• What is an online memorial site?
  • An online memorial site is a way to honor or pay tribute to someone who has passed away. Each memorial site has an area where visitors can leave a comment to express their thoughts and feelings, a photo section where you can add pictures, a candle section that can include small notes written by visitors, an online timeline, and various other features to help with the passing of a loved one. You can also look at our features page to see a full description of all the features iLasting.com has to offer.
  • How do I create an online memorial site?
  • To create an online memorial site you can click on the "Create a Memorial" or "Get Started" links found throughout the site. You will then be taken to a registration page where you will input all the pertinent information. After submitting your site, your page will be created. From here, you have a fully functioning site that you can customize and add information to at any time.
  • Can I make my memorial Private?
  • Yes, at any time you can login and make your memorial private in the account settings section. If you set the memorial to private, no one will be able to view the memorial without a password.
  • How do people view my online memorial site?
  • By creating a memorial site you get to choose what the URL is. An example URL is "http://www.ilasting.com/yournameofsite.php" where "yournameofiste" is whatever you choose it to be. Note: "www.ilasting.com/" will always be added to whatever name you choose.

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