Anwar Khan
(1932 - 2011)

Anwar Khan
Nickname: Abbu Jee

January 10, 1932

Connecticut, United States of America
November 2, 2011

Guest Book
Our loved ones may leave us in some ways, but they stay with us in many more modes. This father’s day as I reflect and miss my Abbu Jee, I know he lives through me.

Following are a small fraction of what I will hopefully continue to strive to achieve through his examples. His unconditional love for all of his children. His passion for education. His ability to work hard in every possible way, and not be worried if the outcome was not in his favor. His ability to speak the truth and stand for it, even when it may not have been in his own best interest. His love for the Almighty Beloved and His creation. As his illness progressed, his readiness to meet The Beloved with no fear or concern, but Trust and Complete conviction of ultimate intimacy. I could go on, as there is so much….

I hope and pray that I could be as good a person and a role model for my sons as Abbu Jee has been for me, and I be able to live up to the high standards that may make we worthy of being his son.
Saud Anwar (Son)
June 15th, 2014
This is my first father day without my father being physically here with me. As I wonder, how is this particular day different than every day of the last 7 and half months being without him, I am not sure?

Every day, early morning and evening I would sit with him, even if it was for a little bit. Those precious moments were filled with his gentleness, his smile, his unconditional love and care. He would make sure that I was well, I had a good day, and I was taking care of myself. In his gentle way, he would ask if I was being a good father.

I cannot begin to recognize all the gifts that I have been given by him. He would remind me at times, that he had consciously worked to give all of his children the power of decision making. He said, at times, he knew that we are possibly not making a good decision, but he would help us by allowing us to have that power and responsibility and thus slowly start to make good choices. Giving me the ability to think, decide and be independent in my approach on difficult choices and taking responsibility for those choices has been a gift.

As he struggled through the various health challenges for many years, he never complained even a single time and even when he had to go for a minor or major surgery, he smiled through them. This character remained firm even till the end. As he knew that he was coming close to the next stage of life, he smiled and with a firm belief said, I am not worried, but am happy. I have fulfilled my promise, and I know He Will Fulfill His.

His passion for education for his own children and grand children was so much that he asked each of his grand children to make sure that they work hard and remain focused on the best education that they can get, and make sure that learning remains of part of their DNA for ever. .

As everyday I recognize, he is no longer physically here with me, every day I am reminded that he lives within me. As a young child and adult, I wanted to make him proud, and make him happy, and be like him, and that desire remains unchanged. I work to try and have some of his characters as a part of me. I am successful to some degree in some, but clearly I have too big shoes to fill.

I cannot thank our Beloved to have granted such a beautiful gift of being with him and being raised by him. I recognize that every moment that we spend with the people that we love and care about is a gift and also part of a future history and memory.

So this father’s day in many ways is just like another day, where every day I miss his physical presence, but maybe a little bit more as we had special times during the father’s days. For my friends, please give special love and take special care of your fathers today and every day and keep people in your prayers, who can no longer do it.
Saud Anwar (Son)
June 17th, 2012
Out of all the things Dada Jan could have said to me as his last words over the phone, he told me to always study hard. It was the best thing I think he could say. It was good for me, my future, and him. I miss him so much and hope the best always.
Simra A. (Grandaughter)
November 27th, 2011
From Kanza Noor to Nana Abu;

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Here, is a great man, who in one lifetime managed to prove all three correct. NanaAbu, you’ve always been an inspiration to all those who had the pleasure of knowing you. With a calm, silent exterior, and a fun-loving, adventurous spirit, a kind, selfless heart, and a smile and a prayer forever on your lips; it was a sad day indeed when we lost you. But, if there’s anything at all that you’ve taught us, it is to be strong in the face of adversity and to have faith even in the worst of times. So, it is with great sadness that we bid you goodbye, but you shall forever be with us, in our hearts and in everything we do.

