Kay Marie Kirchner
(1959 - 2009)

Kay Marie Kirchner

Massachusetts, United States of America
July 14, 1959

Texas, United States of America
August 17, 2009

This site is dedicated to our beloved Kay Kirchner. Please feel free to upload pictures, sign the Guest Book, light candles, and share special stories of Kay. May her light always shine and warm our hearts.

After a long, hard 4 year battle with cancer, Kay went home to be with the Lord on August 17, 2009. We are thankful she is now out of pain and with the Lord. We want to thank all of her friends, doctors, members of Coast Christian Fellowship, and friends of Christ Chapel who cared for her, comforted her, provided her friendships to ease her pain, and strength for the journey. May God Bless you all.

Here is a letter that Kay dictated on 7-12-2009 to be read at her memorial in California...

"To My Dear Friends,

I just wanted to say, 'You know how some people are rich, and they value things like houses, and money, and cars? Well those things were never important to me. But I was rich because I valued friendships, and I am so rich because I have so many valuable friendships.

I cannot list everyone's names that has been valuable to me, all of my family, and each one of you here today; but you each have a special place in my heart, and I love you.

I just wanted you to know that I will see each one of you again; I am going first, but I will be waiting for each one of you to come.'"
Until we meet again,


As a beautiful white dove appeared,
We felt Jesus near,
Kay had become so very tired.
Her strength in the fight admired.
We begged for her to stay,
But she was too weak and fray.
We never thought this day would come.
She prayed for the Lord to quickly take her home.

As the summer wind blows,
The bright rays of sunshine glow.
He gently took her by the hand and took away her fears,
And softly wiped away her tears.
He comforted her strain,
And took away her pain.

As we wept and cried, it was time to say goodbye.
He gave her wings to fly,
As beautiful as a white dove.
To remind us of his everlasting an undying love.
She was a glowing angel in the sky,
With Jesus by her side.
As they flew away,
We knew we would travel the same path one day.
For His amazing grace,
Promises us an eternal resting place.

As we looked into the blue sky above,
There flew away a white dove.
Sometimes it seems life is unfair,
But He kept His promise and answered her prayers,
Because He loves us and He cares

Until we meet again,
Goodbye our beloved sister, our aunt, our friend.

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Guest Book (7 entries)
Happy birthday Kay! Gone but not forgotten. Always in my thoughts.
Socorro Sisneros (Friend)
July 15th, 2014
Dear Kay,

Just dropping in to let you know I haven't forgotten you. I still think of you often and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday up there. I still tell your story about double dippers and what a fanatic you were about soaps!! Can you believe I still have your number in my cell phone... I know one day I'll have the courage to delete it... You were a wonderful mother to the twins, a great sister, an awesome aunt, and an amazing friend. I'm never going to forget you.

Always in my thoughts...
Your friend,
Socorro Sisneros
Socorro Sisneros (Friend)
July 5th, 2012
Kaddles.... I'm just stopping by because I know your birthday was in July. I'm a few days late but better late than never. I hope you are dancing with the Angels and watching over us. I think of you often and everytime I'm eating chips and dip or tortilla chips and salsa, I always remember how you did not share because you don't like double dippers!!! It makes me laugh everytime and I always refer back to "I had a friend named Kay......." You are missed but I know you are in a much better place.

Socorro Sisneros (Friend)
July 19th, 2011
Dear Kay,
We miss you very much, but are so glad you are with Jesus and my Grandma Bee. It was bittersweet losing you and I am so very excited to see you again in heaven! I know you are watching us all and I know you will be watching on my wedding day! I know you will be there in spirit. Love you always, and miss you always. THank you for always gracing our family with your love and smiles. I loved our talks and our moments together. Thank you for being apart of our Canty family. Love you, Tell Grandma Bee we miss her too! LOve always. Crystal
Crystal Canty (Family Friend)
October 18th, 2009
Each one of us here today represent a different facet of Kay’s life. Each one of us came into Kay’s life at different times of her life.

