Buzz Hussey
(1935 - 2010)

Buzz Hussey

May 13, 1935

August 27, 2010

Antique cars, travel, outdoors, reading (biographies, history, religious studies), cello, service to community, family
Guest Book
As the previous poster mentioned, I too was thinking of Buzz and wondering what had happened to him. I was sadden to find out that he has passed away. I worked with Buzz in Dallas while he was at Rauscher Pierce Refsnes…that became Dain Rauscher, then Dain Rauscher Wessels. I enjoyed working with him, and enjoyed his patience and gentlemen attitude with everyone. I fondly remember talking about his antique cars, and enjoyed seeing he pictures of his cars on the website. What a telling impact he had on lives, it has been around 13 years since I worked with him, but yet I still think of him often. We can all hope to have an impact like Buzz did on us with the people we interact with each day. To the Hussey family, your brother, husband, father, and grandfather was a great man. and had a great impact on other lives that he interacted with that you may never know of.
Clay Brethour (Worked together)
April 13th, 2014
Today for no particular reason I found myself thinking of my former boss Buzz Hussey. I Googgled his name and was sadly surprised to learn of his passing in 2010. Back in 1979 he hired me as a rookie stockbroker at Rotan Mosle in Houston. Buzz was a professional and a gentleman ... too classy for Houston (ha). One month he was urging his brokers to close some sales on an investment that had an upcoming deadline in which to participate. We all received an urgent memo from Buzz which began with "It's time to fish or eat bait!". At first we wondered just what that meant and soon his secretary (Gloria) admitted she'd misread his handwriting while typing the memo. It was supposed to read "It's time to fish or cut bait". It was such a pleasure knowing and working with Buzz Hussey. My best regards to his family.
John Southworth (worked together)
February 7th, 2014
Diane and Hussey Family--
Our Disciple Bible Study class this Fall is not quite the same without Buzz's presence. In the last D-class we shared together Buzz took on the role of chaplain in that he always brought in a special closing prayer for the class. Most of the time the closing prayer was a poem or narrative that really spoke to Buzz's heart. He wanted to share with us what had touched his heart. And as usually was always the case whatever touched Buzz's heart nudged our souls also. We miss him but know he is engaged in our discussion and discernment from a very esteemed and lofty perch. God bless Buzz Hussey.
Marc Lyon (Friend)
September 22nd, 2010
I never had the pleasure of meeting Buzz but I have know one of his daughters, Kathy, for some years now. After having read all of the lovely things that have been said about him, I can tell you for sure that they must all be true because he raised an amazingly strong, talented, gifted, caring, open-hearted, and witty daughter. From the deepest place in my heart, I send love to The Hussey Family.
Holly Lewis (friend of Kathy)
September 16th, 2010
Tim McGraw's famous song says we should live like we are dying; go sky diving, Rocky Mountain climbing and ride a bull named Fumanchu ... in Buzz's own way, he did these things. Oh, he didn't sky diving or mountain climbing, but he made the trip to Chautauqua when many thought he was too sick and there are no doubt many other brave moments during his last months. Buzz fought his horrible disease with all the courage a man would need to ride a bull. Buzz died like he lived. He remained interested in the happiness of his family and friends and wasted no time feeling sorry for himself. He continued doing all the things he loved, teaching Sunday school, appreciating fine music, reading good books, driving his beautiful Packard and Ford Woody, sharing his wisdom with Diane and their daughters and friends. Buzz gave life his very best to the last breath. Tim and I are blessed to call him "friend". Buzz is missed by everyone who loved him. We are thankful for such happy memories. Our love and sympathy Diane, Kim and Kathy.
Nyla & Tim Villager Villager (Friends)
September 12th, 2010
Diane - Jerry and I were so saddened to hear about Buzz. We always enjoyed our visits with you both. You and your family are in our prayers.
Jerry and Pat Talkington
September 9th, 2010
We feel so fortunate to have lived at Willowtree on Chautauqua Lake just a short distance from Buzz and Diane. We became friends by running into one another when Buzz returned from a bike ride or walk and I'd be washing my car. There was always a cheerie greeting, a quiet smile, a twinkle of the eye. And Diane would join in with her beautiful smile and warm greeting. On Sundays we'd see them at the United Methodist House at Chautauqua after the early service. There was always the kidding, joking and twinkling smile. Next came the invitations to dinner on their deck when they entertained friends who were visiting. Such charming hosts! Such wonderful memories! Such delightful people!

