Geoffrey Thomas Ayers
(1948 - 2009)

Geoffrey Thomas Ayers
Nickname: Geoff

NY, United States of America
August 27, 1948

Pennsylvania, United States of America
November 5, 2009

Family, Music, Art, Science, Physics, Teaching, FUN
Guest Book
Hey baby. It's been a long while. I miss you so much. There's not a day that goes by that I don't see or feel or experience your presence. I look up at the night sky wondering where you are in that vast universe praying your at peace. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY. YOUR WIFE.
Kathie Ayers (wife)
July 10th, 2018
Well here we are two days past your birthday.
Still missing you at family gatherings and such. I know that you are in a better place now. A place where there are no worries and no painful things to deal with. You did your best for all of us while you was here. You can be very proud of your boys. They have turned into the men that you schooled them to become. See ya all of a sudden. BPA
Bryan Ayers (Brother and Friend)
August 30th, 2010
While cleaning out my mail, I found an old email from Geoff where we were catching up on life after a few years. The last sentance ended in " …. Remember one thing, no matter what, “It’s all good.”
Thanks Geoff. I needed someone to remind me of this. Hope heaven has Harleys and Strats. Take care friend.
Tom Majewski (Friend)
July 31st, 2010
A sudden Loss of a Loved one is always a Painful Tragedy to those Family or Friends who were left behind. Left behind is an interesting phrase, and if you have Faith then yes, we have been left behind and Geoff is now playing Lead in a New Band in Heaven. His Family, Friends, Music, Environment, Art and Free Spirit was all he Loved. Geoff always Admired Eagles which is maybe why he loved riding his Harley so much. He also used the Tag "Ozone Ranger" on and saving the Planet was another one of his concerns. I always knew Geoff as a Great Person, a Close Friend and as a Brother I never had who was always ready to help or care for anyone who needed him.
Because of all Geoff was, I have to believe that his dying suddenly was God's way of sparing him any suffering that he would have had to endured later. I am Grateful and Happy that my Life's path and Geoff's crossed that day back in '64 when Bobby Terella introduced me to him. I am sad that we are now apart but will forever cherish all the days that we laugh together. Goodbye will never be the right word to use because my memories will keep our Friendship alive forever. I always thought he was someone who could have once been a Indian Chief in a Past Life because he always loved Nature and the Freedom it offered.
Geoff, May you Soar like the Eagle you always wanted to be.
Peace in Heaven my Old Friend,
Tommy D (everlasting)
June 8th, 2010
GTA I miss our calls every month. I hate the thought of not going to PA to see where Flt 93 crashed. Miss drinking our wishkey and beer! Miss listening to you explain just about everthing in the universe and being right! But most of all I'll miss Albert's son!
James Reilly (FRIEND)
April 21st, 2010
We held the first family "gathering" last week. Sort of a house warming at Tim & Jens new home. Your absence left us all with a heavy feeling.
We did our best to begin the process of moving on. No matter how good we may get at this you will always be missed and always be a part of all our lives. Miss ya Bro.
Bryan Ayers (Brother)
February 16th, 2010
I think of you often............miss you alot !
February 16th, 2010
Miss you. I could really use your advice right now. Hope you are watching over all of us.
Jennifer Ayers (Daughter in law)
December 20th, 2009
My Brother Jeff was a very spiritual person. He had the ability to journey into spiritual realms during sessions of deep meditation. Often times using creative visualization techniques he would visualize the organs and systems of his physical body as youthful and healthy. During a relatively recent screening of his coronary arteries the Doctors were amazed at their youthful appearance and condition. They told him he had the arteries of a 30 year old.

This level of spirituality was always evident in his reverence and connection with Eagles of all types. He would draw them, carve them, and collect statuary and other forms of their imagery. He did so from the time he himself was a youngster.

I was at his home in Pennsylvania hours after he crossed over on November 5 2009. While standing in his kitchen and looking out on his property through the sliding glass doors and tear strained eyes, I noticed a full grown golden Eagle perched close to the house on a lower branch of a tree that had already given up its leaves to the season. All of which is very out of character for these elusive creatures. This Eagle was actually starring from that perch straight into the house and did so for a solid half an hour or so.

Given Jeff’s lifelong reverence for these majestic animals and this individuals out of character behavior I took it all to be a sign that Jeff was finally at PEACE. Jeff always said that if he had a choice he would want to comeback to life as an Eagle. Perhaps he was given that choice….. Soar with the Eagles brother!!!
Paddy Ayers (Brother and Friend)
December 1st, 2009
In loving memory of my husband... May would of been our 35th wedding anniversary. Thirty five years of memories that will be with me forever. You were everything to everyone; but, especially me. Take my love with you to this place we believed in. I will miss you and love you until the day we reunite... Your wife
Kathie Ayers (Wife)
November 29th, 2009
I miss our emails. You always had the answers. I hope you now realise how much you are loved and will be missed. You encouraged me through the stormy days and we could alway share a good political "debate". I am blessed to have known you; and your talents as well as intelligence !
May you rest in eternal peace.Catch you later my friend!
Lori Poling (friend)
November 28th, 2009
The Woodstock Music and Art Fair took place during 3 days in mid August of 1969.
This event more than any other epitomizes the spirit of my Brother Jeff. It was billed as 3 days of peace and music. Jeff lived a lifetime of Peace and Music. As a devout pacifist and talented musician this festival was right up his alley. Everyone we knew was planning to go and tickets were purchased well in advance, plans were developed as early as June.

