Neil James Fredricksen
(1935 - 2018)

Neil James Fredricksen
Nickname: Neil

Oregon, United States of America
June 30, 1935

Oregon, United States of America
April 22, 2018

Work - and golfing, cars, fishing, baseball, basketball, and spending time with friends and family.
This site is dedicated to NEIL FREDRICKSEN. A Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather and Friend.

Was born June 30, 1935 in Portland Oregon. His father, Dewey Fredricksen was 36 (born in 1899) and his mother, Alfaretta Brown, was 29 (1906).

He had two siblings: Helen (1927) and Paul (1928). The family moved to a farm in eastern Oregon outside Payette, Idaho when Neil was in high school.
There he played sports, including baseball. Neil developed lifelong friends with those he went to school with and played with/against.

Neil is survived by his wife, Phebe Fredricksen in Welches, his sister, Helen who lives in Nampa, Idaho, his two children and spouses, Cindy McMahen (in Welches) and Randy and Ann Fredricksen (in Goldendale WA).

Phebe's three children and spouses: Mike and Paula Griffitts ( in Los Angeles CA), Karen & Dan Nix (in Kirkland, WA) and Chere & Ray DeLung (in Pine Mountain, CA).

11 Grandchildren and spouses:
Randy’s: Sean Greene and Kelly, Stephanie and Jeff Steeck, Steven and Chelsea Fredricksen
Cindy’s: Erin and Harry Murphy, Chris McMahen

Phebe's Grandchildren: (names/ages)
Mike's: Michelle Griffitts Fowler and Johnny Fowler,
Karen's: Brittanie and Steve Webster, Rachyll and Ryan Wilson.

12 Great Grandchildren (names/ages):
Sean’s: Kasandra (17), Hunter (14)
Stephanie’s: Dominic (10), Ryland (4), Evelyn (1)
Steven’s: Cheyenne (5), Owen (3)

Phebe's Great Grandchildren (names/ages):
Brittanie's: Kaden (11), Ryland (10), Caris (8)
Rachyll's: Raegan (21 months), Ruby (Due in Oct. 2018)

Grade School: Russellville, Multnomah County, Oregon (1940).
Junior High: in Portland
High School: Payette, Idaho graduated in class of 1953.

Active in sports (basketball, baseball) and FFA.
Jr. College (1954 - 1955): Visalia Jr. College in Visalia, CA where he played Baseball. They won the championship that year.


Played Semi Pro Baseball in Payette for the “Packers”. Also played briefly with a minor league baseball in Canada, and tried out for the Boston Red Sox.

Drafted for Military Service (Army) from 1956 – 1957 Stationed at Ft. Bragg (?) I believe that's where he served as a MP.


Married Janet White Miller (Born 1937) on February 21, 1957 while living in Pasquotank, North Carolina in the Service. He was 21 years old. Janet knew Neil from attending Ontario High School, near Payette, Idaho.

After the service, Janet and Neil moved back to Payette, Idaho where he ran a dairy farm and worked for the Ontario City Police Dept (?) part-time. Janet and Neil had 2 children: Cindy (born 1958) and Randy (born 1960).

The family moved to Portland and later settled in Beaverton, Oregon. They had a vacation cabin outside Madras, Oregon (Lake Billy Chinook) where they enjoyed their summers. Janet and Neil divorced in 1976 after 19 yrs of marriage when Neil was 40.

Married Linda Boyer in 1976. Step children included: Kim, Heather and Clinton. They lived near Hillsboro, Oregon, later briefly in Mission Viejo, CA. Neil and Linda then moved to Welches, Oregon (near Mt. Hood). The mountain became Neil's home town for the rest of his life. Linda and Neil divorced in 1991.

Engaged to Marlin Friel who lived in Auburn Hills, MI . Marlin had children from a previous marriage that Neil enjoyed spending time with and golfing with. They included John Friel. Sadly, Marlin passed away from lung cancer in 1994.

