Doris Jean Newell (McFadden)
(1929 - 2006)

Doris Jean Newell (McFadden)

March 30, 1929

October 6, 2006

Giving glory to God,encouraging people,reading the Bible and Guidepost,music,singing,spending time, with her family, picnics,laughing,having fun...
A celebration of the life of Doris Jean Newell(McFadden)In honor of Mother's Day 2010.

My mother,Doris Jean Newell,in my eyes,was a truly remarkable woman.Her heart was golden and her character pure.Doris loved her husband and kids so much.If she ever said anything mean about someone I don't remember of it.The 23rd Psalm was her favorite book in the Bible so the opening song on this site is Keith Green singing,
"The Lord is my Shepard".

In her last five years she became a goodwill ambassador for Jesus Christ in the facility where she lived.I admired and loved her dearly and hope that it can be said that I resemble her.During her whole life she displayed the Christian nature better than most Christian's I have known.

We had a rocky time together for a few of my teen years,like many teenage girls have with their mothers. But from the time I was small I wanted to make her smile.To see her happy made my life worth living.I would have given her the moon if I could have just figured out how to get it down.

I will look for you on the shore when I cross over Mom.I so look forward to seeing you again.Bring dad and brother with you.We will have a joyous reunion...
Faithful,devoted wife to Donald R. Newell
Loving mother to 10 beautiful children,At least 21 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.She will live on in our hearts and memories forever and a day.

The real purpose here is to give glory to God.That is what our Grandfather did and what our parents did.I believe it's the purpose of our lives here and the secret to life that people yearn to know.My favorite quote in the whole literary world is,"We have one life and it'll soon be past.Only what’s done for Christ will last".I am certain our parents and grandparents would agree.

They were not perfect people by any comparison.Such people do not exist. Don and Doris had their struggles and short comings. The key is that in the midst of their struggles they realized their weaknesses and sought the Lord. They pointed the way to Him and spoke the truth.Their voices may have been lost to some who were watching.
I saw great things that God did through their lives.They continued a legacy that had been passed down. A legacy of hope, mercy and grace.A legacy of Jesus Christ crucified and risen again.A legacy of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Doris was born in the family home called Red Row,in Scottdale,Pa.on March 30,1929 just five months before the start of the Great Depression.Red Row was a big house that was split into private living areas for several families.It was located directly across from the Scottdale cemetery.

She was the baby of 13 children.By the time she was entering the teenage years her parents were getting up in age.She was the only one at home.She quit school and went to work to help support them and put her dreams on hold.She never even suggested that she had hard feelings about this.Her parents were precious to her.She called them her "dear mom and dad" when she spoke of them.

Doris loved music,singing dancing and roller skating. She was also an avid movie goer.Every chance she got she would go with her sisters or friends to see a movie in the Scottdale theater.She enjoyed spending time with her friends and being so giving and kind hearted I am sure she had many of them.

The old movie theater is still standing and was renovated in 1987.I took mom there a time or two in the 80's's to see movies and once in the 90's she watched a few of her own grandchildren perform in a play there.She was so thrilled to have that opportunity.

Movie magazines were very popular when mom was a teenager and Doris loved to go through them to check out the latest secrets and styles of the popular movie stars.Doris had a dream of becoming a singer one day.There are songs that I can still hear her singing.I can easily picture her laughing and smiling with her friends while sipping sodas and marveling over the details of the latest issue.She loved to laugh and smile and to be stylish.

At 17 she met the most tall,dark and handsome guy she had ever seen.He was considered quite a catch.His name was Don Newell.He was 21 years old at the time.A friend of Don’s who was about the same age asked him if he would like to meet his cute aunt.Don’s statement went something like this,"why in the world would I want to meet your aunt"? The rest is history.

As it turned out the aunt was much younger than her nephew. Don and Doris took one look at each other and fell in love. Mom was quite a looker herself.They both resembled movie stars of the day.Dad,with his thick,black wavy hair kind of resembled Rock Hudson with blue eyes. Mom also had beautiful black hair and her eyes were hazel green. She too had a look and style that resembled one of the silver screen queens of the day.

They both shared red as their favorite color.
Even their names seemed to be a perfect match,Don and Doris.

It seemed inevitable that they marry and after courting for a year or so they married on May 10,1947 in Scottdale,Pa at the home where Doris was born and raised.Her mom,dad and brother Eugene were in attendance.I believe she told me that Dad's brother Bob and his wife Pauline stood up for them.

They got married and honey mooned on a total of $20.bucks that Dad had to borrow from his father James Newell.Dad bought a bottle of wine to celebrate and kept it in the mailbox while the wedding was going on.They honeymooned in Greensburg,Pa.Dad had to be back to work on Monday and could not go far.

So they started their life together in a little top floor apartment in Scottdale.They lost their first two babies. Their first child was stillborn and the second baby lived only a few days.One was a girl and the other a boy.This had to be quite a blow to them.Shortly afterwords they were blessed with three beautiful boys;Donald,Gerald and Larry,each born only about one year apart.

