Dustin Paul Huard
(1978 - 2008)

Dustin Paul Huard
Nickname: Dusty

California, United States of America
June 15, 1978

October 1, 2008

I'm interested in nature, and dreams. I'm interested in discovering the elements of self within the alchemy of life. I'm interested in space portals, and time warps. I'm interested in dimensional overtones, and metaphysics. I'm interested in motion, and balance. I'm interested in pure harmony. I'm interested in channels of love (not television channels). I'm interested in mass production of creativity. I'm interested in my interests when what I find interesting is something that's interesting. Hmmm.. That's interesting... It's funny when people do things.
Guest Book
Damn Duder.... I am so totally having a moment right now missing you. I just looked through some pictures and was flooded with memories. I am so incredibly grateful for our time together, priceless. You are amazing and I am the luckiest sister in the world to have had you love me so much. Anya is freaking incredible. You would be so proud. Well I know you are! She is crazy smart. I mean CRAZY SMART!!!! She knows who you are... Uncle Dustin. I taught her, "What does Uncle Dustin say?" you know what she does? She dances!!! Damn straight!! She busts moves like nobodies business. It's so cute! I know she'll be talking in no time. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about you. She is totally OBSESSED with your picture, its obvious she knows you. Blows my mind. Anyway Duder Rooder, I miss you more than words can say and try so hard to live each day the way you would. In fact, I did two good deeds this weekend. I got gas for a dude stranded on the side of the road with his 2 yr old. And Mormor gave him $15 cuz he had no money. Also, I gave one of Anya's old sun hats (that Edwin got her) to some tourists who asked me at Walgreens if there was anywhere in town they could buy a hat for their 9 month old. I though about you cuz of all the good things you did for so many people in need. YOU ARE SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!! I miss you so much and cant wait till we get to chill again. I love you duder rooder and am sooooooo sad right now missing you. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Yo Sister (Duh!)
April 15th, 2013
Honey, You are always on my mind and in my heart, day-after-day. The area I planted for you did so beautifully this year. You would have loved it, especially the holly hocks. I laugh everytime I look at the "camping post" that Dad and I borrowed from Honeymoon Flats. Oh well, it was camp site number 15 and it's where we purposely camped so I just look at it as destiny to be in the yard. Anya is absolutely beautiful and Kristen is such a great mom. I really feel you are now at peace. We love you and we'll see you when it's time. Continue to watch over all of us and then be there to guide us honey. God rest your soul. We love you.
Lisa Huard (Stepmom-additional mom in)
October 23rd, 2011



Brian Gari (friend)
September 27th, 2010
Beautiful soul, Dustin...as you know, my dearest Abuelita passed away on Monday, July 5, 2010 at 12:53 am in our arms. You would have been so proud and amazed. We were with her until the very end, throughout her difficult health issues over all of these years and until the last moments and final breaths, assisting her into the next phase. I only feel stronger now because I know that she is at peace. She is freed of her earthly body. She is running free and strong once again.

Mi Abuelita is now finally reunited with her mother, father, sister, aunts and more loved ones, but I know that she will love you, DustyRose. Has she met you, yet? I hope that you are entertaining her over there and making her smile and laugh. She loved to laugh, and I know that she would have thought that you were charming with your eyes so pure.

Dear Dustin, as you've been there for me, please be there as a gentleman and protector for my grandmother Tell her that we love her. Let her know, that we felt her and feel her love. Yes, she has left her mark and has shown us that she is with us, as have you. You will be amazed at how strong my grandmother is...she is incredible and a woman of many beautiful gifts. May you both be at peace and know my love is unwavering. I love my Abuelita, and I love you, DustyRose.

Thank you for always being there and for always being so strong. As you've protected and been there for me in the past, so you still continue to give me strength, love and nurturing now. Thank you for being your unbelievable self. You are amazing, and I have so much love for you.

Always in love, unity and strength,
~DustyRose, your Rosa
Rosa Alva (close friend)
July 8th, 2010
Wow, I thought I had posted a story, but I can't find it. Anyhow...

Dustin, I miss you every day. You and I had some amazing adventures and this is the one I will share with you all.