Married Phebe Wilson in 1996 in Douglas, Nevada. Neil was 61 years old. The couple largely lived in Welches, Oregon and enjoyed winters in Arizona (i.e. snowbirds).

They did decide to live full time a few years in Gilbert, Arizona (1992) then the tri-cities area, before they moved back full time to a home in Welches, OR. They enjoyed trips together to visit family and friends in Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Hawaii, Europe and time spent at their timeshare in Idaho.


The family moved to Portland, Oregon in 1960 and Neil began a job in sales (which became his lifelong career) across various industries, and for a number of firms. In later years his offices were largely located in Clackamas, Oregon.

Businesses he worked for included: Consolidated Freightways, Monarch Sales

Neil also launched a number of different label/packaging businesses over the years.

He was the Principal of N & P Sales and the Northwest sales representative for firms including Pacific AgPak, Global Ventures, and West Coast Container, Inc. He focused in sales, largely around the firm's packaging and label product lines for the food services industries.

Neil loved working, helping them solve problems, and meeting new people, while he worked to keep in touch with old friends and business associates/friends.

Businesses and organizations he worked with included: Meals on Wheels, Walter Nelson, Reeser’s Fine Foods


Neil had relatively good health and enjoyed working and active lifestyle until his 80’s.

While not able to golf the last couple of years, he enjoyed meeting up with and talking with friends and business contacts, spoiling his dog “Freddie”, and spending time with Phebe, his wife of 22 yrs.

His daughter, Cindy moved from CA to Welches to be near Neil and Phebe in 2013. They enjoyed walking their dogs together, feeding their coffee addictions at Starbucks with his friends, and attempting to pass one another in their cars along Hwy.26 on the way from/to their homes.

The last two years Neil’s health was marked with various surgeries and issues including diabetes, having a pacemaker installed, heart bypass surgery, and back surgery.

Despite all that, he continued doing what he loved, working on his business out of his home and getting out to make calls and see friends till just prior to his death on April 22, 2018. He was 82 years old.

His friends all tell me how much he will be missed.


(Please forgive me as all the names escape me but here’s a few I can recall. Dad's friends were a great source of happiness and he kept in touch with many from his high school years, through changes in employment, and formed many valued relationships over the years.)

Here's a partial list of high school classmates, golf buddies, friends and close business contacts, that I've heard him mention, some of which have passed away….

High School/Golf: Larry Baily, Jim Davis, Denny Barber, Larry Baily, Bob Swan, Harmon Killebrew, Roy Arnold, Ray Looney, Ron Manser

More Golf Buddies and Friends: Chuck and Dee George, Bob Swan, Kathy McKenzie, Linda Nickerson, Cathy Grady, Norm Burgess

Close Friends/Business: Shanon Phillippini, Tom Maier, David Baum, John Nelson

AND MANY, MANY OTHERS too numerous to list here… but who I hope may also see this page and will post and share some happy memories of Neil in the Guestbook or Candles section.

I hope you enjoy reading the information and videos here. If you have any photos you'd like to add please do. Also if you have important facts I've left out or need to correct please let me know. I'd like this memorial site to be inclusive of his whole life's course and many people whose life he touched.

This is intended to be a permanent memorial page, so it's also possible it will be a work in progress for some time as people visit it. You can register your email for updates if you like. I hope you enjoy it. Putting it together has been a labor of love...

