Carol Jane Weeks
(1934 - 2008)

Carol Jane Weeks

Missouri, United States of America
September 20, 1934

Delaware, United States of America
October 12, 2008

Carol was the second child of Gloria Jane Ferguson and Leonard Hildreth Weeks. She spent her early childhood in Salina, Kansas and Houston, Texas, graduating from Sunset High School in Dallas, Texas in 1952.
She graduated from North Texas State College in 1956 with a B.S. degree in Secondary Education, and from McCormick Theological Seminary in 1958 with a M.A. degree in Christian Education.
After serving as the Director of Christian Education at the Capitol Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City, she served as Director of Christian Education at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware from 1961 until 1965.
In 1964 Carol went to Mississippi to participate in voter registration. Her Mississippi experience inspired her to become Assistant to the Pastor, from 1965 to 1969, at the Presbyterian Church of Our Saviour, which served a low income African American community in Wilmington.
Three years later, she embarked on a career in social services, first as a social worker for Geriatric Services of Delaware. Starting in 1972 she worked for the City of Wilmington as an administrator of federal and state programs to encourage the hiring and upgrading of minorities and women.
In 1987 Carol retired from her city employment to create and serve as the Director of Employment Partners, a non-profit organization providing counseling, training and employment to the homeless.
Carol also devoted her energies to diverse social causes including elimination of the death penalty, support for political refugees, and beautifying her neighborhood through community gardening. Her other interests and avocations included cooking, arts and crafts, and genealogy.
Carol provided a loving home for her mother for over ten years, taking her on several trips abroad, and sharing the joys of camping, cooking and gardening until Gloria died in 1980.
In June 1996 Carol suffered a stroke resulting in right side paralysis and aphasia. She returned to her home following months of hospitalization and rehabilitation. After a fall in 2000, and additional months of rehabilitiation, she became a resident of Gilpin Hall in 2001.
A strong will and unflagging determination were at the heart of Carol's character, combined with deep compassion for the less fortunate and sincere love for family and friends. She valued concrete action above abstract philosophy, had a special fondness for Texas, Scotland, and Delaware, and a passion for Van Gogh's paintings, Mexican food and Gee's Bend quilts.
It was Carol's will that her body be given to the University of Pennsylvania Medical School for their use. Her cremated remains were interned in the Memorial Garden of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, DE on April 20, 1001. The closing prayer of the Rev. Dr. Ann Leadbetter can be found in the comment section.

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The closing prayer of the Rev Dr Anne Leadbetter:

Spirit of love, from whom we come, unto whom we return, and in whom we live and move and have our being,
You made us in your image and hold us in your care.
We thank you for the rich blessings of life – for family and friends, for lifelong joys and shared sorrows, for work and leisure, for beauty and grace.
This day we thank you for your daughter Carol, and for all in her that was good and kind, joyful and faithful.
We bless you for the gift of her life,
And for the strength you gave her to live out her years.

We thank you for Carol’s life of service and friendship in this community. We thank you for her commitment to civil rights – whether registering voters in Mississippi or helping minorities gain employments in Wilmington.
We bless you for her love for Westminster Church where she worked and served and found an extended family. She enjoyed the camaraderie of the staff, working as an educator.

Almighty God, we praise you for all those qualities with which you conspired to make Carol your unique daughter –
For strong determination,
Her passion for justice and helping the poor and oppressed,
Her love for animals,
her remarkable strength,
for her joyful and playful spirit,
for her enchantment with your natural world and her interest in people,
her abiding faith and many years at Westminster Church.

We thank you, O God, for those things which gave Carol joy and pleasure in life:
working in education at Westminster,
helping people find employment through the city,
recycling flowers from cemeteries and teaching people to garden,
worshipping her Creator,
getting her hands dirty and planting a flower bed,
working with DE Center for Horticulture and beautifying the neighborhood,
spending time with Leonard and Sharon,
making crafts with children,
swimming at the JCC,
camping with Cynthia Kuespert on the Appalachian Trail,
visiting art museums,
helping with the Westminster Women’s Bazaar.

We bless you, Lord God, for Carol’s indomitable and loving spirit, for her love, affection and care for her mother Gloria who lived with her, and whom she cared for during Gloria’s last years.

Despite the tragic stroke which crippled her last fourteen years, Carol found strength to endure and live with joy and fulfillment. She will be remembered as a loving sister, faithful friend, an enthusiastic educator, an inveterate gardener, community activist, devoted disciple of Christ.

We thank you for the care she received from her Leonard and Sharon and the many weekends they spent with Carol here in Wilmington. We bless you for supportive friends like Audrey and Jim Bennett, and Cindy Albright, and the caring staff at Gilpin Hall. We are grateful for Carol’s life with us, and her abiding presence in your eternal realm.