It was sometime around 1998-2000, I wish I could narrow it down closer, but that really doesn't matter. We packed up from LA and went camping in Anza-Borrego. We stopped by a good friend of ours, Renee, and picked up some "Diamond." That made the trip much more irie, and we proceeded on our way out in to the desert wilderness. I had my 4x4 Jeep at the time and we made the most of it. We went way back in to this canyon called Yaqui Pass and set up camp. We partied, just the two of us, built a huge bon fire which was one of our favorite things to do. We both jumped back and forth through the flames acting like crazed fools. After hours of the fire we decided to call it a night so we started to dig up some sand to put out the fire. Dustin got in to his groove and proceeded to dig a 6+ foot deep hole. He was literally under ground by the time he was done... he kept saying, "I'm digging to China!", as I laughed and laughed. Well after exerting himself we called it a night, or so we thought. About an hour after laying our heads down, we were wakened by ATVS and motorbikes and lights flashing everywhere... We jumped out of the tent and, thankfully, the fire was still partly going... I think we were so "out of it" that we had never really put the fire out; good thing! We had a big branch that was still burning and Dusty grabbed it and waved it in the air to deter the off-roaders from running us over. We never went back to sleep... we stayed up drinking beer and watched the sun rise. We then explored the valley as I have never done before. We were free, we went here, and we went there. The 4x4 was of much help in this area!

I miss my adventures with Dustin, and this was one that I will always treasure. I miss you my friend, and hope to see you soon, on one plane or another. Much love, ALWAYS! VVG over and out!
Curtis Clay (Friends, family, VVG)
September 23rd, 2009
My Dustin.....
Not a day goes by that I don't look at Your Picture and Hold you in My Heart..... And as I Remember 30 years of Love that we shared together.... You mean so much to Me & Everyone You have touched in your life... I Miss You so much My Sweetheart and only Hope to Make The Change That You Wished To See in the World... In Your Memory I will do my Best to Make That Change.... I will Love You Until Time Ceases To Be, My Most Amazing Son.... The Best Son a Mother could Ever have Asked For... I will Love You until the End of Time... xoxo Your Mom
Liz Huard (Mother)
July 14th, 2009
The moment I knew...I didn't know what to say.

I'm a father now of a little girl and I want to introduce her to you my brother. But you've moved on...and that saddens me. I see a image of the future in my mind:

You and I are sitting on the Quad smiling as my little girl runs around with the other kids and the dogs. You look over at me and say with your knowing smile, "Wow man...your a dad." We exchange that "WTF" look and laugh.

I will miss you into the next life my brother. See you on the other side.

Nova Hall (Friend)
May 12th, 2009
dustin, thank you so much for sending me a surprise package. it was very emotional opening it today. it re-opened a lot of wonderful memories. i always cherished getting a random package from you & laughing when i saw the contents inside. this package was different, 3 mens shirts that would fit you & a short note. trust me i'm keping them, but would you tell me the story. by the way, i'll always remember your handwriting, its so vvg :) i had a dream a few nights ago. we were at an outdoor camping rave. we were tucked into our sleeping bags & i remember looking at you with your eyes closed while you were talking to me. we must have fell asleep together. DUDE! i'm seriously missing you & loving you. thank you for your most meaningful friendship. your bestest pal. paloma-ha nebraska
paloma navarrete (best friends forever)
April 29th, 2009
Dooder rooder du duuuu daduder ruder
dooder rooder du duuuu daduder ruder.

I whistled for you today, did you hear me?
Duder Ruder (sister)
February 24th, 2009
Dusty, d, I think of you daily and feel blessed for you coming into my life those days in L.A. when I was showing up on your doorstep to visit your mother who was becoming my new friend. Thanks for sharing with me your flourishing veggie garden and some of the crop- and for showing me who you are. Thanks for minding my tv/vcr after Liz left and I left for Australia to see my father ... and I hope you were able to get some enjoyment from it instead of stashing it in a garage or something. Now you and my father are in similar territory and I hope you have somehow managed to meet... his name here was Ken. When I see Liz again on this side perhaps we'll all be able to say hello to one another and share some love and laughter. I know you're home now in the heart of love, because you never left.
Looking forward to sharing with you again,
Peace and Blessings dear friend,
Diana Akima (Friend)
February 24th, 2009
Hi sweetie,
I was thinkin about you, missin you!
Joanna Arvizu (Friend)
December 19th, 2008
dude. i had a dream on 11/21. we were in the ocean on a house boat. wow was it thrilling, we laughed so much. then i woke up to you in my mind on 11/22. man you are so much fun! miss you boy, i think of you every day.
love always, paloma-ha nebraska
paloma navarrete (best friends forever)
November 27th, 2008
Our sincere condolences for your loss. We're here for you if you have any questions about using our service.
iLasting Staff
November 25th, 2008
We had only been living together for about a year. Dustin loved music. It was, without a doubt his passion. I loved it too because I always had a live DJ in the house. Dustin's record collection consists of SO many records. You name it, he probably had it. He was always really good with music. He always knew the artist of that one song.

I met a guy at Gold's Gym who was really hot. We went out a few times and he was really cocky and too confident. Imagine that! The guy tried to trick me. We were talking on the phone and he said, "if you can name the artists of the next five songs I'm going to play, I'll take you out". I was very excited because I had Dustin in the house!!

