Michael Ray Tetstone
(1989 - 2010)

Michael Ray Tetstone
Nickname: MikeT

Florida, United States of America
March 10, 1989

Florida, United States of America
May 29, 2010

Racing # 48 Jimmy Johnson...working in the yard...Spending time with family & friends
Friday March 10,1989 at 4:50 am Michael Ray was born at Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida.He joined his parents and one brother...Michael weighted 8 lbs.12.5 oz. He was 21 inches long.
Micahel went home from the hospital..He came home in his hospital t-shirt his dad forgot his clothes.His brother wasn't to happy he said to"send him back".But later wanted to hold him...
At 5 months old Michael said his 1st word "DADA" He also could sit up by himself..Pull himself up and stand with help..He also learned to sick his tongue out.
He weighed 19 lbs.1oz.He slept all night.
At 6 months old Michael got his 1st tooth..He could say Mama ,Dada,Bubba,And nanny...He also met his Aunt Katie for the 1st time Sept 10 She was a day old...He weighted 17lbs.4 ozs.
At six months old he attempts to feed himself..
He also said his 1st phrase My mama My mama....He loved to play with toy trucks..
1st birthday....1st hair cut...He weighed 22lbs and was 29 inches long...Walks on his own...Favorite toy a blue boat...Started brushing his own teeth( with alittle help)
Michael lost his Aunt Sonya Marie Sanford in a car accident..She was born April 29 ,1971.
Michael loved her so very much..
Michael got chicken Pox (he was covered from head to toes)
The day Michael and David met. Michael was the bright spot in my life (David)
26 years ago today I was BLESSED with one of Gods most precious gifts my son Michael Ray Tetstone-Memorial . Watching him take his first breathe was a miracle I'll never forget. The days quickly turned in to years and I got t see a lot of his first. First tooth,first word,first time he sat up by himself, his first steps, his first day of school and so many more as I watched him grow into an amazing young man. He became not only my son but one of my best friends. He believed more in me than I believed in myself. As I had watched so many of his first 21 years later I faced every mothers nightmare. God was ready for his Angel back,and faced the heart break of watching my baby take his last breathe.
Today is a bittersweet day holding on to cherished memories and keeping your memory a live for your two beautiful nieces . Happy Birthday In Heaven Baby
May 27, five years ago today was the last time I seen your beautiful blue eyes and heard your voice. The days to follow was a nightmare watching you lay there , knowing that at any second you would be called home to heaven. I felt so helpless ,for the first time I couldn't help you in anyway.I felt like I was letting you down, because you always believed that I could fix everything. And I would have laid down my life in exchange for yours, If God had given me that chance.
Nothing in this world could prepared me for May 29 the day God truly broke my heart and took you from me. My life was for ever changed, My world would never be the same. I miss you more and more with each passing day, time truly changes nothing. I love you Baby BUNCHES



"I love and miss you more than I can put into words."
sabra rhue
August 17th, 2015
"We love and miss you so much. We will never forget you. RIP Angel"
Aunt Cookie Lauramore
May 27th, 2014
"I love & miss you so much baby. Love Mama"
sabra rhue
May 27th, 2014
"bkjhkhlghjvjlh,llp;khyr4478tgjfdruikj;p09u Love your niece, Aubrie Louise"
sabra rhue
May 27th, 2014
"mhnsckjhwekhfjk.hvjh SJCFG ksdhbcdbjnb Love your niece, Paislie Michelle"
sabra rhue
May 27th, 2014
"I love And miss you so much ANGEL"
sabra rhue
April 25th, 2014
"rip Michael miss u!"
cory watts
May 29th, 2013
"I miss you I love you love sissy"
chainberlin watts
May 29th, 2013
"I love & miss you so very much! I Know that your 3 year Angelversary is an awesome day in Heaven. I hope you catch each and every balloon were sending you today."
sabra rhue
May 29th, 2013
"Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I so miss you my friend. I can't believe it's been 3 years already. There's not a day that I don't think about you, songs on radio, or things we use to laugh about. Watch over us all, miss you my frien"
Paul Crocker Jr.
May 29th, 2013


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