Carol Ann Colwell
(1960 - 2012)

Carol Ann Colwell

October 11, 1960

January 31, 2012

This site is dedicated to our beloved Carol.
~ ~ ~
Here I sit after hearing of my sister's passing. It is an impossibly gorgeous day in late January. I am conflicted by the emotions as I am somewhat glad at her release from whatever torment she has endured for these last 30+ years. But at the same time my sister is truly gone…

I somehow feel both like an old man who misses his sister and the young man that watched his family struggle through the most difficult experience of their lives. The grief I had when I was 18 has stretched out throughout the years to me at 49.

Carol has been around my whole life. She, along with my older brothers, had a great effect on my young self. Some of the things I learned from her were how to bake, that a 12 year old boy needs regular washing, how to dress to impress (no vertical mixed with horizontal stripes, please!), and how to be confident in who I was.

Carol was my big sister. She teased me, taunted me, and taught me. She laughed at me, she laughed with me. She told me I was dumb, she told me I was smart. She told me I ugly, she told me I was handsome. In essence she did what big sisters do.

She is my sister, I love her, and I will miss her.
Carol, I hope you can have a great conversation with John Lennon, Imagine that!


~ ~ ~
A life interrupted…

Recently I was introduced to the term 'Ambiguous Loss' in an article about adoption. I realized this is the situation we have been in regarding Carol for a very long time.

The Christmas before her accident I spent my last day of vacation in "the city" with Carol and her boyfriend. We toured the cool shops around Canal Street, picked up groceries for dinner in Chinatown then back at their apartment we made a tasty stir-fry dinner before Ma & Pa picked me up for my flight back home. She gave me another unique and fun experience.

Her injury hit me hard as we were both in the early stages of being out on our own. Having a fresh impression of what she had lost made it even more painful.

To keep positive about her recovery grief seemed premature, but, always a dread presence. As time passed grief ebbed to a dull ache. With Carol's passing all those aches have sprung back up.

Talking with Geoff we formed the idea of a memorial where we could air our feelings. But, also a place to share the wonderful bits of life with our sister. We can't be together physically to do these things right now so we thought this page might bridge the time until we can.

Please share the good, the bad and anything else you wish. At the very least please post a remembrance in the guest book for all to share. There is a subscribe box below where you can receive an e-mail when a new remembrance is added. You are free to post any pictures you care to share as well.


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On a very hot Saturday, June 16, 2012 we gathered at the Roachdale Cemetery just outside Roachdale, Indiana, for a memorial to remember the life of Carol Ann Colwell. Parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. Sharon Jackson, a Christen Science Reader / Teacher, directed the service for Carol and the rest of us. She shared insights with us and provided from the BIBLE and SCIENCE and HEALTH. Several others shared stories and experiences of life with Carol.

We thought about this child, sister, friend and the short 20 years self directed life she had, followed by the 30 years of . . . . . . what? Her quality of life was as good as we could make it, but she was subject to whims of her restricted physical lifestyle and condition. Not her choice and certainly not ours for her. She did enjoy the company, activities, and the bustle of daily life around the nursing home. She smiled, laughed, and enjoyed being read to, and watching TV and movies. Her roommate of over 25 years, Marlene Reed, was the bridge to her surroundings. (Note: Marlene Reed passed on September 8, 2012, so now we have lost them both or perhaps they are together again.)

It was somewhat comforting to know we were leaving Carol in this new home, among generations of her and our family. Her grandparents and great grandparents are just a short distance up the road. Although she never knew them, relatives back to the early 1800’s surround her in this place. It seemed like some form of homecoming, and this is, after all, the place where most of us in this family will return.

Mom and Dad (Ann and Bill)

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I want to share this remembrance of Carol from Laura (Emanuel)Wester. The Emanuel’s were our friends and next-door neighbors in Hempstead, New York from 1965 to the late ‘70s. Laura was about 9 years old when we moved in. Laura and her brother Jim were part of the large group of kids in our neighborhood.

Laura’s comment: "It took me a month before the news actually registered in my head. Yes, Carol is at peace now and the memories will live on forever. I remember her best as a grade schooler running around outside behind all the boys with her hair flying in the wind. And her freckles."
William S. Colwell, Jr (Father)
May 2nd, 2012
Carol's life has touched mine in such a different way than most. Distance cousins and fuzzy summer memories, but years of prayers for her and our dear Colwell family. Her life has meant something so special to me in that it showed me at a young age to treasure the time we have here and to love pure and simply. The faithfulness of Carol's family has always been a joy for me to behold! God's grace on my special cousin Carol.
Sandy Wood Volk (Cousin)
April 14th, 2012
We were saddened to learn of Carol's passing and our hearts go out to all of yours. I think I remember most of what Tom and Brian alluded to regarding the carefree moments as kids. However, I seem to remember a time or two when the guys picked on Carol (after all, she was a pesky girl...and the only one at that!) and she was tough enough to more than hold her own and then some!

You know, we pray for healing for family members and friends and most often our prayer is that the person we are praying for will be restored to the way she or he once was. Yet even when restoration occurs, the healing is only temporary and mortality still looms in this life. Our Lord offers a healing that we many times cannot initially see through tears of grief. In Carol's passing, she has experienced perfect healing, being made whole and new again as she has slipped the bonds of human frailty and mortality to dwell with her Heavenly Father in a place where pain and brokenness do not exist. May God's eternal promises bring you comfort in your hour of grief.
Bart & Debbie Colwell (Uncle)
March 1st, 2012
Ann and I have played MahJongg on Monday mornings for several years. She often spoke of Carol in a warm loving way. I never met her but my thoughts are with Ann, Bill and the family at this time.
Peg Britz (Friend of Carol's mom,Ann)
February 22nd, 2012
Dear Ann & Bill and family, Have remembered Carol in my prayers all these years, and know she is now at rest. Your love and care all these years is outstanding. Our memory of Carol was a fun young lady.
Rita & Joe Graham (like to consider us frien)
February 19th, 2012
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"Another year, another birthday. She would have been 59."
William Colwell
October 11th, 2019
"October 11, 2018, She would have been 58. Happy Birthday doesn't seem to do it."
William Colwell
October 11th, 2018
"It seems like all of the pictures show Carol smiling and having fun, usually with one of her brothers or sister. She really seemed to enjoy her family. I wish I could have been part of that. It would have been a blast!"
Linda Caraboa Colwell
February 7th, 2012
"I noticed near the end of the 1965 Christmas video Carol is eating one of Grandmother Ruth's oatmeal fudge cookies. In later years she would lead the production of that wonderful holiday snack!"
February 6th, 2012


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