Judith Lee Carnoske (Wright)
(1944 - 2008)

Judith Lee Carnoske (Wright)
Nickname: Judy

Minnesota, United States of America
October 23, 1944

Washington, United States of America
October 12, 2008

Nature, Camping, Photography, Animals (especially cats), Reading, Movies, Music and more!
This site is dedicated to my mother, Judy Carnoske. She will be remembered as the person who showed me how to love animals, find beauty in nature, and have a deep appreciation for art and music. I hope that you will share your stories of Judy so we can all remember her together.

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iLasting Staff
November 25th, 2008
Thanks to Vicki for sending more photos for the web site! It is lovely to have so many pictures of happy memories.
Carrie Ehrlich (daughter)
November 14th, 2008
I think I was about 7 years old...Mom had insisted that I take piano lessons...so I was despondently plinking away when Judy (who was 5 at the time) sat down next to me and started telling me evey time I missed a key. Having quickly learned that it was wise to get out of range, she then began to correct me from the next room. A few weeks later, the folks switched me to dramatics lessons, and the war ended...but do I think that was when they first realized that she had perfect pitch!

Judy and I spent a lot of time together rattling along in the resort's 1949 pickup as I (at the age of 14) drove us from the wilds of the Ozarks, through creeks and floods and rattlesnakes, to meet the school bus. I like to think that her love of adventure began as she endured my dubious driving and even more dubious judgement. However, I do remember that she was not really pleased when I tossed the still wriggling rattler that I had disposed of in the road in the back of the truck. Sigh...what's a brother to do? Give up a perfectly good set of rattles?

She and I spent most of our lives, even as youngsters, on separate paths...and while I remember our childhood times together with great fondness, perhaps I mostly mourn the missed opportunities from our early years, before life got so complicated and we went our own ways.

Rest in peace, dear Sister.


David Wright (Brother)
November 1st, 2008
Growing up, in particular during my teenage years, Judy was the "cool" aunt. She had an uncanny way of relating to me, of parting the fog of teenage angst and teaching me something I didn't know, something I didn't even know I wanted to know. She was in her thirties, I was 13 or 14. We both liked bands like Pink floyd, Led Zeppelin. She showed me how to use a tape deck to bootleg music off the radio. And she taught me why I should love the Beatles, a band which was, at that time, for a kid my age, just moldy oldies. I don't listen to much Pink floyd or Led Zeppelin any more, but I always turn up the Beatles.

It was all about the sounds, for Judy. These days I live in the north woods of Wisconsin, a place where white and red pines tower and the wind blows through them off Lake Superior. The sound of the wind in pines was Judy's favorite sound. She told me that once when I couldn't have been but 11 or 12. I didn't appreciate it then, but I never forgot it either. Whenever I heard the wind in the pines I heard Judy say to me "Hear that? That is my favorite sound in the world." Long ago I decided it was my favorite sound, too. Now, when I hear it, which is almost every day, I hear Judy talking to me, and it calms my anxious spirit.
Michael Wright (Nephew)
October 30th, 2008
Every year at Christmas time my mom would make a big pan of this fantastic fudge. It was so well loved that my grandpa started asking for his very own pan that he wouldn't have to share! I continued the tradition by making the same recipe for my children every year.

Last spring, the elementary school where I teach (and my children went to school) decided to publish a recipe book in honor of the school's 50th anniversary. I submitted mom's fudge recipe. I received the published book last week and was so touched to realize that her recipe will be remembered in such a lasting way.
Carrie Ehrlich (daughter)
October 30th, 2008
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"you were a terrific mom,and I'll always love you and cherish your memories"
paul carnoske
February 19th, 2011
"-= ONWARD & UPWARD! =- As You Become One With The Music of The Spheres : ) Colie Wheeler"
Coleman Wheeler
October 17th, 2008
"Heaven is filled with the sound of Judy's music"
Elaine Petrides Scott
October 17th, 2008
"You will always live in our hearts, Judy. Nothing can erase the loving memories of our very special daughter. Mom & Dad"
Carol Wright
October 16th, 2008
"Keeping you in my heart, with love."
October 15th, 2008
"I love you mom."
October 14th, 2008


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