We moved away five years ago but occasional meetings kept the friendship alive. Then the shocking news that Buzz had cancer. When we met early this summer it was the same charming Buzz -- a bit shaky, a little weaker, but stronger in his faith. The small "c" (cancer) in his body was diminshed by the big "C" (Christ) in his heart. Never will I forget our "last supper" lovingly prepared by Diane for another neighbor and me. After eating we enjoyed the deck, the peaceful lake, the Bell Tower, a passing boat and easy conversation about times past, families, friends and "life". Buzz was getting tired, he still had phone calls to make so I rose to leave. We hugged and said goodbye. It was "goodbye" to one of the finest men I've ever met. Aren't we all lucky to have known him!

Our love to Diane and the family. You are in our prayers.

Rev. Don Struchen and Shirley
Don Struchen (neighbor and friend)
September 7th, 2010
Remarks in Memory of my Brother Buzz

September 4, 2010

Nashville, TN

We sadly acknowledge the passing of our Brother, Husband, Dad, Grandfather, Uncle and Good Friend. But while we mourn his too-soon death, we can also choose to celebrate his Life, a Life well-lived and long to be remembered in our hearts. As with all our lives, death comes at some point, and that we must face and accept.

Instead of death and loss, I want to focus on the positive gifts Buzz has left with us, ----gifts that we can take with us as we live our lives. His gifts soften our pain and inspire us to enrich our own lives by his example.

Where to start in looking at Buzz’ various and many gifts:

1. He was accomplished in his business career and provided well for his family and other interests. He was sometimes picked by his company to move to another brokerage office that was in trouble, because they knew Buzz could straighten it out. And he did! The lesson here is to bring honor to the work we do.

2. He looked after his health with none of the alcohol, drug, over-eating, smoking and other abuses we encounter as humans. Lesson is be good to your body.

3. But, what kind of a person was he, his interests, his attitudes, his values, his cares that make him a person to inspire our deep love and wanting to adopt his values?

Here is the tribute list that Mary Jane & I came up with, having known Buzz for most of his years:

• A great trusted friend to have. My recent years have been blessed with being able to call Buzz at any time, just to share recent events and concerns. He had lots of time to share with his friends and he wholeheartedly believed in lasting friendships that enriched his and others’ lives. Because of our competitive and guarded natures, men do not often have deep friendships. We do not readily share our souls (worries, loves, fears and all), where we might more readily share our interests and things, including money, with others.

Mary Jane remembers her 8th grade, having just left her one-room country school for the big city school in Presque Isle (pop 10,000). Buzz was one of the first to welcome her by inviting her to ice skating at the city rink, introducing her to some of the “townies”.

More recently we’ve had two quality visits in Nashville with Buzz and Diane that have meant so much to us. We now carry great memories of Buzz, but his friendship will be very hard to replace.

Trust means so much in our one-to-one relationships. Buzz held our complete trust.

Lesson is to make every effort to extend and receive trust.

• Buzz had a strong sense of family bonding and responsibility. For years he made sure our sister Winnie was well-cared for, usually in his and Diane’s community. Brother Chuck and I appreciate all that they did for her over the years. On another family note, I recently shared with Buzz our Dad’s admonition to me, way back when, to “Marry Up”, in order to improve the family gene pool. Dad said he had done so in marrying our mother, as had his father with Grandma Hussey. When I shared with Buzz that I thought I had done so in marrying Mary Jane, he quickly asked me with his dry wit: What does Mary Jane think of that?

Lesson is to take time to love and appreciate your family.

