Lori Beth Marsh (Wyatt)
(1975 - 2009)

Lori Beth Marsh (Wyatt)

Nebraska, United States of America
July 8, 1975

Missouri, United States of America
June 4, 2009

Medicine, choral conducting, traditional Lutheran liturgy, travel, photography, sign language, narrative nonfiction, knitting, scrapbooking, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, babies.
Guest Book

I still think of you often. I remember your patience, help & sense of humor with me with choir, our chats, the jewelry you sold, that you came to my house to do one of your 1st shows :), looking for a house. I remember the one downtown that you really liked. I don't remember now what was wrong with it, but I do remember the joking & creative ideas that we were talking about. When you came to KC and stayed at my place, the tornado, and the more I think, the more I remember. I still miss you and am so glad & thankful that you were my friend. I'm also glad & thankful that Al added this page and kept your facebook page up. I visit it frequently even though I don't say anything. I just remember....I'm so glad your last days before getting real sick were good days. That was God's gift to you after everything you had been through. I love looking at your pics! You were and still are a blessing in my life. I will always be thankful for you!!

I love you and am glad you are pain free & in a much better place now.

Love, Kay
Kay Jones (Friend)
May 21st, 2010
Never again will I see a shooting star without thinking of my sister, Lori. She appeared as a wonderful surprise; glowed bright, gifted and wondrous among us, and left us longing for more time to enjoy her presence.

I choose to remember little spinets of moments, like photo shots in my mind, indelibly etched on my heart.

It was Thanksgiving Day, 1974 at Grandma and Grandpa Wyatt’s home in Columbus, NE. Mom was 41, Dad was 42, brother Doug was 15 and I was 21. Mom took me aside and escorted me to the back bedroom. I started thinking that she did not approve of the latest boyfriend I brought to meet the family and I began making a quick mental list of all his redeeming qualities. With a sheepish grin she told me the news and I was speechless! She shared that Doug’s first reaction/question was “how come?” We broke into, very quiet, hysterical laughter. Needless to say, I do not remember the rest of that holiday.

Our parents allowed Doug and me to pick out names for the baby. I don’t remember Doug’s choice (if it was a boy) but mine (if it was a girl) was Laura Elizabeth. Mom liked it better shortened so it was Lori Beth. There were no Lamaze classes at that time but I was already an RN so Mom asked me to be with her through labor and delivery. Doug was a Junior Volunteer Fireman and a close friend of the attending physician’s son so we were all allowed in the delivery room for Lori’s arrival. I remember counting her fingers and toes through tears of joy. We were so thankful and relieved that she was healthy. The name Lori Beth seemed to suit her perfectly.

Mom and Dad had great friends who supported them and helped them adjust to “late in life” parenthood. Dad’s buddies, at the Midway café breakfast table, gave him the infamous belt buckle. It had a picture of a sway back horse with the inscription “Grand Champion Stud” on it. Bette and Mel Schulz rescued Mom several times from stressful days when baby Lori would not sleep. Dad worked long hours at his new business, WyAd Utility Contractors, I had my own new job in Syracuse, NE and Doug was a busy sophomore in high school. Mom had the challenge of spending most of her time alone with Lori when she was little. Even then Lori liked to stay up late and learned everything quickly. She spent a great deal of time with adults and knew the foods she liked at just about every restaurant in town.

Because she spent so much time growing up around adults, I think she always had in mind that she was one. Even when she was little she used big words and knew what they meant. She cracked me up when she was 3 and having trouble pronouncing certain words. She would stand in front of an aquarium and say ”shish”. When we corrected her saying: “Lori, it is a fish”, she would look us in the eye with her hand on one hip and exclaim: “Yes, I know, it’s a shish!”

It seems as if Lori hit the ground running. She always had a long list of goals, aspirations and expectations for herself. She became fluent in the Spanish language after being a foreign exchange student in Mexico. She returned to high school her senior year and was an interpreter for Kroy Manufacturing when they had foreign guests. Later in life she learned sign language. She taught baby Ellie to say “please and thank you” in sign language before she could actually talk. .

I always admired Lori’s way of challenging herself with something new when Lupus would no longer allow her to do the things she enjoyed doing. When she could no longer conduct and be the music director for the church, she tried selling and making jewelry, purses and greeting cards. She had a gift for visualizing photo and page layouts for her artful scrapbooks. Lori often put the girls to sleep at night with children’s stories she had created. The last 2 years, while confined to bed, she taught herself, and a few of her friends, to knit and crochet.

My sister was amazing and, like so many others, my life has been blessed by having known her. I miss her more every day that passes as the reality of her absence sinks in a little deeper. I cherish the memories, the beautiful daughters she left behind and her devoted, loving husband, Al who will forever be one of my heroes.
Sue Leif (sister)
October 18th, 2009
Dear Lori,

I'm heart-broken knowing this will be my last letter to you. Despite living so far away from each other since we were 9 years old, you have always been so close to my heart.

