Geoffrey Thomas Ayers
(1948 - 2009)

Geoffrey Thomas Ayers
Nickname: Geoff

NY, United States of America
August 27, 1948

Pennsylvania, United States of America
November 5, 2009

Family, Music, Art, Science, Physics, Teaching, FUN
Somewhere a journey begins at the end of the worldly existence we know,

Somewhere a path stretches over the stars,
and rivers of memories flow,

Somewhere a silence is heard far away and the brightness of day fills the night,

Where the trials of life are resolved into PEACE when a soul finds its way to the light....

This site is dedicated to Geoffrey Thomas Ayers. My Brother, my big brother but more importantly my Friend. A man of many unique talents and abilities that will become apparent to you as you join us here in this celebration of his Life. This site will be an eternal "work in progress" it will evolve and grow as time marches on. You are invited to join in this evolution and return here time and time again to up date this ongoing celebration of LIFE with us, for we are Geoffs family and if you are reading this so are you.

My Brother has been survived by his wife Kathie, his sons Brennan and Timothy, his daughter Kasey, two Grandsons Jackson and Evan. Further survived by two brothers, John (Johny) and Bryan (Paddy) as well as a sister Maureen. He has nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews. Such are the ways of a family tree.

Please feel free to journey here with us in cyberspace, kindly add your stories, pictures, videos and memories of Geoff or simply light a virtual candle and/or sign the guest book. In this way his memory will remain alive forever.

It is his wish that there should be no pain amongst those of us that remain here (easier said than done). Rather, he wants that there should be some gatherings, in which we remember the happy times, rejoice and enjoy each other, as he enjoyed us all. Feel free however, to share your pain and grief with us, we understand, we feel it all too. This memorial website is the first of such gatherings. There will be at least one gathering in physical reality when his family is better able to address it. All will be be notified and all will be welcomed, stay tuned.

From the time he drew his first breath till he exhaled his last all he ever wanted to do was "have some fun".

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Guest Book (17 entries)
Hey baby. It's been a long while. I miss you so much. There's not a day that goes by that I don't see or feel or experience your presence. I look up at the night sky wondering where you are in that vast universe praying your at peace. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY. YOUR WIFE.
Kathie Ayers (wife)
July 10th, 2018
Well here we are two days past your birthday.
Still missing you at family gatherings and such. I know that you are in a better place now. A place where there are no worries and no painful things to deal with. You did your best for all of us while you was here. You can be very proud of your boys. They have turned into the men that you schooled them to become. See ya all of a sudden. BPA
Bryan Ayers (Brother and Friend)
August 30th, 2010
While cleaning out my mail, I found an old email from Geoff where we were catching up on life after a few years. The last sentance ended in " …. Remember one thing, no matter what, “It’s all good.”
Thanks Geoff. I needed someone to remind me of this. Hope heaven has Harleys and Strats. Take care friend.
Tom Majewski (Friend)
July 31st, 2010
A sudden Loss of a Loved one is always a Painful Tragedy to those Family or Friends who were left behind. Left behind is an interesting phrase, and if you have Faith then yes, we have been left behind and Geoff is now playing Lead in a New Band in Heaven. His Family, Friends, Music, Environment, Art and Free Spirit was all he Loved. Geoff always Admired Eagles which is maybe why he loved riding his Harley so much. He also used the Tag "Ozone Ranger" on and saving the Planet was another one of his concerns. I always knew Geoff as a Great Person, a Close Friend and as a Brother I never had who was always ready to help or care for anyone who needed him.
Because of all Geoff was, I have to believe that his dying suddenly was God's way of sparing him any suffering that he would have had to endured later. I am Grateful and Happy that my Life's path and Geoff's crossed that day back in '64 when Bobby Terella introduced me to him. I am sad that we are now apart but will forever cherish all the days that we laugh together. Goodbye will never be the right word to use because my memories will keep our Friendship alive forever. I always thought he was someone who could have once been a Indian Chief in a Past Life because he always loved Nature and the Freedom it offered.
Geoff, May you Soar like the Eagle you always wanted to be.
Peace in Heaven my Old Friend,
Tommy D (everlasting)
June 8th, 2010
GTA I miss our calls every month. I hate the thought of not going to PA to see where Flt 93 crashed. Miss drinking our wishkey and beer! Miss listening to you explain just about everthing in the universe and being right! But most of all I'll miss Albert's son!
James Reilly (FRIEND)
April 21st, 2010
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"Jeff, I know where you are...soaring with Eagles. You spent so much of your life helping your family. Your wife, children and grand children. You loved doing it all. You will be missed.....Much love Joanna Ayers Sister in law"
Joanna Ayers Sister inlaw
December 8th, 2009
"Go in PEACE Brother! STRESS can kill the body but nothing can kill the spirit. I will join you soon in the hereafter. As I suffer daily I am glad that you did not. It is better to burn out than to fade away."
John F Ayers BROTHER
December 5th, 2009
"As Geoff himself might have said "Only the Great Spirit knows when or why it is time for the Eagle to fly. Enjoy your flight, Bro. We will all be seeing each other again soon. Love and miss you, Doug"
Doug Rose
December 2nd, 2009
"to GEOFF`s family, i was the second drummer in the ONION SOUP band. i was deeply saddened to get the news of Geoff`s passing.MY prayers have been for the LORD to help his family in any way needed.sincerely, James Polimeni."
james polimeni
December 1st, 2009
"Ive allways thought that there is no greater gift one can give to another then music. You not only gave me that gift but you also gave and will continue to give it to everyone I have and will play music in front of for the rest of my life! I love you"
Brennan Ayers
November 28th, 2009
"I miss you, miss talking to you, hearing your voice and seeing your face. Never realized how deep you touched me until now. And I wish things could be different. I will always remember you as someone who was down to earth and so EASY to talk to, a"
Jennifer Ayers
November 25th, 2009
"A very special person, who will never be forgotten. We will always remember you as FUN, musically talented, artistically gifted and kind. Rest in Peace Uncle Geoff, we all miss you."
Louise Ayers- Rossi
November 25th, 2009
"I know your not gone. We talked about it all the time. I'll see you soon man..but i'll feel you every day and every time I fix something you'll be with me. The train drawing is going to mean just what you wanted it to, a very special gift"
Tim Ayers
November 20th, 2009
"Hey Brother, Still can't believe you are gone!!. I'll never get used to speaking of you in the past tense. I never will think of you in the past tense. Miss you more than words can say."
Bryan (Paddy) Ayers
November 20th, 2009


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