Eleonora Klijsen
(1939 - 2018)

Eleonora Klijsen
Nickname: Noor

October 18, 1939

British Columbia
April 25, 2018

Guest Book
We know that Death is our enemy, but God has promised us everlasting life, as indicated in John 3:14-16, where it states that "God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten son so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life." May God's loving kindness comfort you and help you through this very sad time (Psalms 29:11)
R Moore
October 20th, 2018
We are having a Celebration of Eleanor Klijsen on Sunday Aug 5th at noon in Redwood Park (17900 20 Ave, Surrey, BC). We will be at one of the three covered picnic tables near the playground. Please bring your own chair and drop in to share your stories and memories of Eleanor. Some food and beverages will be provided.
Bram Klijsen (Son)
June 13th, 2018
Dear Noortje, friend and super wife for 55 years,
I am so sad that when you were in the hospital bed and you started talking I could not properly communicate as I was in such a deep sorrow and grief that my voice was blocked by emotions. Your eyes were screaming for help and I could not give it to you. I was knocked down by my sorrow for you. You squeezed my hand and all I could do was squeeze yours. You gave me a signal that you understood me. No time to say thank you in big, fat character the bigger the better. Thank you Noortje you were a darling without borders. The best thing that ever happen to me was finding you, let’s talk about our first encounter.
It was a Saturday night at a party to celebrate a birthday in Kaatsheuvel (NL). You came in and I had you instantly in my vizier. We danced and danced literally the night away. No other man had a chance. And we danced. The next morning, it was now Sunday, we met and in the afternoon and I asked you “Do you want to marry me?” And no hesitation at all you said “yes”. Done deal........not so. Those very little things popped up and were one after the other simply solved. That is how we did that and the next 50 or 60 years. Nothing could crash our plans and our marriage later. She became the mother of all mothers and later the super oma!
I developed a serious handicap as my hearing became a problem. In social garderings as becoming chair of the Dutch Businessman Association, or chair of Haro Park, a large senior citizens park. I have rejected many jobs. At the end the first analog hearing aid came on the market and an other. Then came the digital aid. Three or four sets later a blue-tooth came on the market, much better than the previous but still not good enough to accept leadership jobs.
Back to Noortje,
She never complained about the above handicap. To compensate I started cooking on a big scale. We bought all the equipment for the kitchen and for our brewery. Yes, we made and bottled 110.000 bottles. (The first batch won the 1st price as the best home brewed lager in B.C.) And the kitchen, we invited next to our friends our children with their kids. For 25 years Noortje and I cooked weekly for seven, then eight, then nine and finally ten people. With a great variety and adjusted to various tastes. Noortje enjoyed it every Sunday and cleaned it up. The chef was always excused! The food was exotic, delicious, and few failures.
Noortje was an excellent partner and could, if necessary even get furious.
It happen when Barbie (18) who had a boyfriend and wanted to marry in another church. She went to the pastor of our church. He was not very helpful and was furious when he found out that they lived together as the boyfriend was accepted by Noortje and me.The priest then told Barbie that she was a child of the devil. When Barbie told the story to mam, she jumped on her bike and went to that priest. She told the priest that we make our decision and how he dared to call her a child of the devil while the priest was looking out of the window! Noortje said
“Father Fegan don’t look out of that window, look me in the eyes” that was it. It was then soon finished and she married in the church of her choice. Barbie got 3 children and is happily married for 35 years.
She has a tremendous business.
Noortje asked Barbie not to leave her ashes in a closet and we, on
May 27 we set her ashes by at the cedar tree of her choice.
You can find Noortje at: 49*02’50’’N 122*49’03.7’’W
Noortje Rest In Peace. We all loved you dearly.
Ad and the whole gang.