I called Dustin over to my side. The dude ended up playing like 30 songs and was in complete disbelief and shock that I knew every single artist. Not just artists, I knew the names of songs and what albums they were on. Thanks DUDER!!! That was so awesome. For like an hour Dustin sat by my side, listening to the music to tell me what it was. I was then known as the girl who knows her music....

Thanks Duder!
Kristen Huard (Sister)
October 25th, 2008
Dustin was so rad. He spoiled me in such a cool way. I always knew how lucky I was to have him. Thankfully, I always appreciated how he treated me and how cool he was for the many things he did for me.

Dustin and I lived together for 6 years in LA. It was a very special time to spend together. I remember on one specific Valentines Day neither one of us had a date. I had a gift card to Macy's that I wanted to use. Dustin drove me from our place in Venice to West Hollywood so I could use that gift card. We then decided that we would go to random dive bars on our way home.

We decided that on our way home we would find different dive bars to stop in for just one beer. We ended up stopping at three or four different dive bars before we ended up at home. There was this one inparticular that was, well, I can't really explain it. It was creepy and we ended up leaving without even having a drink. I think we were the only ones in that place under 75 years old without oxygen tanks at our side. It was a very surreal experience for us both that we would constantly speak about.

Once we got home we walked down to the corner and ate some dinner and had a few more drinks. Definitely one of my best Valentines Days.

Damn I'll miss you dude. I'll always love you too.
Kristen Huard (Sister)
October 25th, 2008
you visited me in my dreams last night. i know it was really you. you were so happy. your eyes were bright and your smile was wide. you told me you were fine and not to worry. you hushed my cries and you smiled. you walked away with the universe in front of you. you walked towards the mountains on pure white snow under a rich blue sky.
marie gabriel (friend)
October 24th, 2008
I miss you so much duder.
Kristen Huard (sister)
October 22nd, 2008
I am a single mother of a boy and girl that are 14 months apart in age. I simply picked up my Kudo's to read, while dinner was cooking and my children were doing their homework. I was so compelled to look up the website and read more. My deepest sympathy and prayers go to this family. I feel so deeply for all of you. I am just a stranger that sends my good prayers.
Unknown unknown (just a reader)
October 20th, 2008
I would like to thank you, Dustin, as well as kristen and Liz, for being a part of mine and my families life. At times it seemed as if we were all one family. Thank you for being so real. Never a dull moment. Always kindness, honesty and humor. Thanks, dude, for being such an awesome dude. Love you. See ya when I see ya.
Daphne Kenney (friend)
October 19th, 2008
Sending Liz and her family lots of love,

Jay and Aspasia
Jay and Aspasia Miller (friends of Liz Huard)
October 18th, 2008
hi dusty. W met when you were just a kid. about 10 I think and when we moved in together age your tender age of nineteen, you told me you had a crush on me all those years. I was flattered. I loved the silly goofy to you. No words needed to be spoken just our plain ridiculous, goofy, silly,selves. I was proud to tell my friends I have a friend that does the big time hollywood stuff. but all that really doesnt matter. you my silly friend dustin and well.... I think your lucky to leave this cursed world a little earlier than the rest of us. Ill love you forever and Ill see you later!!!!! Jana
jana kenney (friend)
October 15th, 2008
Here is the man in his own words.

walk with your own feet
cry with your own tears
dream with your own mind

go with what you know

lite d

For me, Valentines Day is about a lot more than selective lovey
dovey hugs and kisses. Love has no expectations. There should be
more than just one universally accepted day for expressing love. I
wrote this for all of those who I cherish. Pass it along to all
those who you cherish.

If love were to be defined as an acknowledgment of existence, then I
could say I love you.

But without words, how could I express my feelings to you? Without
some form of communication, what would I do?

Well my words can only relay how I feel, and my words could never
show you what is real. The reality of my emotion can only be felt by


You are beautiful.
And like the sun your beauty shines.
But I see more than a precious smile and sparkling eyes.
I see something that is with you throughout time.
It is something that is yours, and also mine.
Whether floating in the ocean, or buried in the sand,
when I reach from within to touch you, you hold my hand.

Much love to YOU always.

lite d
That’s me
lite d Dusty (A shining lite)
October 15th, 2008
I met you in Arizona, 2000. We we're both spinning records at the same house party. It was the same night I met B5K and Bella. For a long time after that I knew you as "Bean's friend Dustin" since Bean and I were both living in Flag and you and Bean were as close as any two friends could be. During those years we (all three of us) would mix records together and dance to each others tracks whenever you were in town. I remember hiking with you in Sedona years ago, meeting your sister and seeing your mom's place in the red rocks. It occurred to me then that you were one very cosmic dude. We shared some VVG experiences together too, reunion parties up on cow pie and New Years in J.Tree. Whenever we all got together it was a celebration. When I moved from AZ back to WI to finish school, you caught up with me on the internet. You and Bean were my first MySpace friends. We kept in touch through the internet until about 1.5 years ago, just before I moved out to LA. Reuniting with you in California was awesome. We had so much to talk about, so many ideas to share all the time. Whenever you were in the area we would roll a joint and walk down to the beach. We'd grab some burritos on the way and just hang out in the sand, watching the surfers and getting high.

