Jaime Leigh Brady
(1978 - 2007)

This portrait was done by an amazing artist "Driftwood" The medium he used is entirely made from wine labels. Here's to ...
I framed one of the many cards you gave me with me and you it is in my room i look at at every day your in my heart Joy
Dedicated to Jamie <3 I love so much and miss you more then you know!! -Joy Bug your best friend!
Jaime swinging from the tip of the silvery moon
Drawn by DamnNice
Always there ever present. This is a really BIG deal.
Happy to be Healthy
Your baby shoes stamped with the number 28 on the inside
Jeanie and herself
Two peas in a pod. Too bad we don't look alike.
The Face
Jaime 1999
Love Intense
Getting Foxy
My resting place with My Mother
My Spirit before I left
My spirit rising from my lake after my ashes were spread
Angel Devil Art by David Bollt
Liquid Sky Art by David Bollt
Casper the Cat
Me and Danny Boy
Granny & Jaime
Jamie & Jaime
The under neath side of my Mom's end table.
A pile of my friends
Standing in my yard
A friend from along time ago
My Mom & Me at the same age
Flowers for my Mother
Erica Zorn & Jaime
Peek a Boo Just me
Jaime & Fluffanetta Elizabeth
Kenny Santa & me
That's not Robby in the closet Mom
See sea turtles
Closing a door
Jaime taken by Lisa
The Devil made me do it
Enjoying the spring break
Jaime sleeping with her babies Dec 1984
Say Cheese
Jaime by the dock
Jeanie and Jaime with wings Loving Holloween October 2005
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth Age 6 1/2 Oct 1985 1st grade
Me inside my mothers face
In my room
You can't believe everything you read
One day old and still worrying about the hairdo December 29 1978
Sitting Princess
My Mother age 22 Birthday July 12
Enjoying the Sun in Atlantis
Happy Birthday to Us Jaime and Jeanie
My mother
Before the Dock looking like my Mommy when she was little. April 1981
My mother, My Aunt Micky, My Aunt Judy and Aunt Yola Godmother
Halloween my favorite Holiday
Just a little attitude
Cousin Jeanie Flame throwing class
Metro Zoo with Uncle Fred 1983 November
Learning the importance of technology
My Mommy and Me Growing up together
You gotta eat
Sending lots of love to all those who loved her
Studying in Texas for personal growth April 2006


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