Elizabeth Anne Beil
(1978 - 2013)

Elizabeth Anne Beil
Nickname: Elly or Beth

Colorado, United States of America
November 21, 1978

California, United States of America
January 4, 2013

Nature, Gardening, Archaeology, Geology, Biology, Bird Watching, Gardening, Homesteading, Healing Herbs, Preparing, Love, Her Pit Bull "Loyal", Being an Amazing Partner, Skulls and Bones, Feathers, Hot Springs, Crafts, Art, Taxidermy, Beauty...
This site is dedicated to Elizabeth Anne Beil. She was an amazing beautiful brilliant and unique womon, full of energy and goodness, and deeply in love with life. Her tragic, sudden death came as she slipped and fell down a steep bank of the Pit River at her home, in Big Bend, Shasta County California. Elly was studying natural sciences and we believe she was looking for Mountain Lion tracks when she slipped.

Elizabeth moved to Big Bend in March 2012, and fell in love with the river, forest, mountains, wildlife, and lifestyle. She said she had finally found her permanent home in the tiny rural community, and wanted to settle on the beautiful land, where creeks, river, cold springs, hot springs, rain, snow, and sharply defined seasons create a highly rich and abundant ecosystem.

She proceeded to make big things happen in Big Bend, expanding the gardens, preserving food, making new friends, falling in love with a new partner, studying biology, archaeology, and geology, while also becoming an active and well-respected community member. She was in a joyful blissful state and inspired many people around her. She turned 34 and claimed she had never been happier in her life. Her enthusiasm and passion for life was a huge inspiration for those lucky enough to get to know her.

Elizabeth is loved by so many friends and family who she touched in so many ways. We are all devastated by the tragic and sudden terrible loss of this remarkable person. Words can not express how we miss her and want her to somehow come back and continue on her enlightened and inspired life path. She will always be remembered and held dearly in our hearts.

Since Elizabeth has important relationships with people all over the USA and elsewhere, this web site can serve as a central place for her loved ones to communicate, share memories and pictures, and have a chance to grieve with others, despite long distances between us.

More will be added every day, as we collectively remember and celebrate Elizabeth and all her magical radiant magnificence. Please contribute any thoughts, wishes, memories photos, or videos that you'd like to post. Thank you for your love and your prayers.

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Guest Book (68 entries)
I write this message as someone who is many years past when the bulk of these entries were recorded. I knew Beth in a time before our current social media level of connection, and it was only recently that I learned of her death. We shared time during her residence in Baltimore, and it would be a drastic understatement to say that to say that she made a lasting impact on me. She was a beautiful person that carried a spirit that I can only yearn to attain or hope to see In my own children. I do, and will continue to think of you and your family often and with love. I only regret that our time together was brief and that we lost touch over the years.
Chad Graf (Friend)
December 1st, 2018
I am so saddened today to find out that my friend has passed on. I haven't seen Beth since we were about 17 years old. She was always smiling and making people laugh. I am so happy to see that she led such a fulfilling, wondrous and adventurful life. Today I am so thankful to have been able to call her my friend. I know she is travelling the heavens with a smile.
jessica trieber (friend)
November 9th, 2014
I met Elizabeth on New Year's Day 2003....we enjoyed a late breakfast and a movie together with her sister and her sisters boyfriend and then I gave her a ride home to Boston.She was a warm and very free spirit.We didn't really stay in close touch but whenever one of us heard something about the other,we tended to reconnect.I have no doubt that she is horribly missed by many people everywhere because she had that gift of warmth and positivity that moves us as humans.Bless you girl wherever you might be.
Daniel Krampf (Friend)
November 1st, 2014
I met Beth in 1995, she being the daughter of my husband’s cousin’s wife. I am not sure what that made us to each other but I always felt we were ‘family’. I could count on ten fingers the times our paths crossed through family functions and get-togethers. But those ten times afforded me the opportunity to get to know her more than I have known most in this world. From a quiet teenager with an open-hearted smile to the strikingly beautiful soulful woman she matured into becoming. Her sweet demeanor was ever-present with me and often I would seek her out through the crowd of family when time and circumstance allowed. I got the chance to see her flower evermore with each visit. Our conversations on Life were always so engaging, open and honest, something that is far too seldom seen these days. I last saw Beth approximately three to four years ago at a family Christmas dinner. I was taken aback at how even more beautiful and serene she had become to my eyes, even more than previously, something which I would not have thought possible. I would say she had a ‘glow’ about her. At that time, I had a sense that would be the last time I would see her. I dismissed the feeling as a fleeting emotion and felt surely this would not and could not be the case. However, that feeling persisted. Knowing the regret of not sharing how I felt with loved ones who have ‘gone before’, I am SO thankful I took the opportunity of telling her that evening how I felt about her and how she had affected my life. Almost embarrassed, I told her that with each visit, she was more beautiful to me and her loving soul shone through even more brightly. She had an honest sincere light about her, almost like a halo, and this I shared with her. I told her that to me, she almost seemed like an angel who had come to be in the midst of others. I even lightheartedly joked with her about being ‘Saint Beth’ that was how illuminating her presence seemed to me. I told her then that she brought to mind that old Billy Joel song .....“She’s Got a Way.” Our goodbye hug was longer and closer than is usual, and for that, I am grateful. Having learned just recently of her passing, it comes as no surprise that for the past two weeks or so, that song has been filtering itself through my consciousness. To my mind, it must be Beth saying goodbye. I will miss you, You Beautiful Soul. See you on the Other Side. Love, Marilyn
Marilyn Gilmore (Aunt)
March 28th, 2013
In this life and after, she makes a trail for us, plants a garden for us, and stands always as a welcoming heart.
Ken Gilmore (Family & Friend)
March 27th, 2013
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"God got a new angel that day, my heart goes out to the family. And there in my prayers ."
Barbara Messer
February 28th, 2013
"I barely knew you, but I assumed we'd be working together for a while. It was so evident you were learning and loving there at BBHS. This life is an evanescent thing; how sweet to know and find what you want for even a short time. Blessed be."
Rick Valley
January 10th, 2013
"Your positive outlook, free spirit and love for life has inspired me since we first met. You will always be in my heart and I will continue to find ways to honor your short life in mine. I will miss you my friend."
Kim Suter (Baltimore friend)
January 10th, 2013
"I met Elizabeth at Omega. She was my closest friend there . . ."
Ben Herr
January 10th, 2013
"You were 'Beth' to me....a profoundly free spirit that slipped in and out of my life too quickly. Hare Krsna."
Jamie Huntt
January 9th, 2013
"Elly, I thank God for the "glimpse" I had of you too! My sweet friend. I light this candle in your honor of the Earth and the ancestors that spoke to you. Speak to us now, dear one. We are listening. In love and light I will remember you."
Laureen Oliveira
January 8th, 2013
"God Bless the soul who leaves us too early. She was such a beautiful spirit. Always a kind word as she walked past. She made a loving imprint on all of us."
Pamela & Bobby Phillips
January 8th, 2013
"I lit a candle for her this morning and said a prayer. My condolences to everyone in the family and extended family."
Roxy Rosen
January 8th, 2013
"Sister- I remember the warmest hugs and most radiant smiles... Thank you for shining your light so bright, and sharing it with open heart... Peace.."
Jill weisberg
January 8th, 2013
"ELizabeth, You have always been a twin flame in the Soul Sisterhod. your light burns ever bright. May you now know the expansivneess of your blessing on this planet and may your vivacious spirit dwell on forever. In Love and Light, Nola"
Nola ganem
January 8th, 2013


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