You were the most creative thinker that I've ever met. When we were together I didn't have to worry about being bored, our creative minds together made fun out of anything.. and I always felt 100 times better after spending the day with you.

So the story that I'd like to share (all that other stuff was just an intro) is a more recent one. It happened in July, I think, or late June of this year. You were couch surfing to save bread (at my house it was inflatable mattress surfing, but whatever) and we were both glad to be done with a long week of work. You were reluctant to leave the apt. but I talked you into exploring Korea Town with me. I had been wanting to check out a seedy bar I had stumbled upon, and after explaining to you that this bar was hidden under a flight of stairs, you agreed to check it out with me. I could see the curiosity in your face as we made our way outside. When we walked in the door all eyes were on us, the tall white dudes. The people at the bar leaned back and looked at each other as we sat down. I ordered us Johnny Black and some beers while a very friendly Korea fellow began to shake your hand and tell you his life story... his name was Jimmy. He bought us our next round. When Jimmy got up to use the restroom, the bar tender (Jimmy's girlfriend) leaned in and told us that we can't call him just 'Jimmy'. Out of respect we need to call him Jimmy Hyung Nim. This was great news. Now we were getting loaded and learning a new language/culture. Jimmy sang Karaoke love songs to his girlfriend while we watched and debated whether or not the place was a brothel. And as the night progressed we got wasted... I had you sing "Another One Bites the Dust" in front of everyone at the bar. You had me sing "Billy Jean". We literally laughed until we were both crying that night. Jimmy Hyung Nim had been giving you cigs all night and on the way home you lit the wrong end of both of the 2 cigs he gave you for the walk home. Then I (drunk and fearless) walked right up to two Mexican's parked in a truck and asked if they had any extra beers to share with some poor sober guys like us. Amazingly they handed over two bottles of corona's from their cooler in the cab. You stumbled home asking me how I knew they weren't going to kill us for bothering them. "I don't know, I just do stupid things when I'm drunk" I told you. "Like light the wrong end of your cigarette... twice" you answered.

A few weeks later you told me you were making plans to get your whole body tattooed. One of the tattoos was going to say "Hyung Nim", another was going to be a huge sword from your hip all the way down to your ankle. I don't remember the others. I'm sure I laughed though, when you told me.

D210, you were humble. You were kind, caring, supportive, honest, positive and loving. You were creative, cosmic, witty, hilarious, and fun. You were older than me by one year. Thank you for being my friend, Dustin Hyung Nim.
Aaron Schasse (friend)
October 14th, 2008
hello gentle soul. i love you so much. please visit me & lets dance. xoxo paloma-ha nebraska
paloma navarrete (best friends forever)
October 12th, 2008
On Oct 23rd, I will be 32 years old. I met Dustin almost 18 years ago as a young child growing up in Chico, CA. I only lived in Chico for 2 years, but those two years created a solid 18 year friendship. There are so many memories of Dustin that I want to share with all of you.

I remember once flying into the Chico airport and being greeted by Dustin and his mom at the airport. Dustin went out of his way to make his purpose known as to why he was at the airport. He had a plain t shirt on and had wrote on the t shirt in large font, "I am here to see Mulham." Imagine being greeted at the airport by a friend, wearing a handwritten t-shirt, stating he is here to see you.

I remember both of us sharing a paper delivery route. On the weekdays we would deliver the paper after school and on the weekends we would deliver in the morning. I remember us going to our subscribers homes for payment of services and being so giddy upon receiving tips. This was before internet subscriptions, internet payments, etc. As such, our relationships with one another were more personal and genuine. We had a lot of great memories during these delivery days. Waking up early on the weekends, rubber banding the papers, and loading the papers onto our bikes. Two young kids developing a lifetime of memories.

I remember my mom working on her thesis and somehow the finished product was mistakenly thrown away in the trash. I remember Dustin going through the large trash compartment and retreiving the document for my mom. This was before the growth of internet, etc. Dustin was awesome. He always went the extra mile for you.

I remember moving away from Chico and eventually making my way to Florida and now DC. For almost 18 years, I could always expect a phone call from Dustin on my birthday. That's the type of person Dustin was. I could never remember when his b-day was, but he always knew mine. Can you imagine being 30 years old and getting a happy birthday phone call from a friend you've known since 14? That was Dustin. Genuine, thoughtful, caring, and more.