Even though that same summer saw the landing of humans on the moon and the Mets were on a march toward the World Series, Woodstock was the primary “happening” for most of us baby boomers. No one in our group had any of their own camping gear so we decided to rent what we needed. We all chipped in and Jeff found a place where we could rent the stuff.

There were so many of us going that we travelled in convoy fashion, cars, motorcycles and Jeff’s Volks Wagon Bug complete with eight track tapes, tinted windows and flowers on the outside. The weather was horrible, torrential rains began as early as Friday. The roads were clogged with festival goers. We took an alternate route by traveling West all the way into Pennsylvania and then back tracking East to approach the site. Thus avoiding most of the major traffic jams. With Jeff at the wheel of his VW Bug, music blaring from the eight track, the windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the rain yet we all felt safe and the trip turned out to be as much FUN as the festival. There were times when we had to stop and open the windows to let some of the smoke out so Jeff could see the map and the controls of the eight track.

By the time we got as close as were gonna get by car we found a place to “camp” it was dark and still raining like hell and still a few miles away from the music. We dragged the camping stuff outta the car and stood there drenched all scratching our heads and staring at a huge soaking wet piece of canvass, ground stakes, some coils of strings and a large pile of unassembled tent poles. None of us had ever seen this tent erected, we had no idea what it looked like when set up or what to do with all the poles and strings and of course it came with no instructions. Most of our group had decided that we would have to squeeze all the people (including those on motorcycles) into the cars to sleep.

As many people took refuge in the cars Jeff took a short while to figure it all out and with a volunteer or two had the tent up, the air mattresses inflated, the sleeping bags were unrolled and the lantern was lit. Thanx to Jeff we had a campsite!!! As soon as all the “work” was done many of us crashed in the tent to dry off and get some sleep. NOT Jeff! He wasn’t about to miss any of the music or FUN. Armed with a flashlight that he kept strapped to his belt he proceeded to walk in the pouring rain the last few miles to the festival site.

He returned to the campsite early the next morning soaked to the skin, covered in mud and smiling from ear to ear. He announced to the rest of us that it was now a free concert and couldn’t stop talking “what a trip this is, I am never leaving” he said. His eyes were wide open and extremely dilated he had obviously been turned on to some “treats” while he was there. He exclaimed “people that ya don’t even know are sharing everything with each other! I’ movin in I swear ya gotta get there and see all this”

Needless to say he spent the next few days sitting in the mud and grooving his ass off.

This is the way I remember my Brother.

Paddy Ayers (Brother and Friend)
November 26th, 2009
The days just aren't the same. Your physical presence is sorely missed. I hope you knew how much I cared for you. And how much fun it was to be with you. I am glad me and you got to spend some time together these last few weeks. Going to Lowe's and spending all Tim's money. That was fun!! Jackson loves his "POP POP" and we will make sure that your memory lives on with him. If he has a 1/4 of your talent, he will be a success. My husband, your son, reminds me of you in a lot of ways. Your talent and smarts live on through Tim. I rest assured that our son will know you through his dad. Geoff, you were a great father, teacher and friend. I miss you more than my words can say. . .
Jennifer Ayers (daughter-in-law)
November 25th, 2009

My father was a man of many unique talents and abilities. He was a musician, an artist, a craftsman and most importantly an all around good friend. He couldn’t help but to make himself useful and contribute, often times to his own detriment either physically or emotionally. He never stopped trying to use his appreciable natural talents and abilities to try and fix things that were broken. In the end things always break faster than we can fix them and most people give up. I can attest that my father kept trying up to his very last day, perhaps his very last breath, underscoring perhaps his most underrated quality; he was a man of tremendous heart.

Despite his solid understanding and interest in all things scientific and physical, my father was also a very spiritual man. He spoke often of human consciousness and his belief that it could transcend the physical world. His mind was always working, asking questions, problem solving. I know he had a child like curiosity as to what happens when the spirit leaves the body. I hope he answered all his questions. I share his beliefs and look foreword to seeing him again; we will have a lot to talk about.

Its hard to sum up my dad with words. He was a very vibrant spirit an always seemed to be evolving in some way or another. My wife even made the curious observation while reviewing old photos that no two pictures of him seemed alike. He looked different in every picture. Instead of trying to sum him up I suppose I would like to just point out some things that many people might not have realized about my father: A few curious notes if you will.

Despite his hippie roots he was actually a pretty damn good athlete: You would never know by looking at him, but my dad could throw a football or baseball with the best of them. I swear he had one of the tightest spirals I ever caught. He would play QB during pick up games down the lake and I swear he threw the ball like Joe Montana!! Seriously!