Ad Klijsen (Husband)
May 29th, 2018
Tijdenlang heb ik gespeurd naar een adres van jullie. Wat erg dat ik nu het contact op deze manier moet leggen. Wij schrokken van de ad in het ED en ik zou niets liever doen dan een e-mail adres van jullie te kennen om verder contact te hebben. Zou jij, Ad, dat willen? Laat het ons weten. Veel lieve groeten, Jeanne en Nico, terug in Nederland (Veldhoven).
nico & jeanne de wal (Bellfires)
May 21st, 2018
Lieve Ad, Barbie, Bram en familie.
Van harte gecondoleerd met het grote verlies van jullie lieve Noor. So deeply sad.
Het was rond het jaar 2000 dat mijn Nederlandse schoolvriendin uit Vancouver Noor ontmoette als Zwarte Piet op een Nederlands sinterklaasfeest. Ze raakten aan de praat en het toeval was dat ze ontdekten beiden uit Tilburg te komen. Toen Noor vertelde in de Goirkestraat te hebben gewoond, reageerde mijn vriendin enthousiast: "Ken jij Hanneke de Cock dan ook?" "Jazeker!" was het antwoord van Noor en er volgde een reuze leuke dag met veel herinneringen aan Tilburg.
Niet lang daarna maakten Lex en ik een reis naar Vancouver en hebben we opnieuw contact gezocht en jullie kunnen bezoeken. Wat was het heerlijk om herinneringen op te halen, met name aan de tijd dat de ouders van Noor, onze dierbare Oom Willy en tante Zus, heel intens bevriend waren met mijn ouders.
Noor en Ad, jullie waren een rolmodel voor elke jonge puber: knappe mensen, intens verliefd. Ik zag het allemaal aan, in de Hoogstraat al en in Zoutelande, waar we heerlijke zomers beleefden.
Wat me als jong kind daarvan bij is gebleven, is dat onze ouders altijd enorm plezier hadden. Wat was het gezellig daar in die grote legertent en wat waren er altijd veel jongens om die drie mooie meiden van Kerssemakers het hof te maken...
Zo leuk om na al die jaren weer contact te hebben gekregen. Wat een droefenis om te moeten horen van je ziekte. Je mailde me nog het niet te bevatten en je was vast van plan om de nieuwe banden die je op je fiets had laten zetten te gaan benutten....
Het mocht niet zo zijn.
Je zult enorm gemist worden, mooie vrouw, prachtig mens.
Het was een eer je te hebben gekend.
Tot ziens,
Hanneke Lemmens de Cock
Hanneke Lemmens de Cock (Goirkestraat)
May 16th, 2018
Beste Ad en kinderen,
Veel sterkte met het verwerken van het verlies van Noor.
Maaike van Huijkelom
buurmeisje van vroeger uit de Goirkestraat, Tilburg
Maaike van Huijkelom
May 15th, 2018
Oma,oma,oma where did you go,what happened? This was not how this was supposed to end. You were always the one who had my back,from the very first time I met you over 36 years ago. Through out the last month,before you left us,I tried so hard to stay strong for Barbie,Bram and Opa. I think I was in some kind of shock,I tried to block out the inevitable,every time you and I were alone you would ask me,Atli am I going to die? I would always say to you, oma if you keep eating and get lots of rest, maybe you could get strong enough to still do some simple things in life, like going for some walks or watching some Jeopardy on tv with opa. I know none of us will ever get over this horrible pain of losing you, so fast, out of nowhere. I am so glad we took you with us on almost all of our camping trips, Whistler hockey school trips for Thor, whether it was bike riding, canoeing, going to a movie with Barbie and I, or going to Holland with Barbie and I on our tulip bicycle tour. That bike tour in Holland was right up there with one of the best trips I had ever been on. Because I would sweat so easily, I was always changing my t-shirts during our daily bike ride, from bed and breakfast to bed and breakfast, you blew my mind when you insisted on taking my sweaty t-shirts and slapping them on your back to dry, as we continued our bike journey, you called your self my Chinese laundry. I think Barbie was horrified. Like who does that? You and I were 2 of a kind,we sometimes behaved a little silly, we didn’t care,it’s like we had our own wink and a nod when nobody was looking, I think we sometimes felt like a couple of deplorables, surrounded by all of these proper people. We did so much together,we had so so much fun, I know I am still in denial that you are gone. I could write 10 pages of crazy fun times we had, I will just mention a few, so people can really know who you were through your favorite and only son-in laws' eyes. The galoote club was formed early on,when proper people like Ad and Barbie would roll their proper eyes and give you, me and eventually my 3 kids shit. We could never sit still or keep our mouths shut, we were always doing fun and silly things. Even in your last days at the hospice, you would still joke about you and me and our galoote club. Barbie just walked in the room asked me how it was going, she knew I was writing you a letter, instantly my eyes filled with tears,and it’s like I couldn’t answer or speak. Another fun time I remember was maybe 20 years ago,when we were up at whistler for Thor’s Stan Smyl hockey school. We used to play a game called goobla monster. I would put on a large black curly wig, I would take out off my shirt, stick out my stomach way out, paint scars and blood from my eyes,so basically it was a glorified game of tag. I would go around making scary growling noises, if you know me very well, you would know how scary I can sound. Anyways one time there was so much tension, every one was so scared, the goobla monster was on a rampage, I looked up to this 18 foot high beam in the living room,and there was oma, laughing so hard,she found a way to climb up on the beam, she had peed her pants laughing so hard up on the beam. That was oma, who does that, a grandmother who climbs up on a beam in a game of hide and seek? These kind of things happened throughout my over 36 years of knowing her. It was only this last December, when Barbie and I joined oma and opa in Puerto Vallarta, for some more fun in the sun. I can’t believe it was just last December, but one night in Mexico, after we all had dinner,most of us made it from the restaurant to the bar,on our way there was a Mexican wedding going on. Of course oma was missing in action,and never made to the bar. According to one of our friends who we met there, oma was seen dancing in the middle of the dance floor, dancing with the bride and groom, making everyone around her laugh like crazy, our friend then told us that 6 stocky Mexicans picked her up and body surfed her all around the wedding dance floor,this was oma at her best or her normal. I could go on and on with story after story, if anybody reading this comes to oma's picnic celebration this summer, ask me about when 2 muscle men lifted oma on to the bar counter in mexico so she could dance to Justin Timberlake's bringing sexy back, or the time she tried to smoke pot in Mexico and insisted she didn’t inhale. There are just to many stories to tell. I am going to stop now, I will end my letter to you oma, still in disbelief, still in denial, a little bit angry, you were taken away from us way too soon, I miss you oma, love,from your fellow galoot club member and only son-in law Atli.
See you again one day.

Atli (Son in Law)
May 12th, 2018
Where to even begin...

Oma was someone really special. As many of you have already said, she filled every room with happiness, silliness, laughter and pure joy. She had a way with people that was pretty rare to be honest.

I remember her dancing up a storm at my wedding. She had endless amounts of energy! Oma would not leave the dance floor. I had so many of my friends come up to me saying how legendary she was going to be because of this moment. Sure enough, she is still referenced regularly by people who witnessed the incredible twinkle toes that was Oma.

Oma also had a unique presence online. She'd comment on things I'd post on Facebook, then try to edit her post by adding another comment, in which she'd then post another comment, commenting on her previous comments. Confusing, I know! But little did she know how much it made me laugh and bring a smile to my face every time I got a notification from 'Noor Klijsen'. I'm really going to miss those....

