Larry Feldman
(1958 - 2009)

Larry Feldman

February 6, 1958

March 11, 2009

Guest Book
Was just thinking about you...miss you
Matthew Frank (Friend)
November 19th, 2013
I miss you every day Larry.
Karen Antuzzi (sister)
December 20th, 2011
You have tought me alot about life.
Joel Brenner (Friend)
November 18th, 2010
Where do you begin after 41 years of losing a best friend,big brother,mentor, confidante and someone I highly respected.The simple answer that applies here is with the greatest of difficulty. When I was 9 and Larry was 10, our familes quickly embraced one another and became intertwined at the right time. Even though Larry and I were in different grades, we instantly hit it off and from that point on we formed a 41 year friendship. This was filled with mutual admiration, deep respect and a love that always remained unsaid but we always knew. I always felt Larry was more of a big brother to me and when my older brother passed away almost 6 years ago at the age of 45, Larry was there for me before and after his passing. His profoundness was extremely soothing and he had this uncanny abilty to always have that most appropriate thing say to bring you back up a notch.The fact that I was Larry's oldest friend for 41 years spoke volumes to the both of us and every year we would say "can you believe we know each other for -- years"? I know how much that meant to Larry and we both treasured a very special and unique friendship that could never be duplicated. We were in unrelated businesses and we always enjoyed the banter of "how's business" and I would reply and then ask him "how is business in his world" which would lead us down many different paths in conversation. He would offer his opinions, objectiveness,inquisitiveness and always brought many valid points up without even being in my field. Larry I always looked up to and will always have a profound effect on my life. We never in 41 years ever fought which is so rare in such a long friendship. We both played sports together ever so competitively but I will tell you that he was a gifted athlete in all sports we enjoyed. The fact is that Larry elevated my game by the constant challenge of trying to beat him. We as kids played many rough tackle football in my backyard and let me say that we all had some fierce games back then. Our next love was tennis which were some of the most explosive games we would play over at the five corners courts. Blaire and even my own family could attest to witnessing some of the most intense tennis we have ever played. Once again Larry helped elevate my own game to compete with him and he to this day made me a much better player. We actually had groups of people that would sit down on the benches or stand up and watch us which was a compliment to both of us. The next game that became so adiciting for us was golf.We started playing as teenagers and then of course until recently.Larry had one of the most fluid golf swings I have ever seen for an amateur. Once again he brought my own game up a notch and we had so many great memories of playing at one another's club and even way back when we were younger. He played fiercely just as if he was in a business mode. The fact is other than sports, Larry taught me about being more positive, the meaning of friendship,humility, being more introspective,and how important family is and that life is way too short and live each and every day as if it was your last. I promise to watch over Blaire, Cooper and Mallie and to always keep them out of harm's way as I know you would want me to. Larry I only wish I had the opportunity to have told you I love you and how much your friendship meant the world to me and your loss is uncomprehensible. You will always live in my heart and I think about you every day and I am left with all the treasured memories that will live on forever. I miss you more than you will ever know and May you rest in peace.
Love Always,
Gregg Saul
Gregg Saul (Friend / Brother)
April 3rd, 2009
just wanted to put these in for you:
ELDMAN--Lawrence S. Farrell Fritz, P.C. deeply regrets the passing of Larry Feldman, their partner and friend for many years. Larry was born on February 6, 1958. He was educated at Drew University and received a law degree from Touro Law School in 1983. Larry joined Farrell Fritz in 2002 as a partner in the Real Estate and Land Use Groups. Throughout his years as an attorney, Mr. Feldman was a trusted adviser to real estate owners and developers as well as business owners, tenants and real estate professionals alike. He served as counsel to the Commercial Industrial Brokers Society ("CIBS"), where he developed an excellent working relationship with every major brokerage house and substantially every active member of CIBS. Mr. Feldman was involved in the Men's Division of the Schneider's Children's Medical Hospital, and, from 1997 through 2002, served on the board of directors of the Huntington Arts Council. He was most recently involved with some of the most exciting and innovative commercial real estate development projects on Long Island. Larry was a distinguished lawyer, an astute businessman, a thoughtful mentor, and a wise and compassionate human being. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered. Larry is survived by his wife, Blaire; a son, Cooper; a daughter, Mallie; and three sisters, Alisa Secofsky, Jane Ornato and Karen Antuzzi.
debbie sondock (friend)
March 22nd, 2009
From the first time we met, I knew Larry and I were kindred spirits. Two young attorneys starting our careers, talking about work and what we thought, liked and didn’t like about the law and our lives. As two young couples living in the city, Larry, Blair, Ricky and I bonded and then we sold our apartment to Larry and Blair and the relationship flourished. When we moved out the Long Island, the friendship continued to grow as Larry and Blair soon joined us and the restaurant dates started and our wine tasting and drinking drew us closer. And then we decided to open the yoga studio and Larry and Blair were two of our greatest proponents. It was another great thing to share. It’s not often that two couples can sit down and instantly the conversations among all of us start. Usually the women talk and the men speak separately, but we most always talked as a group and it was a great way to share our lives. I will sorely miss having Larry’s physical presence as a part of this group. But I know that he will continue to be there with us and his memory will always be with me. He was truly a great friend and I feel privileged to have had that friendship.
Leslie Luft (friend)
March 16th, 2009
I have tried to express to my family and friends these past few days about how I feel about Larry. I’ve used words and expressions like “he’s the best, there’s no one else like him, and he’s the first person I think of or want to call when I have a real problem.” Larry and I may not have seen each or spoken on the phone as frequently as others, but the love and incredible respect I feel for him is undeniable. I truly know I am a much better and wiser person because of our friendship. I will miss him dearly.
Ricky Luft (friend)
March 16th, 2009
I have met few people in life that I consider a mentor. Larry was one of them. Larry was a trusted friend. He was somebody that I would never lose touch with. I am honored to have known him and I will always remember his infectious smile and voice. He spoke with kindness, clarity and conviction. He was a tireless listener. When he spoke, his words had true meaning. We started working at Farrell Fritz the same day and met for our "picture session." After some small talk, we realized we also shared the same birthday. As I returned from having my picture taken and still being blessed with a full head of hair, Larry turned to me and said "dude, can I borrow your hair for my picture." We laughed as was always the case when we were together. He was special. He was real. He was never afraid to point out his own flaws and was the first to help in a time of need. I felt alive when I was with him because he swallowed life. He ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He was a brilliant thinker. Most of all when I was with Larry, I felt his equal. That is what defines a friendship. I know he looked to me for youthful inspiration and I hope in some small way I touched his spirit the way he touched mine. For that I am forever thankful.
Adam Miller (friend/former colleague)
March 16th, 2009