I have so many memories of you that I will cherish forever. We danced to Eye of the Tiger in the early '80s. We had countless sleepovers. We made Barbie houses out of cardboard boxes, sparing no details (including the infamous rock fireplace, the materials of which we harvested from the alley in the middle of the night!). We ate at Chances R. We got together every summer when I went back to Nebraska. You visited me in San Diego & learned the importance of head-to-toe sunscreen at the beach. You taught me to love Fred & Ginger movies. We poured through Bride's magazines planning our future weddings -- even though we weren't even dating yet. Then we shared in each other's "big day" when the time finally came. We went to Silver Dollar City and a show in Branson in the summer of '03. Through the years, we kept in touch though we always apologized for not writing or calling nearly as much as we thought about it.

I'm so thankful you were a part of my life. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you, Lori, for being my dear friend.

I love you & miss you,

Stephanie Henson (Friend)
June 16th, 2009
Unfortunately I didn't get to know Lori as I came into MOPS in 2007-08 and wasn't at her table. She sounds like such a wonderful person and what a loss this has to be. Your website was so moving and beautiful and a tremendous witness of your faith and trust. My prayers are with you as you go forward and I know God walks with you. In Him, Pat Hall
Pat Hall (MOPS mentor mom)
June 15th, 2009
Al and girls,
I feel honored to have been part of the choir that would lullaby Lori from earth to heaven. How could we have known...
May you all be held close by the Lord as you walk through these difficult days. I am praying for you.
~Katherine (Krumm) Clark
Katherine Clark (Fellow Christus Chorus Me)
June 14th, 2009
Dear Al, Lily, and Ellie,

We are deeply saddened to hear about Lori's passing. Dolores, Chris, Tim, and I first met you and Lori when we moved from Houston, Texas and you two had returned from your honeymoon in August of 1996. You lived in "Monkey" and we lived in Schluetter(sp?) across the alley from each other. I remember when we and other classmates would barbecue dinners together in the alley. Do you remember driving our Subaru? You said it would start when no other car would start! We will all miss Lori's presence with us on earth. But, we all must remember the hope we have as "Children of the Heavenly Father." We will see each other some day in heaven! May God be with you Al, Lily, and Ellie. You and your extended family are in our prayers. We are here whenever you need a listening ear.

God's Peace and Love,
Ken and Dolores Norton
Tacoma, Washington
Ken and Dolores Norton (Friends from Concordia, S)
June 12th, 2009
Dear Al, Lily, and Ellie,

This website is such a beautiful tribute to Lori. It made me laugh, cry, and remember.
When we first moved to York, God provided Lori as the best friend anyone could have asked for my sister. Even as a young girl she amazed me. Because of Lori, I learned to love old movies. She was "Ginger Rogers", Liane was "Betty Grable", and I was privileged to be dubbed by her "Ann Miller." There wasn't anything Lori didn't try and then surpass in achievement. I still tell people how she spoke nearly fluent Spanish after only a few weeks in Mexico one summer.
In all of the photos you posted Al, it was easy to see that her beautiful smile never waned, nor her wit with all her quotes. What a blessing that you have kept them.
Because of Lori I will hold my family closer, try harder to smile in the face of adversity, and remember her each time I hear my favorite choral anthem: "E'en so, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come". I have no doubt that it was a blessing and comfort to her that was what she heard as she entered into eternal life.
Al, I offer these words from the song and Revelations back to you and your girls: "Peace be to you and grace from Him who freed us from our sins. Who loved us all and shed His blood that we might saved be." Christ shed his blood for Lori and now she is with him. And someday we all will be too.
Please know that we will continue to lift you and your precious girls up in prayer to our gracious and loving Father. His grace has brought you safe so far, His grace will see you home. Peace be to you,
The Schade family
Kristen Schade (friend)
June 11th, 2009

How I wish I could have known you longer, and how I wish I could have known you better. I have viewed this memorial page that Al so lovingly created many times, and I continually search for the words that will express what I feel, but I am at a loss.

Reading what Al has so lovingly shared here allows us to get a glimpse at your marriage, and the exchange of laughter and love in the quotes he shared treated my heart to a dance. With each line he shared I saw each of you take a step. Your humor, your grace, your love, your wit, your joy were all expressed in those many quotes and with each exchange between you and Al, it felt like you were dancing through your life and marriage with the love of God to guide you. I take comfort in knowing that your dance will resume in Heaven someday.

My time with you allowed me to know who you were as a mother. Your love for your girls was so passion filled, they brought you such joy. The conversation about the book you wanted for each of your girls will never leave me.

