Sherry Lee Davis (Elliott)
(1963 - 2009)

Sherry Lee Davis (Elliott)

Arizona, United States of America
November 5, 1963

Arizona, United States of America
June 25, 2009

Guest Book
Hello Sherry Lee, Today was Mother's Day, and I thought of you a lot, wishing you were here to spend Mother's Day with me and Michael, and your boys. Chris graduated on last Friday from ASU, and he's so happy. You're so proud of him, I'm sure. I hope you have seen all of this yourself. I miss you and love you and always will. MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
May 13th, 2019
Hi Sherry, Matt and Lexi are married now, and you would have loved the wedding. It was outdoors and very relaxed and fun. Ashey's daughter Ellie Jo, and Megan's daughter Adilyn were flower girls, and they were so cute with their little baskets of petals. Matt asked me to dance with him in your place, and it was very emotional for everyone. The boys were all crying because you weren't there and they miss you so much. They had some of your pictures sitting on a table and it made me really sad that you couldn't be there with all of us. Matt looked so handsome and happy, and his bride, Alexa, was very beautiful. I hope that you were nearby and could see everyone and enjoy watching it all.

Ron and I are going to Cabo San Lucas soon and will be there on your birthday, so I wanted to say Happy Birthday a little early to you, Sweet Daughter. I wish I could be with you on your birthday, it's been so long since we were together. I love you more than ever and will never forget. MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
October 30th, 2018
Happy Mother's Day, Sherry. It was a beautiful day today, and I wish you could have enjoyed it with all of us. You would love to spend time with Ashley and Megan's little girls, 4 of them now. They are beautiful girls and would love their Auntie Sherry. Michael is so proud of them and is a really good grandpa. You are missing so much, honey. I will love you forever, my daughter. Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
May 14th, 2018
Happy Birthday, Sherry! I wish I could celebrate it with you and your boys. They are all such nice men and lots of fun, too! You can be so proud of them. Matt has asked Alexa to marry him, and I think you would like her very much. She makes Matt very happy. Ron and I are in Cabo right now, and I think you would love it here. It's really fun and beautiful. Your boys love it here, too. I think of you often, Sherry, miss you more all the time, especially when I think of all we have missed because you are gone, and I hope someday we will be together again. I will love you always, my daughter, MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
November 5th, 2017
Another year has gone by, and you've been gone for 8 years now. It doesn't seem possible that it's been that long since I've seen you, Sherry. I miss you so much and wish I could hear your voice again. I hope you are happy and that we will be together again someday, my daughter. I love you forever, MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
June 26th, 2017
Happy Mother's Day, Sherry. Your boys are the best! Mike paid for a young woman's purchases at a pharmacy today because she couldn't find her debit card. What a generous and nice thing for him to do, and I know you're proud of him. I miss you so much, more all the time, and wish I could hear your voice and hug you. I'll never get over losing you. I love you always, MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
May 14th, 2017
Merry Christmas, Sherry Lee. I wish you were here to enjoy the family and the holidays together. Your brother spent Christmas Eve at Ashley's apartment with his family exchanging gifts. His two little granddaughters are the joy of his life. You would love them, I know, they are beautiful and lots of fun. You would have spoiled them terribly. You are missed so much by everyone, especially by me and your boys, and your brother. We all think of you a lot. I love you so much, and will forever, my beautiful daughter. Always your Mom.
Donna Lake (mother)
December 25th, 2016
