Gerald V Kraak
(1956 - 2014)

Highgate Cemetery 1985 My first day in London.We went to say hello to Karl Marx and Yusuf Dadoo(Diane Sandler)
On Hampstead Heath 1985
Gerald, Bridgit McKay and Diane Sandler Patmos, 1985
Gerald and Bridgit McKay (and Diane Sandler)1985 Ikaria
Wakkerstroom walk, Christmas 2008
Wonderful visit with Gerald in NYC near the Flatiron Building with Eyal Yerulshalmi, a former Atlantic colleague, on Jul...
Gerald with Zola, end of year lunch 2012
Gerald with Pretica in New York
Gerald inspecting the art in Amsterdam 1982
Gerald and Avrom Goldberg in Netherlands 1982
Gerald with participants from Europe and the US on the SA donor tour he organized with Jann Otto to help with the establ...
Gerald with his dutch family
Gerald with his dutch family
Gerald with his dutch family
Gerald tries ice skating. In boots. Netherlands, early 80s.
Gerald in Amsterdam, 1983, with Auret and Clive van Heerden
Gerald in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Approx 1981
Gerald with Nick Bowey, Amsterdam 1982
Gerald with brother Andre, sister-in-law, Brenda and nephew Shaun, 1993
Gerald with his friend Nodi
Gerald's niece, Crystal, daughter of Richard his youngest brother.
New Year's Eve 1983
Westerstraat, Amsterdam. 1983
1983 in Amsterdam
The road to Wembley Madiba Concert with Roger Field, Sue Longbottom, Moira Levy, Gerald, Patti MacDonald, and Guy Berger...
Gerald and his Interfund colleagues 1996
Gerald and Laurine Amersfoort C1982
Gerald on one of the memorable Portuguese holidays with Jos, Peter and Laurine
Gerald outside his London home St Thomas' Rd, Finsbry Park
Saguna Gordhan, Gerald and Alan Swerdlow at G's 50th birthday party 2006
Gerald addressing the masses at his 50th birthday Nov 2006
With Cheryl Corolus at G's 50th
with Zach
with his godson, Zach McDonald
The Geralds
Gerald with his EU book trophy
Gerald and his good friend Allan Swerdlow
Gerald and Fred receiving their (shared) EU book awards. Gerald's was for Ice in the Lungs
Gerald and I were partners in a cottage in Wakkerstroom. He lived the little village.
London 1990 (with Gerald O'Sullivan, Theo Chaplin and Ellen Cawthra)
Zimbabwe Great Zimbabwe with Nicky Roussouw 1983
Zimbabwe on Lake Kyle 1983
Zimbabwe Lake Kyle 1983 (G and Jane got stuck rowing and had to drag the boat)
with Steve Bowey in Amsterdam
1992 Gerald on Hampstead Heath
1987 in St Thomas Road London flat
1987 St Thomas Road London
1983 Gerald in his Amsterdam flat
1983 Gerald in his Amesterdam flat (2)
1983 Gerald in Amesterdam
1981 Amersfoort Gerald with Alan V, Jackie, Steve Bowie and Jane Barrett
1981 Amersfoort Alan Velcich and Gerald
NUSAS HO 1978 Mog with the infamous litho printer
NUSAS Head Office Rondebosch G and Jane Barrett 1978
NUSAS Congress 1978 G with tea
NUSAS 56th Congress 1978
Patti and Gerald after getting caught in the rain, getting soaked in Hamburg, SA
ITFD Management meeting in Denmark
on his 50th birthday
with Patti
Gerald and Mike (Savage)
your flowers lit up second ave
making a speech at his godson's birthday
Gerald and Peter (Sloterdijk), Christmas, Cape Town
Shaun (Kraak), Louise (Swan) and Sunshine (Kraak) in Cape Town
Gerald and Brenda (Leibowitz), Cape Town
you! yes you! i want you to add to my site!
Gerald and Aidan (Kraak), Cape Town
a very handsome young man

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