In 1953 Doris was diagnosed with tuberculosis,
a deadly and infectious lung disease.Her youngest son, Larry was 9 months old at the time. She had to be sent away to live in the Cresson TB Sanatorium in Western Pennsylvania.

Dad visited her every Sunday.He was so proud of the fact that he only missed two Sundays.One when he was sick and another when the infamous Pa Turnpike killer was on the loose.Dad had to hitchhike many miles up the turnpike just to see mom on those visits.They both looked forward to these visits so much.It was the highpoint of their weeks and months.

Mom talked about her experience at The San once in a while.She told about her friends and the fun things they would do.She recounted how good the staff had been to her and that she had been well taken care of.When dad visited her he would often bring her candy.

I remember her story of the time dad brought her a very large Sugar Daddy sucker.She would laugh as she remembered how she broke it into little pieces on the sidewalk to share with all of her friends.Candy may have been frowned upon by the nurses so this was probably a rare treat for everyone.

It was so like mom.She was a true giver. Another warm memory I have of her generosity was when dad would come home late from work and bring mom a hamburger.Mom would lovingly cut the burger up into enough pieces for all of us to have some.To this day I am thankful for how giving she was.I have never met anyone just like her.She had a heart of gold.

While Doris was living at The San her three young sons were split up into separate family homes.I bet they wondered what happened to their mother.It had to be hard on the whole family.Doris's dear mother, Melda passed away during this time.

Mom could not even go to the funeral.I know this had to have broken her heart.Anyone who could not go to their mother's funeral would be heart broken.I believe Mom had a very close relationship with her parents and especially her mom.

So many people died in that outbreak.Mom was sure to have witnessed several deaths and some of them were probably very close friends.
(Relationships were forged quickly in the San. Nevertheless,she lived to tell about it,praise God.

How precious that reunion must have been when Doris saw her little boys after so much time apart.How I wish I could have those moments of their life on video.As a mother and wife myself I can imagine that it was a very joyous time.

She had beaten a deadly disease,walked out of a place where so many had been carried out by the undertaker and got her beloved family back.She lived 54 years after that struggle,TB free and had five more beautiful children.
Doris was a survivor.She had many more struggles ahead but she had proven that she was a fighter.

Shortly after getting home from the San and somewhere along the way back to a stable life
with her beloved family her husband Don was struggling with health issues of his own.He had Asthma and at times he was fighting for his life in the cold winters and humidity of Pennsylvania.His doctor suggested that the best thing for him was to move to the dry climate of Arizona.

So Don and Doris had to make a serious decision.They were looking at another big adjustment for their family. Should they start a new life thousands of miles away from everything and everyone they ever knew?Their boys would have to leave their friends and family also.

It was not an easy decision to make.But faced with the serious issues of not being able to breathe and then possible death,they decided to brave a new way of life.Like so many families had done before them,they moved West.To the South West to be exact.

Don moved out to Phoenix on his own.Mom had to stay behind and live at her parents home with the children till Dad could get a job and make a home for them.It took quite a few months for Don to get a dependable job and a home but finally he sent for Doris and the boys.

Mom packed them up with what few belongings they could carry and boarded a train.Once again they had all been separated and reunited as a family.Once more life had been interrupted with harsh realities.Life has a way of doing that.

Dad had found a little house for the family on Palomar Dr. in Phoenix.I came into the world about a year after mom and dad made a home with the boys.What an intrusion that I must have been in my brothers lives.They had been moving along for six years together without me.

Well surprise,surprise.If I had been asked ahead of time if I wanted to come into a family with three boys born before me and two eventually after me,the answer might have been,no thank you. Suffice to say that none of us had a choice in the matter...

There were so many moves through the years.Dad lost a great job due to his work place burning down.I seem to remember that dad had a chance to be transferred to another plant but did not take it.I believe he regretted that decision in the years ahead but at the time it seemed to him the right thing to do.Often we make decisions that we later regret. This is one of the harsh realities of life.Hind sight is always 20/20.

Due the events of the fire and dad not having a job,we lost"our dear home",as mom would call it forever after. Mom and Dad had it built just for us and I am sure they were bursting with pride over it.I was very young when we move in.I still remember being puzzled by the stick trees in the front yard.I had never seen a baby tree before.

to be continued...

Doris' mother,(Melda Rosensteel)had 13 children and raised 11 as two children died probably at birth or shortly after.All of Grandma Melda's children were born at home.Her mother,Melda loved to sit on her porch in the swing and look at the flowers and vegetables that she and her husband James (our grandfather)would plant every spring.

Grandma Melda was a very sweet,mild natured lady who loved her husband and children very much.She liked to shop. Mom told me of times when she and her mother would ride the trolley into Pittsburgh to go shopping.

