Miles Elliot Ludvigsen
(1965 - 2008)

Miles Elliot Ludvigsen

New York, United States of America
May 13, 1965

New York, United States of America
September 5, 2008

My darling son...I miss you and think of you constantly. You were an amazing and always surprising human being. Why did we loose you so soon in your life?
Barbara Willner
August 21st, 2017
I love you like, I love beefstew - you truely are a God Product now! Shine on you crazy diamond! Hope we will play again some day.
Lars Nordin
February 17th, 2011
I will always have the best memories of you Miles.I feel sad that I just found out about your passing.I was looking at a piece of art you made for me 16 years ago and decided to google your name. You were always kind and soft spoken with more talent
Chris Sutherland
February 3rd, 2010
Miles was a good guy.
eric bonerz
June 18th, 2009
Thinking of you today buddy.
March 5th, 2009
Still can't believe you're gone. So sad.
Aari Ludvigsen
January 15th, 2009
Miles, I'll always remember how gentle and gifted you were.
Sharon Saudino
January 15th, 2009
May God bless you and keep you safe for ever and ever.
Annette Ludvigsen
November 26th, 2008
You are still a part of our life and our thoughts.
We regret so much that we never had the opportunity to meet you.

Felix, Baerbel, Frank und Annette Schnieder
Osnabrueck (Germany)
baerbel schnieder
November 24th, 2008
It's been 12 weeks Miles and we miss you.
Barbara Gaines
November 15th, 2008
A friend from early childhood, long out of touch but never forgotten.
Nicko Goncharoff
November 3rd, 2008
I'll always remember your sweet gentleness, Miles.
Matt Bernstein
November 2nd, 2008
You will always hold a special place in my heart... We miss you!!!
Joanne Doyle
October 6th, 2008
Hard to believe that Friday (october 30 will be 4 weeks already. So sorry.
Barbara Gaines
October 1st, 2008
We miss you Miles.
Aari Ludvigsen
September 30th, 2008


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