(email back to Jimmy Neisloss about the death of our dear friend, Larry Feldman.)

Jimmy...I am fine...I’m just very emotional...I am sad and angry that Larry is gone and that we could have become even better friends…all the future good times lost. Yet, I feel the love, comfort and warmth from everyone that comes together at his home to consol Blaire and Cooper and Mallie and each other, including you, who was so touched by Larry.

It is amazing how we race through life and don't stop to relish the friends who inspire us to believe in ourselves, achieve more than we thought we could accomplish and, conversely, consider the impact we have on our friends and family.

Larry’s friendship with me (over the past 6 years) had a great impact on my life and, likely, so will his death.

Larry would be surprised and touched by all the attention he is getting from all of us.

Larry craved intimacy from his friends. He remarked to me how he valued my introspection, my willingness to speak so openly with him about my feelings and admitted that he too was introspective.

Larry truly appreciated acts of friendship. After his surgery Larry worked from the house; I insisted that we have lunch and brought in sandwiches for us. He was so appreciative and mushy to the point that I told him to “shut up”, it was not such a big deal and that I was hungry and wanted to eat… he quipped in that Larry wit how I forgot the desert.

Larry was sometimes self-deprecating, once telling me that he wished he could be more satisfied with life and more optimistic, like me. Like me!? This seemed very strange to me, since I always thought of myself as negative; negative about Government and the Long Island real estate market. Larry reasoned that my passionate belief in less Government and Liberty meant that I had an unusually high level of optimism about people…that left to their own devices, people would actually be virtuous and that such optimism made me a happier person.

There were numerous occasions with Larry when his insight would blow me away.

I remarked that he was too tough on himself and that he took himself too seriously. Larry would grin at me, challenging me “that you can’t be serious” and that I was the “pot calling the kettle black”

Larry was incredibly perceptive with a sharp and cutting wit…he wouldn’t let you get away with any subversive comment or graceful platitude. You had to be real, truthful and on your toes.

Larry was loyal…”the enemy of my friend is my enemy.” Similarly, “the friend of my friend is my friend.”

Larry would critique my writing and arguments…not to disagree with me but to demonstrate how to make my arguments more palatable and persuasive…even if he did not agree with me.

Larry was a “master chef” cooking up creative ideas and making his case…if he had not been a zoning attorney, I think Larry would have been an extraordinary film producer and director.

