jason hernandez (kyle)
(2009 - 2010)

jason hernandez (kyle)

September 4, 2009

January 5, 2010

This site is dedicated to jason hernandez.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Dear One, we've been waiting for you.
We're thrilled, beside ourselves, that you've arrived.

White coats came in,
heads held low,
and talked for a bit, shuffled outside.

We closed the curtains and held each other,
and cried.
We said hello at the same time that we said goodbye.

The smallest and wingless,
leaving as soon as you arrived.
Sadness is just loved wasted,
with no little heart to place inside.

We closed the curtains and held each other,
and cried.
We said hello at the same time that we said goodbye.

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Guest Book (8 entries)
Dear Jason,

Tday you were brought into this world one year ago. It was the happiest day of everyones life. That smile brought joy and that cry brought life. You were the jewel to Jen and Joey. Before we knew you were a boy we would call you critter. I was so cute that I put it was on my tattoo. When you left this world everyone was hurt but you will always in our hearts. When I heard that you were cremated with my childhood stuff bunny, I knew that I had to get a tattoo for you with a bunny and that name. Even though you are not here on this day i will remeber you came into this world and will always be in my heart.
Happy Birthday Jason

Crystal Hyder (Friend)
September 4th, 2010
Dear Jason Kyle Hernandez,

Hi, son I want you to know that I love you and think about you everyday. I miss you so much in the mild of the night I get up and look for you but I keep want to see you in your crib but I know that there is nothing I what can to do to bring you back . I keep hope that its dream and I will wake up soon but that never happens. I do not know I how I can do with out you here son but it help have your dad her with me. I miss how you make your talk sounds or how you just like to stare at us with that cute little smile. I love watching you sleep you were like angel. You were a baby that made people so happy to see every one love you so much. We all miss you so much. You were just such a happy baby. You looked so happy when you were watching Alvin in the chipmunk sequel. We got that movie to remember the first movie you watched and like and it was the last fun thing we did with you the day before you passed way. I remember in the middle of the night you start to make the crying noise so I went and picked you up you were hungry so I laid you on the bed next your dad I feed you your baby bottle. You looked so happy eating. Then I picked you up and held you while you fell asleep in my arms I put you back in your crib and watched you sleep for a little bit you looked so cute sleeping. I was scarred when you were born weeks early. I never thought I would lose my son so soon I was hoping we would pass away before you. It was so hard the day of the funeral to see you and know that this will be the last day I see you and that I will never get to hold you again. I know one day that I will see you in heaven.

jennifer avery (mom)
August 7th, 2010
I love you and we all miss you. Have some fun up there and keep an eye on your mother and father.
Crystal Hyder (Friend)
August 6th, 2010
I love Jason "Spud" Hernandez
Joey Hernandez (Father)
August 6th, 2010
I often tell this one diaper changing story. You had a dirty diaper so I went to change you. Well I guess there was more but you waited till after I cleaned you, put the baby powder on you and the butt paste lol. Still get a kick that it's actually called that. Well right when I was going to put your diaper on more came out. Again I did everything, new diaper, baby poweder and butt paste. More came out. It was like a never ending diaper change. The best part was looking at your face and you had the biggest smile on your face. Like if you were doing it on purpose. I couldn't help but laugh. God I miss those times. I'd do anything to have those times again. There's nothing I wouldn't do.
Joey Hernandez (Father)
August 6th, 2010
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"I hope that the bunny is keeping you safe and not letting you feel all alone"
crystal hyder
August 6th, 2010
"I miss you son. I will always love and miss you. ALWAYS. . ."
Joey Hernandez
August 6th, 2010


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