Remind us now and always, O God, that as we draw near to you, we are never far from those we have loved and lost.

Gracious God, we thank you that deep in the human heart lies an unquenchable trust that life does not end in death; that the One who made us will care for us beyond the bounds of vision even as you have cared for us in this earthly realm. We praise your name that our hopes have been so wondrously confirmed in the life and words and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Give us such grace, that by day or by night, we may trust those we love to your neverfailing care in this life and the life to come.
Renew in us the gifts of faith, patience, and enduring love.
Help us to walk amid the things of this world with our eyes on the eternal;
That so, among the many changes of life, our hearts may be fixed where true joys are to be found through Jesus Christ our Lord who has taught us when we pray to say:
Leonard Weeks Weeks (Brother)
April 29th, 2011
As a CE:
I met Carol for the first time when she was Director of Christian Education at Westminster. I remember she talked me into running Vacation Bible School! Who could say "no" to Carol? Her dedication was contagious.
As a co-worker in the City of Wilmington: Manpower Development office. We put women to work as truck drivers, as ship builders, as workers for non-profit agencies. No one was more thorough or inventive than Carol.
As a fellow hiker! Carol & I joined my son for three days hiking on one of the roughest portions of the Appalachian Trail. I will never forget the night when rain poured into our tent so hard that we blew up plastic bags and put them under us so that we wouldn't be sleeping in puddles! Carol was there for me, always, and we tried hard to get in a lot of trouble! After her stroke, we still kept in touch -- communicating so easily even when the right word didn't always fit, when "Texas" could mean almost anything. Carol was my dear, dear friend, an inspiration, a guide. I will miss her so very much. Love to all,
Cynthia Kuespert
Cynthia Kuespert (friend)
November 13th, 2008
Carol was my sorority sister at North Texas, and we shared some happy times together in our Gamma Nu Chapter. When I accepted a position with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Carol and her mother, Gloria, invited me to stay a few days in their home until my apartment arrangements were made. In the following years I lost track of Carol, but she was "found" when our Delta Gamma Chapter had a reunion in 2003. After that, I truly enjoyed hearing from her each Christmas. I will miss her note this year but know that she left many memories for her family and friends.
Alta "Dap" Flowers Birdsong
Alta Birdsong (Delta Gamma sister)
November 11th, 2008
I met Carol's family over 60 years ago. Her mother Gloria Weeks and my mother Nelva Lindsay worked together and became close friends. I even called Gloria "My Other Mother". Since I am the oldest of 3 girls Carol became my older sister. My Dad, Leonard Lindsay took his family fishing and camping alot and of course Carol, Leonard(her brother) and Gloria went with us most of the time.
Carol and I were close all the years, we shared sunburns, long private conversations and did lots of fun things together. Around the time I married she moved to Wilmington,Del. After that she was busy making things happen in Wilmington and I busy raising a family in Texas but we never lost contact. She has made many visits to Texas and stayed with me - so we could find interesting things to do: like bird and deer watching, fishing, flower gardens, see the sites locally and of course, giggling like we were school girls again. Even taking her Deer Hunting - Texas Style!!!
I was able to visit with her while she lived in her home, saw her garden, where she worked, again after she had her stroke and moved into Gilpin Hall.
Leonard and Sharon have been good to take Carol places she wanted to visit and out on many occassions and I got to see where they visited through the many cards and notes that were sent my way. I believe she was happy and content at Gilpin Hall and especially when she was working with the plants.
I will greatly miss her but I know she is in a better place. God takes care of precious people and CAROL WEEKS is one of them
Lu Harrison (Friend/Sister)
November 10th, 2008
I didn't know Carol personally, only to see her working on the garden at Gilpin and Dupont Streets in Trolley Square. It makes me sad to see that it is all overgrown now, especially when I see a rose peeking out of the weeds. There is talk by the Neighborhood Planning Committee to restore that frightfully overgrown corner - I hope this will be accomplished soon and dedicated to her memory.
Mary Carlton (Admirer)
November 9th, 2008
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"Please remove this note"
John Smith
May 18th, 2009
"Carol's candle burned so brightly, the twinkle in her eyes, the infectiousness of her laugh, that she had warmth to spare, to inspire many, many others not to "hide their candle under a bushel." Her light will be carried forth. Cynthia Kuespert"
Cynthia Kuespert
November 14th, 2008
"We will carry on the mission that God gave to you and your candle will burn forever with the life and love that you shared with us."
Pamela White
November 1st, 2008
"I knew Carol for many years and I will always remember the radiance of her smile that spoke of her great love for ALL God's creation. She was (and is) an example for all of us who knew her to try to follow."
Barbara Gorman
October 29th, 2008


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