Carley Ann Crandall Stone
(1931 - 2011)

Carley Ann Crandall Stone



What a TRUE GIFT and privilege it has been, and will continue to be, for all of us who have experienced the JOY of knowing and loving wife, mother, grandma, great grandma, aunt, friend, and acquaintance!

Every one of us has felt cherished and nourished in her presence…and found comfort, strength and inspiration in the way she lived her life. Her ability to find and focus on the good in everyone, to see their true nature, and to live so fully in each moment, with that twinkle in her eye, drew us all to her, and those qualities in what one friend calls “her elastic circle” that just grew and grew. Her courage to be led by Love enabled her, and those around her, to live life as a true divine adventure each day. Who she is and how she lived is truly woven into the lives of those who know her.

Please join us in celebrating Carley by sharing your photos, stories, favorite remembrances, and your gratitude for all she has and will continue to bring to our lives as we love and learn from her.

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As we lifted off from Detroit's airport to return to Scottsdale to visit with Bob, the thoughts about what I wanted to say about Carley on this site finally came to me very clearly, with the help of many months' perspective, and a lot of pondering.

In the last year or so that I knew Carley, and through the many substantive conversations we had, I watched her become even more focused than she always had been, more confident in her sense of what was right for her, more resolute in her will to see the innate goodness in everyone and everything around her.

And so, as we rolled down the runway and then lifted freely into the air toward a predetermined destination, it made me realize that's what Carley did. She didn't simply leave this physical world; she elevated herself from it. She quietly, confidently, gained spiritual momentum, infusing herself with all the goodness, both visible and invisible, that the universe had to offer, and, like our airplane, ascended speedily, freely, on to her next destination, leaving this earth behind.

Back here on the ground, Carley's unwavering practice of seeing Love everywhere influences and fortifies everyone who knew her. Our fondest tribute to her should be to actively practice all those character qualities she so patiently and humbly personified for us all.

grateful and loving you always,
Jay Langlois (son-in-law)
February 20th, 2012
Dear Bob and family,
I just read about Jill and whoten a messege for you and Carley and then i read about Carley. I walways talked to Mario i wish i could see all your family again one day,
Carley was like a mother to me, especily whem Sarah was born.

With much love,

Mario and Vera from Brasil
vera cristina Arruda (friend)
November 25th, 2011
Sweet mama, my dear "sister bird"

We have had such WONDERFUL opportunities to say and share nearly all the words and kindlings from deep within the recesses of our hearts to and with one another. What a blessing that is! We both know without a doubt how we feel about each other and how our kinship is so intertwined that there is no distance, space or time that will hinder our connection. I know first hand what it means to "love my neighbor as myself" because we did that together...there just has never been a separation…. It’s like “Where do I end and you begin?” We experienced the amazing adventure of glimpsing that we live in Love together ALWAYS .... a realization of Oneness, true family, that far surpassed a human mother-daughter relationship.

In each of our many and varied journeys together, in all those big and teeny at-first-unfamiliar-places, in beautiful and powerful places around the world, we experienced PURE JOY... in our discoveries down each of those winding roads - whether at beachside, meanderings through Mexico and Brazil, around and through ALL those majestic mountains and humble valleys, through all the lessons of our earth paths that mingled in such tangible ways… YOU have truly been my soul sister, my dearest friend, finest example, life coach, sweet, sweet mama and dearest treasure. That doesn’t end!

I know you are playing and singing this next verse and chorus now of your ongoing sweet song of life, journeying toward yet another horizon of promise and exploration... and you know how to do that SO well. I know that we will both continue to be buoyed up, encouraged, protected, comforted, and led to do and understand amazing things. Your sails are set, your wings are spread, your heart is open AS ALWAYS. I know you are directing "your feet to the sunny side of the street"... that happy tune that is always shows in the bounce of your step. I know you will be doing your new and improved version of that sidestep shuffle we grew up watching you do, delighting inside with our special mom as she threw all thought of self aside and felt and expressed that music and joy of Life... and letting us see that twinkle of yours right beforehand, so that we knew just what you were about to get up and do.

I know as the next moments of this life lead on, I will have more to say to you, but for now here is a list of just a few of my MANY favorite things that I learned and cherish from your example ... that help me to see that all of what I love and appreciate about you, is in ME too…through gleaning the ins and outs of your example and because I know The Source of all the goodness you have always expressed.