I remember us helping our neighbors move one day. Our neighbors each gave us $20 if we would help them move. After receiving our $20, we were so happy and immediately went shopping. I remember buying a baseball cap (I think the SF Giants) with our money and being so excited that day. We had rode our bikes to the sports shop and were so proud of ourselves.

I remember moving to Florida and receiving letters from Dustin. His letters were always a joy to read. They talked about his life experiences, thought process, and more. I was probably 18 at the time and enjoyed this personal communication in an impersonal world. He would often send me samples of his music, his writings, and pictures.

I remember for Mother's Day each of us buying our mom's a gift together. I believe we bought them from the Flea Market and we were so happy making this purchase together. I believe we each bought earrings for our moms, costing no more than $5, but it meant alot to us. We bought these on our own as a simple appreciation to our mothers.

I remember having Dustin come over for sleep overs and me doing the same. We would stay up late at night playing Nintendo. Our favorite games were Baseball Stars and TecmoBowl. I remember in Baseball Stars, him creating a customized team and naming all of his players Mulham. Those were great times.

I remember us collecting sporting cards together. We also had a huge hobby of collecting autographed cards. I remember us sending basketball and baseball cards to players team addresses and waiting for the signed card reply in the mail. We used to ride our bikes to the Post Office on a daily basis hoping to see if we received any mail.

I remember calling Dustin from Florida and DC and leaving him long, drawn out goofy voicemails. Nothing in particular, but just silly reminders of how unique our friendship was. I would do impersonations on his voicemail just to add some humor to Dustin's day. We always enjoyed our friendship.

I remember us as kids having fun and not fully knowing right from wrong. We used to knock on people's doorbells and run off, toilet paper a few homes, etc. Nothing harmful, just innocent fun.

I remember as both Dustin and I growing up, the wonderful phone conversations we had. We would talk politics, life, culture, and more. He had a mellow, laid back, and simple friendly personality. It was always a pleasure touching basis with Dustin.

I haven't seen Dustin in almost 15 years, but throughout these 15 years, our friendship never wavered. We talked on the phone and always tried to stay in touch.

Dustin had a positive impact on so many people. I hope in his tragic passing, we can remember a few things:

1. Our time on this beautiful earth is short. Some people live to be 100 years old and others much less. We usually can't control when our time will come, but we can control how we will act with one another, respect one another, learn from one another, and more.

2. We are only passers by in this world. Many have come before us and many will come after us. Our deeds, our intentions, our acts of kindness are how we will be remembered.

Thank you Dustin for being a wonderful friend throughout all these years and thanks to everyone important in Dustin's life who had a positive impact on his life.

Peace and blessings to all.


Mulham Shbeib (Lifelong friend)
October 11th, 2008
YoYO duder ruder. Sure was a radical experience saying peace out to you today. You looked beautiful, just how I remember you. I'm sad that I couldn't have one last hug but extremely honored I got to see you off. LOVE YOU duder ruder, take care of yourself on your journey. XO
Kristen Huard (Sister)
October 10th, 2008
Here's to Dustin ! Here's to the earth time he filled with his signatures- - -his words, his spirit, his view thru his binoculars.....& the look in his eyes when he spoke to you. A reallllllly good brother, Dustin is. A sincere soul. He has friends here @ Set Stuff.
Till we meet again......Here's to Dustin & the mark he leaves in our mind.

greg clarke (Friend/Set Stuff Rentals)
October 9th, 2008
There is so much that I wanted to write. I won’t speak of you in the past tense because you are still here. To me, you will stay with me in another form, another dimension. The body is simply a vessel to carry that beautiful soul, but now, you are free. Free to journey and freestyle dance across the cosmic space that you have always been drawn to. Free to play intra-dimensional games and free to occasionally pop into subconscious thoughts and dreams.

My Dustin,
I’ve only known you less than a year, but we’ve known each other always. The moment that we first met, you locked your eyes on mine with an inner strength that blindsided me. My breath was taken away by the connection. Your spirit and light energy commanded that I know you. Instantly, we knew that we had found one another.

Throughout our lives, our souls seek to pour out to those we’ve known in our past. Our spirits seek to reunite and find themselves whole. You told me that you’d never felt that more strongly.

You said that in the past, we must have been one. You said that we split into two for this life. We are DustyRose!

I was frightened by some of your bold words, yet everything from you came from a reality and purity, that many others never reach. Authentic, real, true…you marched to your own beats, and what unconventional, uniquely progressive beats they are!

If I could describe you in one word, you would be the Nurturer…
Aside from my own mother, I don’t know if I’ve never met a more giving, more nurturing soul.