Oma had a wonderful spirit to her. That spirit will live on each day in my mind, my families mind and Jaide and I will be instilling her spirit in the way we raise our daughter, Emilia.

Oma will be greatly, greatly missed.
Scott McFarlane ((Married to Jaide))
May 7th, 2018
Noor, When I first met Noor at Line Dancing we became instant friends. We would laugh at the silliest things. The thing I remember most, she would do a Loud whistle and blame it on the man beside her. ( he also was from Holland)
We became best friends at Line Dancing . I will miss her dearly.
Pat ward
Pat Ward (Good friend)
May 6th, 2018
Dear Oma,
I miss you so much. I never know that it was the last time to see you last summer. I wonder how are you in heaven?
I miss you Oma, with all my heart. I miss your voice. I miss your smile.I miss the way you laughed. I miss your funny jokes. I miss the time walking with you in the forest. I miss your winks. I miss your tight hugs. I miss everything about you, and they are all my wonderful memories now.
Oma you are such a sweet person.
I remember 2 things. They were very meaningful to me.

When I were walking with you in the forest last summer, I told you that I was tired about tests and grades in my new school. After listening to me, you hugged me tightly and said,
“It is Okay, Stacy. I used to be a naughty girl in school. I didn’t have good grades but I was a happy girl. I did a lot of things which I liked. And I had a wonderful middle school life.
Grade is not everything, Stacy. And I think you had already tried your best. It doesn’t matter what grades you get, it matters if you had tried your best or not. “ And then you gave me a wink.

Another memory is, one day you took Paul and me to the swimming pool. Paul made a friend very soon and they played together the whole time. I was sitting at the corner of the swimming pool, and watching them playing. I got up early and sat next to you on the bench.
You said to me,” Hey, Stacy. I found out that you are a shy person!”
“ Yeah, that’s why I don’t have so many friends like Paul does.”
“It’s OK, Stacy. Everyone makes friends in different ways. It’s not a bad thing to be shy. It’s only that you don’t talk so much. But it doesn’t mean you don’t like to make friends. If you spend more time together, everyone will soon know you are a kind, generous, nice girl like Oma is, right?” Then you hugged me tightly.

Oma, I do know you love me at that moment. No matter I am good or not, you will love me. It is a very precious experience for me.

Your words are always in my mind. It comforted me a lot. You showed me unconditional love and how to face life in a positive way. I thought about your words every time when I felt sad and unconfident. I will never forget your words, and I will use them to encourage other people in need. Thank you so much, me dearest Oma. I love you. I wish I could talk with you again. I miss you deeply.
Love you and Opa, Stacy
Stacy Yang (Oma’s little friend in)
May 6th, 2018
Hi everyone

I’ve put together a little memorial video for my Oma. Please enjoy it and share it with anyone that knew her.

Thor Helgason (Grandson)
May 5th, 2018
We met occasionally...you riding; me walking.
We learned a bit more about each other with each conversation. Somehow those details were extraneous to knowing you. It was your huge capacity to spread joy, enthusiasm, and love that featured foremost in each encounter. I always felt loved in our exchanges. What a gift !!!!
Prayers to family and friends as they grieve.
And may we all model our exchanges after Noor Her legacy of community, friendship and caring can be passed forward.
Jan (Friend on the street...)
May 5th, 2018
It's just another day and I am staring at the sky. I saw a flying cloud and thought of you, Noor. Everyday I mimicked the way you say “ Hi! Tracy! How are you?” to pretend you are still there, at the other side of the phone. I watched the video we took last summer, over and over again. The vivid memories was just like yesterday. Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Although we are thousand miles away, I felt so close to you. You taught me a lot about how to be a loving mother, a supportive wife, and a HAPPY woman. I learned a lot from you. When I faced difficulties, your warm and kind sharing and your wise words always comforted me, strengthened me. I cherish every moment I had spent with you.

You were an incredibly fun Oma to Stacy and Paul. They were so lucky to get to spend some amazing days with you last summer. You and Ad picked up us in the airport. Kids had not seen you for many years so they were a little bit quiet in the car. You lost the receipt and couldn’t get out from the gate of the parking lot. You and Ad were teasing with each other. You said, “ Hey! This is how you travel with old people! “ We all laughed.“ Opa and Oma are sooooooo funny. Their life is like a comedy! So much fun! “ They said. They love you very very much. I remember one day when we walked out from the forest, Paul picked up a dandelion and made a wish. He said,” May Opa and Oma be very healthy and longevous so I can fly to see them again. “ However, we would never know that it was our last gathering. The precious memories with you will be the treasure of their life.You are so special to them.

You were so generous and kind. You had the talent to make everyone around you feel so special and so loved. You made connections with people everywhere you went, said big HALLO and brought smiles to them. You always chatted with sincere concerning behind every question. You were the sunshine, everyone’s angle. Your eyes sparkled with mischief, curiosity and love. Although you were almost 80, your heart was as young as a girl. You had the unbelievable energy (always full-charged battery), the warmest smile, the craziest ideas, and most creative attitude toward life. Everybody loves you. I’m so grateful to be able to know you, A+++ Oma, A+++ wife, A+++ mother, A+++ friend.

I dreamed about you last week. You were wearing a white fine linen dress and a pair of daisy earrings. You were sitting in your garden, the sunlight sprinkled on you. Your rosy checks were brightened by a smile. It seems like I could still talk with you. It was a beautiful dream. I miss you sooooooo much, my dear friend.