I can’t for a moment begin to understand why you left here so soon. Your family will forever be in my prayers. How I wish there was something more I could do to help. Reading what Al has written reveals much, his love for you, his faith in God, and his present sorrow. My prayers will be for God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit to mend the hearts that ache as they miss you.

You have taught me much Lori, I thank God for the gift you have been, and will continue to be. I love you.

Chanda Leas (Friend)
June 11th, 2009
Dear Al and Family:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Sara and I were shocked to learn of Lori's passing. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you ponder the earthly departure of one so dear. She was one of the kindest, most tender people we have been privileged to know. She touched our lives deeply as she shared her faith in Christ in the midst of pains and losses.

Thanks be to God, Lori was buried already in this life. She was buried into the death of Christ in Holy Baptism and received the promise of glorious resurrection victory (Rom. 6:3-5). Already in this life she was hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3). And though we mourn her passing, we do not mourn as those who have no hope (1 Thess. 4:13). We thank God that He has taken His little lamb to Himself. The Epistle for the Second Sunday after Pentecost makes it perfectly clear: "It is better to be away from the body and at home with the Lord" (2 Cor. 5:8). And we know that the blessing now experienced by Lori's enlightened soul will be extended to her body on the Last Day.

I remember when we were in choir together and Lori was working on her conducting project. This was during a time that Lori was dealing with many setbacks in her health. She did this lovely Brahm's piece entitled, "Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee." And as she taught the piece, Lori spoke to us about what the song meant for her. Even amidst her illness - even amidst the hassles she was getting from profs about being absent from things because of her illness - even amdist the strain of dealing with work and college and sickness all at the same time, she knew that she was safe in the hands of the loving Lord. And she spoke to us about how nothing needed to grieve her. When I heard the news of Lori's passing, that wonderul song began playing in my mind. There is peace in knowing that she has been delivered. The Lord Jesus, in whom she put her trust, has wiped away every tear from her eyes (Rev. 7:17).

Lori loved the Lutheran musical heritage. Take heart in the words of Paul Gerhardt, who had to endure the loss of his wife and most of his children:

Christians, let us be undaunted.
Ev'ry day Hurl away That which us once haunted.
Is it true that death defeats us?
No! Rejoice, For Christ's voice
Then in peace will greet us.

In Christ's Love,

Lowell (Sara and Chloe) Sorenson
Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church
Red Wing, MN

Lowell and Sara Sorenson (Friend)
June 10th, 2009
Al and girls,
I am so very sorry for your loss.
I met with you so few times, but got to know you through Michelle & Aaron. What friends you became after they moved to Springfield.
You were such wonderful support for them.
The burden Lori carried through this life, showed a tribute to what God can do. YOU & your girls will be in our thoughts and prayers.
God Bless Jo & Glenn Augustine.
Jo Augustine (Michelle Jaeger's MOM)
June 10th, 2009
How do you say goodby to one of the best people that you have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I was actually glad to make it to Al and Lori's wedding, even though I had to miss a class reunion it was worth it, but I should have brought Lynda along. Among other things that she did for us was sing at our wedding while Al was our 'town crier', and Amy played the organ.

Truly a family oriented person, Lori managed to brighten any situation. We all miss her and look forward to being reunited with her in the 'happily ever after'.

Our hearts go out to you Al and the girls, and if you need to talk just call. We could not make it to York for the funeral, but you know we are there with you in spirit.
Steve Marsh (Uncle)
June 10th, 2009
Lori's wit and wisdom was wonderful. It was good to share her friendship in high school. God bless every part of her family.
Heidi Schlegelmilch Alger (high school friend)
June 10th, 2009
My dearest Lori a.k.a. Boogerbutt, a.k.a. Ginger,

How does one even begin to sum up the life of someone so amazing, so funny, so selfless, so beautiful, and so dear to my heart? I could fill up pages of stories of what we have been through. From your 6-year-old party, where I slammed my fingers in your sister's car door, surely I thought you would never want to be my friend. But you did and you were. And I am forever changed by you. You taught me a lot of lessons about life...you never wasted a moment, you never thought you COULDN'T do something, you were so confident, so caring, so fun. I will forever make sure your girls know that. I will tell them stories of their mother and how amazing she was. There are so many things I wish I could tell you now...and reminisce with you about. It feels like there is a part of me missing now. Who else will know about our cross-country trip to Boston on a Greyhound bus? Or how we would rate people's shoes during communion and look at each other when we heard the word "fervent"? Or how we learned the dances to Fred and Ginger movies? My dearest friend, I love you and I promise to love your family as you have loved me. I promise to take Lily out for a Frosty and french fries and to teach Ellie the joy of shopping for shoes. But more importantly, I will always tell your girls about how much you loved them and how Jesus loves them even more.

