Dr George Louis Schofield Jr
(1933 - 2015)

Dr George Louis Schofield Jr

March 5, 1933

January 15, 2015

Memorial reading March 5th, 2015

Today would have been my fathers 82nd Birthday; although he didn’t believe in celebrating his birthday, I think he would understand that we wanted to celebrate this last one for him.

The thing I admired most about my father was his mind…..

1952 – He graduated from Tabor Academy where he won numerous awards for his math skills, was a member of the crew, archery, riflery, and football teams. During one crew season he competed in a tournament at the regatta in England on the Thames River. They rowed against top schools likes Harvard and Yale.

1957 – He graduated from Cornell University and received his diploma in Civil Engineering.

From 1957 – 1967 he was a Captain in the Air Force working with the office of research and analysis(ORA). He had top secret clearance and worked on major weaponry.

1959 – While he was in the Air Force he received his Certificate in Meteorology from Texas A & M University, in Bryan Texas were I was Born. When we moved to Dover Delaware, he was asked to predict the weather for pilots at Dover Air Force Base and were Holly was born.

1963 - He received his master degree in Physics from the University of Michigan

1971 – He graduated from the University of Michigan and received his Doctorate of Physics. My dad would take Holly and me to his lab and show us his low temperature experiments by dropping a rubber ball in liquid nitrogen at -250 degrees then throwing it against a wall and watching it shatter into a million little pieces. We spend so much time on campus.

He went on to work for Maxwell Labs here in California in 1975 designing and leading high level projects for the government. He also had his own consulting business and worked until just a few years ago. He was very dedicated to his work; it was his sanctuary, a place where he loved to be.

My father was a “Teacher”! For him, everything was a teaching moment…..and he had a gift of sharing his vast knowledge with others. There weren’t too many subjects he didn’t have a deep knowledge of, things he could not fix or inventions he could not create.

He was the smartest person I ever met! In high school and college he would correct the teacher in the middle of math class, without ever cracking open the book. He spent a large part of his life in school. He once told me if it was up to him he would have been a student for life.

He had a great impact on how I go about conducting my business, parent my children or live my life. He would say, “Do it right or don’t do it all”. I always admired him for the way he felt about other people; from old friends, to colleagues, to neighbors, family members or the gardener, no matter what mistake you made, or personality you had, race you were or religion you believed in, he never passed judgment on you.

I learned from him to teach my children about so many things life has to give or take away. I learned to make good decisions and live life by “doing it the right way” or “doing what you say you’re going to do”. I am forever grateful for that.

Paul Jr, Jenna, Christopher, Brian and Madeline, although you did not get much time with him, I assure you, he loved each and every one of you very much. All of your names came up in conversation on more than one occasion. He enjoyed spending time with you.

Each of you have a bit of my dad in you and I hope you pass that along to your children someday, as they will all be better people because of it.

Lastly, he told me many times that he was so grateful for the long extension of life he was given after his liver transplant in 1990, that his passing would never leave him feeling like he did not have enough time.

So today we celebrate his life!

Love you Dad………Rest in Peace

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Found this inscription in one of George's books....


“If the universe contained only two bodies, the path of each, produced by their mutual gravitational attraction, could be predicted with any desired degree of accuracy.
As soon as a third body is introduced the paths (orbits) become chaotic (unpredictable).
This seems exceedingly strange to me, especially since the orbits of any two (without the third being present) can be predicted with infinitely fine accuracy.
Either we are missing something in our theories or a solution to the problem does not exist! If the latter is true, the best we will ever be able to do is to describe the things in Nature ….”

George L. Schofield
Gena (Step-Daughter)
January 18th, 2016
George and I were best friends as civil engineering students. We enjoyed the other's company. We lost track after Cornell. His passing was noted in the alumni magazine and it triggered a flood of good memories. I've not met anyone during my working life who had as comfortable a personality with me. Rest in Peace, George.
Paul Snare (Classmate at Cornell U.)
November 15th, 2015
I worked with George for 20+ years at Maxwell. He was the most talented engineer I ever worked with and a good friend. We will surely miss him.
Tom & Debbie
Tom & Debbie Panfili (coworker )
April 3rd, 2015
Peter and Family,
Sending love and our sympathy. Peter, thank you for sharing your Dads legacy with us.
Big hugs!
Karyn and Norm
Norm & Karyn Christensen (Friends)
March 22nd, 2015
Miss you
Jose Montano (Coworker)
March 9th, 2015
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"I worked for George Schofield as an admin. assistant at Maxwell. He was absolutely one of my favorite bosses ever. I had intended to come to his memorial with Merv Briscoe who also worked with Dr. Schofield. Somehow we had the date wrong. Will miss"
Mary Jo Moore
March 9th, 2015
"To all my fathers colleagues and friends thank you again for attending our service yesterday. I enjoyed meeting all of you. Please share this website with other people who knew my father so they can add a "candle" to this website."
Peter Schofield
March 6th, 2015


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