Love you lots.
Kanza Noor Qaiser (grand-daughter)
November 17th, 2011
It was an honor getting to know you, if only for a short time, Mr. Khan. I enjoyed the time I spent with you and Mrs. Khan. Please accept my sincere condolences Mrs. Khan and family. He was a beautiful and kind man. I shall miss him.
Stephen Hawk
November 9th, 2011
We extend our condolence, May ALLAH grant his soul eternal peace, Ameen.
Imtiaz Samadani. (Brother-in-law.)
November 9th, 2011
you will be missed very much.
arbaz anwar
November 8th, 2011
I love you Dadajann and I miss you so much. Nothing around the house can be the same with out you. By far you are the bravest man any body has ever seen and we all miss you and are aiming to be as great of a person as you. I love you Dadi. I wish that i could talk to you again and you could explain to me how to play cricket like you said you would the night i stayed with you at the hospital. I also know that when you made all of your grandchildren say we would get a good education and work hard i know for a fact that all of us will keep that promise. When ever i see something that reminds me of you i pray for you. When i saw a mango i pray for you knowing it is your favorite fruit. When I see your chair i pray for you knowing that you sat there. When I am wearing your shoes i am praying for you. I am always thinging and remembering you and therefore always praying for you dadajann. Mateen Uncle told me you were still alive because your DNA is in your children and your grandchildren and he said instead of feeling sad because you have gone to Allah mia I should remember all of the great things you have done and try to do the same, and there are so many great things you have done. One being the greatest grand father ever. I miss you and when ever i am wearing a collared shirt I have nobody to go to so they can take it off for me. I love you so much dadajann and by far you are the greatest man I have ever seen. You are always in my prares from you Grandson Taseen

Taseen Anwar (Grandson)
November 8th, 2011
We miss you Anwar Bhaijan.May Allah give you place in Jannat Aameen.
Tahir Samadani (Family)
November 8th, 2011
We never had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Anwar Khan, in this world - may his soul rest in peace! But if a tree be judged by its fruit, then Mr. Anwar Khan was a mighty oak.

Mehreen and Omar Atiq
Omar Atiq (Saud's friend)
November 8th, 2011
Abu Jee's Love is in my veins. He was an inspiration and I've always quoted him all through my life. He had always made a difference by his teachings that he gave me till the end until his meaningful silence also said too many things that I've seen in his eyes.

His sayings that I remember and quote are," Hardwork must be done with sincerest of efforts irrelevant of the result........!!";

"If someone asks me a suggestion even if he's proved himself to be my enemy I'm never rendering an insincere or an incomplete suggestion to him".........

"Best time to give advice to someone is when his mood is good and when he wishes to seek the advise.........";

His words when he was leaving Pakistan were "Pakistan has given us so much; But we haven't given anything to Pakistan... !!"

He was a content man and a gentle mannered person. A thorough Gentleman. He always stressed on a methodical life style and goal oriented planning in life to be successful.
He left Contractorship when Beloved one Granted Him children as Abu jee wished to serve His children with the purest of the pure wealth that was attained through rightful means. For he trusted that purity never withers.

I have always trusted in Abu Jee's intellect and his foresightedness. I see his love in me prevails in my daily life since my childhood. Abu jee's priciples have always governed my life from within like an intrinsic feature of my making.
I've always seen Abu Jee's will-power and determination and sincerity to be in his teachings. He has never in life given a single negative teaching or a non-coordinated teaching from his wife's point of view. He always said I've always looked at Zia Jee's (Abu Jee's Wife) eyes where she sees I'd get her the thing even before words would be uttered from her mouth.