Happy Birthday, Sherry! I told your brother today that you would have hated turning 53 today, and he agreed. I talked to your boys, and they are thinking about you today, too. Mike said he's always thinking about you, and they all miss you, as I do, too. You are forever in our hearts, Sweet Sherry. We all hope you are happy. Love you always, MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
November 6th, 2016
I can't believe it's been seven years, Sherry. Sometimes it seems much longer than that since I was able to hear your voice and laugh with you, and see your beautiful face. It still feels like my heart is never going to heal from missing you so much. I'm sure your boys feel a lot the same. They are a joy to me and Ron, fun to talk to and always doing their best in all they do, and you are, I'm sure, very proud of them. Please know that I will love you forever, Sweet Daughter. MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
June 25th, 2016
Happy Mother's Day, Sherry! Matthew graduated last December, and looked very handsome in his cap and gown. We're so proud of him, and I know you are, too. Mike and Chris are both doing well, and all three are terrific young men. You did a very good job bringing them into the world and caring for them, and they all love you a lot and miss you very much. I miss you every day, Sweet girl, and always will. I saw someone recently who resembled you, and it startled me because I almost thought it was you. Actually, I wish it had been because I'd give most anything to see you and talk to you again. My heart aches for that. I love you and always will for all eternity, Sherry Lee. MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
May 7th, 2016
Happy birthday my beautiful daughter. I wish I could give you a big birthday hug and kiss. We are in Cabo San Lucas and I keep thinking how much you would have loved it here. I hope it is more beautiful where you are and that you are at peace. I love you always, my sweet girl. Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
November 5th, 2015
Hello Sherry, It still seems like I should be able to pick up the phone and hear your voice. Sometimes I see a woman with hair like yours and momentarily think it's you, and I dream of you a lot. There's still a big hole in my heart that won't ever heal, and I wish I could have been a better mom and did things differently. Hard to believe you've been gone 6 years. You'll always be my sweet little girl, and I love you forever, my daughter. MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
June 25th, 2015
Happy Mother's Day, my daughter. I'm missing you a lot today and wishing I could hug you. I looked through some old pictures today and felt really sad that we didn't have more time together. You have 2 beautiful great nieces and another on the way that I'm sure you would have loved and enjoyed, too. You are always in my heart, Sherry, and I'll love you deeply forever. Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
May 11th, 2015
We've had another Christmas, and New Year 2015 is here, Sherry. Hard to believe how much time has passed without you in our lives, and it makes me so sad. We went to Arizona early in December and were able to have lunch with Matt, Mike, and Chris, and enjoyed them very much. They are wonderful guys you can be very proud of. I miss you and love you very much, Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
January 3rd, 2015
Tomorrow is your birthday, Sherry, and you would have been 51 this year. It makes me sad, and I wish I could talk to you, hear your voice and your laughter telling me about something the boys have done. I miss you so much. I hope you're at peace, and that you can see the boys and watch over them. Happy Birthday, and know that I will always love you very much. MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
November 5th, 2014
Hi Mom, 5 years have passed and I can say that the wounds are no longer fresh. I still think about you all the time and miss you so much. I'm turning 21 in 28 days, and I wish you could be here in person to celebrate with us. I know you are always looking down on us. I love you so much.

