James Michael Shannon
(1975 - 2008)

James Michael Shannon
Nickname: Jim

CA, United States of America
August 24, 1975

CA, United States of America
October 22, 2008

music, art, acting, church activities, youth leader, always a clown (99.5% ham)
With only 4 hours (total) labor, on a beautiful summer morning, James Michael Shannon was born in Long Beach at LB Memorial Hospital. The second son of Thomas C. & Judi L. Shannon.
For 33 years this was a day of celebration, laughter, love & chocolate cake. Now it is a day of remembering, sorrow and silence. You would be 36 today. I miss you so. Happy Birthday son, you're celebrating in heaven. How I wish you were here.
Just 3 days until Christmas. I thought with passage of time, it would get easier, but it hasn't. You loved Christmas and were always my "elf". We (Tara, Keeli, PJ, Mark & me)made fudge today for the first time since you left us and I didn't know it was going to upset me so much. I miss you so much. You took my "Christmas spirit"with you.....I hope I get it back, someday. You are having Christmas with Jesus again, this year. I bought a special "memorial" ornament for you and it's hanging near the top of the tree, just below the star. I don't think my heart will ever heal. Merry Christmas, Jamie, I wish we were together. I love you, dearly. Mom
5 years ago today, you took your life & left me to face the world without you. Time hasn't healed my broken heart. I still go over & over the days prior and I still have no answers, just questions. I just don't understand why you did it. I only know that it left a huge hole in my life & in my heart. I miss you so much. You were my sunshine. I named you after the person I loved the most. Are you with your uncle Jim? How I wish I could be with you both. I love you so very much. The world just isn't the same without you. The holidays are coming and I dread them. I pray you are at peace.....I wish I could be. You are forever in my heart! All my love, always......Mom
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve & I will be all alone. You've been gone 7 yrs & it still hurts so badly. This year I lost Mark too so I hope you have met & are celebrating together. Christmas morning will be at Tom's again this yr. I put up a few decorations & my Christmas tree is black, it matches my mood & total lack of Christmas spirit. The passage of time hasn't healed my heart, guess the wounds are just too deep. I miss you more than I can adequately express & love you so much, it hurts. What I wouldn't give for one of your hugs. Merry Christmas, Jamie! I'll try to put on a brave face for the family on Christmas morning. I wish I was spending Christmas with you! I love you so much & miss you even more! XO Mom


"I think of you often and wonder how our lives would have been different with you still with me. Going thru stuff with my move and found all the letters you wrote to me. I read them and still find myself crying for you. I love and miss you!!"
Tanya Lloyd
June 26th, 2014
"Uncles James, I love you and I wish you were here to see keeli and I, to see how we have grown up. I wish you could meet kailynn she would love her uncle jungle Jim, she is such a monkey. I just wish you didn't leave us. You have missed so much ILY"
Tara shannon
November 23rd, 2013
"5 years and it still hurts. I miss you so much. I pray you are at peace. I love you very much."
Judi (Mom) Shannon-Whelden
October 23rd, 2013
"2 yrs ago today your actions changed the lives of so many people. My heart is still broken, I miss you so much. My prayer is that you have found the peace that you searched for here. I love you so much & I believe we will be together again.....Mom"
Judi Shannon-Whelden
October 22nd, 2010
"On this, your 35th birthday, I'm sad that we no longer celebrate this day together. You were the shortest labor & easiest delivery. The first time I saw you; so sweet, so beautiful. My 2nd gift from God. Happy Birthday son. I love you always. Mom"
Judi Shannon-Whelden
August 24th, 2010
"Mother's Day 2010, the 2nd one without my James. He is missed, loved and remembered.......always."
Judi Shannon-Whelden
May 5th, 2010
"so many years we shared, he was my 1st love, my 1st heartbreak, we had our ups and downs but no matter what he was always my bestfriend."
Tanya Nicholl
November 6th, 2009
"I always remember how much Tara and Keeli looked forward to seeing James. He was definitely the "fun uncle." He gave the best airplane rides. James had a special place in his heart for kids."
Kimberly Browning
November 5th, 2009
"For the times we shared and the love we both have for your Mum, I remember you, now and always. Your friend, Kathleen."
Kathleen Jeffries
November 5th, 2009
"I know it's hard for You Judi, But know you are loved by Me and so many others. And through all of us together James will always be here in thought and Spirit. May You cherish every moment you had together.. He Was a wonderful Man."
Nancy LeMasters-Bergman
November 5th, 2009


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