Ernest J Longo
(1945 - 2009)

Ernest J Longo
Nickname: Big E

September 9, 1945

Florida, United States of America
July 23, 2009

This site is dedicated to Ernest Longo.
My dad was a wonderful man who would do anything for another human being He was always full of life he make you laugh when you were down.He was outgoing ,witty an always the one who stood out in the crowd .He was a avid ELVIS impersonator and he was good at it. I picked this song to let you know even if I was married at 16 and dident get to spend alot of time with you I was always thinking about you and "YOU WERE ALWAYS ON MY MIND" I WILL HOLD YOU AND YOUR MEMORIES IN MY HEART FOREVER FOR YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY KING

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Happy 70th Birthday in heaven Dad I miss you more than you can ever imagine. As I'm sure you already know I was disowned again but I'm used to being without my so called side of the family . For reasons they were only told and not known for a fact but its ok I have my own family and promised my kids I will NEVER BE LIKE THEM I will always be here for them no matter what Mom told them a bunch of lies about us an I know in my heart she will have to answer to you in which she prob has cause she joined you 7days ago Not even a phone call from them god really how LOW can they be I guess real low I wasn't the one taking the hand out before she passed but so be it I won't get one speck of her ashes and mom told me there was enough left out of the insurance for an urn for both of us
Donnamarie holden (1st daughter)
September 9th, 2014
Well Dad another Birthday without you :''( you would have been 69 today I wish you were here to see the kids growing up you would be real proud Anthony is going to take the NYPD test again he really wants to be a cop he's been in an out of trouble but nothing against him on his file to stop him from following his dream , Vincent is going on tour with his friends in 15 days he's going places I'll never get to see ,Tyler finished school and landed a really good job ;) Amber is growing soo fast she's going to be 16 god I'm getting old ,As for James hes 13 now and way taller than me there's not one day they don't think of you or miss you cause they each have a part of you well we all love n miss you Happy Birthday Dad <3<3
Donnamarie Holden (1st Daughter)
September 10th, 2013
Dear Dad
First I have to wish you a Happy 4 the anniversary
In heaven theres not one day I don't think of you
Second I have to things ize for some bitterness
Here today as you already know your
wife has disowned me again it won't be the First
time but I can tell you it will be the last I don't
know how she says she was treated sooo bad here in
NY when last year at this time she posted we were taking so good care of her she said so in all her post on here .I can only say things happen for a reason I did everything for her and all she did was verbally abuse my children I have you and the lord above as my wittness and I really hope you straighten that out when she gets there you might say she's just like her mother cause if I remember right she wanted nothing to do with any of her children or grandchildren but that's the life she chooses I also remember her hitting n telling me how much she hated me n how she wishes I was never born Weill I can say Feb of this year her wish finally came true I am dead to her as she is too me I never needed her before always did what I had to growing up on my own without her no big loss really I've always had a special bond with you you were always there for me growing up you always listened when I needed someone you always called to see hoe me n the kids were as I could count on one hand as for how many times your wife has called but she had no problem calling James a lil faggot among other names or calling Amber a selfish lil Bitch but that's all OK and good cause my kids KNOW WHO THEIR REAL GRANDMOTHER IS and by all means its not your wife sorry for all the venting dad but I had to talk to you sooner or later n I've waited long enough just remember I LOVE AND MISS YOU and I hope your rocking out with the BEST
~~~RIP DADDY ~~~ Donnamarie

here watching over us that ur wife has disowned me
again it wont be the first time but i can tell you it will be the LAST

are watching over each n everyone of us that
Donnamarie Holden (1st Daughter )
July 23rd, 2013
Dear Poppy,

Its been 4 years since your gone may you always rest in peace even though we werent really a big part of each others lives one day well meet again. I read my so called nanas message and you know the truth how full of shit she is treated bad in NY i laugh if it wasnt for NY she would have died out there im sure you looked down all she did was sit in her bed and look out the window yeah treated so bad AND POPPY IF NANA REALLY GAVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU SHED WRITE ON THIS PAGE EVERYDAY ALL HER LOVE AND MISSING YOU INSTEAD OF JUST WRITING ON HER ON FATHERS DAY AND YOUR ANNIVERSARYS SHES NOTHING BUT A FAKE YOU KNOW ITS FUNNY I EVEN TEXTED MY SO CALLED NANA AND SHE REPLIED WHOS THIS? WHEN SHE LEFT NY THE PLACE SHE WAS SO CALLED TREATED BAD SHE HAD MY NUMBER SAVED SHE HAD NO PROBLEM TEXTING ME HERE SO YEAH YOU ALREADY KNOW SHES FULL OF IT SHE HATED US FROM JUMP STREET AND ONLY USED US TO COME HERE AND GET BETTER AND SAY SHES STAYING AND RUNS BACK THERE AND TELLS LIES ABOUT MY FAMILY R.I.P POPPY
Number One (ex)
July 23rd, 2013
It's been 4years since you left me but it seems like yesterday , time flys by and it doesn't get easier I miss you so much . I try to go on but it so hard without you . My heart is shattered Dom ,Michelle ,Lori mike and kaela are here for me and they take good care of me and make sure I have everything I need and for that I'm great full.. Nothing like how it was in ny they treated me so bad . Well my love I'll close for now watch over us and keep us safe till we meet again my angel baby .R.I.P.fforever in my heart and always on my mind , you are my everything
Regina Longo (Wife)
July 22nd, 2013
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"miss you poppy wish we could have spent more time together&could of learned a lot from you,unfortunately that wasn't the case, I feel your still here inside of me,l've been told I have your personality,with that said,illl make you and everyone prou"
tyler holden
August 17th, 2012
"Dear Ernest, You were a great dad and beautiful husband! You always brought Lori back to me every time you came to NY. As children you made us laugh, but put us in our place when we did wrong! You will always be in my heart! R.I.P <3"
Joanne Vidal
July 25th, 2012
"daddy i miss you so much!you left us far to soon and we only hold the memories we shared.Me,Mike and Kaela love you and think of you all the time.Mike uses all the tools you gave him regularly.Love Always Lori& Kaela"
Lori Crawford
July 25th, 2012
"Dear Dad, Just want to say I love n miss you and tyler will b graduating. high school in 23 more days and is going to carry on your legend for the love of cars hes going to lincon tech. To become. Mechanic im sure you are Proud!!! We love you DADDY"
Donnamarie Holden
June 4th, 2012
"Dear dad this is the 3rd Christmas without you I can say the holidays will never be the same since your gone there's just big empty place in my heart that can never be filled .I miss you more n more each day . Merry 3 rd Christmas in heaven Dad"
Donnamarie Holden
December 27th, 2011
"Dear poppy, I can't believe you've been gone for two years already. I miss talking to you on the phone.. Forever&always will you be in our hearts. I love you a&f r.i.p poppy <3"
Amber Holden
July 23rd, 2011
"Dear poppy,I can't believe you've been gone for 2 years already. I miss talking to you on the phone. Forever&always will you be missed & be in our hearts. I love you a&f ..RIP Poppy<3"
amber holden
July 23rd, 2011
"Silly lilly here just wanted to say Bob and i think of you all the time. you were one of a kind were special in our hearts we miss and love you very much.your family have broken hearts but have become closer together because of your love silly lilly"
Laurie Lilly
July 23rd, 2011
"You will always be in our thoughts and hearts! Love,The Francis and Price families"
Brenda Price-Francis
July 23rd, 2011
Donnamarie Holden
July 22nd, 2011


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