Julie M Backus
(1966 - 2008)

Julie M Backus

New York, United States of America
October 11, 1966

New York, United States of America
September 2, 2008

Guest Book
Saw your mom today, she looks good. Met your sister in law as well. It was great seeing her made me think of you! All the good times..just wanted to stop by and say hi...and tell you i miss you so much our paths will cross again someday.Until then you'll be in my thoughts! :))
Rose Conant (Friend)
March 24th, 2012
Julie: I have not written in awhile (sorry) I pray each night and think of you and mom and dad . I miss you very much It just never seems to get better. A little girl arrived in heaven yesterday mattie hope you take care of her. she is very special just like you. Not much snow this winter but cold , the boys are good and dad and I have had colds. I just wanted to say Love and you are always on my mind sweetheart MOM
Judy Valvo (Mother)
February 9th, 2012
The valvo family is very special-as family we used to spend alot of time together at camp I miss that alot. Julie was a very special person her smile would light up a room. My heart goes out to her mom judy losing a child has got to be the worst thing you have to experience in life, I always envied the closness of the valvo kids it was something special, I never had that. Once I lost my Mom I thought the world went out from under me but I know some day I will see her again, I know aunt mary, aunt veron, my mom Betty and Julie are probably all sitting around remembering the good times. I have learned life is short so try to make each day a memory.I am sure Julie is an angel now because she certainly was one with us. She was so lucky to have such a loving family and GOD BLESS ALL OF THEM I love them all

anne coleman-davison (cousin)
May 9th, 2011
There isn't a day that goes by that i don't think of you. Its hard not to have you here with me. The days turn to weeks, then to months, and then to years, but You will always be inside of my heart and soul. Its hard to grow up without a person as strong as you are and especially to be my Mom. Someone who understands me like no one else. But on to the stories =p I remember one day we were riding our bikes down the good ol' Old Town Springs Road and we were about to or 15 feet away from the driveway. And i thought it would be fun to put me feet in the spokes of my front tire (which you should never do) and it wasn't a good idea, but the front tire stopped and i went over the handlebars and landed right flat on my butt!! And the day we were in price chopper, that was a priceless moment. i was doing what kids always do standing on the back bar of the shopping cart. And i don't know if the cart was calling me fat or what but it flipped right over on top of me and trapped me inside of it! I will always keep those experiences in the back of my mind. I know your looking down on me keeping me safe and protected in your sacred garden, but i wish that you were down here, where you still belong with your friends and family keeping all of us safe and happy with your loving smile. I love you all the roses Mom and will never stop Believing.
Zach Backus (Son)
April 17th, 2011
Months ago my husband surprised me with a little trip up north. We took the most lovely hike up Mt. Joe and came upon your memorial (Ironically, only a few days before Lonnie posted, I wonder if we were there the same day) It was a reminder that life can be cut short, even for the most special people on earth. That day you made me fall even more in love with my husband knowing that any day could be our last. Thank you for that <3
September 22nd, 2010
Julie, I climbed Mt. Jo in the High Peaks a few days ago and happened to notice the memorial to you under a tree at the summit. It is a lovely place to be, and the memorial prompted me to find out more about you. It's clear you were dynamic and giving; it's also clear your friends and family love and miss you. Rest in peace and know you are not forgotten.
Lonnie C. (nobody special)
May 30th, 2010
As time passes it does not get easier, nor does it seem possible that you are gone. My heart still hurts and the tears are ever so hard to fight, no matter how hard I try to fight them.

As time passes, memories still appear and find myself deep in thought over them, trying to recall every detail.

As time passes, your boys are growing up and becoming fine young men, but still miss their mom.

As time passes, people still think and talk fondly of you Julie and how beautiful you were from the inside out.

As time passes, I am thankful for having you as my sister and...

