Clayton Woodruff
(1981 - 2018)

Clayton Woodruff

Arkansas, United States of America
August 14, 1981

United States of America
August 14, 2018

This memorial was created in honor of Clayton Woodruff of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Clayton was born on August 14, 1981 in Fayetteville, AR and passed on August 14, 2018, which was his 37th birthday. Clayton attended an independent boarding school in Tennessee called St. Andrew's-Sewanee School in the late 90s and was one of the major mental abusers there. Clayton was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends, family, and former schoolmates of SAS.

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Watts dorm (a boy's dorm) was the center of mental abuse against students of certain attributes at St. Andrew's-Sewanee in the late 90s. Of course, there were a lot of mental abusers outside Watts also, but Watts people were especially malicious and disrespectful toward people of certain attributes.

Major mental abusers of Watts dorm were Peter Acker ('00, the worst abuser of the whole students), Clayton Woodruff ('00), Charles Richardson ('00), Nate Card('00), Eric Sims ('00), and Tim Hillman (dorm teacher, left SAS after the problem and died in 2016). Peter Acker ('00) was always mentally abusing students of certain attributes not only because of his hostility and ill-intention toward those people, but also he was not getting along with other American students. He was mentally abusing students of certain attributes to vent his frustration from not being befriended by other Americans. Other mental abusers in Watts include David Brooks ('02) and Dennis Burnett ('02).

They were typical liberal hypocrites with full of ill-intention. They blamed people from the defeated nations of WWII no matter what and tried to brainwash and mind-control students from those countries very frequently. They didn't care much about the rest of international students, though. They were picking on international students BASED ON WHICH COUNTRY THEY CAME FROM. That was definitely RACISM!! How can anyone deny the issue to be racism? Sewanee/SAS libtards intentionally ignored and concealed the problem in order not to admit the presence of racism/mental abuse problem. Very hypocritical, spiteful, hostile, and insincere!! Sewanee/SAS libtards deserve to be blamed, disliked, and disrespected back! It's karma!
Drew Batkin (Dormmate of Watts)
October 5th, 2018
He deserves death.
Nate Card (St. Andrew's-Sewanee)
October 2nd, 2018
Sewanee Episcopalians have always been spiteful, disrespectful, and offensive toward people of certain attributes, so they deserve to be disliked and disrespected back.
Drew Batkin (St. Andrew's-Sewanee)
September 19th, 2018
Clayton was such a Satan-worshipping globalist demon with full of hypocrisy and ill-intention. He was extremely spiteful toward people of certain attributes and treated them really disrespectfully and took advantage of them. He was mentally abusing students of certain attributes at St. Andrew's-Sewanee School all the time. He was a real evil being. He really deserved early death.
Drew Batkin (St. Andrew's-Sewanee)
September 11th, 2018
So sorry for the loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Tait Wade (Classmate of SAS)
August 26th, 2018
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"Too bad that you died."
Drew Batkin
August 15th, 2018


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