Your fellow Boogerbutt,

Liane a.k.a. Betty
Liane Brinkman (Dear friend)
June 10th, 2009
I remember Lori as a cheerful child playing dolls with Stephanie.I remember the beautiful solo she sang at Brandon and Stephanie's wedding - and going out for Mexican food before she left San Diego. I remember spending a night at Al and Lori's home in Minneapolis and the lovely visit we had. I remember the Christmas cards - always filled with God's love. Thank you, Lord, for Lori. Al, may you, Lily, and Eleanor be comforted. Pete and Joan Gerber
Joan Gerber (friend)
June 9th, 2009
Al, your wonderful wife will be missed my all who knew her.

You two truly were one of the great couples that I've ever known. She was such a warmhearted and FUN person! What an upbeat and positive attitude, even through the chronic pain which was her constant companion.

Now that she has shed her earthly bonds, imagine what a luminously joyous soul she must be!
Eric Stelmack (Friend of Al's)
June 9th, 2009
Al-- You and your family are in my prayers. Lori will be truly missed. She had such a sweet spirit. I met Lori at MOPS and am so thankful to have had her as a friend. The last time I saw Lori was at my babyshower for Elizabeth (who is now 15 months old). I will never forget how she hand decorated a paint can. She decorated it so it would be a gift container for Elizabeth's gifts. Lori also knitted Elizabeth a hat and her mom had embroidered burp cloths for her. I will always remember Lori's love for Christ and her creative side. I will never forget Lilly's Winnie the Pooh Room that Lori hand did. Her talent was amazing. I will also remember her love for theatre and music. She had a wonderful singing voice. Eventhough I live in St. Louis now and am far away, Lori is still truly missed.
Michelle Scherrer (MOPS friend)
June 9th, 2009
I only knew Lori ever so briefly from singing together in the Christus Chorus- she had a beautiful angelic voice. She was one of those rare people who truly and fully lived a life of kindness and love and I can honestly say she was one of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. "Be Ye Glad" was one of my favorites and has always given me peace. Be Ye Glad Lori. Be at peace.

With Love and Prayer,
Joanne (Chudzik) Koenig
Joanne Koenig (Classmate- CSP)
June 9th, 2009
Lori was such a tender-hearted, smart person. She was humble and yet very talented. I am shocked to learn of her passing. She is only 1 year older than me...truly our time here on earth is but a breath. I am praying for you, Al... Amy... and your families as you grieve the daily presence of this remarkable, precious woman in your lives.

May God give you the strength to work through the grief and to move through it with grace. One day, we will all be together again, singing in the great Christus Chorus...oh what a sweet day that will be...
Find strength in Jesus,
Heidi Lewerenz
Heidi Souba Lewerenz (college friend)
June 8th, 2009

News of Lori's death brings back many warm memories of you and Lori back at ULC in Minneapolis. Lori rejoiced in the gifts of the Gospel when I was your pastor back then. I'm glad to know that those same gifts sustained her in the suffering and dying. Her Baptism is now brought to completion. She enjoys peace eternal as we feebly struggle here under the cross. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as you face these difficult days. God's peace comfort you!
John Pless ( Your Former Pastor)
June 8th, 2009
I got to know Lori through Al. I got to know them when my daughter began taking piano lessons from Al. I would see Lori once in a while, sometimes returning from a shopping trip or sometimes as she entertained little Ellie who wanted to be with her mother all the time. I remember that Lori would often be sick and be confined to her bedroom. I was amazed to see how responsible Lily was around the house. She was her mother's back up. Once, soon after they had moved, Lori was pretty sick and I sat with her while my daughter had her lesson with Al. That was probably one of the few times we really chatted. Now I wish I had sought her out more often and gotten to know her better. It upsets me to think I took her presence for granted. We make that mistake so often. I thought I had plenty of time. Another mistake. But I really believed she was going to be around for many many more years. Even when Lori got really sick and had to be hospitalized I did not belive she would lose this battle. I thought age was on her side, she would get well and get back home. She is home just not in the home I thought she would be. I know in me heart she is in a better place but I am weak, I cant help but wish that she was still here with us. My heart breaks for Lori. I wish I had taken the time to know her better. My heart goes out to Al and the girls. I wish I could say all this better but I dont know how.
Sharmistha Self (Al's friend)
June 8th, 2009
Lori's was a special and wonderful sister to me. She was my FIRST sister (in-law) and I got to know her the best in college when we were together on choir tour. She was fun, intelligent and VERY musical. Lori would talk to anyone and always laughed or cried at any story that she would hear. She had a tender heart and was sensitive. She loved life and had so many aspirations. She was always doing a new thing - usually a craft - and was always amazing at it. Lori loved to give gifts and has blessed my family with some of the most wonderful gifts...Tyler got a very special Christmas gift one year that was a chest full of costumes...I know Lori was behind it and it is STILL Tyler's favorite. Lori was an amazing mom who never wanted her children to be far from her side...she loved deeply and unconditionally. Her faith was strong and she taught her daughters about Jesus and showed His love through her example. I loved Lori very much and will miss her greatly.
Amy Schutte (Sister-in-law)
June 8th, 2009
Al and Girls; I learned of Lori's passing yesterday at a funeral of sorts for my Alma Mater Minneapolis Lutheran HS. Chris Roth looked up your page on his i-phone while I was standing with him. My thoughts have been with you the whole while since you told us that Lori was in the hospital and now I find myself feeling guided to York for Lori's memorial service. After all, I was there when you two were married...