His Love for Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W the last Holy Prophet was overwhelming. He'd listen to Naatia Mushaira (poetry For the Prophet) and weep with tears in admiration to some outstanding verses. Abu Jee said Sohail's love for him is like Hazrat Abu Bakar's (R.A)love where he kept nothing behind in his house for himself and give all to the Prophet. And for Saud Abu Jee said I'd love to be known as Saud's Father (Abu Saud) for He's my son and my saviour. For 'Ammi' Abu Jee said She's an Amazing Lady. For Sweet Daughter in Law 'Yusra'; Abu Jee said he has never seen such a nice person in Life, She's simply a great lady. For Appi He'd say She sees the person from inside. She can peep all through the inside of the person's heart. For Umair Abu Jee was very Happy. For Umair is very calm and gentle like Abu Jee himself. And for me Bushra that Bushra Loves me very much and I love Bushra My daughter very much too.

Abu Jee would say that there's no harm in doing work with your own hands despite himself being a son of a wealthy man Abu Jee always did work with his own hands. Being a father of Daughters he'd train me by telling that If he'd see anything wrong in the surroundings and if my daughter walks or passes from that path she must make the difference by addressing to the problem. He always emphasized on being methodical and keeping things at right places. He would always believe that an area of sitting must not be used for placing objects. His one saying was,
"there's one good habit in a person's personailty that brings him success" and one single bad habit that brings defeat to him likewise." Abu Jee never said one bad word to anyone who ever made life uneasy for him. He would always point with his right pointer finger towards the sky when asked who'd be with you Abu Jee? Abu Jee'd say nothing just point to call attention of the one Beloved Creator who was asked by Abu Jee in his secret silences always for help. I've never witnessed him speak a negative statement for anyone. He was more like a reformer if he did speak he was brave enough to speak in person than to back-bite. Abu Jee always believed that anyone who backbites is likely to do the same for you too one day. So he never enjoyed such personalities he'd give analogy of such people with "flies that are carriers of germs". Abu Jee said a Rich man's son who's pampered to the extent of not doing hardwork will wash away all his riches one day. And a poor Person's son who was great enough to do hardwork would end up making everything in life in the long run." Abu Jee called the former as "Nikhatoo and the achiever as Khatoo, Slangs in Punjabi to signify idler/slacker and Hard-worker respectively". Abu Jee said "the art of doing any job was to do so much work as to make the others dependent on your-self till the time that person cannot work without you." These are all sincere and trustworthy suggestions that I've heard from this great man.

And after Abu Jee's departure i've been told by so many people that we've lost a great man and that he was a great host, a loving Foster-Father to so many daughters. I've seen so many people loved Abu Jee so much that I've been amazed at the knowledge of his sincerity that was unmatched.

Abu Jee was blessed with material values form the start and was also able to get all his children settled mashallah much earlier in his life, when I saw the loved ones had never forgotten a single moment of Abu Jee's unconditional and voluntary services to his family and friends, it made me realize that sincerity never fails and values never die. And a man from a sound Family back-ground can never be hidden in the back-grounds.

He had magic of making strangers his close friends. And always gave respect to people. He never sounded materialistic in his approach. He was one truely blessed person with contentment and success both. Abu Jee was different...!! I've never seen a man who'd be like a friend to his kids. And who'd like to admire shopping. Who'd love to provide company in doing the shopping. giving adivise. He was one amazing man. He was a loving companion. It's an inspiration to know a person like my father Abu Jee.

Dr. Khalid Balouch (MPA PML-N) said It's a moment today after learning that Your Father is not here anymore is a great loss for everyone of us who knew him, i'd like to tell you that you are Chaudhry Anwar Khan's daughter is a great honour for you.

Yusra's Mother Said " Anwar Bhai was a very progessive man, He was having such foresightedness when he trained his children with such great values and love for Education despite an agricultural back-ground. That he had so many qualities all together is hard to believe that how one person can hold so many qualities in himself as to believe, see and know them and yet leave Zthe other quality out.

