Phyllis B Williamson
(1947 - 2009)

Phyllis B Williamson
Nickname: Queen Bee and Grill

North Carolina, United States of America
March 11, 1947

Maryland, United States of America
March 25, 2009

CIAA Tournaments, Traveling, Sewing, Line Dancing, Discovering New Technology (IPod & Laptop), Chatting With Friends, Movies, Raven's Football, Basketball, & Music (Old Mowtown)
A sad day for me! Though I lost you 6 years ago, you are always in my heart! I still think "Wonder what Phyllis would say?"
Patti Melodini
March 25th, 2015
It seems so unreal to think that you have been gone for 6 years. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you. I can't believe that you are not here with me. I wish you could be here to see Layla. I love you.
Crystal Turner
March 25th, 2015
I was thinking of you all this week, my friend. Your beautiful smile and strong spirit remain alive for me. Miss you!
Patti Melodini
March 13th, 2015
Sweet Phyllis,
It seems like yesterday that we were laughing joking and planning for your retirement party!!I will never have another friend like you!! I still miss you so!
Patti Melodini
March 26th, 2014
Miss you my friend.There is a void in my life that will never be filled. I still think about you everyday!Love you!
Patti Melodini
March 20th, 2012
My dear friend,
I thought about you all day and had a great time in your honor at a retirement celebration for an OHCQ co-worker yesterday. It still is hard without you to talk to, and I miss you all the time.Our friendship is forever.
Patti Melodini
March 26th, 2011
Hi mommy. I dont have a lot to say today. Today is a hard day. But i love you and miss you.
Crystal Williamson
March 25th, 2011
Happy Birthday, Mommy! Enjoy the party in Heaven! I love you, always!
Crystal Williamson
March 11th, 2011
Happy Birthday dear friend! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Love you forever,
Patti Melodini
March 11th, 2011
I don't know you Crystal or your mom but this is the most beautiful memorial. Your mom must have really been loved. I can feel her spirit just looking at the site. May you be blessed.
Visitor visitor
June 6th, 2010
Happy Birthday Mommy! I hope the party in heaven is the jump off!
Crystal Williamson
March 11th, 2010
Hi mommy! it's my birthday! I miss you! Wish you were here to celebrate with me. I love you!
Crystal Williamson
January 28th, 2010
The holidays weren't the same without you my friend. My heart still aches for you so....
Patti Melodini
January 14th, 2010
Merry Christmas Mommy. Wish you were here, but I'm sure you're at Jesus' Bday party in VIP. Miss you! Love you! DJ says hi!
Crystal Williamson
December 24th, 2009
Roslyn Miller
November 4th, 2009
We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”
Phyllis truly created a lot that will live on forever, what a lesson well taught, compassion, caring, kindness and most of all LOVE! Let us learn...
Diane Little
September 28th, 2009
May your smile never fade and your feet never stop dancing.
Shawn Harvey
September 25th, 2009
Looks like Crystal is keeping your flames burning. You can't begin to know(or maybe you can) how often you have been in my thoughts . . even can hear your voice at times...conversations revisited.. Friends like you are keepers . . and I will keep yo
Saundra Sutton
September 8th, 2009
Why did you leave so soon? Why couldn't I say good-bye? Staring up at the moon, does GOD hear my cry? Who am I to question GOD's master plan? I'll just shut my eyes, fold my hands and pray for strength and wisdom til we meet again.
Felicia Doctor
August 25th, 2009
I think about you more than you'll ever know.
I know that you are looking down from heaven on all of us and keeping watch over us.
Your heart, your grace, your humor, your warmth, your company--is missed -everyday.
Peace be with you-Jo
jo stevenson
August 17th, 2009
This is from one of the "Golden Girls", I miss you more than you could know. We try to do the things we always did together but you are the missing link.So keep our seats in Heaven and wave when you see us so that we can be the GGs again. LUV YOU
Brenda Smith
August 14th, 2009
This site is so awesome and wonderful, Just like you Ms. Phyllis. You are a mother in the truest sense. You extended your loving kindness to me and my babies everytime we were in your home. We all miss you. Heaven is rejoicing with 1 of its Angels.
Sophia Ellard
August 14th, 2009
How many times can I thank you for believing in me and allowing me the chance to be apart of your family?? I'll keep doing it until you tell me to stop. Deal?? Love-Tall Thang :)
Ryan Wilson
August 14th, 2009
I find comfort in the many memories of our friendship through the years. Your light will burn bright in my heart forever.Love you,Patti
Patti Melodini
August 14th, 2009
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
Angel Jenkins
August 13th, 2009
To the Mom I could not be... There is a special place in heaven for the Mom who steps in and says I want to raise this child on the good days and the bad! Thank you Phyllis for letting me know the beautiful daughter you raised!
Kathryn Rada
August 13th, 2009
I guess i have to wait to get to heaven to get you to make me that kick-ass dress.....thats ok i'm patient i might have lost some weight by RIP Mrs Phyllis you are missed
Tiye the babysitter
August 13th, 2009
Phyllis, you are truly missed. Though it seems life was about to deal you the good hand you deserved, we have to rest in the good memories you left and know you will have the best hand dealt to you in heaven.
Elaine Strother
August 13th, 2009
Enjoy Heaven! I know you are having a ball!
Erica Green
August 13th, 2009
One of my favorite memories of Mrs. Phyllis is the way you called Crystal's name. Crystal was always getting into something. lol So you would say Cryyystal? After a while I would get scared when you called her name like that, as if I was in trouble.
Laini P
August 13th, 2009
Ms. Phyllis,

You will truly be missed. I already miss hearing your voice when you call Crystal's desk and she puts you on speakerphone.
I know you are in a better place and don't worry, I'll keep an eye on Crystal for you!
T'Shurah Dove
August 13th, 2009
Mrs. Williamson, I may not have known you personally, but I know that you were and always be a light in my friend Crystal's life. Thanks for being her mother and raising a wonderful person. May God continue to bless you in Heaven.
JaRee Walker
August 10th, 2009
You will live forever in my heart. And in my heart is where I will carry you with me everday. I love you.
Crystal Williamson
July 28th, 2009


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