Joesph Carl
(1993 - 2010)

Joesph Carl

January 21, 1993

United States of America
August 6, 2010

This site is dedicated to Joesph Anthony Carl.

An enraged 17-year-old boy, whose friends said had been drinking earlier in the night, died in the street near his Norton Park home late Thursday after being shot by a Duluth police officer sitting behind the wheel of his squad car as the boy broke out the driver’s side window with a baseball bat.

Witnesses identified Joey Carl, who lived at 424 N. 79th Ave. W., as the victim.

Police said the teenager repeatedly and violently hit the squad car with a baseball bat as the squad attempted to back away after responding to a disturbance at the boy’s residence. The boy then swung the bat and broke the driver’s side window of the squad. The three-year officer shot once, striking the boy.

During a news conference this morning at City Hall, Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said that police responded to the 400 block of 79th Avenue West at 11:40 p.m. to a report of a 17-year-old inside the home breaking a TV and smashing windows. The reporting party left the home and was waiting outside.

While police were responding, numerous other 911 calls were received of windows being smashed, Ramsay said.

“As the first officer arrived, the male immediately ran up to the squad car and began swinging a baseball bat, striking the car repeatedly in the windshield, front end and passenger side,” Ramsay said. “The officer began reversing the car and sideswiped a parked vehicle and came to a stop.

“The male then swung that bat at the driver’s window, shattering the glass, and continued the attack while the officer was still seated in the squad car. A single shot was fired from the officer’s duty weapon and the male with the bat retreated.”

Ramsay said the officer who shot the boy radioed for medical help, and he and other officers administered CPR until medical personnel could take over. Despite those attempts, the boy died at the scene.

Ramsay said the officer who shot the boy is a three-year member of the department and has been placed on paid administrative leave as is standard procedure in such incidents. His name was not being immediately released.

The police chief also said he wasn’t releasing the name of the victim until relatives could be notified.

"Our thoughts go out to all involved in this incident," Ramsay said.

Minnesota law authorizes the use of deadly force by a peace officer to protect the officer or another from apparent death or great bodily harm.

Ramsay declined to take questions because he said there was no other information that could be released. He said the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension will investigate the shooting. Its investigators were on the scene Friday.

“Our investigators collect evidence at the scene, interview witnesses and that whole process generally takes six to eight weeks,’’ said Doug Neville, spokesman for the BCA and Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

The BCA will then forward its reports to the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office. County Attorney Melanie Ford’s office could make the charging decision, or she could farm the case out to another county for independent review.

Carl had apparently become enraged in a dispute at his home, possibly with his father, and then used a bat to smash the windows of a Ford pickup in their driveway, witnesses said.

One neighbor said he recognized Carl and saw him chase a police car and hit the squad with the bat, including breaking the driver’s side window.

Another neighbor, Robin Overby, who lives next to the Carls, said, “Every window in their house and his dad’s truck is busted. He (Joey) really went off.”

Overby said he saw the body still lying, covered, in the street about 1:30 a.m.

“He wasn’t a bad kid. He had some problems. But nothing like this,” Overby said. “It’s not good.”

Linda Iverson, another neighbor, said she heard “pounding” sounds of the bat hitting vehicles and then heard someone she believed was a police officer talking to Carl, then heard a shot.

“It sounded like he really tried to talk Joey out of it. I could hear him say, ‘Joey, don’t do this, let’s talk,’ ” Iverson said. “The shot really didn’t sound any louder than the pounding noises.”

Another neighbor said they heard a man say: “Joey, you’re going to jail tonight,” and then heard a single gunshot.

Three of Carl’s friends — Nate Yost, Ben LaFontaine and Austin Overfors — said they had been at a bonfire in Morgan Park with Carl earlier in the evening that was broken up by police. They said Carl was cited by police for underage drinking and taken away from the bonfire in a squad car.

His friends said Carl later texted them that he got a ride home from police. The friends told the News Tribune that when they walked to Carl’s house they found it surrounded by police and were told the situation with Carl was “not good.”