There's more that can be written but to make a long story short we've made our point. When a player makes a century and gets out he's given a standing ovation. And if a man get's out without a great score he's not given a standing ovation. Both DO are out because all eventually have to go. But the difference is always worthwhile and is not worth being forgotten. This is what it's all about...
Bushra Anwar (Daughter)
November 7th, 2011
An excellent tribute. He was lucky to have a caring and loving family around him.
May the deceased rest in peace and the survivors have the patience and perseverance to bear to loss.
Zoha and Nasir Gondal
November 7th, 2011
Thank you for preparing this wonderful tribute to your Dad. And, letting us who didn't know him personally, the privilege of knowing what a great man he was. May he rest in peace.
Sandy Jeski
November 7th, 2011
It was very hard to say goodbye. Your last salaam and conversation echoes in my mind. May Allah swt give you the highest place in Jannaht-ul-Firdous. Ameen
Ayaz Samadani (Family)
November 7th, 2011
I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and days before that too,
I think of you in silence I often speak your name
All I have are memories and your picture in a frame
Your memory is my keepsake with which IÂ’ll never part
God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart.
Memon and Family
mohammed Memon
November 7th, 2011
May Allah give you the strength you need during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing the story of Abu Jee. His life carries so much history with it. Regards, Amina
Amina Khan (friend)
November 7th, 2011
Beautiful tribute. He was an exceptional man, and created an exceptional family. His gifts to the world were many, for that we are all grateful.
Aliya and Saqib
November 6th, 2011
True reflection of his personality,he was visionary and progressive ,had great love and affection for family,May Allah grant him best place in paradise
Maqsood hasan (nephew)
November 6th, 2011
May he rest in peace
Shehzad Akhtar
November 6th, 2011
iffat (ruby) ibrahim (anwar) (daughter)
November 6th, 2011
May ALLAH grant him paradise and patience to his loved ones
Irfan Malik
November 6th, 2011
What a lovely tribute to an exceptional human being. May he rest in eternal peace.
Faiz Bhora
Faiz Bhora
November 6th, 2011
This is the memorial I set up for Anwar Khan. To sign the guest book, click on the "Sign Guest Book" button below.
Saud Anwar
November 2nd, 2011
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"Our loved ones may leave us in some ways, but they stay with us in many more modes. This father’s day as I reflect and miss my Abbu Jee, I know he lives through me. Following are a small fraction of what I will hopefully continue to strive to ach"
Saud Anwar
June 15th, 2014
"Miss you a lot, Abba ji."
Iffat Ibrahim
May 2nd, 2013
"I love you Abajee... Dil nahi lug raha.. I'm so confused. I miss you so much.. I love you Abu. kuch theek nahi lug raha..."
Bushra Anwar
November 22nd, 2011
"from Kanza Noor “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Here, is a great man, who in one lifetime managed to prove all three correct. NanaAbu, you’ve always been an inspiration to all those w"
Kanza Noor Qaiser
November 17th, 2011
"Missing you so much Abajee...I still hear your voice in my silence. I never saw a more affectionate person as you when i'm meeting people who keep praising while telling me of their experiences with you. You are lucky man everyone loves you Abajee."
Bushra Anwar
November 16th, 2011
"I love u and will never forget u Nana Abu because legends never die!u always were,are and will be an inspiration to me!And I'll try to follow your footsteps.I will remember u always, in each decision I make I'll try to make u happy bcoz ur watching"
Azka Qaiser
November 13th, 2011
"I have always admired your staight forwardness, honesty of purpose,courage, perseverness and humor. You gave the best education, values and power of decision making to your children and indeed left your footprints for the future generation.Anis"
Anis Rahmaan
November 10th, 2011
"You have a beautiful mind and soul...... Your hands are so lovely.. I loved the clear lines in your hands. They were strong and deep. Very clean.. light you a candle everyday."
Bushra Anwar
November 10th, 2011
"Anwar Bhaijan was a great person, who always extended helping hand to the poor & needy,which is a great contribution to humanity."
Imtiaz Samadani
November 9th, 2011
"I love you Dadajann and I miss you so much. Nothing around the house can be the same with out you. By far you are the bravest man any body has ever seen and we all miss you and are aiming to be as great of a person as you. I love you Dadi."
Taseen Anwar
November 8th, 2011


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