Matthew Davis (Son)
July 1st, 2014
It's hard to believe it's been three years since you've been gone, Sherry. I'm missing you more and more as I see your boys growing up and think about how much you are missing. I wish you could be here to enjoy them as young men and in the future as fathers, enjoy being a grandmother when that times comes. I feel really sad today, and wish I could talk to you again. I love you so much, MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
June 25th, 2014
Mom, I miss you so much! Not having you at graduation was a lot harder then I expected, I looked for you in the crowd but realized you were on my shoulders. I miss you more each day and hope your happy. Please keep watching over everyone, especially grandma dollars. Say hi to Aiden up there!

Chris Davis (son)
June 14th, 2014
Just came home from Arizona to see Chris graduate. I know you're really proud of him, Sherry. He's grown into such a good young man, very loving and intelligent, as his brothers are, too. We had a nice time with them, and wished you could have been there, too. I miss you, sweet daughter, and always love you, MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
May 28th, 2014
Another Christmas is here, Sherry, and I wish you were here so I could hug you and talk to you. I miss you so much, I always will. We'll be in Arizona in early January and will see the boys then. Be happy, my daughter, and always remember your mom loves you very much.
Donna Lake (Mother)
December 25th, 2013
Happy Birthday, Sherry! Today you would be 50 years old, and I wish I could be with you on your special day. We are in Cabo San Lucas, and I think you would love it here. Your boys come here on vacation, too. We were with them in August in Arizona, and they are very special young men, handsome and loving, and I'm sure you are proud of them. Be happy, my beautiful daughter, and remember I will always love you and miss you. Mom.
Donna Lake (Mother)
November 5th, 2013
Tomorrow you'll be gone for four years, Sherry. Hard to believe. Ashley has a baby girl named Ellie Jo who was born on June 11th. She looks just like Ashley did when she was little. I wish you could be here to see her, and hope you can watch her grow from heaven. Your boys are all doing well, and I'm sure you're proud of them. I miss you, Sweet Daughter, so very much, and will always love you. MOM
Donna Lake (Mother)
June 25th, 2013
Another Christmas is here, Sherry. I was remembering Christmases when you and your brother were children and it was magical to you. You were so cute in your pajamas on Christmas mornings opening gifts. You'll
always be my "little girl", Love, Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
December 26th, 2012
Tomorrow's your birthday, Sherry, and it will always be a special day for me. I miss you so very much and talk to you a lot in my thoughts. I hope you are in a happy place and that we will be together someday. Happy Birthday, Mom.
Donna Lake (Mother)
November 5th, 2012
Sherry, It's really hard to believe you've been gone three years. Somehow it seems like forever. I miss you all the time and hope you're at peace with everything now. You will always be my little girl, and I love you more than ever and hope we can be together again someday. Love, Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
June 25th, 2012
To Sherry's high school friend, Laura Hules-Herbert: I would like to hear from you on email, Laura. My email address is:
Donna Lake (Mother)
December 26th, 2011
Tomorrow is Christmas Day, Sherry, and I've been thinking about how everyone would be together at my home Christmas eve, and how much you all enjoyed your Christmas stockings and being together. I miss you so much and hope someday we'll be together again. I love you, Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
December 25th, 2011
Donna, (aka Mom)
I don't know what to say right know! I'm in tears! Sherry was an awesome person and friend. I stumbled upon this as I searching for her in hopes to reconnect. My heart goes out to you and her family and the many friends.

Love you,
Laura Hules-Herbert (High School Friend)
December 8th, 2011
We were in Mexico on your birthday, Sherry, but my thoughts were of you all day. I can still see you taking your first steps, playing with your brother, and lots of other good memories, my daughter. I hope you know that I love you and miss you always.
Donna Lake (Mother)
November 14th, 2011
It doesn't seem possible that you've been gone for two years, Sherry. Today has been a very sad day for me and your brother.... we miss you so much. I hope you're at peace and that we can be together again someday, sweet daughter. I love you more than ever, Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
June 25th, 2011
It's Mother's Day today, Sherry, and I've been thinking about you more than usual. I wish I could tell you what a delightful child you always were and what a wonderful mom you became. You'll always be my little girl, and I'll always love you. Missing you so much,
Donna Lake (Mother)
May 8th, 2011
Sherry I miss you! So much has happened since you passed away. There are so many things I wish I would have done or said or acted on and yet we were so close and yet so far away. I need you in so many ways. We may not have been sisters at birth, But we were sisters far better than that for 32 years. No one can take away the memories of all the fun and laughter we shared. All the times you made me watch those scary movies and helped me with my contact lenses! Ha. I Love you my sister and friend. I would do anything to have you back with us and your boys. As you always said to me "Friends til the end"
Annette Gold (Sister)
November 28th, 2010
I love you so much and miss u even more!!!! not a day goes by where i dont think about you!! :}
Mike Davis (SON)
September 22nd, 2010
Sherry, the twins are 17 today and you are in my thoughts, as always. All of the boys are growing up to be such fine young men, you should be proud. We miss you everyday.
Katrina Storjohann (Friend)
July 29th, 2010
My beautiful daughter, I miss you more every day. You are in my thoughts constantly, and I don't think I will ever get over your passing. I try to remember all the good times we had and treasure them. It's still hard to believe you're gone. I wish you could have seen another way to deal with your problems so all of us who love you could have enjoyed you for a lot longer. I hope you are out of your pain and in a better place now. I will love you forever, Mom
Donna Lake (Mother)
July 27th, 2010
Jim, Chris, Mike and Matt,

Sending you hugs and wanted you to all know you are in my thoughts today.