Additionally, I have had the song "Abide with Me" running through my head a lot lately and i would be happy to sing it for the service if you would like me to. After all, I reckon i'd have about 10 hrs between Minneapolis and York to warm up:)

I'll be headed west as soon as I get a new set of tires on my car. I can see that the outpouring of love to you and the girls has been overwhelming and I understand that you are in a very busy and difficult time right now. But if you should find a free moment, feel free to contact me.

I'll let you know when I am on the road.

With Love and In Peace,

Jeff Roemhildt
Jeff Roemhildt (Al's Concordia Roommate)
June 8th, 2009
Our hearts and prayers go out to Lori's family at this time of loss--and time of relief and reconnection. As Lori's choir director and music advisor at Concordia, I'm moved beyond imagination, grateful beyond thought, and touched beyond feeling that the music we shared was such a comfort to Lori. Lori's life, and death, proclaimed that connection that we shared in music and faith--that "vine" of the Christus Chorus into which we were all grafted, one small, but fruitful part of the great vine and branches of our faith. In performing our music together as a group, our faith was brought to life--or even more, it because our life as we lived in those words, the very WORD, as we practiced and performed. I'm joyful that those words continued to breathe a Breath of Life to Lori and your family, just as they ushered her into that place where "they need no light, nor lamp nor sun, for Christ will be there all."

Thank you for sharing Lori in our lives. We are richer for making music with her, and we look forward to that time when we are all joined together, "by and by." Take care and God bless,

David Mennicke
David Mennicke (college choir director)
June 8th, 2009
How do I even begin to say what I feel? Or choose the memories to list? It all comes bubbling from deep inside, aching out in tears, wishing I could be at the place where I accept you are gone from this earth, because I know you are in God's beautiful pressence. Do you remember singing and swinging spider? Hours and hours of playing with baby dolls--dreaming of our future real babies. Or the Barbie houses stretched across your living room, the movies you introduced me to. Drawing pictures--you always were better than me! Listening as you practiced your piano. Growing apart, and then together again. Studying for biology in high school and the haunted record player. Cleaning cow lungs. Graduating and heading off to find LIFE. Meeting Al at that party, you sharing your dreams of getting him to propose to you. (I'm so glad he figured out you were the best catch.) Watching you carry the rose down the aisle, and crying with you as you were without your dad. Drifting apart again, yet still hanging on to the thread of our friendship, and once again connecting over our actual babies, and real dreams. The last time we spoke, you were hurting, yet hopeful, and still so full of life. We spoke of our faith, of how it carries us through all the pain and changes. I take my life for granted Lori, with all the struggles I have faced, I still have been so blessed: with babies, with health, with time. I wish there had been a way to share it with you, to give you just even one measure of each, to maybe give you a longer time to love your family and enjoy them without physical pain. I have loved you throughout these years, when we were closest or furthest away. You gave a joy and beauty just by being, a proof of God's promise of great gifts. I have missed you when fights and misunderstandings separated us, or just distance. This is the biggest separation from you, and I hurt. I cling to the knowledge that just as we have connected after a time from the earthly separations, we will see each other again someday, and rejoice, and praise, and I hope, laugh, for what kind of heaven would it be without laughter? Until then, Lori, I will keep singing here, enjoying good choirs and remembering you; knowing you made such a difference to so many people, and hoping I learn to do the same. "I will arise and go to Jesus, He will hold me in His arms, in the arms of my dear Savior, oh there are ten-thousand charms."
Chris Howard (friend)
June 8th, 2009
I only got to know Lori the last year or so of her life, when she was very ill. Actually, it was our mutual experience of chronic pain and illness (as well as a mutual love of crafting) that introduced us. I feel really lucky to have had a correspondence with Lori, however brief, in which she share with me her hopes and dreams for her and her family's future as well as her fears and concerns about what her condition might mean to those dreams. I wish I had been able to offer her a ticket out of her bed of pain and into my world, a world she hoped some day to see.

Lori, you're not bounded anymore by time and space. You're free of the bed and four walls. I invite you to come visit anytime.