It’s the second officer involved shooting in the Northland in the past two months. On June 12, Minnesota State Trooper Travis Pearson shot and killed Donnie Joe Lira at Lira’s home near Cherry after Lira loaded and pointed a rifle at Pearson and refused repeated commands by the trooper to drop the gun.

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I know all them people are talking & it's really hard for me not say anything but it just hurts me to let them say all that ! your not a bad kid joey & i know & alot of other people do as well. & i wrote another poem for you a couple nights ago. Hew it is : Woke Up Cause I Had A NightMare !& It's The Same One Every Night ! I Miss Him So Muchh ! I Just Wish You Were Here Too ;Tell Me Everythings Going To Be Alright !I don't wanna have these dreams anymore, It's sad enough i miss you & your gone.
But these dreams & thoughts play over & over
In my head i just want them to go away !
I never really realized how much it hurt i really lose ; Someone i truely loved & cared for. Then it hit me really hard.& i write most my thoughts down cause ; The one person i could talk about my problems is now gone. There's no one i can turn to now. No one to help me & talk to me about things,
Theres no one that can ever replace the special place You took in my heart, i really truely miss you joey ! I wish you were here to hold my hand & give me a hug ; Until i stopped crying like you use too ! I just want you too take these sad things away from me & Make me happy once again like you use too ! but it seems to me it won't happed like old times.So, i'll just have to hold my head up & put a fake smile on ;Until My time Comes ! I Love You & Miss You Big Brother ! I hope you like it
Keeli Bennett (Little Sister)
September 21st, 2010
I Love You Joe! Theres Always A Place In My Heart 4 You! You'll Never Be Forgotten & Ur Missed Dearly :'( I Wish You were Still Here. You'd Always Pick Me Back Up Wen I fell :( The Memories Will Always Be Cherished! I Send My Love To U Every Night <3 Keep It Real! Love You Lots...[Rest In Paradise] I'll see U Someday Til Then Everything I Do Is For U! Ima Make U Proud Of Me. Love U Joe xoxo <3
Katlynn Keuten (Friend/Ex)
September 1st, 2010
Oh, Joe... You know I adored you & I still can't believe you're gone. I know you struggled. I know you were trying so very hard to turn it around. But I also know you are finally free from your pain & have found the inner peace that you so desperately longed for. I will miss you, your dancing eyes & that heart-warming smile. There will always be a place in my heart just for you. We will never forget. I promise.
Julie Olsvik (Lindsey's mom)
August 16th, 2010
I Love You Joey! Your funeral was the hardest thing ever! I Love You & I Miss You With all My Hearttt. Your the only one i think about. & I just gotta figure how to keep living my life but when i look ahead in my future & i don't see you i'm scared to keep moving on. Cause your not here to pick me back up when i fall. I needed you & i don't blame you for what happened. But i really wish it was me instead of you. You had so much to live for & i have barely any! Soo? What would be the point in living. I Love You & I Miss You Big Brother! Watch over & Protect me with my everyday choices.
Keeli Bennett (Little Sister)
August 15th, 2010
i remember the times me joey had...)':.....i wus gonna do somthing about it...but i would be gone also...R.I.P. bro..i love ya man
Benny Urrutia (Friend)
August 14th, 2010
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"God Joey, Wish you didn't have to go that way, or that young. I love you Joey Carl. You ment so much to me. Your always in my heart boy, Rest in peace, your watching over us now :) I wont disappoint you <3"
Dakota Timm
August 8th, 2010
"Love you and miss you! You were an amazing person! Can't wait til i see you again!!! R.I.P Joesph Anthony Carl"
Hailey Hnatek
August 8th, 2010
"You will always be in my heart no matter what. my love <3"
Ashley Wilton
August 8th, 2010
"I Love You Big Brother!"
Keeli Bennett
August 8th, 2010
"You'll be forever loved & missed Joey!"
Becky Fitzsimmons
August 8th, 2010

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