I believe you are in heaven now without any pain and tears. You must be drinking your favorite red wine, chatting with people and hopping on the bike to say HALLO to new friends. I bet everybody in heaven will know you. Someday we would meet again there and then I would hear a familiar voice saying “ Hi! Tracy! How are you? Nice to see you again, he? ” (Wink)

I will keep you in my heart, you will stay there forever. I love you very much. Tracy

Dear Ad, Barbie, Bram and family: I feel so sorry for such a bitter loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.
Tracy Tsai (friend)
May 5th, 2018
We go back a long time Noor, and created many memories with our families,especially in Phoenix. Our kids stil talk about the fun we had
And visiting The Grand Canyon.You and I had many long walks and talks and coffee after. I will miss you dearly, and so appreciate your dedication to sew my toe socks till the end. There is nobody like you my dearest friend and nobody will be like you.i was honoured to have a great friend like you for so many years.
Thanks for everything. And my sincere condolences to the Familie.
Strength to all of you with love Henja
Henja Sawchuk (Best friend)
May 5th, 2018
I first met Noor when I started pickleball 7 years ago. She never hesitated to play with me when I was learning and as I got better she would give me heck if I hit a good shot against her, and then we would laugh:) Noor you were so much fun to play with and a pleasure to know, may your memory live on through your family and friends. Debbie🏓
Debra Orcutt (Pickleball Friend)
May 3rd, 2018
Our deepest condolences to Noor’s family. We always enjoyed seeing Noor cycling around town with a big smile on her face. She will be deeply missed by many, she found ways to connect with everyone she met, and left them with a smile on their face as well.
So sad to realize we will not see her riding by anymore.
Love to all of you.
Raelene and Tony
Raelene Bocale (Friend & former neighbour)
May 3rd, 2018
Tante Noortje, what a shock to hear you are no longer with us!
I Have been thinking about Ome Ad, Barbie, Bram and all the grandchildren since I read the news on Jaide's facebookpage. It must be very difficult for them to have to miss you, because you were always such a joy to be around.
I remember the sleepovers with Barbie when we were young and you were still living in The Netherlands. Those were really good times for me.
And then later I visited Barbie in Canada a couple of times and you were joining us many times and we had so much fun. And also you have visited me and my mom while visiting NL. Thank you so much for all the good memories.
Barbie, my dear cousin, I don't know what to say to you, I can only cry when I think about how close you were with your mom and only imagine how you must feel and how much you must miss her. A big big hug from your cousin in NL, I'll talk to you soon.
Lieve ome Ad, wat zal het stil zijn in huis nu tante Noor er niet meer is. Ik wens u heel veel sterkte!
Also Bram, Caroline, Atli and all grandchildren I wish you strength to deal with this loss.
Dag tante Noor, rust zacht. Met een lieve groet van Monique.
Monique Klijsen (Cousin)
May 3rd, 2018
My Oma. Queen of the Gallute Club. What a spectacular woman she was. I am so devastated that she is no longer with us. In the moments of pain and sadness I find peace and comfort in knowing that, as my Oma, she will always be apart of me. I am so proud to be her granddaughter and for the way she lived her life. Always kind, generous, and doing things for others. Always active, adventurous, and stopping to smell the roses. But above all, my Oma was THE most fun person to be around.

Growing up I would always brag to my friends about how fun and fit my Oma was. Over the years I’ve probably told a hundred different people “my Oma rode her bike from her house in White Rock to our house in Fleetwood”. She taught me to never take myself too seriously and to never be too “proper”. She taught me to be silly and moon the passenger train at Kalamalka Lake, and to always yell “YIPPEEE!” when making it rain marshmallows. I have vivid memories of her being apart of every one of my birthday parties, of us biking around the Seawall at Stanley Park, and of her sweaty butt bouncing around on the dance floor at my wedding. I love how she lived a full and busy life right until the very end.

And although Oma can never be replaced, her kind spirit and playful energy will continue to live on through her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and also among the countless friends and family that she shared her life with. Now that she’s gone, I find myself trying to be a little more “Oma” and a little less “Amber”. My mom is a beautiful person because Oma raised her to be that way, and how lucky am I to call her my mother? I see bits and pieces of Oma’s personality in my mom, and raising my mom to be a spectacular Oma herself, is the greatest gift that she could have left for my family and I.

Thank you, Oma, for loving me unconditionally. When I was little, difficult, and crying about everything, YOU made me feel loved when nobody else wanted to be near me.
Amber Shears (Granddaughter)
May 2nd, 2018
Lieve Noor,
Ik heb je een paar keer ontmoet in mijn leven bij je geliefde "broertje" Thijs in Eindhoven. Binnen 5 minuten had je me "te pakken": een vrouw die blij, gezellig en vooral ondeugend uit de hoek kon komen
Thijs was (ook) voor jou een klankbord, een maatje en een echte vriend. Een familie-vriend zelfs, een bloedband die nóg dieper en (vaak onuitgesproken) intiemer is dan welke vriendschapsband ook.
Eindeloos kon je met Thijs aan de telefoon zitten en de verhalen van hem over "ons Noor" waren soms zelfs aan de orde van veel van ónze gesprekken. Jullie hebben elkaar in alles ondersteund, veel liefde bij elkaar gevonden en veel plezier gehad mét elkaar!

