Barbara J Ploussard
(1933 - 1979)

Barbara J Ploussard
Nickname: Bobbie

October 31, 1933

July 19, 1979

Swimming, Bowling, Dancing, Cooking & Reading
2009 is the 30th Anniversary of Bobbie's (Mom's) death and with that this online memorial is intended to celebrate and remember the life she lived.

Barbara Jean Worley affectionately known as “Bobbie” was born in Miami, Florida on Halloween in 1933 she was the oldest of 5 children at 20 years of age she joined the Navy later met and married Louis (Lou) H. Ploussard, Jr. on May 31, 1955. While stationed in Jacksonville Florida they had their first two children, Paula (’57) and Edie (’58). The only overseas tour was the Naval Air base at Sangley Point in the Philippines where their last child, Jay was born (’60).

The years to follow were filled with raising and managing a military family from base to base keeping everyone and everything together especially when her husband was board ship 6-9 months at time. She decided to go back to work when her kids became teenagers. She worked as a waitress at Tillie's Diner in Alameda, CA she loved it and customers loved her! The last move was to El Paso, Texas where they bought a house and soon after had a pool installed in the backyard a wish come true for her someone who loved being near or on the water. She was a strong compassionate and caring person that had a great sense of humor, a contagious laugh and sharp wit. She was a fantastic cook who loved giving dinner parties for family and friends.

On July 19, 1979 She died unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest caused by a blood clot. She was much too young to leave this world and we are grateful for the time she was here however short.

She is survived by her Husband, Lou from Texas, Daughters, Paula & Edie from Oregon and Son, Jay from California. Surviving siblings are her sisters Sandy & Peggy from Florida.

'A daily thought, A silent tear, A constant wish that you were here, An empty place no one can fill, We miss you Mom and always will'

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I finally did what I set out to do and have wanted to do for many years. In September I flew to San Angelo Texas to visit Dad for a week and while I was there he and I took a 6 hour road trip to El Paso. On Friday, September 24, 2010 the Ft. Bliss National Cemetery performed disinterment of the remains of Barbara J Ploussard, and you have been traveling ever since......first from El Paso back to San Angelo Texas then from San Angelo to Oregon via USPS then (half) from Oregon to Florida where your sister Sandy scattered your ashes in the Atlantic Ocean near Jacksonville Florida then the other half my husband (Jeff) and I drove to the Pacific Coast and scattered you from the Bay View Jetty outside the town of Girabaldi, Oregon on today's date, October 31, 2010 on what would have been your 77th Birthday. It was a good day! Bye Mom your journey home has come to its end. Peace & Love, PJ
Paula Roth (Daughter)
October 31st, 2010
It's hard to believe it’s been 30 years since you passed away. I remember how hard it was those first few years after your death and how much I missed you and missed talking with you. It gets easier to live with as the years go by but you never forget the loss and I often thought and still do what life would have been like had you lived to a ripe old age as you deserved.

You taught me a lot over the short time you were here but what I remember most was that it wasn’t so important how beautiful you are on the outside but what kind of person you are on the inside that makes you beautiful. You were a kind, caring, open minded, intelligent, strong willed and independent person. You set a great example for us all.

You were always warm and welcomed everyone into our home no one was a stranger. You could not abide injustice of any kind and always rooted for the underdog.

I remember when we lived in Alaska we were headed home from shopping and you decided to pick up a Hitch Hiker. Dad was not with us so of course we freaked out and kept yelling at you not to stop but you said it would be fine and not to worry. After it was all over we were fine and the Hitch Hiker was no longer a stranger but a college student who I am sure now was very thankful this nice woman and her kids picked him up.

We always took family vacations every summer and always by car no matter where we decided to go. How about the Grand Canyon vacation riding the mules down to the bottom, which was very hard for you since you were so afraid of heights. You kept screaming at Dad, “Louie I’m going to kill you for this” and Dad laughing his head off the whole time. It took a lot of courage for you to go through that and you could have stayed behind but you didn't.

You were so organized I guess you had to be in the military and especially with all the moving we did it was a good thing it all ran so smoothly. You always said to leave better than you found, Boy how that motto has followed me through my life.

I have never forgotten the story you told me about how it wouldn't have mattered which man you married in life you were always going to name your first born girl Paula after your best friend. I always thought that was so cool. Funny since you also told us about how you really never wanted or planned to have children especially after the childhood you had or the lack of one. Being the oldest you were expected to take care of your 4 younger siblings but you said after meeting Dad that quickly changed your mind, lucky for us, huh?

Another vivid memory of you is with a book in your hand and a glass of ice tea nearby.

I have wanted so many times over the years to move you (your ashes) from the cemetery in Texas a small spot with a simple head stone and these many years without visitors. Mom we all left El Paso and I can’t explain it but somehow I feel you should be elsewhere maybe scattered over a favorite spot like the Florida coast where you grew up. The Disinterment process is a complicated one especially from a Military Cemetery so then I think does it matter, maybe only to me. You left so suddenly and unexpected we couldn’t ask or didn’t think to ask what you would have wanted at the end of all things and since much of that period right after your death was such a blur I only remember bits and pieces of it I believe we did the best we could with what we all thought you would have wanted.

'Time slips by and life goes on, But from our hearts you are never gone. Each of us in our own way, Has special memories of you every-day.'

Love Always,

Paula Roth (Daughter)
March 17th, 2009
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""I still think of you everyday, how I miss your laugh and smile." I love you Mom, Jay"
Jay Ploussard
March 17th, 2014
"I miss her so very much.I will always love her."
Jay Ploussard
August 14th, 2011
"Bobbie, Sending blessing from my heart to yours."
Sandy Vance
June 28th, 2010
"Mom, I think about you all the time and cannot believe you have been gone so long. You were a great Mom and a wonderful soul! Miss and love you always! Edie"
Edie Buchanan
May 18th, 2009
"You were a Great Mom, Thank you! I will love and miss you always,"
May 7th, 2009

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