Richard Glen Salt
(1965 - 2009)

Richard Glen Salt

June 13, 1965

June 19, 2009

This site is dedicated to Richard Glen Salt .We have so many happy memories of Ricky from the time he was a little boy when Loretta and Glen moved to Dunchurch with his siblings, Yvonne, Cheryl and Danny.

Ricky attended the Whitestone Public School in Dunchurch. Mom and Dad remember having to actually drag him to school and make him stay there. However, he made life long friendships during his Dunchurch days. Pat, Robby, Jamie, Eric and the other Dunhchurch boys remember the mischievous boy who was always up to tricks and getting into trouble.

Yvonne, Cheryl and Danny moved away and had families of their own ~ Kayla, Krystal, Alex, James, Daniel, a new baby girl, Hailey and Lachlan. They were loved very much by Rick.

As Ricky grew into an adult he met and became the best of friends with a bunch of Parry Sounders who loved baseball. Ricky was a very good first base man. He was always asked to play at tournaments. On one of these tournaments he met Sam and Wayne.

The boys formed a baseball team on which Ricky played for 12 years- Mudville- a team he still enjoyed being around. Ricky developed life long friendships with his Mudville team, Bob, Cliff, Sam, Wayne, Greg and many more.

Ricky was a kind hearted soul who loved people. Whoever he met became a friend, and it did not matter what their lifestyle was.

Ricky met Marg through Sam and Vince. As their relationship grew, they married in October, 1992. Ricky and Marg were soul mates and had a very loving and happy relationship.

For a number of years after Labour day, an annual camping trip took place on the Pickerel River, Ricky and Marg spent time down the river fishing with Friends. They will cherish those memories forever.

Sam, Tina, Vince, Dallas are raising their families, giving Ricky and Marg eight beautiful grandchildren- Charlotte, Sammy, Meadow, Derek, Justin, Ben, Kevin and Jessica who has also gave them their first great grandson, Andrew.

Ricky's love for children was his most endearing characteristic. Ricky did not only love his grandchildren, but loved and touched several other special children- Andrea, Kyle, Tyanna, Browen, Jake, Nate, Jordon, Christina, Nick, Shawn, and Giblson.

In the past few years Ricky and Marg have had a trailer on Parry Island where all the children call Rick- Papa or Mr. Rick. Last week on Papa's birthday they gave him the shirt that you see on him today. Ricky was so proud of it.

Ricky was a very special person and will be remembered forever by so many family and friends.

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My brother Ricky and I fought alot. It seemed he always wanted to be around Danny and I but he was the baby and was always in the way. As we grew up and our lives took different directions and I got married and moved away. I never really understood why Ricky and I fought until one day. He called me very upset, he had gotten into a fight outside the bar and with all the pushing and yelling someone grabbed him and he turned around ready to punch and oppps it was a Cop. He never hit the policeman but the fine lol officer took Ricky down town. He was charged with attempt assault towards the police officer and got 21 days in jail or 250 dollar fine. He called to see if his sister would lend him the money so he wouldn't have to go to jail. After talking to Ricky about it for along time I had decided to lend him the money cause I didn't think it was right, after all he thought it was just someone pushing and perhaps going to pick a fight with him to and he never did hit the officer, once he seen it was him he put down his hands. Without a THANK YOU or kiss my #$%^& he was off the phone. In a few minutes my dad came on the phone and said Ricky was crying and he couldn't talk to me. That is when I realized all Ricky ever wanted was to know I loved him, all those years all he wanted was ME to do things with, to show him I loved him to, and that day he realized how much I did love him. Giggles to myself, he promised he would pay me back, I seen 5 dollars of that money but it was the best 250 dollars I ever gave him. I love you Ricky
Cheryl Olson (Sister)
August 1st, 2009
This is the memorial I set up for Richard Glen Salt . To sign the guest book, click on the "Sign Guest Book" button below.
Cheryl Olson
August 1st, 2009
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"Love doesn't make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Ty for the ride Ricky. I love you"
Cheryl Olson
August 1st, 2009


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