Zou dat een afschaduwing van de "hemel" zijn?
Addy Goudsmits (Friend of Eleonora's brot)
May 1st, 2018
Ad, Barbie, Bram, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, my deepest condolences for the loss of your wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Noor was an exceptionally active and fun loving person, always ready to participate in all games and activities. She loved cycling I would run into her on the street cycling. May you Rest In Peace Noor and thanks for the memories!! Love Merle 💐🍀🌹🚴‍♀️
Merle North (Barbie’s mother-in-law)
April 30th, 2018
I met this funny wonderful lady 5 years ago in Winners we was standing in line and and we instantly felt connection laughing about something.Then I left and she left and we met by bike rack bouth again laughing and i never wear helmet and she said never do so since Then every time we met we had so much laugh I never met anyone with amazing energy her wisdom she always wanted take my kids for ice cream and she showed us fish pond where huge thank you that what every summers days we spent.She always told me you have spoiled your children she told me lots and moustly any education comes from home not from any private schools.She was the light I missing here already every day so much when I on the bike I still look around streets for her with orange jacket and big smile to share jokes and stories.I miss you terribly.Rest in Peace Dear Eleonora.❤️🚲
Eva Horan (friend)
April 30th, 2018
Allerliefste Gelukkig altijd positieve Noortje
Tot t laatste moment positief en grappen maken. Ken Noortje omdat zij al vroeg met Maarten naar Zoutelande ging en altijd samen plezier hadden
Wij waren op je bruiloft In blade ,in Tilburg en gelukkig ook in Canada.
Alle mooie en gezellige herinneringen zal ik nooit vergeten.Hoop dat je daarboven ook Maarten tegenkomt .Doe hem de groetjes en n dikke kus
Ik denk dat de sterren blij zijn met zo n superster .
Allerliefste Noor ik ga je missen ,
Ad Barbie en Bram ik wens jullie erg veel sterkte met t verlies deze superster
Denk terug aan alle leuke en gekke gezellige momenten
Noortje je blijft in mijn hart. Ik ga je nooit vergeten
Veel liefs voor Ad Barbie en Bram Groet Maarten die zal blij zijn met jou daarboven
Love Marijke
Marijke Rutten (Vriendin enNichtje van mi)
April 30th, 2018
Lieve Noor,

Als ik koekjes bak, denk ik aan jou
Als ik kroepoek zie, denk ik aan jou
Als ik Zwarte Bessen jam op tafel zet, denk ik aan jou
Als ik Aardbeien Saus zie, denk ik aan jou
Als ik een Rolser op straat zie denk ik aan jou ,
jij was per slot van rekening mijn eerste klant
Als het maandagmiddag 5 uur is , denk ik aan jou ,
ons telefoon uurtje
Als we Stanley Park lopen , denken we aan jou
"The Sun Run" , denken we aan jou
Als we een brunch hebben met een glaasje , denken we
aan jou
Als we in een bos lopen , denken we aan jou
Als we lege blikjes tegenkomen, denken we aan jou
Als we witte steentjes tegen komen denken we aan jou
Als we een fietser zonder helm tegen komen denken we
aan jou
Als we geocachen ,denken we aan jou
Als we Zwarte Piet zien , denken we aan jou
Als ik "Uit Het Leven Gegrepen " hoor , denken we aan
Als het over de betekenis van vriendschap gaat,
denken we altijd aan JULLIE.

erik en Birgit van der Ven (Friends)
April 29th, 2018
I first had the pleasure of meeting Noor 22 years ago when her son Bram married my oldest sister Carolyn. She was then and will always be one of the most energetic and outgoing people I have ever known In my life.

My fondest memory is of the last visit I had with her. She was talking about riding her bike around Vancouver with some visiting friends that had never been to Canada before. At a pause in the conversation, Bram asked " Mom, do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike?" "If you get stopped without one they will give you a ticket". Without missing a beat Noor answered "No, and If I do get stopped I will tell them....I just had brain surgery and my doctor won't let me!" As everyone laughed I could not help but think to myself. If anyone could pull that off, you could...

I will miss our coffee visits and your wonderful stories. I am sad to see you go, but relieved to know that you are at peace and not suffering anymore. Rest in peace Noor, I will never forget you.

Deanne, Mac, Laurana and Kieriana
Deanne Guillet (Bram's Sister in Law)
April 29th, 2018
Lieve Noor,my very best friend for 65 years.
All those dear memories of so many years.
Never again "Hi meis" when the telephone rings for a late night talk.
How precious were the 10 days when I came to say
I'm going to miss you terribly,Noor!
Lots of love, Ineke

April 29th, 2018
Lieve Noor,
ik wil je bedanken voor de super tijd die ik bij jullie heb doorgebracht in 2013 en 2017. Je had speciaal voor de gasten uit Nederland de ‘Brabantkamer’ ingericht met de Brabantse kleuren. Je was zo gastvrij, vrolijk en altijd opgewekt. We hebben veel gefietst, met Barbie, gewandeld met Ad en heel veel gelachen. Je had een geweldig humor! Dit blijft altijd in mijn herinnering en ik zal je nooit vergeten.
Liefs, Lieke
Lieke Simons (Friend)
April 29th, 2018
Lieve tante Noor, gekke tante Noor,
Ineens weg, is het stil, want je kon blijven kletsen met mammie. Mijn oudste herinnering aan jou is de vakantie in Italië. Daarna volgde Lommel, Bladel en later Barbie's bruiloft in White Rock, waar je de touwtjes stevig in handen had, en je vele bezoekjes aan Nederland. Je was de spil in het gezin, met je open uitstraling, zonder een blad voor je mond te nemen. Voor mammie een lieve vriendin die ze nu moet missen. Ach.......we zullen je allemaal missen.
Alle mooie herinneringen zullen een steun zijn voor ome Ad, Barbie, Bram en de familie. Dat is zeker.
April 29th, 2018
This is so hard to write, your passing was much too soon and I still don’t think I’ve come to terms with you not being here, it doesn’t feel real.

Since I was a small boy, you devoted every moment we spent together, to enjoying the day, appreciating what we have and not sweating the small stuff. You could find the humour in any tough situation, and come up with a solution. Your no fuss, get on with it attitude and zest for life is something we all admired in you.