In more time I will be closer to seeing you again. I love you forver...Christine
Christine Shipley (Sister)
May 18th, 2010
I miss my best friend so much,all of our great talks,watching our kids sporting events together,celebrating our Birthdays together,just to mention a few.I had know idea losing my best friend would hurt so much.There isn't a day that goes by that i don't think of you.Thank you for all of the great memories you have given me only wish there could have been more.Love and Miss Ya, Rose
Rose Conant (friends)
January 9th, 2010
I will always remember the time when Julie and a few of us "bandaid" moms went to the dollar store to buy gag gifts for an end of the year celebration for the marching band. We spent so much time picking out just the right gag gift for each person and we were wetting our pants the entire time. Julie was always so much much fun and I have many memories of her that will last me a lifetime. Once she got sick and I would go visit her she continued to have her great sense of humor as we shared funny stories about our kids growing up together. She was truly an inspiration to so many people and she will be in my heart forever. Love you and miss you Julie--Love Deanna
Deanna Lothrop (Friend)
October 12th, 2009
My throat hurts and the tears well in my eyes as I think that 1 year ago today I had to understand that a sister of mine had passed. Being the youngest in the family, I luckily had some of the best siblings to talk with and help me grow to be who I am today. When I was young, I remember Julie being the 1 to keep me out of trouble with Mom and Dad. As I got older, she would let me drive her truck when I was learning to drive. Though Dad thinks it was him who taught me it all, Julie was a big help. In high school, I think my whole Latin class can thank her for finding the book in the library system that helped us get thru Sr. Cecilia's class. As I graduated college, Julie was there cheering me on. She was just a very caring person.
When I found out Julie's cancer, I was pretty devasted but optimistic as people hope that "things will be ok". As I found out more about the chances of recovery I knew it was going to be a tough battle for her. Yet, if you ever talked to Julie, you just felt that things will be ok. Never once did I hear her say, "why me" or "I can't take it anymore" Every time it was always we'll get thru this and I'm gonna fight this. That she did. At our wedding, she danced like nothing was wrong and many I talked to didn't even know she was sick. I watch her on video often to remind me how spirited she was. Shortly after this she took the turn towards the worse but continued to have a smile on her face when she saw anyone. I couldn't imagine the pain she must of been but she never complained. The times spent hanging out with her laughing watching TV in the hopsital I'll never forget. I know you are still around with the little signs I see and feel. I wish I could just spend 1 more day with you...
Jason Valvo (brother)
September 2nd, 2009
Julie and I used to love to cruise around, sometimes all day in that silver firebird I used to have. People knew us in that car. It was never just Jenny or just Julie, it was always Jenny and Julie. One night our mother and father told us they were gong out of town overnight. Woohoo! That was our opportunity to drive around all night too. Our sister Chrissy had some friends over that night so we took off. We cranked up the music and drove around all night. I don`t even remember what time it was when we pulled in the driveway at home but it was early am but still dark. Julie said to me "do you see what I see"? I said "Yup". It was our dad sitting in a lawn chair outside waiting for us. We were busted and in trouble. It was well worth it, we had so much fun that night.x2644
Jenny Youngs (sister)
February 9th, 2009
Sentimental stories or times when "Chrissy, I need to borrow some clothes and underwear" or "hey, I used your name on the radio to win tickets can you pick them up for me...what???" or "hello, it's Dr. Wacko Calling." Julie was always full of surprises, you never knew what she was brewing next. She always made me feel better when I was down and now I still find myself chatting away with her in spirit. Julie loved her boys and held on longer to life just for them. She had said to Jenny "I am a miracle and please don't forget me." Julie was a miracle and will never forget her, it would be too hard too.
Christine Shipley (sister)
January 20th, 2009
I will alway's remember the time Julie,Jenny,Liz and I went to see Shania Twain in concert.It started out great but a little bit rainy,then the thunder and lightning came.We still stayed,and while Shania tried to do the concert,lightning,struck her control board.And still we stayed thinking she would come back out.By the time she came out,it was pouring rain and she told us we had to leave because she just couldn't finish her concert.I cant tell you how far we had to walk in the pouring rain,lightning,and thunder!!We started singing and had the best time!!Thank you Julie for one of my best memories!!I always think of you when I hear Shania or Tim McGraw..

