Bob Stone
(1930 - 2018)

Bob Stone

July 22, 1930

April 24, 2018

What a blessing and often a life-changer it has been to have known, experienced and have been touched by the life and goodness that is a dad, husband, grandpa, great grandpa, brother, uncle, mentor, and friend.

So many from near and far and from many walks of life have often remarked about how special it has been to be in Bob’s company because you knew at once that you were treasured for who you are—that you really mattered and that there is always hope. His care for others and his strong belief that there is always a solution and a path on which to become your best self was evident in the way he lived his life and in the way he listened, communicated and looked at each of us intently and lovingly, whether he knew us for moments or years. His qualities of strength, commitment to good, a strong work ethic, and deep affection are woven into our lives in ways that are practical, inspiring and everlasting.

Please join us in celebrating Bob by sharing your photos, stories, favorite remembrances, and your gratitude for all he has and will continue to bring to our lives as we love and learn from him.

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Tien Stone Langlois (Daughter)
June 24th, 2018
Dear Jenny, Tien, Beth, Tim and Keith,

I wanted to send my condolences, love and support to you all. Kathryn called me the day of your dad’s passing onward. I was stunned as he and I had just shared a few emails about ten days beforehand and I had no sense he was dealing with a challenge. I had to deal with the sense of loss before writing this, but after many losses in my life in the last several years, I feel I have grown in my understanding of eternal life and less about this material one. I know your mom, dad, Jill and Amy have too. And one day we’ll all see each other again.

As you know, both your mom and dad are like second parents to me. I was honored to be introduced to their friends (on several occasions) as their eighth child and they certainly made me feel that way. How special is that! They both gave me so much love, support, advice and guidance at different times in my life — especially as a teenager. I needed a dad in my life then and boy did I hit the jackpot. I remember dear Jill and I hanging out in the barn and talking with your dad - talking about the horses and animals and then going into the house and doing the same with your mom but on other subjects. I always felt the warmth and joy from the fun times. I also remember that certain look of your mom’s (and your dad’s) when perhaps we were thinking of doing or saying something that might be suspect— as we all know teenagers are wont to do. I look back at some of those times and just smile, realizing what I learned.

Your dad helped me with some great gov/business connections that led to some opportunities and then the start of my automotive corporate career after my State department appointment fell through. He would say to me — now here’s a contact but you have to do the rest. I loved that; and I did as he instructed and good results followed. Both your mom and dad were supportive of my career efforts, progress and achievements as I know they are with all of you. I always got detailed updates on all your progressive lives. How much they love you all!

I can’t put into words just how much your mom and dad mean to me— I have such ineffable love, respect and admiration for them and I always will. Visiting them at most of their homes, including Brazil-2x; once with Jill. I’ll always treasure our rides together out in the pampa with your dad, Amy and Jill; such a magnificent place, and then riding together again in Westcliffe. I think of the fullness of their lives and can only imagine the depth and breadth of their individual expressions and unique gifts reflected in raising all seven of you [and occasionally an "adopted 8th”child :)] and all that means— immeasurable! And to think of the innumerable lives they’ve touched, influenced and improved through church work, your dad’s corporate career, community involvement and friends over the years. The blessings are manifold. Just simply amazing! I’m happy, too, that your Dad and Kathryn found each other and were able to share these past few years together. I had dinner with them at the Broadmoor two years ago and felt they were very happy.

Well, I could go on and on but won’t take any more of your time. I just wanted to share some thoughts and try to convey my deep love for your mom and dad. I send love and support your way and wish only the best for you and your families.

Jody Wilkinson
Jody Wilkinson (Very close friend)
May 9th, 2018
Wow, what can I say......... it is difficult to find the words to adequately describe how I am feeling. I first met Bob Stone at a CSI golf event held at Pelican Hill...........from the first moment, he made feel like I had been a friend for a long time. He had that ability to make everyone he came in contact with feel very special. He had that mischievious smile as though someone was up to no good and it was usually directed at you........not difficult to develop that perspective when hanging around this group of misfits. :) I took special note of how he treated everyone equally with kindness and respect...........particularly the staff at hotels, restaurants, etc. He just struck me as someone who always did the right thing even when noone was looking. I had the utmost respect for this first class man and will miss him. I can confidently say that his positive influence on his family and friends will live forever. I appreciate Keith and his family sharing him with the rest of us...........moments with him made me want to be a better person. Thank you Bob Stone for giving us the gift of your life. Love to the Stone family, John Wahlen
John Wahlen (Friend)
May 5th, 2018
It is so difficult to believe Bob is gone. He has always been such a vital presence in my memories. As a child we always looked forward to visiting the Stones since they were the only relatives who had as many kids as we did and Bob was the one who could make my Dad laugh more than any other person in the world. What a blessing it is to remember that laughter and joy.

