honestly say that the Lord has given me the strength to follow through with all her wishes and that her wishes were what was my number one concern throughout her hardest times in the past six months. I also wanted to share with you the day she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart and was baptized here at her home with me. I was also saved that day. I must say that it was the most beautiful experience I have as a memory in my heart and mind. Pastor Mike helped her to accept the Lord into her heart that day and we cried with joy. I am so happy to have this memory to carry with me forever. There is so much I can say about my dear sweet Mother but there is not enough paper nor time to tell you just how special my Mother really is and has been throughout my life. She has loved you Annie and you Moonie as she has loved me unconditionally and Annie she was very happy those last days of her life to have you here to care for her. Even though Dad could not be here in physical form today, I know he is here in spiritual form with Mom holding her hand and loving her. She at times expressed to me that she was scared but later she had gotten very tired and I felt that she no longer had that fear to leave us. There is not one word that I can honestly say was not spoken to her to let her know that I would be okay when she left me and to take the Lord's hand when it was time to go and to please leave me behind for she had suffered enough and needed to cross over into the Lord's arms. I must say that it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, was to let her go but I loved her too much to want her to suffer any longer on this earth. I shall miss her and grieve for her the rest of my days but I shall be her voice as I have been for so many years now. I hope you will think of her often as I will think of her, forever, and remember that finally after all the years of pain and suffering that she has had to endure that I am happy that now she is forever painfree and in my dreams of tomorrow. Thank you Mom for all the great , wonderful things you have given me and taught me in my life. Rest my Beloved Mother for you deserve it and until we meet again I shall come to your grave and rest my head upon you again and again for there is no one that can ever take your place, you have been and are the best anyone could have had as their Mother.

Your Son,


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Brian Tiasdale
May 6th, 2009
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