Love, Allison, Chris and Jordan
Allison Foret (Friend)
June 25th, 2010
Thinking of you always. Can't believe it has been almost a year that you have been gone. Your boys have grown a lot and are such wonderful young men. You should be so proud. We all miss you!
Katrina Storjohann (Family Friend)
June 21st, 2010
Sherry, Father's Day today and the last of the first long year of holidays without you. A lot has happened this year and you would be very pround of all of your boys. I think about you every day and Chris and I talk about you often. By for now. Love, Allison
Allison Foret (Friend)
June 20th, 2010

Lynn, Sharon and I are all together and thinking about you tonight. We miss you and hope you are watching us and laughing. We called Jim, but he is ignoring us. HA HA
Allison Foret (friend)
March 17th, 2010
Merry Christmas Mom... We miss you so much and know you would have wanted to be here... We Love You...
Matt Davis (Son)
December 25th, 2009
Sherry, tomorrow is the first game of the BCHS season and the boys and girls of the Jaguar hockey team will proudly carry you with them. We miss you, but know you will continue to watch over your family with love, and always be with us.
Katrina Storjohann (Close Friend)
September 19th, 2009
Sherry Davis you will always be in my heart and remembered for your hard work for every team you could help out, the love you showed for everyone you met, and the skillful caring towards your children. We all miss you and you will always be loved.
Kegan Storjohann (Close Friend)
September 11th, 2009

You are gone, but not forgotten. We think of you and your family everyday......we will miss you throughout our hockey season....
Lynn Glaser (Hockey Mom)
August 21st, 2009

Today is Matt and Mike's 16th Birthday and I know you are watching them and loving them. I wish you were here to celebrate. They've all grown up a lot these past weeks and you would be very proud of all of your boys. I miss you.
Allison Foret (Friend)
July 29th, 2009
I cant stop thinking about you lately.You were such an amazing person and always had time to hear out anyones problems or to tell a crazy story about your boys:]You loved your family so much and treated everyone else like they were family.You'll never know how much your missed.
Jen McDonald (Hockey/Friend)
July 20th, 2009
Letter to Sherry

Knowing you are safe and knowing you are at peace, rests on our heart.
You meant so much to us, it’s hard to know we’ll be apart.

We‘ll remember your strengths, your laugh.. and the way you protected your boys.
Your passion, your inner fire, and some of your simple joys.

You always gave the best of you, always being there for others too.
With always your strong opinion to say, don’t worry because it was okay..

I will always laugh when I think of the things we did together..
the late night girl chats, ‘Sex in the City’ marathons, many cocktails and snacks.

You were a blessing for the short time with us, and the friendship we will all hold so close and dear . How can we move on, for this we fear.

You were the rock Sherry, the strong one, the counselor, the one we turned to in times of need. Now who will step up to lead.

Not only were you a wife, mother and friend, but you were an amazing spirit and the one person who would always lend a hand.

You showered my daughter with love and took her in and added to your noise.
She became apart of your family, and a sister to your boys..

In a time where we needed you, you were always there for us. And my daughter opened up and began to trust.

For in her life of hurts, and bruised soul, the love from your family began to make her feel whole.

Just know that we will be there for the boys. We will watch then grow into amazing men.
We will love them, laugh with them and tease them now and again.

We will be there as they walk down the isle each of their special lives and watch them be great husbands, and marry great wives..

We know your boys will keep their memories of you close as each day they look up into the sky, and remember having to say goodbye.

So we say good bye to you, and cherish all the time we had, as we look at all pictures of the fun times that made you so glad.

Later we will share the happy moments and funny stories of things you did.
We’ll laugh and cry at the crazy times you acted like a kid.

We’ll take on the role of guides to your children, and be a friend to Jim as he needs this. For your heart and spirit he will miss.

And know that your spirit, hope and dreams we will carry, while we sit here and cry
as I read this letter to Sherry.