• Buzz had an easy-going generous manner about him that was instantly likeable with a sense of humour that attracted many. One of his stories is about the Southern custom of ending a discussion with “Well, bless your heart!” And, when closing off a discussion of someone else who is disliked for his character with: “Isn’t old so and so terrible, ----- but Bless His Heart”!

How Buzz remained calm and considerate, when all about him were losing their cool, I’ll always admire. And, I’d like to learn how!

I can’t remember Buzz ever losing his temper in anger at a person or situation, but I’m sure it had to happen at times. I won’t ask Diane because I don’t need to know.

More recently, as Buzz was facing regular chemo treatments that left him depleted and feeling miserable, he took the time to share with his Sunday school class his cancer situation and his spiritual approach to gaining more time with all of us. We applaud his courage and his generosity of spirit.

Lesson is to love your friends as yourself, and don't forget laugh every day.

• His and Diane’s generosity has led them to open their hearts to all of us in these last months as Buzz’ time with us grew short and pain increased. In Nashville and in Chautauqua, friends and relatives joined in visits that all appreciated. Our sons were included beneficiaries of this generosity. Many people choose to withdraw when a serious illness comes. Not Buzz-- he chose to remain a loving participant of life until the end.

Lesson is we learn to combine love and death at the end of life's path.

• He had wide-ranging interests that he nurtured with old and new friends. He loved his classic cars and even more the wonderful friendships that he and Diane enjoyed with other car collectors. Their summer retreat for 20 years up in Chautauqua was stimulating in the quality and diversity of programs, and he added a new circle of friends. He and daughter Kathy enjoyed their mountain get-a-ways to sleep under the stars and hike the mountains. He took great satisfaction in working with Kim on the establishing of the Waldorf school in Nashville. He picked up his music interest with renewal of his cello playing after many years. He had a special interest in young people-- his grandchildren, nieces and nephews loved him.

Lesson is to keep your mind open to many possibilities and learn to respect different paths of searching for one's own truth.

• And a final comment: Buzz and Diane have always led their community involvement with active affiliation in a local church, no matter where they lived. Not only did he help with the usually demanding activity of fund-raising, he also participated in teaching an adult class and on Trustee Boards.

• We thank Buzz for sharing his significant and generous life with us, and I know I’ll always miss him now that he’s gone. I am indeed grateful for all the blessings he has bequeathed to us in his memory. And Diane, we continue to hold you dear, and will support you in any ways that we can.

• Thank you, Buzz, indeed!

Gorham and Mary Jane Hussey (Brother and sister-in-law)
September 7th, 2010
what a great man to will always be in mine and bette's top five men in our lives to have known.we will miss him dearly.diane,we wish you nothing less than god's love.
Robert and Bette Hand (Ovilla, Texas)
September 7th, 2010
we sure will miss seeing buzz at the packard meets He was a man you could trust in.
David H Walker (Chesnee, South Caroline)
September 7th, 2010
Dear Diane,Kim,Kathy
What a precious Memorial Service in honor of Buzz. Buzz truly was a sweet spirit among us.
Our family joined BUMC in 1998 and worshiped and served there for 10 years. In that time I was blessed to cross paths with Buzz in so many ways. When there was an opportunity to give or serve Buzz always showed up. He showed up for blood donation, doctor's office taxi service, angel tree delivery, to name only a few. He truly honored me a few years back when he asked me if I would pray for him while he was on his Emmaus walk. I crossed paths with Buzz in a doctor's office waiting room several years ago. Conversation with Buzz was always fun and meaningful that I was disappointed when one of us was called back to see the doctor. I was deeply saddened to learn of Buzz's diagnosis because I knew as a nurse what he would be dealing with all to soon. I also knew that Buzz was already at peace and he would face his illness with courage, laughter, and great faith.
And so dear Hussey family, know I grieve with you in the loss of one so dear to you all. Thank you for sharing the blessing of Buzz with the rest of us.
Elaine Turner (friend)
September 6th, 2010
I met Buzz through my wife Patricia as she and Diane were co-chairmen
of a project here in Chautauqua,NY. We became instant friends based on commonality of backgrounds, shared joys and wonderful memories of our agricultural backgrounds. We both went to university in New Hampshire, we both loved playing at our music, -he on cello and me at the piano.
Buzz's quiet conversation, the twinkle in his eye and the spontaneous quips were all part of who he was.
It is seldom that two couples all seem to "mesh" so well and even though we knew each other for only a few years it was a friendship borne of warmth, sharing and mutual respect.
Upon attending memorial services for him we could easily understand why he had so many dear friends. He will be missed immensely by us and we shall always treasure our relationship with him and Diane, both very dear friends..Our deepest love to his family.
Bob Hirt (friend)
September 6th, 2010
When Buzz joined the Board at Linden Waldorf School shortly after me, he brought a professionalism and maturity that I did not possess. He referred to my extreme impatience as "Charlie's wonderful sense of urgency". I will not ever forget that gift from him. That was Buzz.
Charlie Bundy ((friend))
September 4th, 2010
Buzzy radiated dignity, warmth, intelligence, humor and kindness. You knew you could trust him with anything the very first time you met him. How rare a human being. How fortunate we are to have known him. How lucky that these traits live on in his wonderful family.

