Eleanor J Kirby
(1922 - 2010)

Charles Ephraim Johnson
Alma Juliana Anderson Johnson
Home in Brockton, Massachusetts
95 French Ave., Brockton, MA
Carl, Ed, Ellie, Alma & Charles September 1928
Cohasset 1930s
Fiftieth Anniversary Charles Ephraim & Alma Juliana Anderson Johnson 95 French Avenue, Brockton, Massachusetts April 195...
Ellie & Steve
Christmas Present! 1955
Ellie Johnson Throwing out the first ball of the season May 1958
WAF 10th Anniversary, Brigadier General & Mrs. Agan NCO Club, Roslyn Air Force Station, Long Island
WAF 10th Anniversary Roslyn Air Force Station June 1958
WAF 10th Anniversary Luncheon Washington Manor, Roslyn, Long Island June 1958
26th Air Division Crest
Oregon August 1958
Steve & Ellie
Cutting the cake August 23, 1958
Cutting Cake at Carl's Haven, August 23, 1958
Eating wedding cake, August 23, 1958
August 23, 1958
Oregon, with Marge Craine August 23, 1958
Banff Honeymoon August 1958
Banff August, 1958
Banff 1958
Brothers and Sisters, et al Columbus, Ohio
Cathy & Doug's Wedding 1988
Cathy & Doug's Wedding 1988
Ellie, Steve & Matthew
Ellie & Eddie Kentucky Late 80s
Ellie & Steve in Kakegawa, Japan
Ellie, Matthew, Cathy & Steve in Kakegawa, Japan
Doug, Matthew, Ellie & Steve in Kakegawa, Japan
Jane & Patric's Wedding 1994
Patric & Jane's Wedding Ellie, Steve & Eileen 1994
Jane & Patric's Wedding 1994
Johnsons, Andersons, Clarks, O'Malleys & Kirbys 1994
Steve & Ellie 1995
NYC 1997
Brigit, Steve & Ellie 1997
Steve, Brigit & Ellie 1998
Ellie & Honor 2001
Brigit, Ellie & Honor 2001
Brigit, Steve & Ellie 2002
Steve, Honor & Ellie 2002
Patric, Honor, Ellie, Steve & Brigit 2002
Steve & Ellie 2004
Jane, Honor, Patric, Brigit & Ellie
50th Anniversary July 2008
Cold Spring, NY July 2008
Cold Spring, NY July 2008
Cold Spring, NY July 2008
Steve, Doug, Jane and Ellie
Mom and Luisa
Anna and Mom
Cindy, Mom and Doug
Mom and Gabe
Mom and Lidia
Mom's Birthday 2009 - Pat, Frank, Frank and Rosemary
Clockwise: Ellie, Pat, Julius and Margaret
Brigit & Honor 2010
Breakfast at Green Spring Village
Steve, Jane and Doug
Honor, Steve, Jane, Doug and Brigit
Jane, Cathy, Pascale, Dominique
Matthew and Steve
Maurice, Pascale, Dominique, Steve
Front Row: Steve, Jane and Honor Back Row: Brendan, Collin, Sarah, Connor, Matthew, Cathy, Brigit and Doug
Mom's Birthday 2010
Sarah, Connor (not to scale), Cathy, Matthew, Doug
Lunch at Lord of Life
Pastor Qualley and Steve
Rod & Eva Young, Linda Randall, Catherine & Bob Van Aken, Don & Eva Driscoll
Connor, Matthew, Cathy, Sarah, Honor and Brigit
Nancy and Steve
Jane & Nancy
Steve Tour at Greensprings Village
Arlington National Cemetery - February 18, 2011
The urn is transferred from the car to the caisson
The Caisson
The United States Air Force Band
Honor, Jane, Steve, Brigit, Connor
Honor, Jane, Steve, Brigit, Connor & Cathy (Frank in background)
Following the caisson to the columbarium...
Chaplain Tony (Air Force Memorial in background)
Matthew and Mac Feichtinger arriving...
Honor Guard (Rifles in background)
Jane, Brigit, Pascale & Dominique
Women In Military Service ("WIMS") for America Memorial
WIMS Hall of Honor - Steve, Brigit, Cathy, Sarah, Matthew, Connor, Honor, Patric, Jane & Doug


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