Dustin, you were always there for me and for so many others, to nurture and care for us and to make everything better again. I knew that you were there for your sister many times, and I was always so touched. I understood you for I, too, have a very special and exquisitely deep relationship with my two brothers.

Not surprisingly, I realize that you were nurturing in a similar capacity for many others. This makes me feel even luckier to have been touched by your light. To know that everyone felt so special to you, I am greatly inspired by your generous heart.

What happened in Vegas with the subsequent situations and outcomes…
I am honored that you took the time to seek advice, talk and listen. Dustin, I thank you and admire you for doing what was right. I know that you did this, even though you were conflicted and, at times, felt great fear. These acts are the mark of a truly brave and strong person…a hero. I am so proud of you, Dustin.

This year of yours was difficult, but you handled it all with dignity, respect, fairness. In giving so much of yourself to others, I hope that you never forgot how amazing, loved and valuable you are to us all.

You told me that you felt protective of me. I feel even more strongly protective of you. I could not imagine a more authentic and pure being than you. You’ve affected me with forever with your radiant goodness.

Thank you for expanding my mind, Dustin. I thank you for finding a place for me in your generous heart…for loving me and for giving so much to me.

I will always be thankful for having been touched by the gift, the love and the goodness that is you, if only for a brief moment. We will always have always.

I am sending my love and sweet blessings to you on your special journey, Dustin. You are my DustyRose, You are everywhere. Forevermore, you are loved.

Your DustyRose
Rosa Alva (friend)
October 9th, 2008
Dustin always walked in with a smile. He always had humor to offer. He was a great and reliable PA. But what was really unique about Dustin is that he talked about life and people, and why people are as they are. It can be so fun to live and people can make it so hard with their stuff. I really do not think LA was the place for Dustin. He belonged
in a more real environment. I remember chatting with him when he was helping his sister moving from San Diego back to the south west with her. He sounded like he wanted to move back there too. I was very
happy for him at the idea. I asked him if he could get me a job there too. Funny. I am so sorry for what has happened. Truely Dustin had an affect on so many of us. He was a very curious person, for sure, about people and life and living. I will miss him. He will remain one of those people I will never forget. I cannot imagine how his parents, sibblings and family can digest the loss of this wonderful soul. My heart truely goes out to you all. Dustin touched all of us in his unique way.
stacie zekanis (Production Mgr)
October 8th, 2008
My brother, my best friend, my twin soul. There was absolutely nothing in this world Dusty wouldn’t have done for me. I feel so honored to have shared the most of my 6 years in LA with Dusty as my roommate. What brothers and sisters can be roommates in their 20’s? Dusty and I had a very special connection. Not a day went by that we didn’t at the very least speak on the phone. We told each other just about everything. Dusty taught me how to love. No matter what I did, how I acted or what I said it never mattered to Dustin. He loved so unconditionally with all of his heart. Not just me, everyone who came into his life.

One thing I admired about my brother was the time he took to let other people know how much he cared. It wasn’t unusual that he was taking his time to send someone a package. He would constantly go out of his way to create a special package for someone special in his life and send it just to make someone smile. Dustin never hesitated to lend a hand. It didn’t matter what he was doing or what he needed to do. He would always lend a helping hand. Selfish he was not.

I’ve recently realized how spoiled I was by my brother. The words don’t exist to express how much he loved me and how much he showed me every single day. It’s puzzling to me right now to not be able to call him with a “what would dustin do?” There sure were a lot of those. He gave me the best advice and I always listened. He used to tell me how proud he was of me and what a great sister I was. Everyday spent with my brother I always thought to myself, the girl that gets my brother is going be one very lucky girl.

To hear what I’ve heard from a lot of you all, friends of his, I have realized it wasn’t just me. I feel so honored to have a brother who was so full of unconditional love for everyone who was in his life. Dusty was a best friend to a lot of people and that alone really touches my heart. I’ve got so many stories, 27 years of them to be exact.
Kristen Huard (SiS TeR)
October 8th, 2008
4 years ago i got the chance to fly out to l.a. to audition for an apple commercial. as the escalator descended, i saw a cool kid w/ his cap on askew holding a sign...it was dustin. he was all smiles. we hit it off like we'd been friends for years. as he drove down "la cienega", i asked him what that word meant and he said, "cowboy boot" and laughed. he had a way of saying things that made you wonder how his brain works.
in that short time in l.a., i had made a loyal friend whose eyes were bright with energy and life. he wanted to learn everything..to soak in the life around us. he believed in the good in people. he was too good for this world.
we will miss you, dusty..but we all know that if anyone is going to have a blast being an angel, it's you.
Marie Gabriel (friend)
October 8th, 2008
I can't believe that our dear Dustin has passed on. I can't believe it. He was so full of life and so himself, with so many wishes for the future, both his and ours.