Rewalsar, H.P., India
Joy Schulenburg (friend)
June 8th, 2009
I am so very sorry to hear of your passing, Lori. You were such a kind and good hearted person and were a joy to be in Sunday school with when you and Al were with us in Marilyn and Chris' class. I wish nothing but the very best to Al and your beautiful little girls. God has another angel in his midst. God Bless You.
Lisa Godfrey (Redeemer Sunday School)
June 8th, 2009
I have known Lori for most of my 20 years of life, even though she is my cousin by marriage. I was only 6 or 7 when Al and Lori got married. One of my all-time favorite memories of Lori was actually before they were married. My mom and dad were all at my grandparents house in Forsyth, Missouri I was maybe 5 or 6, and Al was coming to visit with Lori, I had only met Lori maybe once before. I remember them arriving at the house, Al was walking through the hallway in front of Lori. And I ran, as fast as my little legs could take me toward them. Poor Al thought I was running to give him a hug, but instead I ran right past him and jumped into Lori's arms. She was one of those people you just loved to hug.
I remember thinking she was the coolest grown-up ever because she was the ONLY grown-up tat would ask ME to play Barbies with her. Every time she would come to visit she would bring a different Barbie to show me, I could have played for hours.
I miss her so much. I am glad I happened to be at the hospital when she passed. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I got to tell her I love her and that she is the strongest person I know. I know she could hear me.
Its going to be really hard for a while, but Al, you are strong too and so are your girls. I will always help you when you need it, I'll be a shoulder to cry on, and I'm a pretty good listener. I love you all so much.

Amanda Marsh (Cousin)
June 8th, 2009
Lori, people ask me how I'm doing and I say "okay." But that just means that I don't happen to be crying at that particular moment.

In truth I am not doing okay. I am desolate, devastated, decimated. I never did well when you went somewhere and left me behind, and this is the supreme example of that.

I suppose it's the nature of husbands to take their wives for granted, so I didn't fully realize until you were gone just to what extent you were the heart and soul of this family. In essence there is no family anymore; just a guy and two kids. You were our sun and our moon and our north star, and I really hope that you know, and always knew, that simple fact. But I doubt that you did. And that would be my fault.

I take some comfort in knowing that now you finally get to see your father again, who visited you so often in your dreams. I imagine you and Roger are getting reacquainted as we speak, and I'm sure you're both delighted. But he could have waited a little longer to see you. I don't know why you had to go when you did. There was so much left unfinished between us. So many promises still to be kept. So many dreams unfulfilled. So many hurts I wanted to make up for. So much of your daughters' childhoods that you will miss out on.

But that's all from my point of view. From your point of view, you are no longer in pain, you no longer have to take 20 pills a day or inject yourself with poisonous chemotherapy drugs. No more endless visits to doctors' offices, the indignity of being weighed, reading golfing magazines, keeping the kids preoccupied (at which you excelled, by the way). No more of the "thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to." Not for you. Not anymore. You are free at last of the body that disappointed you so often, but I hope you know that we loved it. We loved you.

I also take a little comfort in the idea that you are now outside the dimension of time, and so for you, perhaps, we are already with you, also getting reacquainted.

We know that you are fine, and I'm grateful to know that. We here will not be fine so easily, however. It will take time to get to fine. But perhaps this had to happen for us to fully appreciate just how wonderful a soul you were. You really were a soulmate for me, and I don't expect to find another like you in this lifetime.

