Happy Warren
(1916 - 2009)

Happy Warren

December 18, 1916

January 16, 2009

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Happy Warren who was born in Austin, Pennsylvania on December 18, 1916 and peacefully passed away in her sleep on January 16, 2009 at the age of 92. She will live in our memories and hearts forever.

A memorial service and a celebration of Happy’s life will be held at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, February 15, 2009 at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Quartz Hill Road, Redding. A reception will follow in the Church hall.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in Happy’s memory are encouraged to Shasta Library Foundation, Haven Humane Society, scholarship funds at Shasta High School, or All Saints Church.

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Marvin joins me in expressing our sympathy to you on the loss of your dear Mother. Your family has lost a true treasure.

Whoever dubbed her "Grandma Happy" certainly got that right! I never saw her when she didn't have a sparkle in her eye, a smile on her face and an obvious zest for life that lifted the mood of all the people around her.

Fortunately, Mary Margaret and Will are old enough to remember her. I know Laura will keep her memory alive.

It has been an honor to know your precious Mom. Just knowing she was here, with her faith and wisdom, was a comfort.

We will miss her.

Marjorie Gregory
Marjorie Gregory (Leonard Warren's Mother-i)
February 4th, 2009
Happy Warren. Dirndl-donner. 1936 Berlin Olympics translater. Smith College graduate. German, Latin, Spanish, French, English, teacher. Lifelong learner. Mother. Grandmother. Great-grandmother. Adopted grandmother. Nurturer. Gardener. Laugher. Talker. Inspiration.

I don't know if I appreciated Happy as fully as I do now when I was
younger. Some part of me must've known it was pretty special for a 73
year old lady to volunteer her time teaching German at my elementary
school. And then to take those rowdy 8th graders to Germany on her
own! What a ride it's been knowing Happy. What a positive influence
and true member of my family she's become. I am so blessed to have
known her.

From picking plums in her yard to singing Edeleiss songs, from
searching for cuckoo clocks in Nuernberg to celebrating Oktoberfest in
Leavenworth and so much more, Happy has been a wonderful friend,
teacher, and adopted grandma to me.

I loved going to her house and signing her tablecloths on special
occasions, looking at the newest Christmas cards posted from her
friends around the world, seeing her latest photos of family and
friends plastered around her eclectic rooms, checking my progress on
the height chart in her kitchen. I relished her annual Christmas
update and eating her fudge and sipping red zinger tea while
practicing German at Stammtisch. And when I couldn't visit in person,
I have learned to relish the phone calls that continue even after
we've said goodbye. "Isn't she a sweetheart for calling? What a nice
surprise! Wait 'til I tell her mother."

It's been hard to see some of the physical changes that have occurred
in the last 20 years or so that I've known her--the hunchback, the
hearing loss, the macular degeneration and of course the wretched
fall--but despite it all and even amidst the full brunt of the storm,
Happy's essence has remained. How could anyone remain so cheerful, so
calm, so alert during a painful fall in her driveway? She even invited

the paramedics to her 90th birthday party!

Riding in the ambulance was so upsetting for me, so frightening. And I
fear the day that I have to say goodbye to Happy forever. But she
faces everything with ease. Even in the twilight of her years, she
continues to teach me, to inspire and enrich my life. Knowing her
helps ease my fear of growing older as I see how she's done it with
grace and dignity beyond imagination. If I have even a portion of her
enthusiasm, her awareness, her knowledge, curiosity, and zest for life
at the age of 88--I will be a lucky woman. She will truly shine in the
heavens as a life light.

I wrote this 4 years ago. That sad, dreaded day has finally come.
Knowing that the end was inevitable, I've been trying to prepare
myself for Happy's departure from this world for the last few years.
But my first reaction today was, "But I didn't expect it to happen so
soon!" I have to laugh at that. She was 92 and two days shy of one
month when she passed away this morning. In my mind, the length of her
long life and my lifetime combined wouldn't be long enough to keep
Happy around.

Though I'm devastated that Happy is no longer with us, her positive
thinking and attitude of facing things with ease are comforting and
help me draw strength. May her spirit live on in all of us.

Auf Wiedersehen, Happy. Ich werde dich immer lieben.