All that mattered to you was your family and a few good friends, no clutter. You gave everything to them and without question you would drop anything you were doing to help these people.

Words that come to mind are “organic” and “down to earth.” You had such a close connection with adults, kids, animals and nature, you understood all of these things so well.

What we saw is what we got, there was no phoniness and not a pretentious bone in your body.

You always told the truth, and did you what you wanted as long as it didn’t hurt anybody. You understood that rules are for the obedience of fools and for the guidance of the wise. Let’s be honest though, we didn’t have to be wise to enjoy bending a few here and there along the way.

Whenever I felt lost, or was forgetting the core values that make me who I am, talking to you or even thinking of you would give me a moment of clarity and remind me of everything I hold true to my existence.

You were the first one I told that I was going to marry Mayo. I’ll never forget that afternoon having coffee with you, “yes! yes! Yes!” We shouted. Mayo still always talks about how easy you made it for her to be around her new family. The kindness you showed her let her feel like she was a part of the family even the first time you met her.

I can never thank you enough for the love you showed my family, Anna still talks about you every day. You will always be her Silly Super Oma.

You may have returned to be a part of the earth once again, but your memory will never fade from my mind and the love I have for you will never leave my heart.
Thor Helgason (Grandson)
April 29th, 2018
Where to begin, how can I possibly put into words what I'm feeling right now. Mom was like a sister to me, my very best friend for 53 years. We walked, hiked, and cycled everywhere together. We climbed mountains and swam oceans side by side, and always talking about everything and nothing. And she showed me over and over again, how to connect and bring smiles to the people we met along the way. She was fitter then most women half her age and because of that we assumed she would live forever.

She was an incredibly fun Oma to her grandchildren and Super Oma to the great grandchildren. She had an amazing way with all kids, always getting onto the floor with them and it breaks my heart that our three little ones, Ben, Emilia and Mia will not be able to remember her. Our 3 year old Anna was lucky enough to get to spend some amazing fun filled days with her Super Oma last summer. In the car ride on the way home after a particularly fun afternoon in the pool, this little girl stared out the car window and quietly said to herself, with her beautiful Japanese accent, “Super Oma sooooo funny”.

Exactly one week ago today mom and I were sitting outside enjoying a bit of sunshine together. We’d rolled up our pants so we could tan our legs. She was so proud of her garden, her incredible succulent hanging baskets that she’d started last year from nothing and the Russian garlic that was just coming up. I thought she was doing well. Neighbours popped by to say hello, we made plans to get a wheelchair so that we could continue our walks together.

Sunday night she went back to the hospital. We spent half of Monday in a hallway waiting for her room to be ready. And of course, only mom would love being there, so many people walking by, so much to see, everyone stopping for a chat. We’d only been in that darn hallway 10 minutes and she’d already charmed all the nurses and made a new friend.

I’m so grateful to have been able to be there for her completely these past few weeks. We had some beautiful moments during a difficult time and we were able to laugh and cry together.

I will miss her every day for the rest of my life and I will swim in the ocean every chance I get, close my eyes and imagine her beside me. I will never be able to ride a bike again without thinking of her and remembering how much fun we had. Stopping at garage sales along the way, checking out empty lots, picking apples and blackberries, digging up plants and finding pretty rocks and patio stones to drag home.

I will miss the endless phone calls, when we’d hang up and she’d call back 20 seconds later. Atli would ask what we’d talked about and somehow I never had an answer. He was the son in law who could do no wrong in her eyes and I loved the relationship the two of them had.

I could write forever...these few sentences do not even begin to do her justice...

Thank you to all of her many friends who have reached out to us during the past few weeks. The messages, the flowers and cards, the delicious food, and now the memories being posted here. Your stories and kind words have touched us deeply and will give us comfort during the difficult time ahead.

Barbie (Daughter)
April 28th, 2018
I Met Oma through my friend Barbie before you know it Oma became my friend too, she drop by my place we have a visit over cup cup of tea and look at plants. I just left her she was always cheerful and smiling, going on a new adventure every day making friends along the way I was inspired by her attitude.
She made the best Allmond cake ever. Oma was very proud mother and grandmother.
To the family I am so sorry for your loss, I am sure her memory becoming a treasure
Nadia Larson (Friends )
April 28th, 2018
Allerliefste tante Noortje,
Mijn lieve peettante,nu ik dit afscheidsbericht wil schrijven, komen er zoveel mooie herinneringen boven. Wat zal ik onze "koffie momentjes" via de telefoon missen. Altijd was je geinteresseerd, vertelde je grappige verhalen, of praatte je over iets dat je had uitgehaald.
Ondanks dat je ver weg was, ben je er altijd voor me geweest. Zeker na het verlies van mam, jouw zus Margriet. In elk gesprek of e-mail vertelde je altijd vol liefde en trots over de familie in Canada, zo mooi. En niet te vergeten je liefde voor de hondjes.

As colorful as your life, will be my memory.

