Bill Bates
(1937 - 2011)

Bill Bates

Massachusetts, United States of America
July 24, 1937

Oregon, United States of America
June 4, 2011

This site is dedicated to Bill. So many of us were deeply saddened to hear of his passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat,his loving wife, and his children,grandchildren,great grandchild,niece,sister and brother. Bill was a dedicated father and husband who loved his family more than anything.
Bill was a true friend to many of us and we all have so many wonderful memories. We loved his travel stories with the beautiful scrapbooks of photos that he shared. We marveled at his poker winnings and admired his ability to always somehow get the job done.We laughed with him when he shared stories of what the kids and grandkids were up to. We envied his stories of living in Hawaii and greatly respected his 20 years of service to our country by serving in the United States Army. So many wonderful memories. That was our Bill.
This site is a place to share those memories or voice a thought.Or maybe just to let Bill know how much he meant to you. It’s your choice to say what you want. You can upload a picture if you choose to. Just remember to put your hankies away. No crying. At least not in public. We all know that Bill would not be happy with any sniveling. Because that’s the way he was. And that’s just fine with us.
God Bless you Bill. We love you.

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What I remember most about Bill is his John Wayne walk, gold rings,generous splash of cologne, stories of trips and poker winnings... and a clip board with "all the answers"...or atleast a master plan. He was the "foot ball coach" of the night shift. I am pretty sure the rule book did not come from the portal but the intentions were always good.The play book included chapters " How to ride to work without breaking a sweat"...wait, isn't that the point? and 101 ways to avoid wasting food from the kitchen. haha....we love you Bill...see you on the other side.
Madeline Bergerot (Friend)
July 29th, 2011
I was the OR supervisor and Bill the night supervisor--he had this delightful? habit of calling me at 4am to inform me that the nurse from the PACU had called in sick. I really don't know what I was suppose to do at that hour but Bill was a night person and I think he thought I stayed up all night waiting for that call.
After I joined the nursing supervisor group, I got to know Bill a lot better. He was a kind, generous, warm-hearted human being who dearly loved his family. I have the very distinct pleasure of playing tennis with his oldest daughter, Annie-she is the best.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat and family as they remember Bill. We miss you Bud.

Joan Bennett (Friend & Co worker)
July 16th, 2011
Bill was like a father to us in the emergency room and a protector when we needed someone to protect us. He was the gentle giant that could make a combative person stop and listen. He was big and strong but gentle and kind. I think of the way he smelled of old spice and always looked so cool in the unique scrubs he wore. He loved to play his poker and talk about his grandchildren. He made me laugh when he told me how he fished at Lake Powell with no hook to catch a fish. He enjoyed fishing this way and almost got fined for not having a fishing license. I loved seeing him on his bike riding home after working the nightshift. What a wonderful and unique person. I will miss Bill and have missed him since he left the er.
cristy caplener (friend)
July 4th, 2011
I remember when we would have a combative patient in the Emergency Room. We would call Bill down and just the mere sight of Bill would usually calm the patient down. If that didn't work, Bill would use the "Belly Thump" to move them out of the department with out laying a finger on them. He would actually push them out with his belly. It didn't help the situation with a bunch of us laughing while Bill was doing this. There will only and ever be one Bill Bates.
Chess Smythe (Friend)
June 27th, 2011
I met Bill in 1979. I was in awe. I was 18 and had never met anyone like him in my life. He was sweet,smart,funny and a loyal friend. His friendship over the years has meant so much to me. He truly was an awesome person. I have so admired his love for his family. Especially Pat. Bill always told me he was the luckiest man to have met Pat. He loved her more than anything.
One of my favorite memories of Bill ( and there have been many) is when he would come to work at night. He was the night supervisor and would come to work at about 1045pm. We had a routine where I worked in the ER. At about 1030pm we would go out the back door of our department and wait for Bill to arrive in the parking lot. The excitement would increase as we anxiously waited for him. And then just when you couldn't wait one more second here he would come around the corner of the building on his bike. He rode in on a bike that appeared to be 10 feet tall. Slow and steady he cruised in all jacked up on that bike.He'd ride slowly past us and all the while he'd be doing the royal hand wave. We'd yell and chant "Bill,Bill,Bill". Sometimes we would hold up signs with olympic scores on them. Sometimes he'd get a 10. Anything less than a 9.5 would keep him talking all night about how awful we were and why didn't "we like him?' The best part is when we had a new employee who had not met Bill yet.When they saw him coming through the parking lot the look on their face was hilarious.
Another good one was when he let me ride his scooter the last night he worked and I got pulled over by the cops in the back parking lot.Bill just shook his head. But that's another story.
Bill, I love ya and will miss ya but I WILL see ya on the on the other side.
Cyndi Watt
June 27th, 2011
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"Hmmm..there are too many "Bill" stories to list. But, what comes to mind is his BIG heart. Always thoughtful, and always trying to take care of "his nurses" the best way he can.Bill, you will be missed but heaven just inherited another angel!!!!"
Rose Jones
July 28th, 2011


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