Eleonora Klijsen
(1939 - 2018)

Eleonora Klijsen
Nickname: Noor

October 18, 1939

British Columbia
April 25, 2018

Our mother, wife, sister, oma, and friend passed away April 25 after a brief battle with lung cancer. Noor was a remarkable woman who had more friends than the whole family combined. She was never negative, always cheerful, and constantly on the go visiting people and exploring on her bike where she was a colourful presence on the White Rock Peninsula.

We will miss her dearly.

There will no service. Instead the family is planning to have a summer picnic at a local park with the date to be announced. Please indicate your interest to join in the guest book.

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to a charity of your choice.

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Tijdenlang heb ik gespeurd naar een adres van jullie. Wat erg dat ik nu het contact op deze manier moet leggen. Wij schrokken van de ad in het ED en ik zou niets liever doen dan een e-mail adres van jullie te kennen om verder contact te hebben. Zou jij, Ad, dat willen? Laat het ons weten. Veel lieve groeten, Jeanne en Nico, terug in Nederland (Veldhoven).
nico & jeanne de wal (Bellfires)
May 21st, 2018
Lieve Ad, Barbie, Bram en familie.
Van harte gecondoleerd met het grote verlies van jullie lieve Noor. So deeply sad.
Het was rond het jaar 2000 dat mijn Nederlandse schoolvriendin uit Vancouver Noor ontmoette als Zwarte Piet op een Nederlands sinterklaasfeest. Ze raakten aan de praat en het toeval was dat ze ontdekten beiden uit Tilburg te komen. Toen Noor vertelde in de Goirkestraat te hebben gewoond, reageerde mijn vriendin enthousiast: "Ken jij Hanneke de Cock dan ook?" "Jazeker!" was het antwoord van Noor en er volgde een reuze leuke dag met veel herinneringen aan Tilburg.
Niet lang daarna maakten Lex en ik een reis naar Vancouver en hebben we opnieuw contact gezocht en jullie kunnen bezoeken. Wat was het heerlijk om herinneringen op te halen, met name aan de tijd dat de ouders van Noor, onze dierbare Oom Willy en tante Zus, heel intens bevriend waren met mijn ouders.
Noor en Ad, jullie waren een rolmodel voor elke jonge puber: knappe mensen, intens verliefd. Ik zag het allemaal aan, in de Hoogstraat al en in Zoutelande, waar we heerlijke zomers beleefden.
Wat me als jong kind daarvan bij is gebleven, is dat onze ouders altijd enorm plezier hadden. Wat was het gezellig daar in die grote legertent en wat waren er altijd veel jongens om die drie mooie meiden van Kerssemakers het hof te maken...
Zo leuk om na al die jaren weer contact te hebben gekregen. Wat een droefenis om te moeten horen van je ziekte. Je mailde me nog het niet te bevatten en je was vast van plan om de nieuwe banden die je op je fiets had laten zetten te gaan benutten....
Het mocht niet zo zijn.
Je zult enorm gemist worden, mooie vrouw, prachtig mens.
Het was een eer je te hebben gekend.
Tot ziens,
Hanneke Lemmens de Cock
Hanneke Lemmens de Cock (Goirkestraat)
May 16th, 2018
Beste Ad en kinderen,
Veel sterkte met het verwerken van het verlies van Noor.
Maaike van Huijkelom
buurmeisje van vroeger uit de Goirkestraat, Tilburg
Maaike van Huijkelom
May 15th, 2018
Oma,oma,oma where did you go,what happened? This was not how this was supposed to end. You were always the one who had my back,from the very first time I met you over 36 years ago. Through out the last month,before you left us,I tried so hard to stay strong for Barbie,Bram and Opa. I think I was in some kind of shock,I tried to block out the inevitable,every time you and I were alone you would ask me,Atli am I going to die? I would always say to you, oma if you keep eating and get lots of rest, maybe you could get strong enough to still do some simple things in life, like going for some walks or watching some Jeopardy on tv with opa. I know none of us will ever get over this horrible pain of losing you, so fast, out of nowhere. I am so glad we took you with us on almost all of our camping trips, Whistler hockey school trips for Thor, whether it was bike riding, canoeing, going to a movie with Barbie and I, or going to Holland with Barbie and I on our tulip bicycle tour. That bike tour in Holland was right up there with one of the best trips I had ever been on. Because I would sweat so easily, I was always changing my t-shirts during our daily bike ride, from bed and breakfast to bed and breakfast, you blew my mind when you insisted on taking my sweaty t-shirts and slapping them on your back to dry, as we continued our bike journey, you called your self my Chinese laundry. I think Barbie was horrified. Like who does that? You and I were 2 of a kind,we sometimes behaved a little silly, we didn’t care,it’s like we had our own wink and a nod when nobody was looking, I think we sometimes felt like a couple of deplorables, surrounded by all of these proper people. We did so much together,we had so so much fun, I know I am still in denial that you are gone. I could write 10 pages of crazy fun times we had, I will just mention a few, so people can really know who you were through your favorite and only son-in laws' eyes. The galoote club was formed early on,when proper people like Ad and Barbie would roll their proper eyes and give you, me and eventually my 3 kids shit. We could never sit still or keep our mouths shut, we were always doing fun and silly things. Even in your last days at the hospice, you would still joke about you and me and our galoote club. Barbie just walked in the room asked me how it was going, she knew I was writing you a letter, instantly my eyes filled with tears,and it’s like I couldn’t answer or speak. Another fun time I remember was maybe 20 years ago,when we were up at whistler for Thor’s Stan Smyl hockey school. We used to play a game called goobla monster. I would put on a large black curly wig, I would take out off my shirt, stick out my stomach way out, paint scars and blood from my eyes,so basically it was a glorified game of tag. I would go around making scary growling noises, if you know me very well, you would know how scary I can sound. Anyways one time there was so much tension, every one was so scared, the goobla monster was on a rampage, I looked up to this 18 foot high beam in the living room,and there was oma, laughing so hard,she found a way to climb up on the beam, she had peed her pants laughing so hard up on the beam. That was oma, who does that, a grandmother who climbs up on a beam in a game of hide and seek? These kind of things happened throughout my over 36 years of knowing her. It was only this last December, when Barbie and I joined oma and opa in Puerto Vallarta, for some more fun in the sun. I can’t believe it was just last December, but one night in Mexico, after we all had dinner,most of us made it from the restaurant to the bar,on our way there was a Mexican wedding going on. Of course oma was missing in action,and never made to the bar. According to one of our friends who we met there, oma was seen dancing in the middle of the dance floor, dancing with the bride and groom, making everyone around her laugh like crazy, our friend then told us that 6 stocky Mexicans picked her up and body surfed her all around the wedding dance floor,this was oma at her best or her normal. I could go on and on with story after story, if anybody reading this comes to oma's picnic celebration this summer, ask me about when 2 muscle men lifted oma on to the bar counter in mexico so she could dance to Justin Timberlake's bringing sexy back, or the time she tried to smoke pot in Mexico and insisted she didn’t inhale. There are just to many stories to tell. I am going to stop now, I will end my letter to you oma, still in disbelief, still in denial, a little bit angry, you were taken away from us way too soon, I miss you oma, love,from your fellow galoot club member and only son-in law Atli.
See you again one day.