Louisa Fox "Happy" Warren--December 18, 1916 - January 16, 2009

Mary Kathryn Resk ("adopted" granddaughter)
February 4th, 2009
We are deeply distressed and sad that Happy passed away.
It is a small consolation that she died a peaceful death while she slept.

With Happy I lost again a wonderful dear friend, my "mum", a memeber
of my family. She belongs to us since 37 years, belongs to our lifes.
Klaus, me and the children will keep wonderful, unforgettable memories in our hearts. I am not able to understand that I will never see her again, never hear her voice or call her. My heart is suffering again.

She was our leading light, warm-hearted, friendly and sunny. Happy was and stays unique. Unique in her love, generosity, loyalty, in her optimism and her permanent interest in all things and persons.

Whenever she entered a room, she filled it with happiness, lightness, joy and love. It was easy to love and respect her. She had the rare gift of beeing an auhtority without intimidating others. She gave the feeling that everything could be possible. She was my shining example.

There was so much space in her heart and she gave a lot. To meet her was a gain. Once she visited us with Leonard (age 14) and I gave a "tour" through my pharmacy to introduce my boss and colleagues. Though they met her only once, they were impressed by her and my stories. Even they were sad to hear that she had to leave us.

When I called her in September she was full of plans -- going to Philadelphia with Hank, Bunny and Dick and later, around her birthday she talked so lively and young about her children and grandchildren and how happy she was about Jill's visits. She was so proud and thankful that everybody did so well.

Happy is one of the few who was entirely satisfied, positive and a beaming ersonality. Unique!

The summer before her 90th birthday I visited her in her new home. I was not a econd surprised to hear that she was already elected for the occupant of the month. That is characteristic. Giving up, sitting back and doing nothing, being
passive - foreign words to Happy. Nomen est omen.

And how wonderful to see that she stayed young inside and got back so much love from the others.

In 2004 Klaus and me visited her at Lincoln Street and had to reach over our rental car at the Redding airport. So Klaus took Happy's car for the ride back. He parked at the wrong place and we got a TICKET. Coming home we told her and the next moment she called the sheriff (a former pupil) and the ticket was cancelled. I have no clue whether this could happen again somewhereelse.

As a teenager I was very much impressed by her German knowledge and her efforts for AFS and the international understanding. Often we were guessing how many Germans would know Happy. I wouldn't be surprised about a number of 1000. Summer 1972 I went by train with Happy, Jim and Steven (her pupils), my brother and his girl-friend to west Berlin to stay with my relatives. You had to go for at least one hour through the former DDR. At the German border east soldiers and custom officers entered the train, the train then was hermetically closed and sealed. No stop until Bahnhof ZOO and no people or houses next to the track. It was always a frightening situation. That time even more, because US Americans were on board. Happy tried to keep our fear away and started to talk to the officer friendly, asked for the family and his job. This
guy was so surprised that he forgot to control our luggage. She was our hero.

There is a word she once created. WUNDERHERRLICH. It is cute. A mix from
wunderbar and herrlich. We liked it so much that we took it over and you
won't believe it- not long ago we heard it on TV. Happy stays present. She really inspired people around her in a very special way.
There are so many memories and experiences ; the children have to thank that they experienced the american way of life together with Happy. She stays always in our hearts and minds.

She will live in us and the following generations, A strong and independent personality who never accepted boredom and frustration for herself. Always motivated, young and interested though her vison and the bones were such
a bad handicap. A brilliant lady.

Deeply loved, admired by us and endless missing. Our hearts are heavy and our lifes become lonlier. I am grateful that I met her and you through her.

Feel hugged and kissed

Sigi, Klaus, Laura and Louis
Sigrid Berndt (dear friend from Germany)
February 4th, 2009
Our sincere condolences for your loss. We're here for you if you have any questions about using our service.
iLasting Staff
February 4th, 2009
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"Mom: You have left an indelible print on all whom you touched; the world is a better place because of you. Love, Stryker"
Stryker Warren
February 4th, 2009
"We love you dearly! You impacted so many! We will carry you with us always! Love always, Kim"
Kim Warren
February 4th, 2009


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