Kyran David Russell Simmons
(1990 - 2007)

Kyran David Russell Simmons
Nickname: KyKy

AL, United States of America
June 4, 1990

September 29, 2007

This site is dedicated to my precious baby son Kyran David Russell Simmons. Kyran came bouncing in this world on June 4, 1990 weighing 6lbs 1ozs. He had beautiful blue eyes and dark hair. He was my angel from Heaven. He was my gift from Heaven. I adored him. He was my 3rd boy and my last. I wanted to do everything right with him. I worked throughout my pregnancy, ate good food, no smoking, no drugs, no caffaine. I did everything by the book. When he was born I breastfeed him and that was all that entered his system till he was 4 months old. He wore cloth diapers and when he was able to eat solid food I made his baby food from the food I cooked for the rest of my family. He was always healthy his whole life. He was a joy to all of us. As he grew older he was very active. He was diagnosed with ADHD so he was a very challenging child. I kept him with me most all of the time because it was hard for other people to watch him. I would take him to work with me alot. He worked with me even up to his teenage years. He grew up to be a very smart hardworking young man. He had a smile and looks that would turn everyones head in a room full of people. He loved people and loved life. He was devoted to his family. He was very thoughtful, kind and considerate to others. He was great with children and the elderly as well. I am very proud to be his mother. God blessed me with a beautiful jewel. Kyran was attending school before he passed and had big plans for his future. He knew what he wanted out of life. He was very positive, happy and focused. The summer before he passed we spent alot of time together. He would hang out with me more than he did his friends. I have so many beautiful memories. We spent time shopping, playing at the beach and just going for a ride to chill out and listen to music. I was teaching him all of my recipes every night when I was cooking dinner so he would learn how to cook. He loved a good steak and we had many last summer. He always hugged me really big and told me how much he loved me often everyday. Sometimes I look back now and it seems as if he almost knew that we were spending our last days together. Our last Christmas was 2006 and it was the best Christmas ever. He had all of his presents together and he was so proud of them. Everyone that he opened and was extremely excited. I will never forget that day. I had no idea then it would be my last. When Easter came I bought him a new outfit and he went to church with me. We took pictures that I will cheerish forever. My last Mother's day was truly special. He bought me a little waterfall. He said it would help me relax. I dearly loved it. The summer before I bought him his first car. He was estatic about it. I thought he was going to wash the paint off of it. He cheerished it and I was so proud I bought it. I knew how much he appreciated it by watching him with it. Kyran was my buddy, my heart and sole. When the Lord came to take him home I felt as if I had died. I was so empty. It felt as if my heart was ripped from me with no anesthesia. Had I not known Gods Grace I would not be here today. The Lord has been with me every moment. I know Kyran is with me each and every day. I feel so close to Kyran's spirit and the Lord everyday. I love and miss my child dearly. I have learned so much from my childs life then and now. He loved life and was so happy. He did not stress about things. He always told me "Mom we will make it thru anything together" very powerful statement from a 17 year old. After Kyran passed I purchased a Yorkiepoo. He is a teacup and now weights 5.0lbs. He just turned a year old. I named him Russell after Kyrans middle name. He has been great therapy for me. I would have never guessed. Russell has been there for every emotion that I have experienced. He listens,loves,plays and cares. So unconditional as the way the Lord loves me. I am a very stong woman and I love the Lord. This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. My life has changed forever. I will make it and I will live the rest of my life as my son did. He would not want me to be sad. He always wanted me to be happy. I will be until we are in Heaven together. I want him to be proud of me as he looks down at me from Heaven. I have my own personal Angel in Heaven. He was an Angel from Heaven given to me by the Lord to cheerish and enjoy. He has just returned to Heaven as an Angel because the Lord has a great task for him to fulfill in Heaven. I will always love and miss him.

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I think about you all the time.. you were like a little bro... Miss you Bro Rest In Peace - Rory
Rory Stocks (Friend )
September 17th, 2016
Miss you ! It's been way too long !!! Watch over your brother he needs you even more today than yesterday !!! Show him right path and help him discover who he is !!!!! He misses you so so so bad !!!!
Missing you
October 20th, 2015
I think about you all the the time kyro you were my lil bro no matter what I love you and will never forget u I know your watching over us all and I can't wait to see you one day me and had some of the best times of our lifes together I named my daughter kyleigh using the ky from u and Leigh from the mothers middle name I love u and always will and your mom and brother no matter what the feelings are
one and only (like a bro)
March 11th, 2013
Kyran ... I love you to the moon and back. You're the little brother I never had and words can't describe how many people truly love and miss you! You were so young ... So full of life. You'll never know how much of an impact you had on my life. I love you and cherish you always. I'll see you when I see you and I hope you greet me with that beautiful, carefree smile you always carry! :-)
Ashleigh Hill- Hoffman (Friend)
September 8th, 2012
Not a day goes by i dont think of you bud ... i hope your watching over all of us keeping us out of harms way ... so many memories at school going skating on the weekends haha .. man those were the good ole days ... we raised hell but we behaved when we had too .. peace and love - Landon James Rickles
Landon Rickles (single )
September 29th, 2010
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"Donna i may not have met you but i cannot even know the pain you must have went through.& still be going through.This is a very good and understanding website.everything i needed answerd You Answerd them for me <3 Benz"
Mercedes scott
February 18th, 2009
"I miss KyKy soo much. The memories of us playing at Aunt Gail's when we were little, i'll cherish the rest of my life and never forget."
Lyndsey Tyree
September 19th, 2008
"God picked a beautiful flower here on earth to go bloom in Heaven. I love you and miss your smiling face. I miss your hugs. You are FOREVER in my heart"
Donna Hedrick
September 18th, 2008


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