Doris' dad James loved to write and draw and he was very good at it.He wrote poetry for his beloved wife and family.Most of the poetry he wrote was about Jesus.He gave his life to Jesus Christ in his later years and it turned his life around. He went from dealing with alcoholism to a joyful life of sobriety.

At one time he had been an engineer with the Pennsylvania railroad but due to his alcohol addiction, he lost that job. Mom told of a big house that the family had to leave because of her dad losing his job.Being a resourceful man he started doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. He was very friendly and liked people so he must have been a very popular and well known in Scottdale,Pa.

One day one of the neighbors who had been praying for James and his family had a dream about him. In the dream he died and went to hell.It convinced James that he should not wait any longer to give his life over to Jesus Christ.

Christ healed James of a serious drinking problem and filled him with great joy and peace.His poetry is evident of the love he had for Jesus and for his family.He was a man who counted his blessings.

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Homeward Bound (Author James I. McFadden)

Homeward bound we cross Life’s River
Through Death’s darkness unto Dawn,
With the Tide repose in Silence
Till the Resurrection morn.

Homeward Bound, O Gentle Savior,
And at rest in Heaven Above,
In the glory of His Kingdom
There to be with those we Love.

Homeward bound to Reign Forever
In that realm with Saints Abide,
There where sorrows ne’er shall sever
On the Banks of the Divide.

Homeward Bound we Cross Life’s River
Never-more on earth to be,
Homeward Bound to meet the Savior
In that Home Eter-na-lly.
James Isaac McFadden (father (1879-1964))
April 15th, 2011
I Loved your Mom so much! I still tell people about her! Regardless of being in Mt. view, regardless of what she was going thru, I'll never 4get seeing her praying thoughout her day, Stopping to see other residents praying 4 them. She was an is such an inspiration 2 me! She definetly left a legacy! I love ya Cheryl!
tina Stephens (Friend)
April 2nd, 2011
Cheryl Beckwith (daughter)
December 10th, 2010
I remember Christmas as a child like this;
Mom and dad would go shopping on Christmas eve and also get a tree.This was the best bargain night.The trees were free and whatever was left over was probably on sale.Oddly enough my favorite Christmas memory was when I got two books and a transistor radio and they were not even wrapped.I guess Santa was in a hurry or just too tired.The books were, Little Women and Robinson Crusoe. I loved to read so books were a favorite of mine.I had wanted a poodle radio from Radio Shack,like the one in the paper add.My brother Ray and I both got small,black transistor radios. I decided I was happy with having my own radio,even if it wasn't a poodle.I read Little Women several times but could never get through Robinson Crusoe,even though I tried many times to read it.I guess it just did not interest me.
Cheryl Beckwith (daughter)
December 10th, 2010

Our grandfather from Dublin,Ireland's website.
Cheryl Beckwith (daughter)
October 13th, 2010
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"Today is your birthday Mom.You would be 81 if you were here.We still miss you.Looking forward to seeing you again one day.:-)Love you forever."
Cheryl Beckwith
March 31st, 2011
"Yesterday, December 17,2010, Benjamin David Beckwith graduated from Southeastern University with a BA in Music. Wish you and dad could have been there mom.I like to think that you saw it all."
Cheryl Beckwith
December 31st, 2010
"2010 Christmas is coming soon Mom and Dad and we are thinking of special times with you.we will never stop missing you.Give Jesus a hug from us."
Cheryl and Dave Beckwith
December 8th, 2010
"Yesterday morning(September 25,2010)our brother Jerry went home to be with the Lord.He is with mom and dad too.One day we will see them again.Gerald Wayne Newell has a new body,no more pain,no more tears.He now has no doubt that Jesus loves him."
Cheryl Beckwith
October 13th, 2010
"Miss you mom and dad. I remember the 4th of July 23 years ago when you guys came over for dinner.We had such a nice time.The next day,Ben was born."
Cheryl Beckwith
July 3rd, 2010
"Hey Dad it's Father's day 2010.Miss you. I remember the Father's day that Ray and I woke you up to take us to the store and buy you a present.I got you a black shoe brush and a shoe horn set with horse heads on them."
Cheryl Beckwith
June 20th, 2010
"For whom ever visits this site,please feel free to share a story,memory or thought that you feel would be respectful to Don,Doris or/and family.Maybe you have a thoughtful poem or just a kind word.Please feel welcome to add to this place. Thank you."
Cheryl Beckwith
May 20th, 2010
"I miss you dad.Wish you could call me and sing once again.How about singing Jesus Loves Me?! PS I found your handkerchiefs."
Cheryl Beckwith
May 15th, 2010
"Today is mom and dad's anniversary!They were married May 10 1947. They would have been married 63 years,according to my calculations."
Cheryl Beckwith
May 13th, 2010
"Your beautiful legacy lives on in your daughter Cheryl and her wonderful family. I know that you are smiling down on them. Cheryl's love for you will be a forever blessing. She has your smile and we are all so blessed in knowing her."
Donna Scaglione
May 6th, 2010

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