Jamie Kraintz-June 2009
Jamie Jones-Kraintz (Friend)
July 4th, 2009
What a beautiful service you had for Sherry. Standing room only is a testament to how well liked the Davis family is! We will continue to pray for strength for all of you in the days ahead.
lynn Glaser
July 4th, 2009
Sherry-We are going to miss seeing you at the hockey rink. You did such a great job with the BCHS hockey team. I'll miss your friendship most of all. Rest in peace my friend and know that we will always be here for Jim, Matt, Mike and Chris.
Michelle McDonald (Hockey Friend)
July 2nd, 2009
Jim, Matt, Mike, Chris: I just heard & I am so sad & sorry. We had lost touch, but quite often Sherry would be in my thoughts, remembering great times we had together. We last got together 9 years ago & flew in a 4 seater plane to Laughlin, had a blast. Love ya girlfriend, will meet again with you someday.
July 2nd, 2009
Sherry, you were an amazing woman! I always enjoyed seeing your family together at the rinks. We all could see how much you loved each other. You will always be loved. Take care Sherry.
Susan Head (Fellow Hockey Mom)
July 2nd, 2009
You will be missed more than you could ever know. Your smile, laugh and witt were contagious and something we grew to count on at every game and those intense tournements. You never forgot to ask me about the girls and their dance activities and when you could come see them dance. I loved hearing your stories of interactions with Dennis while planning and scheduling tournaments asking me "How do you DEAL with him he is SO particular and PICKY!" You made me laugh. Your an amazing lady, a dedicated and loving wife and mother and a beautiful human being we are blessed to have had in our lives. Thank you for all that you did and all that you were. I know God has you in his loving arms.
Stefani Leclair (friend/hockey mom)
July 1st, 2009
Matt, Mike, and Chris,
I am so sorry for what happened. I know her soul shall live in peace for the rest of eternity. I am here for you guys.
-Stephen "The Midget" Losinger
Stephen Losinger (Friend)
July 1st, 2009
Jim, Matt, Mike & Chris,
We are so saddened by your loss. Sherry was such a wonderful person and will be missed by so many. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. She loved you all so much and I know you have many wonderful memories together. And Matt, Alex wants me to tell you to call him any time - he is always there for you! You are in our prayers...The Chamberlins
Candi Chamberlin (Hockey)
July 1st, 2009
I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I know how you feel though the pain must be harder for you that it was an actual parent, not a close family friend. Mrs. Davis is in heaven now. She is watching over you all and I'm sure she wants you to go on with your lives. Keep strong. Praying will make you feel better, lets you feel like your talking to her. I never meet her but I'm sure she was an amazing person. If your family needs anything at all...even just some escape time just let me know. I'm here for you guys. she is with you forever!!!
Morgan Horn (Friend of Mike and Matt)
July 1st, 2009
I love you so much and i will never forget you. I will miss the all the times you were there for me at hockey and all the times you helped me with school. You raised me, Mike and Chris with so much love and caring, and that will help us later on in life. You have made me into a better person and i will always love you.
Matthew Davis (Son)
July 1st, 2009

We are so very sorry for the loss of your beloved wife, Sherry. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Regards, Barry, Marla, Mia, & Ava
Barry Goren (Colleague)
July 1st, 2009
Sherry- I didn't know you very long. I didn't know you very well. What I do know is your committment to your family and Hockey friends is something I will always admire. The conversations we had where always enjoyable. You always managed to smile, even, if the conversation was in regards to something we didin't see eye to eye. I will always respect your dedication. As a "hockey" community we will always be there for your family as you were always there for ours.
The Heaths
Todd Heath (Hockey)
July 1st, 2009
I only met you for about a month but it did not take long for me to realize you had a Big Heart. You made me laugh it was just nice being around you. I remember when I show you my son's graduation pictures you kept saying I want to have 3 graduations I have too.
You were always talking about your boys with so much pride you also wanted your grandkids to be able to play hockey. You just trusted me no questions asked we miss you.
judy morales (friend)
July 1st, 2009
I was so sad when I heard about Sherry. Although my son has always played for a competing rink, I always looked forward to checking in to a tournament at the Ice Den where I got the chance to spend a few minutes catching up with Sherry. She was a bright light for hockey in Arizona and she will be missed.