Sonia and Nipun Merchant
Sonia and Nipun Merchant (friends)
September 4th, 2010
I remember very clearly the first time I met Buzz. It was in 2000 shortly after he & Diane had moved here to be nearer to their girls. Our meeting, of course, involved another of his loves -- his Packard automobile. From that first moment, Buzz had a warm smile and a wonderful twinkle in his eye. I felt as if I'd known him forever. Much of Buzz's enjoyment of his old cars was based on sharing them with others; discussing their quirks, mechanical designs and histories. He owned these fantastic cars, vehicles worthy of any Museum or Show, yet his greatest pleasure was using them and sharing them daily for the surprise & joy they could offer to others. He loved offering a ride in a Packard rumble seat to any kid who seemed interested in old cars, or driving his friends and family to get ice cream in his beautiful Ford Woody Wagon. In fact that pleasure so enthralled him, it even became a code description of sorts for potential car acquisitions; He'd stand back and consider a car for a moment then exclaim to me, "that's a great ice cream car!".

Always warm & giving, particularly toward children, with something interesting and uplifting to share. That's the kind of person Buzz was, and why he'll be missed so much and so well-remembered.
Mark Lambert (Nashville Friend)
September 4th, 2010
Thank you, Buzz, for bringing such warmth, peace, kindness and sincerity to a world in such need of these qualities. And thank you for making me feel so welcome to drift into your wonderful family after I had lost my own. You will be missed so very much.
Dan Schaefer (Friend)
September 3rd, 2010
I have never met anyone more pleasant to be with.He will be missed
Bob Richard (Friend)
September 3rd, 2010
Dearest Diane, we are so saddened to hear of the death of Buzz. He was a very special man and we remember him with great fondness. Our memories with always include the fun times we had at the car events. We are lucky to have had Buzz in our lives. God bless you and your family.
Ward & Barb
Ward and Barb Beebe (Friends)
September 3rd, 2010
Dear Diane and family
Keith and I have you and your family in our hearts and prayers.
We will always cherish the fun we had at the Packard meets we shared in the UK, Kentucky and Moultrie. Those precious memories will always bring smiles.
Terry & Keith Tribe
Terry Tribe (Friend)
September 3rd, 2010
Dear Diane, Kathy, and Kim,
Buzz was a true gentleman and a dear, dear friend. His sharp wit, thoughtful manner, and ability to make one feel very special, are just a few of his many wonderful traits. His love of God and his family was clearly evident in everything he did. Buzz made such a difference in so many lives, and while nothing can make this time any easier for you, may it touch your heart to know that while we mourn our loss, we also celebrate the gift of Buzz in our lives. It was an honor to call him friend and we will surely miss him. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Sue and Gene Piontek
Sue and Gene Piontek (Friends)
September 2nd, 2010
Dear Diane, Kim and Kathy,
Buzz was one of the most wonderful men I've ever met. He had such a genuine spirit and I always felt blessed when I was with him. I have wonderful memories of our antique car ride. I loved seeing how proud he was of Kim and Michael and how much he loved LWS. He could light up a room and I will miss seeing his smiling face around school. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Laura Duke (Friend)
September 1st, 2010
Kathy, I never got the privilege of meeting your dad, but from what I know of you, he obviously was a terrific person with good genes. I am so sorry he had to leave your lives early - now he's up there with my dad and Paddy's and all the other angels taken early, no doubt having a wonderful time. Love, Jane
Jane Colony Mills (friend of daughter Kathy)
September 1st, 2010
When we first met Buzz in Shaker Heights many years ago, we knew instantly we had found a great person of quality, one who would ultimately become a life-long friend. Buzz added a new and rewarding dimension to our lives which we will never forget. You could not be with Buzz without coming away with an uplifting joy for having shared time with him. We will miss him greatly! We share deeply in the family's loss for it is indeed ours as well.
Bob & Maria Cutler (friends in Cleveland)
August 31st, 2010
(from Debi Tyree's blog -