Atli (Son in Law)
May 12th, 2018
Where to even begin...

Oma was someone really special. As many of you have already said, she filled every room with happiness, silliness, laughter and pure joy. She had a way with people that was pretty rare to be honest.

I remember her dancing up a storm at my wedding. She had endless amounts of energy! Oma would not leave the dance floor. I had so many of my friends come up to me saying how legendary she was going to be because of this moment. Sure enough, she is still referenced regularly by people who witnessed the incredible twinkle toes that was Oma.

Oma also had a unique presence online. She'd comment on things I'd post on Facebook, then try to edit her post by adding another comment, in which she'd then post another comment, commenting on her previous comments. Confusing, I know! But little did she know how much it made me laugh and bring a smile to my face every time I got a notification from 'Noor Klijsen'. I'm really going to miss those....

Oma had a wonderful spirit to her. That spirit will live on each day in my mind, my families mind and Jaide and I will be instilling her spirit in the way we raise our daughter, Emilia.

Oma will be greatly, greatly missed.
Scott McFarlane ((Married to Jaide))
May 7th, 2018
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"To have known you is a blessing; your cheerful attitude lifted my spirits whenever we met. I shall remember you pedalling your bike around White Rock & your great enthusiasm at pickleball. Take care, Noor! xoxo"
Anita Ewart
May 5th, 2018
"Vandaag geen telefoontje van je Noor. Voor het eerst in lange jaren niet. Dat was heel stil."
Thijs Kerssemakers
April 28th, 2018
"Today I took Emi to the coffee shop in Port Moody that we went to earlier this year. Remember Oma, where she wouldn't stop shaking your box of tic-tacs until they spilled everywhere on the floor! That was such a fun day. I miss you. April 27, 2018"
Jaide McFarlane
April 28th, 2018
"I really missed you yesterday when we were all gathered for dinner."
Bram Klijsen
April 27th, 2018


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