James Raymond Scritchfield
(1974 - 2001)

James Raymond Scritchfield
Nickname: Jimmy Ray

Wyoming, United States of America
June 24, 1974

Vedauwoo Wyoming, United States of America
June 12, 2001

rugby skateboarding snowboarding Snowbird mountain / rock climbing ice climbing
This site is dedicated to James R. Scritchfield

I AM THE PERSON WHO. . . . . . . .

Is. . . willing to experience

Likes . . . to enjoy

Hates. . . to hate

Cares. . . about my friends and family

Loves. . . to be alive

Can’t . . . not root for the underdog

Has. . . enthusiasm

Wants. . . to become

Needs. . . adversity

Will. . . strive

Wishes. . . never to wish

Remembers. . . when

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Still loving you every second of each day!

Love you always and forever!

Susan (Mom)
June 11th, 2013
What an awesome kid. Biggest smile I have ever seem. He loved hanging out with my two sons and played like he was a kid himself. Love you Jimmy!! Plus he was always reapectful to me and my husband Danny who was his Rugby coach. He and Danny always rode to games and roomed together. What a kid !!
sharon blea (rugby mom)
January 12th, 2010
This man has been said to have lived in 27 years the life it would take most guys 2 lifetimes to live. Jimmy... the coolest guy, the funniest, most energetic, passionate, determined, and I could go on. I could only hope to be half the man. Jimmy's Spirit lives on in those who crossed pathes with him. His laugh, his smile, or a memory lift me up often.
Jeremy Scritchfield (Brother)
November 20th, 2009
Our sincere condolences for your loss. We're here for you if you have any questions about using our service.
iLasting Staff
November 25th, 2008
I have been told, repeatedly, many things about defeat:

‘It is not the number of times you fall; it is the number of times you get up that counts.’

‘Losing is only negative, if you fail to learn from the given encounter.’

During my high school experiences, I have had the opportunity of participating in a sport, which allows me the opportunity of applying these concepts, along with many others. Having an understanding of these concepts, versus being able to apply them, are two entirely different things.

The whistle blew. The hand hit the mat, and the sound of the opposing team’s fans came roaring back at me. I was beaten. That loss at the state wrestling meet ended my Junior-wrestling season.

Nothing anyone had told me about defeat, could or would help me feel better. There were many people, close friends and family, who made futile attempts at making me feel better. Strangely enough, never before in my life had phrases hurt so much. Phrases such as:

‘You tried your best.’

‘You made me proud.’

Sitting there in the corner of the gym, sweat dripping off my body…on the way down mixing with tears, I began to realize that defeat is temporary…and so is victory.

A major difference between victory and defeat is that defeat can be a stronger driving force, sometimes a necessity in order to attain future victories. Defeat is the stronger learning tool, and perhaps the better measure of character, or lack thereof.

To feel the ultimate ‘high’ in the course of winning, an individual must have experience the feeling of what it’s like to lose. The individual, who then proceeds to win, always remembers the lessons he learned in defeat.

I chose to portray the experience of defeat, because it was a major turning point in my life and my outlook upon it. It was following my defeat that day, when I actually started to apply various life experiences, both athletically and academically, when making important choices and decisions. The first two and a half years of high school were a series of failures, which I can only attribute to not trying.

My athletic failure that day has helped me strive to better myself, far beyond what I had ever thought possible. My last grades resulted in a 3.6 grade average. I am now working harder and harder this year, along with my teammates to win a State Championship in wrestling, as well as better my educational standing. And I can credit most of the change, for the better, to a failure.

By Jimmy Ray Scritchfield

Susan Moon (son)
October 4th, 2008
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"In the short time that I got to know him, Jimmy changed my life. I think of him to this day. Thanks for the motivation buddy, miss your smile."
Toni Mazzaglia
July 2nd, 2011


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