Ken Potochnic
(1972 - 2010)

Ken Potochnic

United States of America
February 8, 1972

United Kingdom
August 27, 2010

This site is dedicated to Ken Potochnic, who died unexpectedly on 27 August 2010. Ken is survived by his wife Jenny, and son, Jacob.

This site is designed to be a forum for family and friends of Ken to share and celebrate his life.

Jen has asked that in lieu of flowers if people would help memorialize Ken through the sharing of memories, stories, and thoughts. Her wish is to paint the picture of the man that Ken was for his son. If you wish to leave a special message for Jacob or a donation to Jacob's Trust Fund, please also visit

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I was saddened to learn that Ken passed away. We worked together as Arabic linguists at Fort Meade, Maryland in fall,1993. Ken was an intent listener, both at work and personally. I was the only Canadian soldier in our office and Ken was my trainer. I relied on him as a 'second ear' when I ran into trouble with a transcription, and he was glad to help. At the time I had a feeling that his life would be very interesting and he would go far in this world. He was a fine person and I will always remember his humor, wit and comradery.
Terence Brennen (Military)
July 26th, 2017
I met Ken in Istanbul in 1999. I lived across the hall from him in the dorms at Bogazici University. He was smart, polite, and kind. He helped organize a birthday party for me. One of my favorite memories of Ken is how he'd read the newspaper and highlight it as he read! A year or two later, when I told him I was coming to Austin to interview at the University, he found a place for me to stay with a friend and spent the day showing me around the city and wouldn't even let me pay for anything. What a nice host!
I know it's been several years now, but I am sad to learn of Ken's passing. I wish Jenny and Jacob the very best.
Denise Lash (friend )
June 1st, 2016
My family lived across the street from Ken for many years. My sister and I were good friends with Meridith, Jennifer, and Ken for many years. Ken and I were the same age and went to school together and attended CCD together. If there is one thing I will never forget is the wonderful sense of humor the whole family had.
I lost touch with the family when I went away to College.
I wondered many times about him over the years. I finally reconnected with Merdith aproxiatemately 5 years ago upon finding her on Face Book. I had no idea he passed. I just found out tonight due to a post Merdith send. I am in shock! I instantly turned to google and found this page.
One thing I can say for sure, is that he definitely lived life to the fullest! Reading all of the stories, adventures, his dedication to his work and his family is just Amazing!!!
Jacob... You come from a strong blood line of family, that listened to their heart, has a strong dedication to what matters to them, a strong connection to God, and always remembered to laugh! If that is NOT the definition of living a full live... I don't know what is! Many people love long lives but not always a full live. Please let that be your legacy... Never be afraid to live... Like your Dad!
You have a strong family that loves you to the Moon and Back.
Your Dad will always guide you on your way through life!
I'm proud of you Jacob and I know you will always make Daddy proud!
Praying for the entire family with my whole heart! 🙏❤️
Heather McCluskey (Friend/ neighbor)
August 27th, 2015
I was stunned to hear about Ken's passing. Ken was one of the smartest, wittiest, and all-around most interesting people I've ever known. There are hundreds of stories I could tell about his Army days; suffice it to say that Ken and I shared many a beer-soaked, wheels-off adventure, both here in the States and overseas. Together we stood atop Mt. Sinai at dawn, rode around the Great Pyramids on broken-down, rented donkeys, and floated on the Dead Sea. We also dragged each other's too-inebriated-to-walk selves out of Baltimore pubs, were unruly guests at a wedding in rural West Virginia, and went bar-hopping in Athens, GA. It was Ken who goaded me into eating my first bite of sushi, who recommended countless great books to me, and who I looked to as an example of how intellectually curious a person ought to be. I spent many an afternoon hanging out in Ken's barracks room watching TV, where you were as apt to sit in comfortable silence for hours as you were to be swept up in hilarious or thought-provoking conversation. Now that Ken is no longer with us, I feel blessed to have lived those times with him.

Yet at the same time, the Ken I knew would have snickered at my sentiment. He was an intensely practical guy, and was skeptical of those who were their emotions on their sleeve (I can picture him smirking at me as I type this). But he was also thoughtful and caring, and I think he would have been deeply moved by all the kind words that have been written about him -- even if he didn't let it show.

Ma' as-salama, ya akhi. You won't be forgotten.
Joe Miguez (Friend/colleague (Army))
October 28th, 2010
Dear Ken,
You will be missed very much! Over the last couple of years, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with you. While working with you, I learned not only a great deal on statistical analysis, but on life. You were a great role model for finding and doing what makes you happy and always remembering work comes second to family. You have a left a piece of you with all of the colleague’s you've worked with and the work you've touched. You’ll always be remembered.
Bryan Anderson (Friend and colleague)
October 10th, 2010
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"Rest in peace, Ken. I'll miss you. Save me a spot next to you."
Omer Ofleh
February 3rd, 2011
"I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Ken as he started his assignment in Perth, a brilliant mind matched by a rare modesty and desire to help others. Ken, you were a gentleman and a scholar, you are greatly missed."
David Maclean
September 14th, 2010
"It is so sad to see leaving such a smart and funny person. Ken, you are very much missed down here on earth. I am sure you will keep taking care of your family from Heaven."
David Juarez-Navarro
September 10th, 2010
"Ken was an incredibly capable business analyst, a very hard and dedicated worker and just a great guy to be around. He could bring a different and insightful perspective to complicated matters and had a great sense of humour - he is sorely missed."
Gerry Borghesi
September 10th, 2010
"Maya Angelou once said "You don't remember what people did or said, you remember how they made you feel." Ken was the kind of guy that always made you smile and realise that there are truly nice people in the world. He will be missed..."
Debra Pennington-Bick
September 9th, 2010
"Ken, I have not personally met you but I've heard so many great things about you, especially abt. your expertise in Excel and more importantly what a great friend you were to many! You'll be missed. Vincentia Yuniarti-Houston."
Vincentia Yuniarti
September 7th, 2010
"Not only was Ken really smart, but he was also great company. I particularly remember an fun evening out with Ken eating a meal by the river in Perth. His wit and humour will be sorely missed."
Andy Hubbard
September 5th, 2010
"I had the pleasure of working with Ken many times, most recently in London. I consider his greatest attributes to be his keen intellect and quick wit. As an analyst and mathematician - he reminds me of the smart brother in the TV show NUMB3RS (only"
John Payne
September 3rd, 2010


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