No doubt Lynn has been in Kay’s life the longest of all those here today…
Lynn has been in Kay’s life: 49 YEARS
And the twins, Ron & Melissa have been in Kay’s life: 42 years

I came into Kay’s life 35 years ago: in 1974 while Kay was a freshman in High School. I had already graduated in June of ’73; I am four years older than Kay. By all natural paths, Kay’s life and my life should never have crossed. But God had other plans; as a freshman Kay had a teacher named Miss Omdahl; I also had that teacher in my senior year. I came to know that Miss Omdahl was a Christian, who passionately loved the Lord and desired to impact her student’s lives for Christ.

Miss Omdahl and I were still connected after I graduated high school; in fact some days I would go back to Leuzinger on my lunch hour and visit Miss Omdahl. Miss Omdahl found herself in a complicated situation; she had a new student who had a difficult home life, and at times her attendance was affected by her difficult circumstances. When Miss Omdahl became aware that Kay’s mother was in the hospital, she knew this left four minors in the home alone and unsupervised. Legally Miss Omdahl should have reported this situation, however, Kay had confided in Miss Omdahl, and Miss Omdahl did not want to betray Kay’s trust. Miss Omdahl felt she needed to do something for this family, but didn’t know how exactly she could help… so Miss Omdahl’s solution was:

I did not readily accept my new “mission”. I told Miss Omdahl’s I really wasn’t the right person for this mission, after all, I barely knew Kay, and really what could I do to remedy the situation? Miss Omdahl, asked, “Well then could you at least bring over a dinner?” To that I agreed. I brought some pasta over to the young family, only to find out, that Kay could cook pasta just fine, but she was happy because it was her favorite meal… well, and I cooked it a bit differently.

Soon afterwards, Kay’s mother came home from the hospital, and I felt like that I had accomplished my mission, and was ready to leave this family as I had found them. BUT GOD, and Kay had other things in mind. Kay had heard I was a Christian, no doubt from Miss Omdahl, so Kay asked if I would take her to church.

Well, that was a bit of a problem for me. I was attending an Italian church in Alhambra, and my car was already full, and Alhambra was quite a distance, and in addition…in this old fashioned Italian church all attending members were required to wear a dress and a veil. I knew this would not exactly match the needs of the new friends God was sending my way to take to church.

At that time I was working at my first job, Hitachi Manufacturing Division. While I was busy praying for the Lord to show me a solution to my problem, I was meeting a new person at my job… he was a bit unusual. He had long, curly red hair, a definite hippy! It was the Seventies!

My new red headed friend’s name was Scott Mulvey, we spoke each day at break and lunch, but he was always anxious to read his book called, “A Royal Priesthood”. I concluded this strange young man must be involved in a cult of some kind; however, my spirit and his spirit seemed to connect. Soon I came to learn that my friend was a Christian, and his book about the Royal Priesthood explained about the Old Testament priests, and how they ministered in Moses’ Tabernacle, and how we ourselves are priests before the Lord, and ultimately, that Jesus is our high priest. Well now my new friend intrigued me more than ever!

Soon I told my new friend Scott about my predicament. How I was somehow increasingly befriending people who I was bringing to church, but it was difficult driving to the Alhambra Italian Christian Assembly of believers; in addition, I told him that the young ladies in my group were not too keen on wearing a dress and a veil to church. Perplexed, my new friend Scott said, well I am not sure why you mus t wear a dress to your church, however, young ladies are not required to wear a dress or a veil at my church. I was as perplexed as he. You mean there is a church that you can attend without wearing a dress or a veil? And so Scott Mulvey, invited me (and my group) to a little church called Christ Chapel, meeting on Imperial Highway.

Well I quickly passed this news on, and soon my car was full of young people off to explore this new little church, which we soon nicknamed, “the Hippie Church.” In one of the very first services in which we attended, David Alexander gave his heart to the Lord, he is now working with YWAM and is a missionary in Jamaica. One of the following church services, Kay gave her heart to the Lord in that little church on Imperial, following up on a commitment to the Lord she had already made with Miss Omdahl at school. Kay was ecstatic to learn that one of her new friends and neighbors who also had been speaking to her about the Lord and inviting her to church was also attending “the Hippie church”; her name was Linda Costa (but she wasn’t married as yet, I cannot remember her maiden name.) So Kay could ride with either her friend Linda, or Cheryl to attend church. Either way, Kay was going to church!