Lieve oom Ad, Barbie en Bram en de rest van de familie heel veel sterkte in deze verdrietige tijd. Liefs Imke
Imke Greidanus (niece)
April 28th, 2018
One of the most vivacious people I’ve ever met passed away. Because ‘Tante Noortje’ was my mother’s childhood friend, there are early memories of her. I remember being at a birthday party, Barbie’s or Bram’s, in Tilburg; an afternoon full of games to be played, points to be won. Later, we visited in Italy. This must have been summer of 1974. Belgium, another birthday party and going fishing at a nearby pond. Then and later, when she visited from Canada, tante Noor always interested, asking questions, telling funny stories, laughing…
She will be missed.
Dear family, our condolences with the passing of a wonderful woman, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, but friend above all.
José en Bart ( )
April 28th, 2018
As a friend of her granddaughter, I just wanted to send my condolences to your family and say how much your Oma's presence will be missed on Facebook. I know it sounds odd to be referencing a social media platform at such a somber time, but your Oma had a greater fan base online than you will probably ever know. There were many days when I'd open my feed just to read a message posted by this hilarious woman, and I'd instantly chuckle or shake my head with laughter wondering 'Who is this woman?'. Years later, I found myself pleasantly surprised to be sharing the dance floor opposite your Oma at a wedding, and I must say - my expectations of this mystery 'Facebook Wonder' were wildly exceeded as she danced into the night. Her spontaneous thoughts and sense of humour online are going to be greatly missed - but her spirit will forever be remembered. Thank you for sharing your Oma with the world. She sounded truly lovely.
A FB Friend....
April 28th, 2018
So sorry Noor's life was much too short. She had so much more to give.
Het constant chatter happy go lucky attitude.
Always. Willing to help people and hospitable. Famous croquettes and bitter
Balls.great friend and confidante.
Great example to keep in shape, line dancing hiking, walking and biking
Without the helmet.
She leaves an empty space in my heart. Will always think of our times together.
My condolences to the whole family.
With great fondness. Miss you Noor thanks for having been my friend.
Henja Sawchuk (Best girlfriend)
April 27th, 2018
Lieve, gekke Noor!
Het eerste wat je tegen me zei, toen we elkaar leerden kennen bij Pieter Driessen thuis, was..."wat een mooie laarzen heb jij, zeg!"
Ik wist meteen, dat we vriendinnen zouden worden!
Bezoekjes bij Pieter, gevolgd door een wandeling langs de Nicomekl.
Bij ons thuis: jij altijd 3 keer aanbellen..."dan weet je dat ik het ben!"
Je bracht me "cadeautjes", die gevonden waren onderweg: een grote steen beschreven met "hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag"; 3 manden, waarvan er één voor op je fiets: "daar past Sophie precies in!"
En natuurlijk de fiets tochtjes, waarvan ik er eentje zal beschrijven:
Wij fietsten naar de grens van de US en jij ging alle auto's voorbij in de Nexus rij.
Jij zei gewoon, dat het jouw recht was om voor te dringen, want "ik heb toch ook een Nexus kaart"...
We reden de steile heuvel op en jij had er nauwelijks moeite mee! Ik was bijzonder onder de indruk van jouw doorzettings vermogen! Later reed je bijna tegen een paal op, omdat je de hele tijd achterom zat, tegen mij te praten!
En dan al die bloesjes en jasjes die ik je gaf en jij ze later trots aan me liet zien, als je ze geverfd en of vermaakt had tot iets aparts. Geniaal!
Ik heb je helaas maar kort gekend, lieve Noor, maar oh wat hebben we een pret gehad!
Je was "an original" en ik mis je nu al!

Ad, Barbie, Bram en alle familie: heel veel sterkte in deze oh zo moeilijke tijd!
Veel liefs, Annelieke

Dear, "crazy" Noor!

The first thing you said to me, when we met at Pieter Driessen's home, was...
"Wow...Those boots of yours are beautiful!"
I immediately knew we would be friends!
Visits to Pieter, followed by a walk along the Nicomekl.
At our house you would ring the doorbell 3 times..."so you would know it's me!"
You brought me "presents" that were found along the way:
A rock written with "Happy birthday"; 3 baskets, one for on your bike: "Sophie will fit in it perfectly!"
And the cycling trips of course; one I will describe:
We cycled to the border of the US and you passed all the cars in the Nexus lane.
You said it was your right to "jump the queue", because " I also have a Nexus card"...
We climbed up the steep hill and you hardly had any trouble doing so.
I was very impressed with your stamina!
Later, you almost hit a pole along the way, as you sat turned around on your bike, talking nonstop to me.
And all those blouses and jackets I gave you. You proudly showed them to me after you had altered them with dye and/or made them into something unique.
I only knew you a short few years, dearest Noor, but oh did we have fun!
You were "an original" and I miss you already!

Ad, Barbie, Bram and family: I wish you strength in these difficult days ahead!
Lots of love, Annelieke

Annelieke Smeulers (Friend)
April 27th, 2018
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Oma. The fact that so many people, including myself, refer to her as Oma sure says something in itself! She always made me smile, laugh and feel loved.

Some memories I have include:

- Spending time together in Klub Kal
- Going for bike rides and to the movies with her and Amber
- Eating those really sweet dutch waffles at her place

Above all, the best memories I have are hearing her laugh and make silly jokes. Oma reminded us to not take life too seriously and I will always carry that lesson with me.

Sending love to you Oma and the rest of your family during this time.
Kirsten Klemke
April 27th, 2018
Dearest Noor - your positive outlook and energy will be missed by all. Each day is to be enjoyed and you certainly made sure that was the case - what a great example to your family!
You helped my Mom during her end of life journey, as well as my Dad and I will be forever grateful. Dad really appreciated your attention after Mom passed on and I remember he had so much trouble dressing with button shirts because his hands weren't working properly due to some kind of neuropathy...well...you came to the rescue, Noor! You whisked away his shirts and returned them all with velcro instead of buttons!
When Mom passed on, the task of discarding clothing was too much for me - once again you came to the rescue, Noor....it was all done in no time.
I will never forget early morning walks in Semiahmoo Park with you, Noor - you helped me through a very difficult time just by being available and talking about the challenges I was facing with my parents - I think you knew them better than I did sometimes and were able to help me see the lighter side of things. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Noor - you will be missed.
Margaret Slack (friend)
April 27th, 2018
Lieve Noor,

Gisele,Tanja en ik zullen je nooit vergeten. Wij denken met heel veel plezier terug aan onze jeugd vakanties met jou en andere familie leden in Zoutelande. In de grote legertenten hadden we een onvergetelijke tijd; zelfs met slecht weer. Jouw gulle lach en positieve instelling hebben daar zeker aan bijgedragen.