I met Dustin 5 years ago when we both starting working with Errol Morris. He was a little shy at first and maybe I was, too. It took several jobs together before we really made a connection. I had to look under the bill of his ever-present cap and then he knocked me out. He was so pure of heart and his gaze was filled with love. And hope. I was hooked. How could I not love this young man? Everyone on our crew thought they were his best friend. Everyone saw that kindness was built into his DNA. And so was his desire to have fun! He loved to make us all smile and laugh.

Now there is such a big hole in our universe. He was so full of love and joy. He cared for each person he met. He made each of us feel special by the way he looked at us and smiled. Dustin, we send you our love.

Thank you for your sweet heart. We are all the better for knowing you.
Maggie Causey (Friend)
October 8th, 2008
One of most important and lasting things Dustin taught me was about judging people. Prior to meeting him, I had certain preconceptions of what kinds of people were out there. Whenever I had an interaction with someone, particularly someone I just met, I would file them away in a certain category in my mind. Good, bad, neither…but there was a category for everyone and everyone I knew had to be placed in one; there was no “other.” I didn’t know I was doing this at the time, it was all subconscious. I discovered it all while reflecting upon how I viewed people before knowing Dustin. If I had an interaction with someone that I didn’t understand or that made me feel uncomfortable, I judged them as weird, mean, stupid, or whatever category fit them best. Then I started seeing occasional interactions between Dustin and strangers here and there that shattered this ridiculously rigid view I had of people. I found myself thinking that if Dustin had walked up to me and said that a year ago, I would have thought he was…this or that…but he wasn’t, therefore my judgments of people were undoubtedly wrong all along. I realized that there were more types of people than categories in my head and, more importantly, that there was no need to categorize them in the first place. I learned that when I have an interaction that I don’t fully understand, it’s fine, I don’t need to dwell on it, I don’t need to figure them out, and I don’t need to try to fit that person into some preconceived category as if I understood what they were all about. I can just let it go, live on, and continue being a happy person. I learned that, unless someone is truly malicious, they’re most likely a good person and my inability to understand them or get along with them should not result in a negative judgment of them. Since Dustin revealed all this to me, I find that I don’t get offended easily and I generally enjoy people more. It used to be that if I thought someone was a weirdo, I developed a negative impression of them. Now it just makes me smile that there are some many different people out there and it really makes the world feel like a better place. Thanks Dustin Dude, you made me a better person and I will forever cherish your friendship for it.
Michal Kucera (friend)
October 7th, 2008
On Wednesday Morning, October 1st, 2008, my Nephew, friend, confidant and watcher of my back moved on from this life. June 15, 1978 - October 1, 2008

Dustin Huard was (is) an amazing young man. From the time he was born, until the day before he moved on to another cosmic dimension, Dustin presented me daily with the gift of his presence and his love. When he was 4 I spent the summer living with his mom, my sister Liz, while I worked my first summer job, after my freshman year of college. This is where our journey really began.

It was during this time that I introduced him to the outdoors. He paid me back by getting me to the top of Mount Whitney (the highest point in the continenntal US). Dustin Loved to hike and explore the outdoors. After moving to Sedona, his love of the trek grew. He knew the trails and special places amoungst the red rocks, probably, better than anyone. Dusty (d-lite, d-dog, Dusty-d) had a deep connnection to nature. He also had a deep connection to his inner world. He meditated everyday, created guided meditations and loved to explore these realms too.

That’s what he truly was: an explorer, a seeker…

Dusty was… well Dusty. He was deep. He was also a lot of fun. He was goofy and quirky. He didn’t just wallk to the beat of his own drummer, he re-created this drummer moment by moment. At his cousin (my nephew) Dylan’s wedding reception, he got the party started. The classic moment… the band (DJ, whatever) starts playing the music and everyone just sits on their hands… We’ve all been there. Dusty would have none of it, so he got up solo and free danced around the whole room, followed by my niece Arianna, then by the whole lot of us. This is what he did. He inspired by action.

Here is a little about Dusty from his MySpace page:

I’m interested in nature, and dreams. I’m interested in discovering the elements of self within the alchemy of life. I’m interested in space portals, and time warps. I’m interested in dimensional overtones, and metaphysics. I’m interested in motion, and balance. I’m interested in pure harmony. I’m interested in channels of love (not television channels). I’m interested in mass production of creativity. I’m interested in my interests when what I find interesting is something that’s interesting. Hmmm.. That’s interesting… It’s funny when people do things.