I never was very good at writing love letters, but I hope that this in some small way makes up for that. If I could do it all again, I would, you know. You taught me a lot in our fifteen years together. I am a better person by far for having known you. Rest in peace, my love. You of all people deserve that.
Allen Marsh (husband)
June 7th, 2009
I met Lori through Liane. Before she came to CSP, Liane told me Lori was her best friend and that I would like her. She was right! Her joy for the Lord radiated through her. Her angelic voice was so wonderful to hear. We had many laughs in choir and I am blessed to have known her. One fond memory is when a huge group went to the mexican restaurant up the street from Concordia. Lori ordered a HUGE margarita, I mean the glass was larger than her face. I think it took 4 of us to finish it!
Lori and I had planned to meet up this spring since her family was in St Louis for a few days. She said she wanted to meet Sophia and get her baby fix. Sadly, that didn't happen. Everyone in my house was sick! We said another time for sure. Well, in heaven for sure Lori. I find peace knowing that she was listening to our E'en So recording at the time of her death. Peace be to you Al and your family.
Sara ONeal ((Friend from Concordia St)
June 7th, 2009
This memorial of Lori made me cry. Lori had a beautiful spirit and she was so talented. I can remember all the goals she had and how many things she juggled at once. She did a lot of living! I can remember plotting with her on how to get Al to commit. Well Lori, we did it. :) You will be missed Lori, but I know we will see each other again. You've accomplished much- you have two beautiful daughters and family and friends that love you. It is wonderful to see that you learned to appreciate the simple things in life. :) You are loved, Oanhie
Oanh Heiser (Friend)
June 7th, 2009
Anna's been keeping me posted. I'm saddened by your loss and hope your family and friends gather around you as you fully grieve. Take care.
Mary Ellen Chiles
June 7th, 2009
Ah, Lori... you were amazing. I had the opportunity to know Lori well during our years together in high school. She was a 'Wyatt' and I was a 'Wood', so during our freshman year we were seated near each other many times. Over the years (along with a Wrightsman and a Williamsen) a friendship that transcended last names began to form. Lori shared my passion and deep respect for music. We frequently talked about musicals and were probably two of the only really 'geeky' girls in high school who enjoyed classical music. We could admit that to one another. Lori had an amazing ear. I believe it was that ear that lead her to be so successful in language acquisition. Lori smoked me in pronunciation and accuracy during Spanish class. However, Lori knew she was an exceptionally gifted speaker, but never once made me feel as though my frequent mispronuciations and dreadful inaccuracies made me any less of a speaker. I appreciated Lori's gentle manner and genuine kindness. I can picture her walking down the hall with big bangs (let's be honest... we ALL had them), a smile on her face, and a graphing calculator in her hand. We shared a passion for medicine, and both of us had a strong desire to be a part of the medical profession. I, too, did not realize that dream, but have found other passions. Lori had a light about her, a deep love for her parents, and an old soul. As often happens when someone passes, I am filled with regret that I did not maintain contact with her over the years. I would have enjoyed talking with her about conducting, child-rearing, and Lupus. When I found out that she, like me, lived in Missouri I was so sad that I didn't get to make connections with her prior to her recent hospitalization. Alan, we are all lifting you and the girls up in prayer and in song. And, as the girls grow... many of us would love to tell them the tales of their mother as a teenage girl. With great fondness and respect,
Jill (Wood) Baker
JIll Baker (High School Friend)
June 7th, 2009
Hearing "Be Ye Glad" in the background on this page makes my eyes well up -- knowing that we are both in there among all those young voices. How touching that "E'en So" was playing in the end. It's like those 40-some friends were gathered in spirit even though they couldn't be there in flesh.

I'll choose to rejoice that you are now free of the pains you had in life.

Farewell, dear friend.

Marc Wedo ("Choir-mate" from Concord)
June 7th, 2009
Lori will be missed in her passing - she was loved for being herself. She made many footprints in her short walk here. Her legacy is left with her family - especially in her husband and through her daughters. I remember the first 'date' of Al and Lori and look forward to seeing her again.
Tom Heiser (friend)
June 7th, 2009
Lori will forever be in our hearts. In the time that I got to know her, she showed what a strong fighter she was. Always there to support others even if she wasn't feeling that good.

Sara Ford (friend via Rav)
June 7th, 2009
Nothing unites children like tormenting their parents.

You're always trying to get back what you squandered when you were trying to grow up too fast.

In the end that's what happens to all of us. The anticipation of death is so scary, but when it actually happens, you just sort of get bumped on the head. And then they do all sorts of odd things with your body.
-after seeing the film "The Blair Witch Project"

I love to look at a plane taking off. It always looks so hopeful.

That one reminds me of Pentecost.
-watching fireworks

I think they have to take a course in seminary on "The Pastor's Office: How to Arrange your Books so it Looks Like You're Studious."

If you were a superhero, you'd be "Don't Put Things Back Man."

You shouldn't go to bed with a man fifteen minutes after meeting him. Just a rule my grandmother taught me.

I've gotta go pick up my certainly disappointing paycheck.

A dirty man, a dirty woman, and a boat. Never saw the appeal.
-thoughts on "The African Queen"

I swear, I get stains on my clothes more than any other person I know, including toddlers.

Dennis: We went to the fair.
Lori: Did you see the hippies on stilts?

If that pesky photographer would get outta the way, I could take some good pictures!
-at Pat & Jody's wedding

Here, sell that. People buy those.

You can go change back into your 'man of many disguises' disguise.

The problem with hardcover books is you have to put them down before you fall asleep or they'll hit you in the head. That hurts.

Fencing is so groovy. I bet if they still taught kids how to sword fight, there wouldn't be as many guns in schools. Then you'd have cool duels in the lunchrooms, instead of shootouts.

I don't even want bubble-gum-flavored bubble gum!

Wow, look at that mower. It doesn't even look like a mower. It looks like a throne. A guy throne. All it needs is a urinal.

What happened to Angie Dickinson? What happened to Shirley McClane? What happened to that totally useless woman? It's like Frank Sinatra had a bunch of friends over eating shrimp cocktail and running through the sprinkler, and he said, "Hey, you wanna be in my movie?" And the girls said, "Sure."
-at the end of the original "Ocean's Eleven."

I am she who can craft anything. I will not be bested by knitting!

It's a book about a man, so there's not much emotion. Mostly just a lot of swearing.