There are too many memories to share but I have to offer our visit to the ranch. He put us to work feeding horses, cleaning stalls and bringing the mares down for water. It was a full day before breakfast. I will always remember that as one of my best days. Work was followed by a trail ride up into the mountains, led by Jill and 4 wheeler rampages across the ranch, Glorious, although poor Favorito, my horse probably had to go back for remedial training after my inept handling.

My final memory is of the last time I saw Bob when he came to visit Mom a couple of years ago. He teased Mom about her former boyfriend whom she was still seeing when she met my dad and how the boys all had a very unflattering nickname for him since they knew Dad was smitten.

Mom teased and giggled back and before my eyes my 92 year old mother became a twenty year old girl who had recently met the love of her life. It was an amazing moment and I am grateful I was there to see it,

Mom is of course, broken-hearted as almost everyone has left now for the next chapter but she is oomforted knowing that Bob would not want to linger in an impaired state, She sends you all her love as do I. Take care, all of you. You are all Bob's gifts to the world
Kit Tyler (Cousin)
May 5th, 2018
I am sure all who know Papa Stone are trying to honor his wishes and be strong and know he would want us/me to know he is at a better understanding with God and his family. I am sure he is talking much and keeping God, Carley and the girls busy asking questions and sharing his awesome smile. I can remember when he would see you at some social party he would inevitably come over and grab your arm and wrap his arm around yours to pull you close. He would smile and just start talking but he really was seeing how you were doing and sharing his love with you. It always ended with his tilt of his head and his smile or smirk that always made you laugh. Normally I am used to seeing it from across the room when he starts hearing so much BS he had to let you know it is starting to get pretty deep without him even saying anything. We all know he has shared that talent with his boys who do the look as well:)
Papa Stone had the ability to make you feel so special. His radiance of Gods love to all he came in contact with was a joy to watch. His sincerity of how he cared about you was felt minutes after he began a conversation. Our golf trips were the best!! We all loved watching Bob and Doc and their relationship. I think the younger guys loved just being around them as much as the spectacular locations we would travel to, Thanks Keith!! Let’s be honest Keith’s friends are, well, love to talk. What a surprise:) Bob would say after a good 25 minutes of “Fuzz” and Badger sharing jokes, “That fuzz is so fricken funny”.
I can share a time how Papa would deflect and try and share his recognition on others. Keith and I were asked to talk at a FB dinner for EMU in honoring Bob. When he went up to talk, he went on about how proud he was of his son and his roommate and the success that they have shared with others. Papa just loved people and their spirit. He certainly made a huge positive impression in my life and I feel so blessed to have been lucky to have been part of his family. Even as I cry while I write my message of admiration and love I can feel him telling me not to be sad. He is with me always and still making me smile.
Love Brett
Brett Petersmark (Friend/golf buddy)
May 4th, 2018
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"Dad, thinking of you today in such sweet ways, SO grateful for your presence in my life. I am knowing that you live on in so many ways and I feel comforted to know that you know that now, too. I'm appreciating your tender care and love for all today"
Tien Stone Langlois
May 18th, 2018
"I had the pleasure of golfing with Mr. Stone a couple of times and boy was it fun. His personality, matched with his positive energy and wit always made for a great time. You could tell by the end of the first hole he was a good man."
Nick Berry
May 7th, 2018
"I am feeling so much of your sweet spirit today and gratitude fills me up for all you have been and ALWAYS will be to me. You shared all of who you are, teaching me to be strong, real, tender, compassionate, to laugh at myself and to listen deeply."
Tien Stone Langlois
April 30th, 2018
"Bob’s love for his family always stood out. It’s a big family! But he always took time and treated each one of us, daughters, sons, grandchildren, great grandchildren, sons-and-daughters-in-law as special individuals. I’ll always remember that."
Alan Hess
April 28th, 2018
"Feeling endless love for my Dad, my best friend and my lifelong go to source in business solutions,ideas and confirmations of right decisions!"
Tim Stone
April 28th, 2018
"Remembering, sweet dad, our many tender moments during my teen years thru adulthood listening with our headphones to glorious music that lifted us up -- needing no other words to feel our deep connection. We will always feel each other's sweet music"
Tien Langlois
April 27th, 2018
"Feeling so grateful to have had my dad in my Life"
Jennie Crandall
April 25th, 2018


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