Madeleine Valentine Philippe (Paruit)
(1938 - 2011)

Madeleine with brother Guyto. Identical in character and goodness.
Madeleine and her brother Jean
Madeleine with Clancy's brother Josian.
Madeleine with brothers, Jean, Pierre and Guyto & sister Michele in Melbourne. Sister Michele also succumbed to ovarian ...
Madeleine and Clancy with granddaughter Annabelle.
Madeleine assisting grandson Brandon in the kitchen. Very special moment.
In her new kitchen, Madeleine's favourite spot cooking another dish to be enjoyed by everybody.
Another special moment. Madeleine with Clancy, granddaughter Annabelle and boyfriend Miguel.
Madeleine with son Michel, grandaughter Annabelle and boy friend Miguel. Another special moment.
More cuddles to Madeleine from grandaughter Annabelle. Very special moment.
Madeleine in the kitchen with apprentice chefs, grandchildren Annabelle, Joshua and Brandon.
Happy new year kiss from Madeleine's brother Pierre in Melbourne, Australia
Celebrating Christmas Eve 2009 with family and friends.
Cuddles from son Gerard. Very special moment.
Very special moment with Clancy. Captured forever.
Madeleine enjoying one of her delectable dishes at home in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia
Spooning feeding grandson Joshua.
Entertaining at home in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia, with cousin Suzette, Dianne (son Gerard's girlfriend) & gran...
Shaving their heads, in solidarity with Madeleine. Son Gerard and grandsons Brandon and Joshua.
Magic cuddles from grandaughter Molly.
Cousin Jimmy and Madeleine. Very special bond between these two.
Madeleine in between treatments, recovering.
Grandaughter Annabelle and Madeleine. Very special relationship.
With Dianne, son Gerard's girlfriend. Another special moment.
With Paule Collard of the Golden Age Club at Pere Laval Mass in Melbourne, Australia
Madeleine with good friend Isabelle Pierre and another friend in Sydney.
Quality time with friends Roseline and Edgar Lallouette & cousin Yves in Sydney, Australia
Cuddles from niece Lisele.
Madeleine with Annabelle, Baby, Molly & Dianne. Another special moment.
Madeleine surrounded by some of the grandchildren. Special moment.
Cuddles galore. Another very special moment with Clancy. Will always love you.
Cynthia Moirt, very good friend of Madeleine and Clancy.
Cuddles from Lindsay Noe, long term and sincere friend of Madeleine.
Madeleine with Xavier Luc Duval (Mauritius deputy prime minister) in Melbourne, Australia. Xavier is the son of Madelein...
Madeleine getting cuddles from Dianne (son Gerard in the background's girlfriend) and grandaughter Annabelle.
Celebrating another birthday with family and friends.
Annabelle (granddaughter) making another one of her famous speeches for Madeleine's birthday.
Baby sneezing into Madeleine's face. Special moment.
Madeleine with Claudio Veeraragoo, entertainer from Mauritius.
Come on look at me expression from Madeleine to Clancy.
Madeleine with granddaughters Jennifer and Annabelle in the kitchen at home in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia
Cousin Jose and Madeleine. Another special relationship.
Madeleine with Nancy Derougere and Mario Justin, two Mauritian entertainers, during a tour in Melbourne, Australia
Madeleine and grandaughter Annabelle. A very special and eternal bond between them. Annabelle became the daughter that M...
Madeleine with Anna, Jean Pierre's partner. Anna and Jean Pierre's multiple visits to Madeleine during her battle with c...
Madeleine with nephew Jean Pierre. Another quality relationship. Anna and Jean Pierre's multiple visits to Madeleine dur...
With God Daughter Danielle. Very special bond between these two.
Entertaining Rodriguan friends Ben Gontran and Barnabe Francois at home in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia
Entertaining friends at home in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia
Explaining things with the Gontrans in Melbourne, Australia
With the lions in Zimbabwe.
With cousin Guito and friend in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Madeleine tasting cousin Guito's cuisine. A very special moment captured forever.
With Uncle Guy (Clancy's Mum brother) in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Madeleine in Trafalgar Square, London
Madeleine feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square in London. This same day the Westminster Council outlawed the feeding ...
Madeleine in Whitehall, London, England
Madeleine and Clancy with cousin Line Labiche in London, England
With one of the Beefeaters at the Tower of London, London, England
Madeleine with her eternal smile that captured the hearts of so many people.
Achieving her lifelong dream to be at the Mannequin Pis, in Brussels, Belgium
Madeleine savouring the Champagne grapes in the vineyard during the picking, in Epernay, France (next door to our friend...
Madeleine and Clancy at Champagne Mercier, savouring the Champagne after a cave visit, in Epernay, France
In front of Maison Moet et Chandon, on Avenue du Champagne, in Epernay, France. In the heart of the Champagne region.
At the Roman open air theatre built early in the 1st century CE, in Orange, France
Winery visit in domaine Chateauneuf du Pape, near Mirabel aux Baronnies in France
Madeleine and Clancy at Mirabel aux Baronnies, in Drome Provencale, France
At Lourdes in the south of France, spending quality time seeking the blessing of the Virgin Mary.
Madeleine finding her way in Montparnasse, Paris
With our good friend Clarel Betsy (son of Madeleine's childhood friend) and Sharon in Paris, France
Madeleine and Clancy in front of the Palais Garnier, Opera de Paris.
Madeleine savouring Paris.
Trying the scooter in Rome, Italy
Admiring the hallways within the Vatican.
Peeping into the Pope's compound at the Vatican.
Madeleine at the Vatican in Rome
Madeleine and Clancy in Montreal, Canada
Tyneisha (grandaughter) holding shop and striking a bargain with Madeleine. Another special moment captured forever.
Madeleine and Tyneisha (grandaughter) picking flowers in Woodstock, Canada. A special moment captured forever.
Madeleine with Canadian Mounted Police in Niagara Falls, Canada
Madeleine and son Michel at Niagara Falls in Canada.
Madeleine teasing granddaughter Tyneisha She is one of the cutest child you could ever come across. Very similar to Anna...
Madeleine & Clancy with granddaughter Tyneisha in Woodstock, Canada
Madeleine with Marie Da Silva, nephew and niece in LA. Marie worked for Ricky Lake and has now devoted herself full time...
Madeleine with Shrek in LA
Madeleine with Janot Delaitre. Janot's mother and Maddy were best friends.
Madeleine with God Daughter Danielle. They had a special bond.
Madeleine with Mirella Delaitre
Madeleine dancing with Baby. She was Madeleine's constant companion, sleeping beside her bed when she was bedridden.
Madeleine with Doreen & Wayne
Madeleine putting the point across
"I will always love":Clancy
Madeleine with cousin Alain. Alain is one of the architects of our mariage.
Madeleine undergoing chemotherapy at the Cabrini Private Hospital. We are eternally grateful to Cabrini for the care and...
Madeleine in Paris
Madeleine in French Grande Armee uniform
Favourite photo of Madeleine & Clancy
Madeleine and Clancy during an interview with the local newspaper in Reims, France. An appeal for families with the same...
Madeleine's granddaughter Annabelle trying to feed her. Annabelle came to live with Madeleine and Clancy at the tender a...
Madeleine in LA


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