We took her to get her first haircut just 'cause I was sick of having that page in her baby book empty.

I'm the only person in the world for whom sewing is an aerobic exercise.

Can we be spontaneous later?

Well, at least we know it's real meat.
-putting the best construction on the bone in her Chicken McNugget

There are some things I hate buying, like contacts. I feel like I should have free vision from God.

I'm super emotional. My hormones must be going crazy. One minute I'm crying; the next minute I'm crying, but about something different.

I tried to have an eating disorder. I just didn't apply myself.

Al: This is the life, eh, Lori?
Lori: Hmm-mm. The life has more ice cream.

Lori: Wake up, honey.
Al: I'm awake.
Lori: Awake people don't roll over and turn their backs on their wives.

Al: You could be an astronaut too, Lori. You went to Creighton.
Lori: (snorts) If that's all it takes, I pity the space program.

Al: You know my motto.
Lori: What?
Al: Don't have a motto.
Lori: Very deep.
Al: Yep. Like a well.
Lori: Pointless AND bottomless.

Lori: I thought I'd better get you another color besides black.
Al: Why's that?
Lori: They didn't have black.

Al: I love you.
Lori: Of course you do. No one else gets your jokes.

Lori: I'm glad I'm not an elephant.
Al: Why?
Lori: No backrubs.

Oanh: Is someone crying?
Lori: No, that's Dora the Exporer. She always sounds like that.

Al: Did you know that one out of three African Americans in Mississippi has been disenfranchised?
Lori: What does disenfranchised mean?
Al: I don't know.
Lori: Then yes, I did know that.

Lori: I just finished my least favorite part of my day -- washing my face.
Al: Wanna hear something interesting?
Lori: THAT wasn't interesting?

Upon successfully exiting Target without buying anything:
Al: Free!! Unencumbered by bags!
Lori: Pockets still bursting with lint!

Lori: You shouldn't sleep in that shirt.
Al: Why not?
Lori: Because it'll look like you slept in that shirt.

Al: Will you do it?
Lori: Yeah, if I ever get a free minute. Not including this one.

Lori: Are you talking to the dogs?
Al: Yes. How'd you know?
Lori: 'Cause you didn't wait for a response.

Al: You do become disconnected from reality if you become rich too soon.
Lori: Try me.

Lori: No, get in that lane.
Al: I'm driving. You stop talking.
Lori: How do you ever find your way anywhere?
Al: Hey. I can take care of myself. I was driving for years, before you were even in high school!
Lori: Yeah, but how many of those years were you lost?
Allen Marsh (husband)
June 7th, 2009
This is the memorial I set up for Lori Marsh. To add your own comment, click on the "Add Comment" button below.
Allen Marsh
June 6th, 2009
37 entries
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"I just met Lori's mom at the nursing home in Stromsburg, and she shared this link with me. What a special lady! I was moved to tears as I read about her. I also know her sister Sue and feel a special closeness to your family. Peace be to her memor"
Jan Randell
September 2nd, 2009
"Allen, my first born nephew, and Lori, the first in-law to join our small family - I give thanks for the joy you brought to each other and to our family. I continue to keep you Allen, Lilly and Elie in my daily prayers."
Carolee Allen Grumm
July 8th, 2009
"I was a high school classmate of Lori's. We didn't know each other well but I wanted you to know this site is a tribute to Lori, but also to your relationship...you obviously blessed each other's lives. Prayers to you and your family."
Sadie (Peterson) Bohnenkamp
July 5th, 2009
"I don't know Lori or your family, I received notice from Concordia of her passing. My deep condolences to all who are missing Lori and grieving...may the Lord comfort you and keep you close. Blessings..."
Deana Siekmann
June 13th, 2009
"Although I didn't know Lori, but I received the notice from Condcordia college. it sure sounds like she was a great gal, and you and your family are in my prayers. God Bless- Summer Benoit"
Summer Benoit
June 12th, 2009
"Austin and I are holding you close in prayer. I will never forget the beautiful card Lori crafted following Eleanor's birth. Her special talents, motherly love, and gentle spirit were woven throughout the card. Our thoughts and prayers."
June Huff
June 11th, 2009
"Al, It is with great sadness that I got this news as I just started a facebook account today, June 11. My heart goes out to you and your daughter, to Lori's family and yours. I enjoyed Lori's company at our ten year reunion."
Pete Centner
June 11th, 2009
"Al, You and the girls are in our prayers! What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, wonderful woman! We will all miss Lori! Love, Vickie Petersen"
Vickie Petersen
June 10th, 2009
"I didn't know Lori personally. As a fellow knitter, I came across the information about her passing on Ravelry and wanted to let her family know that they are in my prayers today. May God grant you peace in this time of sorrow."
Missy Hoffman
June 8th, 2009


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