Teresa Reichel (Friend)
December 22nd, 2008
Our sincere condolences for your loss. We're here for you if you have any questions about using our service.
iLasting Staff
November 25th, 2008


††♥♥†† I..m thinking about you Julie, just as I do just about every second and every moment. I miss you so much. You were my sister, my best friend. I still can..t BELIEVE you are gone. I will never forget the day they told you that you had cancer. You were the strongest person I ever knew. You took that bad news and said to me and our family, I..m going to fight this and fight you did. You gave it everything you had. You fought for your 2 boys. You fought for your family. You overcame so many obstacles and treatments and never gave up. You fought my beautilful sister for three long years, and always were smiling that beautiful smile. Then the pain got real bad., but you just fought. BELIEVE you said. They told us it was over and they could do no more. Take her home. I will never forget it, the day we brought you home. There wasn..t a dry eye on that hospital floor that day, they all knew, they knew how special you were. The next few weeks were so special. We surrounded you with as much love as we could. We took care of you, your family, we took care of you. There were some days it was just you and me. We would just lie in your bed and watch the soaps or just take a nap. One day as we lay there you turned to me and held my hand and told me you were going to go, and you know what I mean you said. Please Jenny don..t forget me. Don..t let anyone ever forget me. A few weeks later you were gone. September 2nd, I will never forget. It is so hard, I miss you so much. I will NEVER forget you. You were so loved by many. Nobody will ever forget you. We BELIEVE in you. You will always be missed but never forgotten.

jenny youngs (sister)
October 22nd, 2008
Julie was a beautiful baby and a woman.She was a great mom and friend to all.I never knew how much it would hurt to loose you. My heart is broken.I wish you and I had more time to do the things you wanted to do,But I guess there was something else GOD had planned for you. I feel selfish giving him to you as we all miss you so much. You will always be in my heart,and in my thoughts. I miss you so much Poohshoe. I Love You MOM
Judy Valvo (mother)
October 22nd, 2008
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"Happy Thanksgiving Julie you are on my mind as I was reading what zack and jacob wrote . Great boys you have. Dinner here today Keep a eye on us all hopefully MOM and DAD and Scott are all with you . Wish we had more time I Love you and Miss you"
Judith Valvo
November 22nd, 2018
"Julie: 10 years has passed and you are still om my mind daily. I am getting older 76this yr dad 83 but we are good. Ipray you are too my angel. Hope Scott is with you ,and MOM and DAD love you all so much. Hugs kisses , keepand eye on us Love MOM"
Judith Valvo
November 7th, 2018
"Julie; Merry Christmas sweet heart ,God I miss you. We all were together last night, your boys are so good and that grandson Julian is beautiful.It is snowing hard today but it's christmas.sending all my love to you if you see MOM and DAD hug them"
Judith Valvo
December 25th, 2017
"Merry Christmas Julie , Oh how we all wish you to be here but we know you are looking over us all. We all will be together again at michael's tonight to celebrate jesus birthday and the new years to come . Miss you every day Bless us you MOM"
MOM Valvo
December 24th, 2016
"Hi: Honey just a note I Love you and miss you bad today but I know you are with me always ,if only Ihad 1 wish I would come right up there to hold youi n my arms and see mom and dad too Be with us today Happy Thanksgiving my poohshoe Love MOM"
MOM Valvo
November 24th, 2016
"It is snowing out first of the year.Christmas is just around the corner and your beautiful grandson is 6months old now . He is so cute Julian if he only knew you . I love and miss you my beautiful daughter , Watch, over your family and boys. MOM"
Mom Valvo
November 20th, 2016
"Miss you sis! Can't believe its been 8 years. Wish we all had more time together but cherish the time we did."
Jason Valvo
September 2nd, 2016
"Today is so sad 8yrs has passed but you are still with many family and friends ,never forgotten. I wish things were different .Scott and your sons have been wonderful and now you have a grandson Julian and Kaitlin your daughter-in-law I love you MOM"
MOM Valvo
September 2nd, 2016
"Miss you so much Julie. Think about you all the time. ❤️You"
Julie Valvo
September 1st, 2016
"Hey gf wanted to stop by and let you know your on my mind. Miss the hell out of you :/"
RoseAnn Conant
August 16th, 2016


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