Sandra Kay Gabbert
(1966 - 1983)

Sandra Kay Gabbert

Washington, United States of America

Washington, United States of America
April 17, 1983

Loved the beach and playing basketball.
This is a memorial website for Sandra Kay Gabbert, born 1966 (exact birthday unknown), who died on April 17, 1983. She was murdered by Gary Ridgway, the "Green River killer" in Seattle, Washington State on the evening of April 17, 1983, when he picked her up on the SeaTac Strip (Pacific Highway South).

The creator of this site is in no way related to Sandra or her family, but she is interested in victims' rights and wanted Sandra to be remembered for her promise and the fact that she died a terrible death, much too young.

Sandra Kay Gabbert, according to Ann Rule's book GREEN RIVER RUNNING RED, was a free spirit, full of life, who became bored while in the 11th grade and dropped out, one year short of finishing high school. Somehow, she got enticed into prostitution, and was soon "working the streets", living in low-rent motels on the SeaTac Strip with her "boyfriend" Darryl Gladue. Unfortunately, Gladue was really a pimp and drug dealer. Sandra returned to the motel room they were staying in the night that she disappeared, and gave him $70 she had earned, then told him she was going out to "catch a few more dates." She went out on the Strip shortly thereafter and was picked up by Gary Ridgway, who strangled her to death. Her body was found on April 1, 1984, in the Star Lake Road area, a wooded, isolated spot where Gary left many of his victims.

Sandra was in close contact with her mother, Nancy, who warned her repeatedly that what she was doing was very dangerous, and that she could easily be killed. Sandra thought she was invincible and kept telling her mother that nothing would happen to her. She told her mother that she could make more in one night, doing what she was doing, than she could make after 2 weeks of working at a "legitimate" job at Burger King.

Shortly before she disappeared, Sandra and her mother ate at a Mexican restaurant, where Sandra told her mother about her plans to travel to California and New Mexico. This was the last night her mother ever saw her. After eating, they returned to her mother's home, and her mother hugged her and warned her to be careful. Sandra told her mother that she loved her as well, and that she WAS careful. Her mother said: "I watched her walk down the steps, and I knew I wasn't going to see her for a long, long time." That night, she was killed by Gary Ridgway.

Sandra's family suffered terribly after her death. Her sister, Carma, eventually committed suicide, and her grandmother developed Alzheimer's, which was thought to have been brought on largely by the stress of her granddaughter's disappearance and murder. At the sentencing for Ridgway, Sandra's mother, Nancy, said: "Gary Ridgway is an evil creature whom I would condemn to many years in prison." Ridgway is presently serving 48 consecutive life sentences without parole, at the Washington State prison in Walla Walla, WA.

Rest in peace, Sandra.

Any candles/memorial notes left on this site must be respectful. This is a site in memory of a young woman, just trying to find herself, who was brutally murdered much too young. Any inappropriate or derogatory posts or photographs will be immediately removed and the poster banned from this site. The poster's IP address will be recorded and authorities contacted, because this constitutes website abuse.


For more information on Sandra's death, please see the links below. If you cannot click on a link, copy it and paste it into your Internet Explorer browser. As more information is found, links will be updated.

"Man admits to killing 48 women," THE GAINESVILLE SUN (Nov. 6, 2003), at:,1139211&dq=sandra+gabbert&hl=en

"Carma grew up after sister became Green River victim," THE TRI-CITY HERALD (Jan 23, 1985), at:

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I happened to just watch a documentary on Gary Ridgway and the murders. When looking online to get a little more information on it, I happened across this website. I think it is a wonderful gesture on your part, Janice, to do this for someone who you are not even related to. We hear about these kinds of stories, we say: "wow, that is horrible", and go about our business never knowing anything about the individual victims and their stories. It's nice that someone's acknowledging Sandra's. I was going to just exit the site and go about my business and I decided I could acknowledge her in my own way too by leaving this entry in the guestbook. So, God bless you, Janice, for creating this memorial. And God bless you (and rest in peace) Sandra.
Steve C (None)
May 10th, 2011
This memorial website was put up in memory of Sandra Kay Gabbert, who died a brutal death at the hands of Gary Ridgway, the "Green River killer". Any posts submitted must be respectful and no website abuse will be permitted. Memorial candles and tributes, as well as photos, will be reviewed by the webmaster for appropriateness before they are posted. Thank you.
Janice Harrison (Webmaster)
February 19th, 2011
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"Sandra, you were taken from this earth far too soon. May you now rest in peace among the angels."
Sibby Riven
February 19th, 2011
"Sandra, this is a website in your memory. Rest in peace. I know you have now found the peace you could not find in life."
Janice Harrison
January 2nd, 2009


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