Voor altijd in onze gedachten!


Dear Noor,
Gisele, Tanja and I will never forget you. We think back with great pleasure to our youth holidays with you and other family members in Zoutelande. We had an unforgettable time in the large army tents; even with bad weather. Your generous smile and positive attitude certainly contributed to this.
Forever in our minds!
Lilian Smidt- van Campen
April 27th, 2018
Lieve Noor, wanneer jij mij in Canada voorstelde aan mensen zei je 'this is my adopted daughter', je zei het met een guitige lach want je het vond het een leuke grap, maar ik wist dat je het stilletjes wel een beetje meende en dat was een fijn gevoel. Je was een grote steun voor mij in Canada en een echte oma voor Laura. Wat hebben we samen vaak gelachen om alles en niets. Fijne herinneringen, die ik koester en nooit zal vergeten. Je blijft in mijn hart lieve Noor, altijd.
Gecondoleerd familie Klijsen en heel veel sterkte met dit grote verlies.
Joanna Brouwers (friend)
April 27th, 2018
Dear Klijsen family,
My heartfelt condolences are extended to you all for the loss of your dear loved one, Eleonora. In God’s Word, the Bible, we can find true comfort and a real hope for our loved ones who have passed away. At John 5:28 & 29, God promises, “The hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life.”​ How we look forward to that wonderful time, when we will be reunited with our loved ones who have passed away! Until this loving promise is fulfilled, may your fond memories of Ms. Klijsen bring you solace at this difficult time.
Someone who cares
April 27th, 2018
Lieve Noor, Ik heb je lang geleden ontmoet bij mijn ouders Mini en Pieter Driessen bij Bischops Green in White Rock. Jij was een grote steun voor mijn ouders. Altijd vrolijk met je heerlijke brabandse accent! Ik weet zeker dat heel veel mensen jouw gaan missen. Ik wens Ad en de rest van de familie heel veel sterkte. Liefs Yvonne en Dick
yvonne driessen (friend)
April 27th, 2018
Lieve Noor,je zult altijd in mijn gedachten blijven als de vrolijke noot uit de Goirkestraat in Tilburg.Heel veel sterkte voor AD en kinderen.
Mieke Caminada Simons
April 26th, 2018

I am completely heartbroken to share that after five short weeks of fighting, yesterday we lost my incredible Oma to lung cancer.

Oma, you truly were magical. You had the most beautiful energy, the kindest smile, and eyes that sparkled with mischief when you were up to no good. You were the life of every party, capturing the hearts of everyone in the room with your quirky sense of humour and lovable antics.

You lived to make people smile.

Whether it was a friendly wave to a stranger as you zipped past them on your bike, or an email to a loved one just to say "Hallo". You made connections with people everywhere you went, always chatting away with a genuine curiosity behind every question. You had a rare gift for making everyone around you feel so special, and so loved.

You also had the most amazing talent where you could turn any old item tossed aside into something absolutely beautiful! So many treasures gifted from Oma were created with just a sewing needle, some thread, or some scissors and paint. You had such an adventurous and playful spirit, and taught me that you're never too old to climb a mountain, swim across a lake, play in the ocean, or ride your bike (and yes, without a helmet!) You also taught me to never wait until tomorrow to do something, if you can do it today. You were never tired, always laughing, and bending a rule or two along the way.

But of all the memories Oma, I think what I'm going to miss most is hearing your beautiful voice. Listening to you always sounded like a melody straight out of a song, especially when you would unknowingly weave together a sentence using both English and Dutch. The greatest was when we'd sometimes have to remind you, "Oma - say it in English damnit"... and you'd shake your head and reply with 'Oh Potverdomme!" For the rest of my life, I will always hear you in the back of my head reminding me not to behave too much, or act too proper :)

Thank you Oma for being the greatest example of what it means to live your life to the fullest. When I think of you today, I remember you as my incredibly fit little Oma wearing a crisp white collared shirt, long slacks, golden tanned skin, smiling as you ride your bike along White Rock beach with a small bag of peppermints in your pocket. I love you forever, our Super Oma.
Jaide McFarlane (Grand Daughter)
April 26th, 2018
Dag lieve tante! Ik denk met mooie herinneringen terug aan vroeger. Je ondeugende blik zal me altijd bij blijven!

Olav Kerssemakers (Nephew )
April 26th, 2018
This is the memorial I set up for Eleonora Klijsen. To sign the guest book, click on the "Sign Guest Book" button below.
bram klijsen
April 25th, 2018
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"To have known you is a blessing; your cheerful attitude lifted my spirits whenever we met. I shall remember you pedalling your bike around White Rock & your great enthusiasm at pickleball. Take care, Noor! xoxo"
Anita Ewart
May 5th, 2018
"Vandaag geen telefoontje van je Noor. Voor het eerst in lange jaren niet. Dat was heel stil."
Thijs Kerssemakers
April 28th, 2018
"Today I took Emi to the coffee shop in Port Moody that we went to earlier this year. Remember Oma, where she wouldn't stop shaking your box of tic-tacs until they spilled everywhere on the floor! That was such a fun day. I miss you. April 27, 2018"
Jaide McFarlane
April 28th, 2018
"I really missed you yesterday when we were all gathered for dinner."
Bram Klijsen
April 27th, 2018


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