Ron Esp
(1946 - 2013)

Mrs. Esp, Jan, Ron and Mrs. Maczko - wedding shower
Ron at bar in basement - Judge Ave
Ron and sister-in-law Jeannie
Last outing before leaving Waukegan and heading for Tampa - with neighborhood children, Michael and Michelle (children's...
Ron loved Easter for the ham and polish sausage - Easter 2010.
Just arriving in Tampa - August 77 - new home on Imperial Key
Christmas 1980
First Christmas in Tampa, 1977
Ron's 33rd birthday
Ron's 34th birthday in Tampa (1980) with Buccaneer cake
Ron with son, Brian-10 months old
Ron on left - Holding baby dolls.
Ron with his father
Top row - L to R - Mom, Bob holding Ron, Dick and Father Elmer holding Jim On the floor - L to R - Dave and Chuck
Ron and brother Chuck Left to right - Chuck and Ron
Ron's 29th birthday - Brian's second day at home.
Key West, Florida
Ron on the left with Jan's cousin Danny - Christmas 1972 - Northlake, IL
That bird just smelled up the place and made a lot of noise.
Ron's son, Keith at one week old
Ron and Jan's second anniversary. 1973 (Age 29)
Housewarming party after purchasing home on Judge Ave.
Esp's basement - Ron and Jan's engagement party. 1970 (Age 24)
Ron and John playing horseshoes in Wildwood. Somebody is stylin!
SP4 Ronald J Esp Army Reservist Co. B, 863d Engr. Bn (Const) 1968-1974
Hey Ron...don't look too excited.
A rare Miller Light unicorn?
Ron and Brian
Ron with presents received at Brian's baby shower. Mostly diapers and cleaning supplies.
Ron was one of 33 boys who won a trip to a Colorado dude ranch. He spoke of it as one of his childhood greatest events.
Ron wasn't much into this newfangled thing called exercise, but managed to break a sweat in this picture. A truly rare p...
Ron and Jan's wedding - Ron's family
Ron about to tell another fish story. Let me tell you about this time...
Ron's family - Mom and seven sons Top row, left to right - brother Dick, Bob, Mom and youngest brother John Bottom row...
Three amigos - father and sister-in-law, John and Debbie
Thankfully the mustache phase did not last long.
Ron loved being a newspaper boy, photo earning trip to famous Riverview Park in Chicago.
Ron's graduation from St. George High School
Ron with newborn son, Brian. 1975 (Age 29)
1998 (Age 52)
Son's graduation. NOTE: What you don't see is that he was wearing jeans and cowboy boots. This is true!
Brian's first birthday - Judge Avenue basement. 1976 (Age 30)
Son, Brian, has mild scoliosis. This picture appears to solve the mystery.
Council Oak Restaurant - Hard Rock Cafe - Tampa 2011 (Age 65)
Ron and Jan's wedding - Jan's family. April, 1971 (Age 25)
Ron (the original Silver Fox) browses photos with his son.
Ron always knew how to get the kids to take great pictures.
Thanksgiving at in-laws house. 1972 - (Age 26)
That rocking chair seemed so big as a kid! It was a lot of fun.
Ron liked to the cheapest way possible. In Vegas, he found the penny slot machines.
Ron with sister-in-law and best friend, Debbie
Jan's 24th birthday party (wife) - Judge Ave - Ron made all the party hats.
Ron wearing "Boeing" shirt - son, Brian helped developed Boeing aircraft.
Ron in front of Datsun Honey Bee, car won from WLS radio station in Chicago.
Brian's christening - godfather, brother to Jan, Wayne - godmother - sister-in-law, Patty Esp
Ron's idea - to be mouse and cheese for Halloween party. He loved to make party items.
Ron's idea - for Brian and Keith to follow in parents mouse and cheese footsteps. The kids resisted, especially the olde...

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