Clarence Lorne Shelly
(1926 - 2015)

Grandpa took a huge interest in the lives of each Grandchild. Marabeth was blessed to have her Grandpa baptize her in A...
A typical private moment - shared with Grandpa!
Sharing some special time with son-in-law) Doug Kasper - in Abbotsford, BC
One of the sad things is that Grandpa passed away before he was able to meet his youngest Great Grandson - Courtney and ...
On Karen and Steve's wedding day - December 24, 1981
Grandpa with his Grandson, Colton
Great Grandpa enjoying some special time with little Brendyn.
Mom and Dad showed us all how to have "fun"!
Grandpa and Ryan (grandson) enjoying some lunch
Ryan and Grandpa mixing cement
Ryan and Heidi's wedding
Leading the music at Ryan and Heidi's wedding
Ryan (Grandson) with Grandpa
A special Christmas - as a family - with Grandpa and Grandma
Ryan and Joelle (Grandchildren) with Grandpa and Grandma
Grandpa with 3 of his grandsons (Ryan, Cam and Ethan).
Joelle and Ryan with Grandpa
Dad was able to leave the hospital this last Christmas (2014) for the day - and enjoy a very special time with Karen and...
Fun with grand daughter -Marabeth
Clarence with his niece, Denise
Early years with Jean and Soula Isch
Happy times together !
Clarence and Pearl
Early years of ministry with La Voix de l' Evangile.
The Shelly Family
Grandpa with grandson, Ryan and his wife - Heidi
Special time with grandson - Ryan
With Joelle at her graduation from Concordia University
Admiring great-grandson, Brendyn Lafleur
Dad and Mom with Karen, Steve and family and Margie and Camille
Taken at Dad's 80th birthday - with Karen, Steve and Family
What a legacy - 4 grandparents at Great grandsons baby ( Brendyn Lafleur - Joelle and David's son) baby dedication. Thi...
With Joelle, Ryan, Candace and Beth!
Clarence and Pearl with Karen & Stephen / with LVE speaker - Rev. Michel Martel
Grandma and Grandpa with Ryan and Joelle
Fun with Grandma and Jpelle before the birth of baby Brendyn!
With grand daughter - Bethany
With Camille (Margie's daughter)
A visit at work with grand daughter, Marabeth (Carma and Doug's youngest daughter) - Neufeld Farms, Abbotsford, BC
With Braeden (Margie's son) and his wife, Holly
With Carma
Clarence with his sister, Mary Evans
Praying for his grand daughter, Courtney (Carma and Doug's oldest daughter) and her new husband, Sean Koop - July 14, 20...
Shelly Family Photo
At the wedding of Margie to Uultsje Dejong
Playing vibraharp
Busy at work.
Enjoying playing the piano!
With granddaughter - Marabeth (Carma and Doug's daughter) after he baptized her in Abbotsford, BC - May, 2013
Grandpa with 3 of his Great Grandsons - Holden, Brody and Brendyn - and their moms - Jen Wiens, Emily Kasper and Joelle ...
Early years
In the backyard on the swing that Dad built - with 3 grandchildren, Ryan and Joelle (Karen and Steve's oldest children) ...
Taken at the wedding of Cam (Carma and Doug's son) to Emily - August 29, 2009
With Ethan (Margie's son)
With Courtney (Carma's oldest daughter)
Great Grandpa Shelly with Brendyn Lafleur
With Brody Kasper (Great Grandson)
With Karen
With Carma
Clarence with Pearl
Taken after Mom's Burial Service - Beauharnois, Quebec - February, 2014
Dad and Mom always had fun together!
Great memories with the brown van - we travelled many, many miles as a family in this
Early days of ministry - Shelly Family
With Karen - Summer, 2014
With Margie and Carma
With Pearl's niece and nephew - Rayelenn Casey and David Jay Sparks - Summer, 2013
With good friends, David and Ann Affleck.
With Margie and some of her family - Abbotsford, BC
Taken with Carma & Doug's family - after Mom's Memorial Service - Feb. 2014
With Marabeth (Carma & Doug's youngest daughter)
With Camille (Margie's daughter) and Brad - Summer, 2014.
With Evan (Margie's oldest son) and Jen, July, 2014.
With Cam (Carma's son) and his wife, Emily and son, Brody,
Dad with Margie and Uultsje
At the wedding of grand-daughter Courtney (Carma's daughter) to Sean Koop - July 14, 2013
With Candace and Richie
Memories together with our cousin, Rayelenn and Pearl's brother and sister-in-law (Dave and Rachael Sparks) - taken in L...
Clarence and Pearl's wedding day - June 20, 1958
With his "girls" - July, 2014
Fun having a picnic!
Arriving in Canada - from France
July 14, 2013


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