For those of you who have never been employed in a local church, what I am about to say may surprise you. It is not a given that church members support their church staff. While most folks do care for us deeply, there are really only a few who truly feel called to support you in all ways, every day. Buzz was one of those for me and others on our church staff.

Buzz was never in one of my choirs but he loved music as much as anyone I know. He always dug deeper into the text than the choir members. He loved me into doing and being my best. Buzz would send me an email mid-week about how a phrase in the anthem had made him think about his relationship with God. He would share what he had pondered and quote the phrase from the hymn or anthem. Sometimes it was a comment after worship about the joy he found in a young child playing a piano solo for the first time in worship, a phrase in a much beloved hymn that he connected to in a new way, or his joy in seeing new members in choir. He noted when the men sounded wonderful on that one section you had worked on so much. Buzz would not only stay to hear the postlude, he would come up and talk about the piece with the person who played. Buzz understood that a service that just seemed to “work” was never an accident but the result of prayer, lots of study, practice, and work. He would let me know when a piece of music wasn’t one he really liked, but always commented on the way he saw it working within the service to move us forward. He was wise in his conversations with me when I asked for his opinions and he quietly stood beside me when there were difficulties. Buzz helped me to feel agape love; love for one another as sister and brother in Christ.

A year ago Buzz was diagnosed with cancer. After the shock of a “time-framed” diagnosis, he came to a decision; he was going to spend his remaining time living with the promise of resurrection. And that he did. Buzz taught me so much in the last year about what it means to LIVE with the promise of resurrection. Buzz faced each new treatment, each new “test” drug with dignity, grace, and without complaint. While his body seemed to shrink before our eyes, his faith, his love for God, his absolute unswerving belief in the promise; all of these filled his heart as he lived into the promise of resurrection. The physical body may have shrunk, but his faith stretched to reach far beyond our understanding.

Two weeks ago, I was surprised to see him in worship. He had fallen out of bed and had broken his collar-bone earlier in the month. I looked up from the lectern on the opening hymn to see him standing, visibly shaking with the effort to stand. He caught my eye, smiled, and slowly nodded. Yes, he was living with the promise of resurrection!

