Neil James Fredricksen
(1935 - 2018)

Neil James Fredricksen
Nickname: Neil

Oregon, United States of America
June 30, 1935

Oregon, United States of America
April 22, 2018

Work - and golfing, cars, fishing, baseball, basketball, and spending time with friends and family.
Neil James Fredricksen (actually legally James Neil) was born in Portland, Oregon. His father, Dewey, was 36 and his mother, Alfaretta, was 29. He had two siblings, Paul and Helen.
Neil lived in Russellville, Oregon (near present day Montavilla neighborhood today) at 850 NE 102.when young. He attended Russellville Grade School. I believe the family also lived in Hillsboro, OR at some point.
1950 - 1953:
In the 50’s the family moved to a farm in Idaho near the Oregon border, just outside Payette, Idaho. Starting with living in just a small garage on the site, eventually the farm house and apple orchards would “spring up”. Dad said lots of hard work was involved in moving water pipes for the growing apple trees...
1953 - 1957:
Played Semi Pro Baseball in Payette for the “Packers”.
Attended Jr. College: at Visalia Jr. College, in Visalia, CA. Played ball there (Champions 55')
Played briefly with minor league baseball in Canada, and tried out for the Boston Red Sox.
Military Service (Army) from 1956 – 1957? Stationed at Ft. Bragg? Served as a MP.
1957 - 1976:
Married Janet White Miller on February 21, 1957 while living in Pasquotank, North Carolina and in the Service. They had two children, Cindy and Randy. They lived in Payette, then Ontario, then moved to Portland and finally settled in Beaverton, Oregon. Neil and Janet were divorced in 1976.
1976 - 1991:
Married Linda Boyer in 1976. Step children included: Kim, Heather and Clinton. They lived in Hillsboro, Oregon, briefly in Mission Viejo, CA. Neil and Linda then moved to Welches, Oregon (near Mt. Hood). The mountain became home town for Neil the rest of his life. They divorced in 1991.
1992 - 1994
Engaged to Marlin Friel who lived in Auburn Hills, MI . Marlin had children from a previous marriage that Neil enjoyed spending time with and golfing with. They included John Friel. Sadly, Marlin passed away from lung cancer in 1994.
1996 - 2018:
Married Phebe Wilson in 1996 in Douglas, Nevada. Neil was 61 years old. The couple lived in Welches, Oregon and enjoyed winters in Arizona. They also lived full time a few years in Gilbert, Arizona (1992) then the tri-cities area, before moving back full time to a home in Welches, OR. They enjoyed trips together to visit family and friends in Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Hawaii, a cruise in Europe, attending Payette High School reunions, and relaxing (and golf) at their timeshare in Idaho.
Later Years from 2012 - 2018 :

Neil had relatively good health and enjoyed working and active lifestyle until his 80’s.

While not able to golf the last couple of years, he enjoyed meeting up with and talking with friends and business contacts, spoiling his dog “Freddie”, and spending time with Phebe, his wife of 22 yrs.

His daughter, Cindy moved from CA to Welches to be near Neil and Phebe in 2013. They enjoyed walking their dogs together, feeding coffee addictions at Starbucks with his friends, and attempting to pass one another in their cars on Hwy 26.

The last two years Neil’s health was marked with various surgeries and issues including diabetes, having a pacemaker installed, heart bypass surgery, and back surgery.

Despite all that, he continued doing what he loved, working on his business out of his home and getting out to make calls and see friends, untill just prior to his death on April 22, 2018. Neil was 82 years old.


"Dad's been asleep in death a year now and I still can't hardly believe it. While the memories may be fading a bit - the love hasn't. I am so looking forward to seeing him again in the new system (Rev.21:3,4). Your daughter, Cindy"
Cindy McMahen
May 4th, 2019
"How do I summarize a lifetime of good memories into a few brief words? Looking back at all the photos brings so many to mind...I am so grateful that we shared so many years together Dad. Looking forward to seeing you again!"
Cindy McMahen
April 28th, 2018
"It makes me sad to think I won't hear you say "Hello sweetheart" again, but I'm thankful for the time we did have together and that I was able to say goodbye. You will always be remembered for the love you showed to others. Love you Grandpa."
Erin Murphy (McMahen)
April 26th, 2018
"Dad, you will be missed by all who knew you. Can't wait to see you again someday and hug your neck. I will always walk in your shadow."
Randy Fredricksen
April 26th, 2018


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