"With an increasing number of people turning to the Internet to memorialize loved ones, iLasting offers an array of features to help users create an online memorial that best suits their needs."

"Virtual guestbooks are a growing trend offered by most funeral homes as a way for friends and family to leave detailed memorials -- some including music files, poems, videos and bios -- about the deceased."

"In talking to many of our customers, we found many of them wanted a way to recreate the same type of sentiment that goes along with leaving flowers, stones, candles, and other small mementos at a person's grave site, " said Anthony Doctolero, founder of iLasting. "The Comment Wall allows us to make that feature request a reality for our online memorials and we are excited to introduce it to our users."

"Beautiful in both design and sentiment, iLasting allows people to create an online memorial for friends and family members who have passed away."

"Choosing an image is an important aspect of the online memorial. Take time to select one that is appropriate and where they are the only person in the photo. It allows visitors to place a face to the name and gives the memorial a human element that sometimes words can’t do alone."

"This unique new feature allows memorial site visitors to leave comments along with an icon which are then randomly placed on the Comment Wall. The resulting visual creates a unique way for visitors to interact and contribute to the online memorial."