My father tried to be a Republican for a while: Yes its true, it was about the time he started working for AT&T. He shaved his mustache and began quoting Ronald Reagan. It did not last long….probably 6 months.

Me and my dad stole a bunch of wine from the Fort Hamilton once during a wedding. It was sitting there and we said why the hell not. That’s when I learned that good wine does not come in a box.

My dad ate more candy than anyone I know. He would eat a whole gallon of ice cream. He was forever eating some type of Twinkie, ring-ding, devil dog type cake.

My dad bought a 4,000 dollar mattress and NEVER slept on it once. Wasn’t as good as the commercial indicated.

My Father was much stronger than he looked. Despite his small frame my dad was pretty damn strong. He could lift and carry things that much bigger guys were struggling with. I also got into a few scraps with him back in the day and I was shocked at how strong he actually was.

My dad liked to write letters, nasty letters. Yes he was very good at it. If you pissed him off you would get a very well crafted brilliantly authored nasty letter. They were works of art.

When I was in the boy scouts… Him and I were to build a model car for a competition. He took over the project and the car came out so good that I was disqualified for using a model car from the store. I was pissed at the time.

My dad was obsessed with that “little giant” ladder you see on TV. He would send me emails about it. He claimed it was the most useful tool ever invented. My mom had bought it for him for this Christmas. I was hiding it at my house.

My dad hoarded tools: He was organized about it but I swear he’s got 500 Phillips head screw drivers.

Anyway, there are 100s more and I will be posting them here from time to time. Remembering him will be a work in progress as everything I do reminds me of something he taught me or something we did together.

Tim Ayers (son)
November 24th, 2009
Me and my dad spent the last 6 years or so fixing up a 200 year old farm house that I lived in with my wife and son. We both acted like we hated it but deep down we both loved working with each other. My father always had a good idea. A new way of looking at a problem...a crafty solution. It was a blast. When I finally moved out we both were so "happy" that all the work was done...I moved into a new house with nothing wrong..but in a matter of weeks we were tearing it all apart !! I just think the guy loved to work with his hands and he seemed happiest while doing stuff like that. He always seemed to think out all those little things..After he passed I was trying to open one of his tool cases, I had unlatched what I though were all the latches but the damn thing wouldnt open. When I looked up I saw he had written on the case "Dont forget this one" and drew an arrow to an unseen latch in the back...I laughed my ass off....he knew one day some one would try to open it and not see that latch...he was always thinking...damn I miss him
Tim Ayers (son)
November 22nd, 2009
Fixing stuff just aint the same without you. We worked on too many projects to count. You tools are in good hands. Say hi to Tesla for me, and most of all take it easy man, no more worries !
Tim Ayers (Son)
November 20th, 2009
Rest in PEACE my Brother. You have already done more for us all than can be squeezed into one "Lifetime"
Bryan (Paddy) Ayers (Brother and FRIEND)
November 20th, 2009
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"Jeff, I know where you are...soaring with Eagles. You spent so much of your life helping your family. Your wife, children and grand children. You loved doing it all. You will be missed.....Much love Joanna Ayers Sister in law"
Joanna Ayers Sister inlaw
December 8th, 2009
"Go in PEACE Brother! STRESS can kill the body but nothing can kill the spirit. I will join you soon in the hereafter. As I suffer daily I am glad that you did not. It is better to burn out than to fade away."
John F Ayers BROTHER
December 5th, 2009
"As Geoff himself might have said "Only the Great Spirit knows when or why it is time for the Eagle to fly. Enjoy your flight, Bro. We will all be seeing each other again soon. Love and miss you, Doug"
Doug Rose
December 2nd, 2009
"to GEOFF`s family, i was the second drummer in the ONION SOUP band. i was deeply saddened to get the news of Geoff`s passing.MY prayers have been for the LORD to help his family in any way needed.sincerely, James Polimeni."
james polimeni
December 1st, 2009
"Ive allways thought that there is no greater gift one can give to another then music. You not only gave me that gift but you also gave and will continue to give it to everyone I have and will play music in front of for the rest of my life! I love you"
Brennan Ayers
November 28th, 2009
"I miss you, miss talking to you, hearing your voice and seeing your face. Never realized how deep you touched me until now. And I wish things could be different. I will always remember you as someone who was down to earth and so EASY to talk to, a"
Jennifer Ayers
November 25th, 2009
"A very special person, who will never be forgotten. We will always remember you as FUN, musically talented, artistically gifted and kind. Rest in Peace Uncle Geoff, we all miss you."
Louise Ayers- Rossi
November 25th, 2009
"I know your not gone. We talked about it all the time. I'll see you soon man..but i'll feel you every day and every time I fix something you'll be with me. The train drawing is going to mean just what you wanted it to, a very special gift"
Tim Ayers
November 20th, 2009
"Hey Brother, Still can't believe you are gone!!. I'll never get used to speaking of you in the past tense. I never will think of you in the past tense. Miss you more than words can say."
Bryan (Paddy) Ayers
November 20th, 2009


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