One of Larry's strengths and weaknesses was that he intertwined personal relationships so closely with business. He had a difficult time separating the two. He would form very close personal relationships with his clients and associates…to the point that he could not separate the two.

Larry was one of my most intense friends. There was no half speed or half ass with Larry. He worked hard and played hard.

Larry would work on his client’s projects as if they were his own. It was natural for him to decide to take an equity interest in some of his client’s projects or look for a project to bring one of his friends. Larry figured that he was emotionally wired that way and he might as well invest his money and reap the rewards (or loses) since he would believe so passionately in the project and could not resist his tendency to invest his intensity, stress and dedication as well.

Larry picked one of the most stressful careers known to Man, zoning law in the “Land of NO”.

Larry’s career was to find a path to YES in the “Land of NO”. But in the “Land of No” there is no rhyme or reason and too often a YES is subsequently blindsided by No.

There is nothing more irrational, uncertain and stressful than representing a property owner fighting for his rights to use and develop his own property against both the ugly depravity of the Masses and the absurdity of Government.

It is a Herculean task and all consuming...but Larry loved the mixture of people, politics and real estate and making money to create a better life for Blaire and Cooper and Mallie.

In the end, the stress and bad luck took its course.

Larry is looking down on us with that Larry grin, "I can't believe I could bench press more than Dave thinks he can press, or could kick Joe’s ass heads up…and yet I died before all you guys”…”I can’t believe that all you guys really cared so much"..."why the hell didn’t we connect like this when I was alive"…”all of you need to learn to appreciate each other and balance work and family and friendship.”

His final words would be “if you really cared about me and if you are sincere, you will talk about me on the tee box…remember me at special moments in your life and share some of your
special moments with Blaire and Cooper and Mallie.”

I love you and miss you buddy…and won’t let you down.

Clifford Sondock
6 Crane Road
Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743
Clifford Sondock (friend)
March 16th, 2009
Blaire, Cooper & Mallie,
It is difficult to find appropriate words to express the profound sadness we all feel. Larry was a terrific guy with a remarkable ability to see things as they were and to cut through all of the noise to get to the heart of an issue. As a partner, he made us all better -- forcing us to think "outside the box" and pushing us to be as good as we could be. As a friend, he was generous, insightful and supportive. Even as recently as this week, he was upbeat and optimistic.
He will be sorely missed.
We will keep you and him in our thoughts and prayers.
With heartfelt sympathy.
Bob Creighton (Colleague)
March 16th, 2009
I will never forget how Larry seeked me out during Cooper's Bar Mitzvah party to give me support and encouraging words during a very rough time of my life. I wish that I had gotten to know him better.May he rest in peace,Steve Eisenberg.
Steve eisenberg (friend)
March 15th, 2009
Larry was a class act. A deep and strategic thinker, always putting clients' interests above all else. It was a privilege to be his law partner. Please know that having worked with him, I learned from him in many ways. May he rest in peace, and may peace be with you. God Bless.
Jim Wicks (Law Partner)
March 14th, 2009

I know you expressed a concern about Larry being remembered. I can tell you I will surely remember him, both professionally and personally, and think about him often. And I can assure you that Larry's legacy will live on in our (CIBS) organization for many years to come. Larry was a "doer" and a truly valuable and always appreciated "participant". His presence and wit will be sorely missed. He was an "obviously honest and super-intelligent" individual, always there when you needed him, and never shy to speak his mind in an "always constructive" manner.
My condolences go out to you and your family.
Jeff Schwartzberg (President-CIBS / Friend)
March 14th, 2009
I joined Farrell Fritz in 2006 so I didn't know Larry for that long. However, I knew him well enough to know that he was a good, caring person. He always spoke glowingly of his family and he was dedicated to the firm. When the firm re-vamped the mentoring program, he called and said "what can I do?" More recently, when the firm started an initiative to attract more public company clients, he told me he knew the GC of a public company and immediately set up a lunch. Obviously, those are only two examples of the type of man he was. He will be missed. You have my deepest sympathies.
Nancy Lieberman (Law Partner)
March 13th, 2009
May he rest in peace.
Gordon Jensen
March 13th, 2009
Our sincere condolences for your loss. Friends and family are encouraged to leave their own thoughts. Just click on the "Add Comment" button below.
iLasting Staff
March 12th, 2009
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"Blaire, May his memory be for a blessing and bring you comfort at this difficult time. Love Amy"
Amy Mantione
March 13th, 2009


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