Buzz died last week. Those of us who knew him have heavy hearts and yet… Buzz didn’t hope for the promise – no, he CLAIMED the promise of resurrection as his! His witness calls us all to live with the promise of resurrection. Thanks be to God!
Debi Tyree (Bellevue United Methodist)
August 31st, 2010
Dear Diane and Family
Our hearts are heavy with sorrow for all of you. We so admired Buzz and his passing will leave a great void in Blue Ridge Packards. We have so many fond memories of great times. It is difficult to express our sadness and we wish you could look into our hearts. We love you dear friends. God Bless Marilyn and Bob Hetzel
Marilyn & Bob Hetzel (friends)
August 31st, 2010
We have nothing but plesant memories of you and Buzz, be it in Lexington or in an old Inn in North Carolina sitting on the front porch in rockers. There was always a smile and pleasent conversation surronding our beloved Packards and friends. You both made us feel welcome and a part when we were new members.
Len Royston, Seymour, TN
August 31st, 2010
Buzz was a very special man. His friendly manner, his wonderful sense of humor and devotion to his family, friends and church will always be our treasure. I will never forget the Sunday he gave his testimonial in the Fellowship Sunday School Class. It was a day that I will always remember --it was a lesson in faith that I wish everyone everywhere could have experienced. This website is a wonderful tribute to his life. The pictures, the timeline, the memorial and guest book are beautifully done. My thoughts and prayers are with Diane and the family. He will be missed by so many and never forgotten.
Lou Harrell (Friend - Bellevue United)
August 31st, 2010
Dear Diane, We are at a loss for words and numb from the shock of his passing. We quiz, "Why did this have to be?" God Bless Buzz until we meet again. With Love and our blessings, Pat & Bob.
Pat & Bob Bowling (Dear Friends)
August 31st, 2010
Diane: Rish and I have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We treasure the good times we shared together with our Packards and the other members of the Blue Ridge Packard Club. We still remember walking down the streets of Staunton with you two and sharing that we were thinking of buying a Packard. Buzz's response was "that it was a wonderful hobby because a husband and wife could share it together". He was right! Thank you for your friendship and may God bless you.
Ron and Rish Capps
August 31st, 2010
Dear Diane and family,
Working together with Buzz for so many years was truly a blessing to me. Within a business relationship we sometimes have an opportunity to clearly recognize true Godly men. That was Buzz and I am grateful for that time spent together.
Bill Chesnut
August 31st, 2010
Dear Diane and Family, Penny and I were saddened to hear about the loss of Buzz. We will always enjoy the memory of him. We feel like we had a special time together with you and Buzz when the Blue Ridge group had a tour in Nashville a number of years ago, and we enjoyed traveling around some with you both. May the love and peace of God our Father rest and abide with you all in this difficult time.
Paul and Penny VanNortwick
August 31st, 2010
Diane & family, We will truly miss Buzz's smiling face at the Blue Ridge tours. God give you the peace that passes understanding in your time of sorrow.
Don and Janet Sanland
August 31st, 2010
Diane and family, I am so sorry to learn of Buzz's passing. He was such a kind and gentle person. It was an honor to know him. May God Bless you and keep you during this time of sorrow.
Joy McKinney
August 31st, 2010
Buzz was one of the few people with the talent of making new friends feel as if they had known him for years. A light has gone out in the Blue Ridge Packards with his memory living on in all who knew him.
Jim and Helen Ragland
Jim and Helen Ragland
August 31st, 2010
buzz was a wonderful person. i will always remember how he helped me when i followed him as director of the blue ridge packards. my thoughts and prayers go out to diane and all the family.
August 31st, 2010
We were all shocked to hear of Buzz's passing! He was a great member of our A.A.C.A. region and truly loved classic automobiles. On behalf of our club and its members, please accept our condolences as we join you in your sorrow. Buzz was a gentleman in every respect and we are proud to have known him. Peace be with you....

Gary Haneberg
Battlefield Region
Antique Autombile Club of America
Gary Haneberg
August 31st, 2010
Diane, Kathy and Bob, Kim and Tom, Michael and Christa,

May the memories of shared good times with Buzz ease your pain of sorrow.

Although we have only met Buzz at Kathy and Bob's wedding, we fondly remember him and had a grand time talking with him, especially about classic cars.

Again, the family is in our thoughts and prayers.