Jim, please accept our prayers and blessings to you and the boys.
Marty Shepard (Hockey)
July 1st, 2009
You always found a way to make me smile even on those very stressful days. The time that I got to know you was a true blessing. I will never forget you...
Erica Grajeda (Friend)
July 1st, 2009
Thank you Lord for the time you allowed Sherry to be with us.
Greatful are our hearts that she was part of our lives, even though for such a brief time.
I trust in your promise my Lord, because your word says "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted". Matthew 5:4
The Garcias

Veronica Garcia (Hockey friend)
July 1st, 2009
Sherry, In the past 14 years you touched my life in many ways. We always had great conversations, even though we didnt see eye to eye on things. You thought dogs were creatures that lived in the back yard, I thought dogs were part of the family that had to sleep in bed with us. I thought softball and baseball were fun sports, you thought hockey was the only "REAL' sport because it was fast moving. No matter what we discussed and how it ended, we were always laughing. Your talent in the mortgage industry will be missed, along with your great stories, and most of all your friendship. We will always have a special bonding because we were dealt a pair.
MOMS- Mothers of Multiples XXOOO
Pam Wall (friend/coworker)
July 1st, 2009
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how lucky I am to have met you and the guys. I will never be able to remember all the conversations we had, but I will always remember that we shared many laughs, usually at the expense of our sons.

Your friendship is something I will always treasure. The kindness you showed me, Eric and especially Jacob will keep you in our hearts until our time comes.

Know that for now, I choose not to mourn your passing, but celebrate your life and the impact you had on all of us who truly knew you. For now, I will just say so long, until we meet again.

Love Always,
Gilbert, Eric and Jacob Hernandez.
Gilbert Hernandez (Roller Hockey Family)
July 1st, 2009
No one can manage a team like you did. I could not have possibly gotten through BCHS first year without you. You will be missed.
Ann, Ray, Zack and Katie.
Ann Olsen (Friend)
July 1st, 2009
So many memories. So many thoughts of you and Jim and those precious baby boys. We loved the time we shared with you and them and thank you for including us in your family. Peggy, Dick and family
Peggy Johnson (Friend-babysitter)
June 30th, 2009
We had so much fun together with Sherry, and it was truly a pleasure to get to know her over the years. Sherry made our roller road trips a great time. And with Vosha we will always remember her standing behind the net ... cell phone in hand ... so she could get a good view of Matt. And always remember our discussions about how much the boys eat each week. Sherry will always be in our thoughts. Mitchell, Bonnie & Alan
The Bobmans (Hockey family)
June 30th, 2009

You have touched the hearts and lives of so many, and it was always clear as to where your love, life and passion was focused - Jim, the boys, and thankfully - your extended family of friends all around the 'hockey community.'

You did so many kind and thoughtful things for Erik and our family - and never asked (or expected) anything in return. You gave us much ... and we'll always remember and be thankful for you generously sharing your time, kind words, insights, inspirations and most importantly - the true care and concern you had for others.

I remember a few months ago (before tryouts) mentioning to you that Erik was having some 'second thoughts' about hockey this next season. Your reply (with a distinct twinkle in your eye) was: "What? He needs to get his butt in gear. His Mom (Sue) is too nice. I've got three boys. Do you want me to straighten him out?!" Honest, straight forward, to the point. But it was said with the careful attention and thoughtful insights that only a Mom could have.

And thank you for the kind words and gestures you always seemed to find time for with Krista.

You will certainly be missed ... but I know you'll still be around - cheering the boys on and watching over us.

As has been promised to us all, it is comforting to know that God is now, and will always be, watching over and taking care of you.