When you met Dusty, you were touched. He looked in your eyes and gave you love. Simply put, you were never the same. It is impossible to feel that depth of connection and not be forever changed. That was my boy. I have never met a more authentic being. What you saw was what you got. Dustin was free with his love. Dusty lived his truth, he was generous, he was wise beyond his years and above all, like I said he was authentic. In retrospect I am truly amazed by the sheer depth of his love!

I have an amazing family… truly amazing! But it was Dustin who always had my back. If I needed help with anything, he never hesitated. If I had to move, or do heavy lifting Dusty never hesited to volunteer his help. When my server crashed leaving 80 websites offline, it was Dusty who sat with me until they were all rebuilt and back online. If you asked, he showed up. He always showed up.

Dusty loved music, working sometimes as a DJ spinning records, but mostly spinning records for himself… for the joy. Dusty created his own mixes and recorded a few CD’s. I have only one sample, so here it is:

8 years ago, I got Dustin his first job in the film industry. And he took it from there, working on features like Training Day, commercials (he has been been working with Errol Morris for the last 5 years) and music videos. Dusty directed his own shorts and just a few weeks ago, shot and was editing a pro celebrity volleyball tournament for charity.

An amazing young man!

When Dusty first came to LA he lived with me. What is cool is that I am blessed with an extraordinary family. We have our issues but we love each other. With Dusty in LA we got to hang out a lot (in hindsight, however, it really wasn’t enough and I guess it never is). Before he left us, Dusty had a chance to reconnect with his cousin Dr. Dylan (a chiropractor and my other nephew). That is so cool.

This year had been a difficult one for my nephew, Dusty. He was robbed with a gun in his face in Las Vegas (they caught the guys and Dustin testified against them. They are all (4 guys) in prison.) Face down on the ground, Dusty asked the gunman for his walllet and credit cards back, explaining what a pain in the ass it is to cancel and get new ones… They guy actually gave them back, taking only Dusty’s cash and jewelry… f-ing ballsy, if you ask me… Remember, his own drummer.

This weighed very heavy on his heart and gave him much fear.

Then about a month ago, Dustin was in an auto accident, while on a run at work (driving his bosses car). Waiting to turn right, a car ran a red light, struck another car then finally Dustin’s car. He was taken to the hospital, not seriously injured it seemed. He had pain in his knee, back and neck. The initial exam didn’t reveal much…

Then the case got handed over to the state (workman’s comp)…. This is where it starts to suck.

The pain grew worse. Dustin saw a different doctor who concluded that Dustin may need surgery on his knee, and requested an MRI. Workman’s Comp, denied him, instead they gave him crutches and pain meds…

For the last week or 2 Dusty had been trying to get this resolved, getting the run around from the insurance companies. During this time, always the one to watch my back, Dusty watched my house and took care of my cats and garden 3 different times while I was out of town… hobbling around my house on crutches and in pain.

Our feeling is that on Tuesday night Dustin took the wrong mix of medications, went to sleep and never woke up. I take solice in the fact that he went gently into that good night…

Dusty, D-Dog, D-lite, Dusty-D… I miss you and I love you! Every day that have known you (since you were merely months old) has been a gift to me and I am richer for it.

Wonderful travels to you -

Love you - Uncle Lennie
Lennie Appelquist (Uncle)
October 6th, 2008
Need I say more.......

Lisa Brugliera (friend)
October 6th, 2008
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"I love you so much Uncle Dustin. Thanks for playing with me and teaching me how to dance. My mommy talks about you all the time and that makes me really happy. I Miss you. xoxo"
Anya Huard
April 15th, 2013
"Dustin, I put one of your mixes online. www.soundcloud.com/d210 love you bro!!"
bean 5
October 6th, 2010
"just thinking about you~"
Heather Brown-Huber
February 25th, 2010
"My Honey.... I am Missing You So Much and Am Loving You More than I could ever express.... Until the End of Time.... or Until We Meet Again in the Higher Planes of Existence.... In the Dimensions of All That Is... Love, Peace and Healing to Bring Al"
Mom - Liz Huard
December 8th, 2009
"D210, You are the best-est friend anyone could ask for. I miss you so much every day brother. Our memories forever remembered. Keep the galactic inspiration flowing>>>BIG LOVE DUSTIN!!0125012501250125012501250125"
bean 5K
October 6th, 2009
"still loving you"
paloma navarrete
October 1st, 2009
"¡happy birthday dustin! i love you forever. your friend, paloma-ha nebraska"
paloma navarrete
June 16th, 2009
"ICEE lamp is lit. you are so loved."
paloma navarrete
January 21st, 2009
"i'll keep this raver stick lit for you dusty. tell me there's good techno out there."
paloma navarrete
November 27th, 2008
"I missed hanging out with you in the red rock over the past few years. The man with the biggest heart I have ever know. Love ya"
Noah Crayton
October 27th, 2008


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