With deep empathy and sympathy,

John Tucker and Shirley Jones
New Bern and Goldsboro, NC

(transferred from Tennesseean obituary comments)
John Tucker and Shirley Jones
August 31st, 2010
From the first time I met Diane and Buzz, they became my "instant" friends. Always a wonderful smile and so happy to see you. The sense of humor and such a gentleman and fun to be with. That's what I think of when I think of Buzz. Diame and family, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless all of you

Marge Rajotte (Friend)
August 30th, 2010
Buzz was the best example of a thoughtful and witty conversationalist. In our library current events discussion group, Buzz didn't say much, but when he did, it was like the old E. F. Hutton commercials: "When Buzz Hussey talks, people listen!" Whatever he had to say made perfect sense and usually had an air of mischief about it, but it was always right to the point. I'll miss Buzz's voice of reason in an otherwise unreasonable world.
Stu and Dottie Miller (Friends)
August 30th, 2010
Diane our hearts are with you. My memory of Buzz was his "bow tie", wonderful smile and warmness to my husband. We enjoyed West Hills parties with you and have great fondness of you two together. Real "salt and pepper" shakers, as I say. You two were a set. Our prayers will be for your peace.

With great fondness,
Hope Gianni
Hope and Jim Gianni (new friends of Buzz and D)
August 30th, 2010
I'm so sorry Kathy for the loss of your Dad, I lost mine not too long ago, and it is gut-wrenching and very hard. With light and love, Joe
Joe Carlson (friend of daughters')
August 29th, 2010
Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss. Although I never met your father, I always picture your family on that road trip listening to the radio. You are an increbile person, and inside of you is a piece of your father. Know that you honor him every day.
Amy Reesman (Friend)
August 29th, 2010
Our love & prayers go out to Kathy and her family, Even in your sadness, we hope you can hold on to the thought that a life lived with so much love never really ends, but goes on forever in your hearts. God Bless, JR & Nancy
JR & Nancy Jones (Friend of Kathy's)
August 29th, 2010
Although I have never met Kathy face to face, I have come to know her through a mutual "friend", I feel like I have known her my whole life, if there is one thing I have learned is that she loved her Dad with her whole heart, from what I have learned from my husband JR, Buzz was a terrific man. Kath I know life will never be the same for you now, but remember he will always be with you, I lost my Dad also, the pain really never goes away, but through the tears the smiles will appear when you remember him. God Bless you and your family. Love, Nancy
Nancy Rouillier (Friend of Kathy's)
August 29th, 2010
Thank you Buzz for always making me feel welcome the few times I had the pleasure of being in the company of you, your wonderful wife Diane, and your beautiful daughters. You're all truly exceptional and wonderful, the ripple effect of goodness that radiated from you will go on and on.
Dave Provenzano (Friend)
August 29th, 2010
I never had the pleasure of meeting Buzz but I have know one of his daughters, Kathy, for some years now. After having read all of the lovely things that have been said about him, I can tell you for sure that they must all be true because he raised an amazingly strong, talented, gifted, caring, open-hearted, and witty daughter. From the deepest place in my heart, I send love to The Hussey Family.
Holly Lewis (friend of Kathy)
August 29th, 2010
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"I got to know Buzz while my wife Patricia was working with Diane,--the "Brick and Brack" team in Chautauqua.The twinkle in his eye said it all,---that Buzz loved people and loved sharing serious topics as well as good jokes very easily. We miss hi"
November 20th, 2010
"We met Diane and Buzz when living in Nashville in the late 90's. We loved his warm qiet nature and welcoming smile and good humour. We miss him lots and are so glad to still have Di in our lives. He was an inspiration to us all. God bless u Buzz"
Diana Boyer
November 20th, 2010
"I will always remember Buzz's smiling eyes and the warmth that always radiated from him. He is a part of the great Hussey team that I am glad to have gotten the chance to meet and hang out with."
Jen Castle
September 3rd, 2010
"Tony & I are so thankful we had the opportunity to meet & get to know Diane & Buzz through the Symphony. From sitting next to one another, we progressed to dinners prior to. Buzz's quick wit, warmness & endearing charm made those dinners such fun."
Teri Gosse
August 31st, 2010
"Kathy & I were dating back in the late 80's & she brought me home to meet her folks, I walked in with a cowboy hat & boots to a black tie event,I felt out of place,but Buzz went up & put his hat & boots on & made me feel at home. Great man & Father"
JR Jones
August 29th, 2010


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