Your friend,

Gordon Johnson (Hockey Parent / Friend)
June 30th, 2009
The way you treated me when I was around you and the family made me feel like I was part of the family. You always kept me fed and treated me like I was another son to you. I thank you for all that you have done and I will miss you.
R.I.P Sherry Davis
Jordan Foret (hockey friend)
June 30th, 2009
We were so saddened to hear about Sherri's passing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Sherri was truely an amazing person who really loved to help others. Sherri was so friendly, she always had a smile to give. We will always remember Sherri's passion for hockey.. specially when she watched her boys play. She was so very proud of each of her boys. You will be truely missed by all!
Kundla Family Kundla (friends)
June 30th, 2009
Your time here on earth was short. But look at the many lives you touched. You will be missed by your family and friends. And by those you passed in day to day activity, you never knew their names, but they were touched by your big smile and laugh. Someone once asked me to describe you and the words that came to my mind where "Big Pesonality". You will be missed! With time our hearts will heal, however you'll never be forgotten. You are at peace and in that thought we find comfort. With all my love to your Family and Friends. Mary
Mary Strand-Montes (Wells Fargo Work Friend)
June 30th, 2009
Dear Sherry, What a gift you were to know as a friend. You were a wonderful hockey Mom! You were also a great wife, Mother, friend, and daughter that will be so dearly missed. I will never forget your kindness to our family. You never forgot about Hunter and always cared about how he was doing and how we all were, anytime I saw you. You were a true blue person that was a straight shooter. You always lit up talking about your boys, you adored them! I will always remember how excited you were when we had our third boy, Hagan! I was now part of the "three boy club". I will never forget you my friend. Rest peacefully, Julie
Julie Lambert (friend)
June 30th, 2009
mom im going to miss you so much its undescribable the things you did for me were unbeilevable and i have all good thoughts about you and im not going to forget youand those good times we had

R.I.P mommy loveyou forever and always
chris davis (son)
June 30th, 2009
You truly will be missed by so many. You were always smiling and always positive. You had a way of making everyone feel a part of the team. You always encouraged all the boys and kept us all organized. May we follow your example of being there for the kids and always being willing to help anyone in need.
Kim Boersema (hockey friend)
June 30th, 2009
Sherry, Sherry, SHERRY where do I start. You are my best friend and I miss you and will love you until the day I see you again.

You always took care of my family, as I promise I will to yours from this day forward.

You raised my babies as "nanny Sherry" you taught Addie how to say "momma" and how to walk. you were there for all the "first year milestones" in Addison's life and Roo's (as you so dearly named her)

I am SO Thankful that you got to see Addie a few weeks ago and I am forever grateful that I got to see you cry with joy when she ran straight to you and jumped in your arms to kiss and hug "Aunt Sherry". The love between you and my children can never and will never be replaced. I love you sister-wife (LOL) and I will hold you in my heart forever....Goodbye for now Best friend!! XOXO
Missy Madden (Friend)
June 30th, 2009
You will be missed by SO many people. Everyone has wonderful memories that they will treasure forever! Thank you for all you have done for the Boulder Creek team.
The Glasers
lynn Glaser (Hockey friends)
June 29th, 2009
Sherry, your laughter and voice echo in our thoughts of you. Mark and Matthew so very much enjoyed spending time with your family. They always returned from your home with stories to share about something funny you said or did. Out of the blue and in moments of total silence, all of a sudden one of them would laugh and start telling a "Sherry" story. You brought so much joy to so many lives, and you will be cherished in our hearts forever! The boys and I have so much love and room in our hearts to share with your family. I promise to be there for them!! Love, Terese, Mark & Matthew Heisig
Terese Heisig (friend)
June 29th, 2009
Sherry, I don't have the words to express all that you have done for us and the hockey community and how much you will be missed. As you watch over your family, please know that they are well taken care of and forever loved. Katrina, Rusty, Kegan & Alex
Katrina Storjohann (Hockey Mom/Friend)
June 29th, 2009


My daughter Terry really enjoyed cheering along with you at the high school Varsity hockey games. You always made her feel so welcome. Thanks for all you did for us...

Always a smile, instead of a frown,
Always a hand, when one is down,
Always true, thoughtful and kind,
Wonderful memories she left behind.