Through the years Kay become like family to me. She was in my wedding, and we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this month. Kay was at all three of my children’s baby showers; at all three of my children’s baby dedications; at most of my children’s birthdays; at all of their graduations (with the exception of Rachel’s in Oregon last year 2008); because she wasn’t strong enough… and she actually apologized for being unable to go to Oregon with our family! However, she attended Rachel’s graduation party here in Palos Verdes when we returned. In fact it saddened Kay, that she knew she probably would not be able to be at Crystal’s wedding, next year, in November 1010.

But I can tell you this…. Kay will be at another wedding… When Christ returns and takes His bride Home; she will be at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

Kay also had a special place in my mother’s heart. My mother was the kind of person, you had to earn her respect; and Kay earned my mother’s respect. My mother admired Kay for her determination and hard work to keep her family together, and to care for her family. My mother went home to be with the Lord, last year, in July 2008. I failed to mention that Miss Omdahl also went home to be with the Lord in 2003. I have NO DOUBT that when Kay walked trough those Heavenly Gates to meet her Saviour on August 17, 2009, that she was greet by Miss Omdahl and my mother, as well as John Alaniva, and so many, many more!

Before I conclude, I want to say that I had the opportunity and privilege to go to Texas for Kay’s 50th birthday in July of this year. Kay wanted to be fifty before she went home with the Lord… and you know… God granted her that desire.

You see Kay was ready to go HOME to meet her Lord & Saviour… She KNEW Him… it was her desire that you are also ready to meet HIM when He calls your name.

When I was there in TEXAS Kay gave me certain instructions for this service; instructions about worship, and about the songs she wanted today. She dictated the following letter to me and she asked me to read it to you (SEE THE MEMORIAL PAGE FOR KAY'S LETTER).

Following the letter Kay asked me to play a DVD of photos taken at her 2006 Celebration of Life. This DVD, Kay said, is dedicated to YOU; to HER FRIENDS here today. (MOST PICTURES ARE IN SLIDE SHOW ON PHOTO AND MEMORIAL PAGES.)

Listen carefully and you will hear the songs she requested, especially…


Cheryl Canty (Friend)
October 6th, 2009
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"Happy 55th birthday Kay! Thanks for giving us cherished memories to warm our hearts. We miss and love you."
Lesa Sorensen
July 14th, 2014
"On your anniversary we moved Amanda into her college dorm. I know you are watching over us from Heaven and would be so proud of her and Matt. They've grown into fine young adults. Missing you terribly on every milestone. In our hearts forever."
Lesa Sorensen
August 21st, 2013
"Happy Thanksgiving Kay. This was our first one without you and you were in our thoughts and prayers. We know you had a great Thanksgiving with Jesus. Love, Lesa"
Lesa Sorensen
November 27th, 2009
"...now I find myself thinking, "Where's Kay?" "Will Kay be coming for Thanksgiving?" "Haven't heard from Kay lately?" "Maybe we should go out" "Wonder if she wants to come over for our Christmas Party" Really missing you Kay!"
Cheryl Canty
October 19th, 2009
"People think I did so much for you in your last days, and for the Memorial Service... but honestly, I can't even remember what I did.... It was like what I always do... just planned an event..."
Cheryl Canty
October 19th, 2009
""Its been many years since I saw you, but I will always remember how kind you were to me. A very special person with such a big heart. Thank you.""
Gina Di Felice-Lackey
October 18th, 2009
"I will think of you every day for the rest of my life!See you in Heaven."
Ron Sorensen
October 11th, 2009
"I love you my sweet sister, you will be with me for ever."
lynn alaniva
October 11th, 2009
"You are always in our thoughts. We will always remember you."
gina price
October 7th, 2009
"May your light always shine and warm our hearts."
Lesa Sorensen
October 7th, 2009


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