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Guest Book (8 entries)
Cindy, thank you for a beautiful memorial for your dad! I browse through it off and on to enjoy some memories of him. Thank you for contacting me and along with Phoebe, allowing me to spend some time with Neil before he passed.
I was pretty young when I first spent time with Neil and my sister, Janet. I think I was a thorn in his side when I was young and they were trying to make a go of farming. I wish I would have spent more time with him during his baseball years. He taught me how to throw a curveball and his 'famous fork ball'! I remember he could be intimidating at times because he was such a 'larger than life' kind of guy. I'm glad I got to know him more as we both got older, to learn what a gentle and loving man he was. I regret I did not play a round of golf with him in the last few years. I am so grateful to have spent some time with him before he passed. Thank you! Randy, I enjoyed your insight and stories shared about your dad!
Michael White (Bro-in law )
May 18th, 2018
Randy Fredricksen
April 7 at 2:08pm ·
Life Lesson's- My career in Little League never amounted to much. I was never better than average, never made an All-Star team. I was known as "scatter arm"..I could throw hard but you never knew where my throw was going end up. I made more errors than double plays and my hitting was only fair at best. You see, my problem was I was always afraid of the ball. They way I overcame that fear is the point of this story. My Dad helped coach many of my little league teams growing up because when coaches found out he was a Semi-Pro pitcher they would always ask him to help. He had a chance to go pro once with Boston I believe but I guess I came by my nickname honestly because he hit more guys than he struck out and decided to pursue other career choices. Which ties into his plan to get me over my fear of the ball. When it became clear after a couple years that I was not going to be comfortable in the batting box he finally decided there was only one way to over come my fear. He stood me in the batter box, told under no circumstance do I leave that box, and proceeded to throw baseballs at me! At first I could duck and dance and avoid getting hit but the more I juked the faster he pitched which in turn hurt more. So I discovered if I stood my ground and took my medicine it would be less painful and after a few hits on the arm or butt I found that it wasn't anything to be afraid of at all. The obvious point is if you don't ever face your fears, you will never over come them. These lessons in life are more important than being a great player as they apply to everything you will face on and off the field. While we never bonded that much in baseball my Dad and I had our best times later in life playing golf. I worked for him for a time in a very stressful, long hours type of business and we butted heads often. But he always knew when the pressure was getting too much and would make a tee time and our love for golf was just the release we needed. It was another lesson in life to stop and smell the's too short to not take time to do the things you enjoy. I will never forget the time he invited me to play in a celebrity tournament with his good friend Harmon Killebrew and Football legend Jerry Kramer. I had breakfast with Jerry one morning and talked about Vince Lombardie for an hour. It was so special. I miss those moments on the golf course with my Dad but I know we will play again where the fairways go forever and the greens are perfect...😇
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Randy Fredricksen (Son)
May 5th, 2018
I met Neil through his daughter, Cindy. I spent some time house-sitting her cats. Neil would stop by with his pooch to "check on things." He was a welcome visiter! He had a fine sense of humor and genuine concern for people. I was always warmly greeted by Neil the few times I visited his home. The last time I saw him, Cindy took me to his room in the hospital. Neil held my hand and smiled at me!I was very touched.
Thank you, Cindy, for making this loving memorial.
I did not realize Neil's age. He seemed younger!
Karen Stapleton (Acquaintance)
May 4th, 2018
From all of us at perfect look Neil was an absolute pleasure. Was always happy never had a bad word for anyone. We will truly miss him
Perfect Look
May 1st, 2018
This is a lovely memorial site. I didn’t have the privilege to know him but, he sounds like a real fun loving person. He raised an amazing daughter. I’m glad she was able to spend the last few years of his life making fond memories with him. Lots of love
Monica Statchwick (Friend to Cindy)
April 28th, 2018
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"Dad's been asleep in death a year now and I still can't hardly believe it. While the memories may be fading a bit - the love hasn't. I am so looking forward to seeing him again in the new system (Rev.21:3,4). Your daughter, Cindy"
Cindy McMahen
May 4th, 2019
"How do I summarize a lifetime of good memories into a few brief words? Looking back at all the photos brings so many to mind...I am so grateful that we shared so many years together Dad. Looking forward to seeing you again!"
Cindy McMahen
April 28th, 2018
"It makes me sad to think I won't hear you say "Hello sweetheart" again, but I'm thankful for the time we did have together and that I was able to say goodbye. You will always be remembered for the love you showed to others. Love you Grandpa."
Erin Murphy (McMahen)
April 26th, 2018
"Dad, you will be missed by all who knew you. Can't wait to see you again someday and hug your neck. I will always walk in your shadow."
Randy Fredricksen
April 26th, 2018


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