We'll miss you :( The Simpsons Natalie, Terry and Dennis

Natalie Simpson (Hockey mom)
June 29th, 2009
I am struggling for words yet so many thoughts come to mind. Sherry was our hockey rock! Without the effort, time and energy that she and Jim put in for us, we would not have made it through our first year. We will all be forever in your debt.

When Sherry wasn't "working", she was smiling and telling us what the boys were up to (both good and bad)!

My favorite story that comes to mind is during a hockey game at the Ice Den, Jim was keeping score and Chris and Sherry were running the penalty boxes. Mike had more than a few penalties and I saw Sherry taking pictures on her phone while Mike was in the box. I asked her after the game why she was taking pictures and she said, "It's the closest thing to a family picture that I can get! I just need to photoshop Matt in!"

We miss you terribly. I know you will be looking down on us and cheering us on during every game, as you always did.

The players will all have a special angel on their shoulders.

Rest peacfully -

Gregg, Susie, Cameron and Brady Morgan
Susie Morgan (Hockey Mom/Friend)
June 29th, 2009
Sherry, you were a rockin' cool, stud of a mom!
Our team was so blessed to have you as you always were such a big, fun presense. With your larger than life personality and laugh, what a joy you were. We will all promise to love your boys and support Jim in keeping them safe and healthy. May God cradle you in His loving arms.
You will be greatly missed.....Leslie Miller
Leslie Miller (Friend)
June 29th, 2009

I miss you and I hope you rest in peace. Thank you for all you did for hockey, the boys and especially for Jordan.
Allison Foret (friend)
June 28th, 2009
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"Hey Mom, its almost 5 years now and I miss you more and more! It was hard not seeing you at graduation but I know you were on my shoulders. I wish you were by my side through the good and bad,to watch me grow, and to experience new things I love you"
Chris Davis
June 14th, 2014
"Hey Mom. Just wanted to tell you that I am in college now, and am almost a junior. I have a girlfriend now named Tia, and Monday is our two year anniversary. I think you would have loved to meet her. I miss you so much Mom. I love you."
Matthew Davis
January 17th, 2013
"Sherry, You were a true "Hockey Mom" and will be missed terribly. Thanks for always making me feel like one of the Moms! God bless and may you rest in peace. Gretchen VanZeebroeck"
Gretchen VanZeebroeck
July 2nd, 2009
"Sherry: You will be so surely missed!Our family will always cherish the memories we have of you and your wonderful family. The long ago days of cheering for our boys at hockey games and the fun road trips we all took will forever stay in our minds"
Mike and Michelle Targun The Targun Family
July 2nd, 2009
"Sherry, We were shocked and saddened to hear of your passing. You will be missed by so many people. You were a great Hockey Mom, always helping and cheering the team on! May God be with you and your family. Rest in Peace! Love, The Kopers"
heidi koper
July 2nd, 2009
"Sherry, You treated me well and you touched my heart deeply. I am happy that I got to know you personally, and treated me as a part of your family. I have many happy memories with you and the boys. I will miss you and treasure your kindness forever."
Jacob Hernandez
July 2nd, 2009
"Mom, its so hard to describe the feelings that i have and the thoughts i am thinking. I love you so much and i hope you are in good hands now. I love you so much and nobody can ever change that. I will miss you. I love you. Matthew"
Matthew Davis
July 2nd, 2009
"Sherry, Girl you sure will be missed! I will miss laughing with you at tournaments & practices especially as we plotted the demise of our arch nemesis! I know you are looking over your family but know all of us hockey moms will be watching too!"
susan head
July 2nd, 2009
"Sherry, I cant begin to find the words to tell you what a wonderful friend you have been to me. Being mothers of multiples we had a special friendship that brought us together 14 years ago. You will always be in my heart. Love Pam Wall"
Pam Wall
June 30th, 2009
"Sherry, I met you only once, however, I remember the sound of your laugh, the passion for your boys and their sport, the cheerleader you were for the entire team, your funny comments, charm as well as your spirit. In angels arms you rest."
Krystal Young
June 29th, 2009


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