Dawn Marie Titus
(1970 - 2017)

Dawn Marie Titus

New Jersey, United States of America
September 4, 1970

Florida, United States of America
July 2, 2017

This site is dedicated to Dawn Titus. Dawn passed away on Sunday, July 2, 2017. She will be missed by humans and animals alike. She will be remembered for both her personal struggles and her selflessness.

After many years of struggle, Dawn Marie Titus is now resting in peace.

Dawn was born in New Jersey on September 4, 1970. Her mom, Patti, wanted nothing more in life than to be a mother. Patti did the best she could to care for Dawn, despite her own mental health difficulties.

Dawn loved animals and was a heaven-sent angel to dogs in need. A few years before her passing, she followed her passion by starting her own pet care company, Pet Essentials. This appeared to be an excellent decision for Dawn; she could make money while doing what she loved. In her spare time, she also followed her passion by helping rescue dogs to find homes.

Dawn’s animal advocacy touched many people, including me, her sister. As a young adult, I bought two female guinea pigs. One turned out to be pregnant. Due to Dawn’s influence, I chose to keep the babies, even though I was allergic to them! Thanks to Dawn, I feel I did the right thing for them.

Unfortunately, Dawn struggled with addiction most of her life. This put a strain on many of her relationships. To make matters worse, she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Dawn and I grew closer when she became clean and sober, and when her mental health was under control. I’m certain that the sober years were the happiest of her adult life. While she did very well for several years, there came a time when addiction got the best of her. Perhaps the death of our mother in 2009 was when Dawn’s struggle became real again.

I think we all know that Dawn tried. She really tried. She surely wanted to be able to watch her only niece grow up. She surely wanted to continue helping animals in need. And that is how she will be remembered: for her kind heart and self-sacrificing spirit.

What a beautiful site it must have been at the Rainbow Bridge, where Dawn reunited with so many precious pets. What a peaceful and joyous experience it must be to reunite with her mom, now with none of the earthly tension and issues to hinder their unconditional love.

I hope that Dawn’s passing will influence others to get the help they may need.

Rest in beautiful, blissful, addiction-free peace my dearest big sister. I love you, and I will always appreciate the hardships that you endured. You make me grateful for what I have.

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I am deeply sorry for the loss of your loved one. I pray that you draw close to our loving heavenly Father at this difficult time, for He promises that He will "comfort your hearts and make you firm." (2 Thessalonians 2:16, 17)
someone who cares
October 10th, 2017
I'm so very sorry for your loss. As someone who has lost so many people in her family to the same addiction, I can understand the grief that you are feeling today. My family and I have been fostering animals for 8 years, and I just wanted to thank you in her behalf for all the help that she does. Every foster family makes a difference!

Situations like these are always hard. Losing a loved one is never easy no matter what the surrounding circumstances are. The Bible says at John 5: 28, 29 "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life..." This scripture tells us that there is a hope to see Dawn again - happy, healthy and on a paradise earth. please let these words find you and fill you with the comfort and give you the hope that you may need in these hard times.
Casey Cherry (n/a)
September 26th, 2017
I just decided to do a search for My friend Dawn. I missed seeing her back in May when i was visiting. Hurricane Irma got me thinking about her. We were neighbors/friends for many years. I will miss her very much.
jeff arnold (friend)
September 9th, 2017
We are so sad to hear of Dawn's passing. We met Dawn a year ago when we hired her to trim the nails of our elderly husky, Tymbir. She was gentle and efficient but what struck me was tht when the job was complete, she spoke to our girl with such love, like she'd known her forever. I loved how she instantly loved our girl. Tymbir passed away a couple months later and we adopted a big wonderful mutt of a puppy. Dawn was Oscars walker for almost a year. We referred to her as Auntie Dawn because she was such an important part of our family - she loved Oscar and we loved her. We did not know about her struggles although there were hints of them at the end and we made the difficult decision to part ways with her. It breaks my heart to hear what she has gone through. To us, she was a happy, loving soul with a huge heart. I hope she is resting in peace and feeling all of the love that she may not have been able to feel during her time here on earth.
Beth Starybrat (Client)
August 5th, 2017
Dawn watched my dogs in February & was assume. She was hired to babysit my dogs again in 3 weeks & ive been trying to reach her only to find out she died. I'm devastated. Does anyone know what happened to her pug Mayla? I would love to adopt her. Please let me know
Allyson Zuliani (Customet)
August 4th, 2017
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"Forever loved and always missed. Be at peace now, and know the power of God's love that was always with you. Thank you for loving me💜"
Kat H
July 10th, 2017
"Dawn, from all of us here at Pets In Distress, you are missed."
Elena Mavros
July 10th, 2017
"Dawn,it has been a whole week since you found peace. I'm sure you are enjoying it. Sometimes it doesn't feel real. I briefly thought about texting you to ask you what you thought of this site. I love you and miss you. Give mom a big squeeze for me."
Jenna Radcliffe
July 10th, 2017


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