Thanks mama for:

• delighting in the all the simple and sweet things...a little glass half-full of Vernors just once in a while so that it was special when it happened
• Your availability at ANY time to help and remind me of what is TRUE
• Your commitment to honesty and a stance for what is right and good, without judgment of others
• Your child-like joy and delight...and complete zest for discovery... do you remember our time in the ultra-light glider? our kayaking, whitewater rafting, blazing so many new hiking trails, oodles of campfires, moments of feeling the palpable presence of Love?
• Your trust and persistence through thick and thin
• Your confidence that you could do raised seven children, taught us to love order, built a cement patio and found your way up a mountain in the dark with no roads in the remotest of Mexico, for heavens sake...just to name a few!
• Your commitment to loving us, loving EVERYone with your life, not just in words
• For teaching us to be SO happy when good things happen to others, to be just as excited and happy our brother or sister got a present than if it were for us. Just look how we as adults still gather tightly around when another is receiving something.
• For supporting us, but at the same time encouraging us to find our own learn our own lessons in the way that was just right for us

So, you see, sweet mama, you are here (and everywhere) in so many tangible ways...loving and being loved by SO many who have had the privilege of tender and jubilant experiences with you, and those who were just blessed without even knowing you, because of your pure and clear thought, humble prayers, and the way you have lived your life so full of grace.

Loving, loving you…always and in ALL ways
Your T
Tien Stone Langlois (daughter and friend)
September 25th, 2011
Although I can count on one hand the times we physically spent together, Carley profoundly changed my life. Many years ago Carley learned through my sister Pat that I was going through a particularly rough patch, not sure which way to turn, confused and lost. Even though we lived in different cities and had yet to meet, Carley telephoned me one morning and, in her oh so loving and gentle manner, told me that I was God's perfect child. In that one conversation, Carley literally guided me out of the dark. Shortly thereafter, I began attending a tiny CS church on the other side of the city. Within a year I had written and published a little book that would go on to become a bestseller. I know, without a doubt, that my journey from lost to successful author would never have happened if not for Carley.

My favorite memory is the night you and Carley invited Pat and me to join you in seeing "Phantom of the Opera" in Los Angeles. And by limousine!! Such a special treat; one I shall always remember. Before leaving Laguna Nigel, Carley took me over to your book shelf, pulled out a book and gave it to me. I know it wasn't by chance that the first sentence in the book reads: "Pray thee, take care, that tak'st my book in hand, To read it well; that is, to understand." "Prose Works other than Science and Health," by Mary Baker Eddy, has been on my bedside table ever since.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Carley for all she brought, and continues to bring, to my life. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bob, and the entire Stone family as you celebrate the love and joy of Carley's life. And a very special thank you for sharing her with me.

Priscilla Goslin (Friend)
August 28th, 2011

The emotion evoked from reading about your mother here and on the Scholars Together website is profound. I am moved beyond words. No doubt you have been blessed to have her as a mother, role model, and friend. Her actions and attitude are exceptional; but knowing you, not surprising to me. She clearly lives within you. For that I thank her, she has given our family and the world a treasure. I am so sorry for your loss.
With heartfelt sympathy and love,
Wendy Stone (Scholars Family)
August 27th, 2011
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"To the Stone Family, Carley, Bob and the family have always been close to our heart. We love you and will desperately miss Carley. She is a special lady; always smiling and so positive. We love you!"
Don and Dolores Griffin
July 16th, 2011
"Just other day I was looking at pictures of our Colorado trip, what a lovely time we had with Bob and Carly, we will never forget. Carly was such a special person and full of joy. She took such good care of us that special summer. Love, Karen Brown"
Karen Brown
July 10th, 2011
"Bless Carley and he; precious family and her picture is very lovely to view. You will be receiving my card any day now with more love and Love, Kay"
Kathryn Wittmack
July 10th, 2011
"Carley is the most wonderful person I've ever known. We loved every moment we spent with her & Bob. Love, Kent & Jeanne"
Kent & Jeanne Houston
July 10th, 2011
"Dearest Bob and your Family, Thank you for sharing your love for Carley with us through these wonderful pictures. What a gracious soul Carley was. I'll always remember her cheerful enthusiasm for life and her warm smile. My love and prayers.Karen"
Karen LeBlond
July 8th, 2011
"Dearest Tien, Bob and Family, Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of Carley, Bob, your family and Carley's friends with us all. My life was changed, first by Carley and Bob, and then by Jill. I learned the truth: that All Comes from Love."
Robyn Wallerich
July 6th, 2011

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